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Milo’s Birthday Celebration

Hello Cliff and Shela!

We send greetings from Texas where Milo just celebrated his birthday.

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We just wanted to share Milo’s birthday party at his daycare with you. He is doing great! Hope all is well;)

Breeder’s Note: Christine is doctor, and her husband works long hours too. Milo spends his days at the wonderful daycare where he enjoys going. He has important work to do when Mom and Dad arrive home. Day care is not something that works well for every Weimaraner. The right setting can make all the difference. Some professionals need a caregiver while they are engaged at their job. This is especially true when the job requires longer hours. 

Milo has preferences…

Milo  shares his thoughts and life …

Look, I blend in with the couch…this is my favorite spot to relax.Milo enjoys his comfort

They don’t call me the ball wrangler for nothing…….”Woof”


Finally, my favorite ball gives me a special smile that makes everyone laugh! I like to make people happy 🙂Teeth Two Teeth