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     ~ Joins Turbo and Sophie


Happier Times — Turbo, Hemi, and Sophie

I haven’t talked to you guys in quite a while and I thought I would drop you a line or two. Hope guys are doing well. We are doing pretty good here but tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since we had to put our Hemi down. She was 13.5 years and pretty lumpy and bumpy. Her arthritis was getting pretty bad and she developed a chronic cough with sometimes bloody phlegm.

Peaceful Exit

Our vet came out to the house and she went peacefully over the rainbow bridge.

Zoey and Magnum


Magnum and Zoey_0656

From the Archives — Zoey and Magnum enjoying life on the sofa

Zoey and Magnum are now settling in with the new adjustment. Who will be the boss now? They are saying. Zoey still drags Magnum around by the collar at times. Do I think she might be the boss? They are very much like siblings.


Final Thoughts

Putting Hemi down was such a hard thing to do but I knew it was time. She still ate well and did her business outside and still wanted to go on walks, short ones. She was on pain pills 3 times a day and Rimadyl twice a day. We wanted to say thank you for such beautiful blessings in our lives.

Breeder Comment

What can we say? The passing of Hemi is a huge loss, but we all knew it was only a matter of time. You gave her the best of everything. Of course, she endured the new whipper-snapper crew of Magnum and Zoey. It is good those two had each other. I am sure it gave Hemi a bit of relief.

Thank you, Monica. You folks are more than OwyheeStar clients. It is like extended family to us. We have a lot of history, and I still chuckle at the stories of Turbo’s antics. All the joy and fun and yet it has to come to this. It is how the world works. Anyhow, we sincerely hope that Zoey and Magnum live a long and healthy life. Thank you, again, for being loyal and so much more.




I’m Devastated

I’ve thought about you guys often over the years.  Sadie was born on Sept 12, 2003. I just lost her yesterday.  She was the most amazing dog ever and I’m so unbelievably devastated with her loss.  Her ½ sister Moxie is doing great and full of health and muscle and I cannot see the pain in her yet with the loss.  Max was another we adopted along the way as well and I’m sure both will find it hard not to have her around.  It was so funny how many dogs were attracted to Sadie.  Something about her was so appealing to them.  My wife and I would always comment how good she smelled and how good her temperament was.  

She Did It All

She was everything I asked for in my initial application for her.  She was and is beyond a perfect match.  She got to enjoy lots of mountain time and ultimately probably beat her up too much but she did enjoy an abundance of fun times hiking, biking, swimming, boating, wondering around, playing in the snow, going to the lake and going on appointments all the way through Monday to house showings.  

My Constant Companion

It was so neat to see how she never wanted to be away from my side.  I could sit in my chair with her at my side and it was amazing to see how she would sit and just gaze in my eyes for hours.  

On a cold winter day, it was always comforting for both of us to have cuddles on the couch.  She always wanted to be between my legs and on the bed she always wanted to be in the crease of my armpit and chest.

How I will Miss those Kisses

Something else about this lovely girl is how she’s always raised her nose to the sky and ask you to give her kisses on her neck, face, and ears.  I’ll miss those greatly along with how she would always smile.

Future OwyheeStar

Are you guys still breeding?  It may be another 6 to 12 months before I am ready but am interested in another great family member to build another great friendship and bond with.

Forever Grateful

Crane's Three.jpegOut of the 1000 photos I have of my furry’s I hope you enjoy these two.

Thank you so much.  I’m ever grateful to you as breeders for giving me something so special and for God to allow me 13 great years with her.  She can never be replaced and will never be forgotten.  

In LOVING memory of Sadie 9.12.03 – 9.27.16

Breeder Comment

We are sad to hear that Sadie had to depart our world. We are positive that her trip over the rainbow bridge was provided for in the same manner she lived. Thank you for all you did with and for her during the 13+ years she lived and played with you.

Yes, we still raise the Weimaraner. Thank you for allowing us to post your testimonial and this tribute to Sadie.


Thirteen Candles 10314505_1135387309816521_8945009996421771694_n

Yesterday was important for many reasons. To one family, it was more important to celebrate Agent (their OwyheeStar Gray Ghost Boy’s) birthday. It was his thirteenth one, and this much-loved boy is looking good for his age. They call him a sweet boy.

Two Weim Home

10570339_1135387316483187_678967251931604682_nHe was not alone in the celebration. Lily (an OwyheeStar Blue) girl has been around for awhile too. She is not to be left out.


Agent Eleven Plus Years

Good news to report on our Agent .. 11 years / 4 months

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So Agent is now 11.4 years of age. Took him to see Dr. Sara Rice , who has seen him since he was 20lbs. She loves him so. Full check up including all blood work. She was amazed at how well he was doing. Agent’s physique and the way he carried himself certainly caught Dr. Rice’s eye. She commented on the muscles in his back and stated “Agent came from excellent Genes and Bloodline”. Dr. Rice also mentioned that if she did not know his birth date, she would guess his age to be around 8. Such great news. Agent gave her his Shake and they parted as good friends as always.  I would like to say that Agent Is doing very well as is Lilly. I would like to thank both of you for excellent dogs that are so part of our family. Owyheestar Weimaraners is the Best! David and Sherri H.

Breeder’s  Comment: Thank you David and Sherri for staying in touch for all these years, and for this recent update. Agent is awesome. Lily is not too bad. You have done great with them. No one can say how long a living creature will be with us. We all want the longest possible scenario–certainly everyday must be grand. Nevertheless, when a Weim reaches eleven they have beaten the odds; some do not make it this far. As with humans, every year a few depart this world for various reasons. Of course, some are lost to an accident, but a few succumb to a medical issue. We are thankful these two are doing well, and that they bring you joy. Thanks ever so much for the referrals, and for staying in touch.

In Memory of Dillin

Rainbow Bridge Crossing

djIt’s been a hard couple of weeks, but I wanted to let you know that we will be sending Dillin to the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow (September 18, 2013). I had planned on having him for, at least, 3 more years, but I can not keep him around and suffering any more. We have an amazing vet that will come to our house and let him be as comfortable with his family and in his home. I am really upset and having a hard time having to let him go, he is my baby.  Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing dog and family member.  dill

dilleLife is a Precious Gift…

It amazes me the way life works and how it ends and begins so very randomly. Life is a wonder. How it begins and ends. Life is a precious gift and it is hard to lose those that you love. It never gets any easier to have to let someone go.

Breeder’s Note: We were sad to learn of Dillin’s loss. We are happy about the joy he brought to your life.  Thank you for all you did with him, and for him. You gave him the best possible life. He was cherished. There is little else we could ask. 

Featured Weimaraner — Agent

Happy Birthday Agent!

Happy Birthday Agent

Happy Birthday Agent

IMG00007Time Flies by …

It seems like yesterday when he became part of our family. What a great dog he has been. Lilly too. Wiem hugs from all of us.


Agent with little blue sister Lily

Agent with little blue sister Lily

Saying Good-bye to Kaos

Kaos and Ozzie

Kaos and Ozzie

Kaos passed over the rainbow bridge

I wanted to let you know that my amazing boy Kaos passed away last Saturday. There was no sickness or suffering. Kaos pillow boyHe was great right up until a few days before. They think he had a tumor that ruptured and then he had internal bleeding that just made his body go to sleep within a couple days.

Kaos was loved by all!

I can’t even tell you what Kaos brought to our lives. He was one amazing soul and he was loved by everyone around him.


Ozzie has never known life without KaosKaos with toy

Ozzie is adjusting but he sure does miss his best buddy. We are hanging in there as we have nothing but great memories to keep us happy.

Breeder’s Note: Thank you Sarah for letting us know of Kao’s passing. Of course, we will write you a separate email, but we didn’t want to post this without our sincere condolences for your loss.

The unfortunate reality is that something catches up with every living creature. A few beat the odds and live longer than average–some by far. We all know it is inevitable. It is just not the fun part of having critters in our life. Sarah is right. Kaos brought them joy, and they have a boat-load of good memories. The bottom-line is these wonderful creatures make our lives better.

This week our mail brought news of two Weims who recently departed from their earthy family. We suspect they are both busy in the heaven entertaining people with their antics. We get notes from people who write us about other Weims that pass too. We hear of problems, and situations. We have gotten notes from people around the world asking us for advice. We do what we can. We do not post or share everyone we receive. Nonetheless, on occasion, we will share some of the less upbeat news. We appreciate everyone who puts so much into giving their OwyheeStar Weimaraner the best of everything. May they live long, and fill your heart with memories to cherish when they must depart. Embrace every moment for we know not how many moments any of us will have in this life.

Kaos some time ago...

Kaos some time ago…

At the journeys end

Mike and Turbo at work

Euthanizing our beloved pet is sometimes the most loving thing we can do. We cannot let them suffer endlessly with no hope of recovery. Knowing when there is no other choice, and when this is the right decision is best discussed with your veterinarian. This is a painful topic, but a reality for us that love the Weimaraner. Unless a very bad scenario happens, where your life is cut short, they are destined to leave this world before we do. Nonetheless, most of us hope our Weimaraner will be the one to live to sixteen years. In reality, only a few live that long even with the best of care. As with humans, different accidents and illnesses can shorten our lifespan. Each day is a special gift.

Weim loving family 2010

Forty plus years of raising puppies means that we have received a number of these notes containing news of the loss. Most are from people we have never met, but some are from our clients who lost their beloved OwyheeStar Weimaraner. There are no adequate words, and phrases to cover these losses. Our heart aches along with the person telling us their story. Whatever the story, the loss is felt deep. There are expenses associated with the loss on every level.

Time can seemingly stop. Many individuals are surprised by the impact on their lives. We never take these notes lightly. One came this week, and it was not easy. Turbo could not continue his work at the fire station, or his journey any longer. Sadly, Mike and Monica had to say good-bye. They could not leave him to suffer. They provided the best for him every step of the way, but at some point in time it isn’t fair. So, as the skies have seemed to weep over the last couple of days, it seems fitting. Turbo cannot be replaced, but he will live on in our hearts. If ever, there was a Weimaraner with the “it-factor” it was Turbo.

Sunday Snapshots

Some time ago, Parker’s Mom sent me this photo of her favorite place to sleep. If I believed in reincarnation I would want to come back as Parker! Ha ha

Kaos and Ozzie

Its been a long time since we have had an update on Kaos and Ozzie who reside with me in Calgary.

Kaos at Eight Years

Kaos and Ozzie…

Kaos, my favorite boy in the world is 8 now. Ozzie is five. They are still amazing and beautiful. Kaos is full of fat lumps but that’s ok. He’s slowing down too. Gonna be a sad day when he moves on 😦

I have included a few current pictures of them.

Ozzie loves the Water

We love going to the Ocean….

I bought a cottage I’m PEI last summer so I drove across Canada with them in my car (5 days). They were awesome. And love the cottage. The freedom to run and the and the ocean.

Breeder’s Note: We thank Sarah from the bottom of our hearts. As you can see we have stayed in touch for almost a decade. Many of our clients have been around for more than a decade. Time passes too quickly. Each day we have with our Weimaraner is a gift.

Ozzie on the beach

I am sure Sarah would be quick to tell her that Kaos and Ozzie have enriched their lives many times over.

Kaos on the bench

Sarah and the girls have included them in each family adventure. They truly understand the Weimaraner. Twice, they traveled to our home from Calgary. One of the two times (when they got Ozzie) was just prior to Christmas. Over the years, we have seen camping trips and outings. What a great life Kaos and Ozzie have with their very special family! Fatty tumors are common for the Weimaraner. Sometimes they can get giant. Other times they are small. Most never develop into anything serious. Any tumor warrants a Veterinary check.

Kaos still a good looking guy.....