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~12 Years Young

Emma is 12 years young I don’t have any secrets on how she has been able to stay active and young at heart other than her DNA, lots of love.

Alice (our second OwyheeStar) and Emma is a very special girls to our family. We are overjoyed that Emma is still so healthy. We thank you so much for our amazing best friends ♥️♥️♥️We love them so much We will continue to update Thank you again for your blogs too! 

Breeder Comment

Thank you guys. This is especially good news–12 good years is excellent. We hope for more of the same.

From Ireland

~ Winston and his Family

I wanted to send along a quick update on Winston.  Mr. is 9 now, going on 10.  We moved into a proper house rather than an apartment which is a big change for him as he’s been an apartment dog his whole life.  Barking at the mailman is his new favorite passion!  He immediately identified the most comfortable chair in the house and claimed it for himself (see picture).  We moved next to a giant park which is perfect for him (a small part of the park is in the picture attached).  On rainy days, we can wander through the park with him and on drier days, ball chases are still his specialty.  We also have some walks that take us along a lovely canal.  The only thing we’re really missing in Ireland is doggie friends. Many dogs are not well socialized in Dublin and their owners are not on top of their dogs.  We’ve had enough near bites and bites that I just don’t trust most dogs around Winston anymore.  Luckily, he’s never been that interested in other dogs – he’s more human and ball focused – so I don’t think he’s missing much.

We’re expecting our first human child any day now so we contemplated getting another dog while I am off for 6 months on maternity leave, but honestly, finding a breeder we like as much as you has been an impossible challenge so we’ve put that plan on pause for now.  I must admit, I think Winston prefers it that way – he likes being the center of our world.  With the baby coming, that will change a little, but I’m confident he will love having a new human to sneak food off of, get cuddles from and follow around.

We started to notice some stiffness in Winston after park trips and that his “gallop” changed a bit and became more of a bunny hop in his back legs rather than moving them independently.  After a visit to the vet, they found his hips have slight incongruity (aka hips are slightly the wrong shape for the socket they fit into) and mild degenerative joint disease.  We went through a course of Cartrophen and I must say, we’ve noticed a great improvement already.  Hopefully, that treatment will suffice for quite a while to keep him spry.

I still can’t believe that I’ve had Winston for almost 10 years.  I can’t imagine my life without him – he’s my constant companion and I’m so grateful for him.  Can’t wait to see the bond that he forms with baby!

Best, Rebecca Armistead

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Rebecca, for remembering us. We are so happy that your move has found you well adjusted. Winston has had the best of everything–with you accommodating his needs despite any obstacle you faced along the way. Thank you, again for giving him a great life. You are a testament to what can happen even when someone doesn’t live in an ideal setting–with acreage and whatnot. But now–he has it all in Ireland.

It is not uncommon for older dogs to become stiff–to have problems, but of course, we had to see it happening to any OwyheeStar offspring. To me—he seems a bit young to have that much tightness in the hips. (Eke) Dusty (his father) passed at 14+ years. The last few months he was very shaky in the back end. He had OFA certified Good hips and a good family history of good to excellent hips. He has lumps and bumps we left alone–because we thought it for the best. Penny (his Mama) lived to 12+ for sure–I cannot remember exactly when she passed. Of course, the average life for a Weimaraner has been reported to be 11 years and 2 months. The expectation is somewhere between 9 and 15 years–with a few exceptional cases living to be around 16 years. We all want the 16 years.

I believe the Cartrophen is the same as Carprofen –a Generic form of Rimadyl (click here—to read more about this drug. ) What I like to suggest is Duralactin   — I don’t know if you can buy this in Europe or not. Amazon also has it for sale. The Duralactin can be used any time for a slight injury or when inflammation might be a problem. It helped Dusty remain mobile and seemingly pain-free. We love this option, as things like Rimadyl affect their vital organs–and in some cases, there is a life-threatening reaction.

Finally, thank you, for all the kind words about us. I do so hope when you are ready for another Weimaraner you find the perfect breeder. I am sure you will. Sooner or later something unwanted comes knocking on our door.


It’s been about a year since I last wrote and man, has it been a hectic year for Winston.  Last November, he got sick and after being rushed to the vet, underwent an emergency exploratory laparotomy as his tummy was full of lots of gas and bile and they believed something was causing an obstruction.  In the end, they did not find anything but relieved the pressure and some of the ickiness that was in his belly.  He recovered very nicely, but it was a major surgery and really hard to see his body put through so much.  The entire family slept downstairs on an air mattress for 2 weeks to avoid the stairs in our house as he healed.  I think the biggest effect of the surgery was the psychological toll it took on myself and my husband.  For about the next 8 months, if Winston would so much as burp weird and wake up in the middle of the night, we’d find ourselves stressing overly much about it.  Thankfully, that hyper-awareness has really mellowed out and we worry about him a more healthy amount.
We’re expecting our first child in early May of next year (strange time to be looking for a puppy, I know!), but what we finally decided is that there is no perfect time to have a Weimaraner puppy join your family – they’re always a ton of work and drive you near insane sometimes, no matter what.  We figure it’s better to get a puppy before we have a toddler also running around the house, destroying things.  One bringer of destruction at a time!

Our Year in Pictures

The first trimester was very rough on my body and I was bed-ridden for most of it. Winston was a great snuggle companion but had to wait for his dad to come home for walks.  He didn’t always like the wait and found this subtle way to remind me that he usually gets a lunchtime walk as well as his long evening walk.

Winston is no worse for wear after his surgery, Winston still loves to romp in the park.  Even if you examine him really closely, you can barely see the incision scar.  The vets did an amazing job with him.

My husband got me a pregnancy panda bear to help cheer me up during my weeks of bed-rest, however, an unintended consequence is that Winston hates the bear as it takes a small portion of my attention occasionally.  

For Winston’s 9th birthday, we spent the whole day doing Winston-friendly things. He’d never had one of those silly doggie beers, but we decided to buy into the kitsch and get him one at the pet store when we went with him to get a new birthday toy and he actually loved it.

Breeder Comment

Thank you for thinking of us and especially for taking such fabulous care of Winston. With you move to the UK looming large, we sincerely hope all things go according to your plan. 


In Ireland

Winston is doing really well, he’s working on his Irish citizenship! My husband and I moved to Ireland about 1.5 years ago and, of course, Mr. Winston made the trip too. He loves it here – lots of big parks to play in and he comes to work with me on Fridays and I WFH 3 days a week.  We’re in Ireland for the next few years so we’re glad that he’s in such ideal conditions – getting to be with his owner(s) 5-6 days a week!
Unknown-1The actual move was stressful and expensive – $3000 to fly him here in an XXL crate. Weims might not weigh that much, but those darn legs really shoot up the crate requirement!
Winston is 8 now and slowing down a little bit – I think he’s at “normal” dog levels now.  We’re contemplating another puppy next year which I’m sure he’ll hate.  8 years of being the sole center of attention is his preferred way of life.
Anyhow, just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know Winston is happy, healthy and a little farther away than the PNW these days!  I’ve enclosed a few photos of him being a Weim – first to volunteer to clear up any spilled food.Unknown-2

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Rebecca, for remembering us. Cliff and I remember well when you came to get him. You and your sister in our front yard. I knew you would do well with him. There have been life changes–quite a few. Nonetheless, you have been faithful to keep the promise. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to Winston.

OwyheeStar Global

Well, he is not the first OwyheeStar to move from the Pacific NW overseas. Jorga just moved back from Belgium, and Dakota returned home to the Seattle area after being in Paris for several years. Another Weim (Tiga) returned home from Italy, but I believe he and his new sister are both in Europe again—the father is a Colonel in the military overseeing operations. The new pups it named Lotte. So, I am sure the military pays for all this to happen. A long time ago we had a client who lived in the Seattle area marry a man who was from NZ and they relocated on the South Island. Recently, Atticus and his Mama did the same – she is the Veterinary health director on the South Island. There is the infamous first Blue (Gabriel) we allowed to go to Russia–possibly more headed that direction in the future. We are still trying to work out the details for this transfer. So, I am sure I have missed some of the International Weims, but these stand out to me. Now we have Winston in Ireland. Oh and lest we forget the two Blues to the UK, click here.

How We Spent Easter

Day of Rest

17992317_1301969653186338_5810763892627142803_nWe have to get our beauty rest. We share our bed with our humans. It is vitally important that we have a good bed and plenty of room to stretch out.

Later (Emma and Alice)

A little sunshine and more comfort. Sometimes it is musical chairs we play.

Breeder Comment

Clearly, the weather is beautiful in this photo too! Cheryl reports these two girls are the best of friends and sisters. What more could we ask?

Looking Good

Happy Easter!

Wischeman's Miles--1212_n   ~No Matter How You Dress

We wish you a special blessing on this celebrated Sunday!

Breeder Comments

The photos were taken of Greta (OwyheeStar’s No Regrets) the week of Easter Sunday 2012. The lovely Gray Ghost wearing the bow tie is an OwyheeStar. His name is Miles (Livee X Blue).


He’s Amazing

waltons-sterlingWe purchased Sterling from you in 2004. I believe he was born in early 2004. He’s been an absolutely amazing companion and family member. Our two girls who are 8 & 10 grew up with him as their big brother, and what a good big brother he has always been. 

Still Going Strong

He’s in good health, and still very energetic. We recently had to put our dog Gracie to sleep, and have been thinking about bringing another Weim into our family.

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to receive news of Sterling–and thank you, for including a photo. Of course, we would love to work with you again. For everyone considering this same thing, here are a few considerations.

  1. Even repeat clients must fill out the application. This fresh information is needed to provide us with a clear understanding of your current lifestyle.
  2. There is a small fee to lock in a place on the Wait List.
  3. Yes, we typically have a waiting list.
  4. Predicting the time we will get the puppy for you can be difficult, if not impossible. Although we realize everyone wants to plan and speculate, there are too many factors out of our control.
    1. There is always the unknown; a mating may not produce a litter.
    2. How many pups will be born?
    3. The sex of the pups.
    4. In some cases, we cannot know the coat color or the coat length.
    5. The Wait List folks also have priority in the order they are on the list but keep in mind people change their mind along the way about a lot of things–timing, color, sex, etc.
    6. We do not do picks. Our matches are based on the information you provide, and the finding gleaned from our Discovery and Placement Test process.
    7. The Discovery and Placement findings effect the availability.
  5. We always consider the pup’s best interest first. Nevertheless, this is in everyone’s best interest.
  6. The importance of locking in a place on the Wait List cannot be understated.
    1. We use this list to plan future litters.
    2. Priority is based on your place on the list.
    3. We adhere to the order even when no one is looking.
    4. Plan to wait for an average of six-months. On occasion, there is no wait at all. Other times, depending on your preferences the wait might even be longer.

Chance Encounter

Amee Shared

Hi Shela and Cliff,
Sham and I went to Bend yesterday with Gretel, and she finally met another Weim other than her litter mates.

We actually met two, Jade, a rescue pup that is now 13 years old, beautiful senior lady, and Winston, an Owyheestar pup. He’s five now. The owner had great things to say and we feel so good about our choice to go with you guys. I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you. Gretel is the one on the right, and the single shot is just Winston. His owner said he was a year old when he got him? He’s gorgeous!
Warmly, Amee

Breeder Comment

What fun to receive a note like this from Amee (who is on our Waiting List for a future OwyheeStar puppy). We are positive there was a miscommunication because Winston left here at 8-weeks, but you know–meeting another Weim person creates a bit of excitement. It is the Weims that get the attention. We so appreciate these photos too!
Here is the One-Year Update from Winston’s Mom–Click Here!


Saying Goodbye

     ~ A Sad Share on Black Friday

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Nov 5, 2015
It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that my best buddy died today. The previous Saturday I carefully hunted with Schultz. It was hard, he got one bird, but hurt too much and mostly justed walked along with me.  Sunday was OK; however by Tuesday he was obviously sick.
The vet thought his kidneys were in trouble but offered no treatment. I took him to Cornell University, where they tried to restart his kidneys but were unable to do so. I can’t tell you how sad I am over this loss, but I know I must leave him go. And cherish the memories.
He provided more joy in my life that one could imagine, and I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help me remember this wonderful friend. I’ll write more when I feel better, right now it just hurts too bad.
Nov 19, 2015
Monday I received the remains of Schultz and the renewed pain of such a loss. Nonetheless, I have included a few nice pictures of our last good times together.
I am left to wonder whether I can ever come close to the experience he has given me? There are many memories as we spent our time together. I see him everywhere. I look at my cars sitting in the garage, knowing how he would love to go with me. Schultz loved one in particular. His favorite was my 68 Charger R/T. It is a loud beast of a car that he seemed to prefer. He was always in the front seat. His expression caused me to believe he would wonder what made it rumble so loudly. At the same time, I liked to watch as his ears would fly in the wind on our fast rides. Schultz would never lie down. Instead, he would peer through the windshield as though we were free from all trouble.
In our garage, we have a room used for escape from phones and pressure of business where Schultz’s now empty collar rests on a chair.  I can still smell his familiar odor on it. I ache for his companionship. Hunting season has been hell for me without him, but as my family and
friends have assured me that I have given him a grand life.
While I know, he now belongs to the category of my good memories it tough going on without him. My brother on a recent visit to work on our
smokehouse said, “this place is not the same without Schultz.”
I am left to wonder if I have it in me to make another commitment. It was an extraordinary thing this type of relationship–doing as I did for Schultz. He loved everything about me and I about him. We shared beds, meals, hobbies, work and play. Our time was our time, and I didn’t let much get in our way.
Shela, can I move on and hope another good one comes my way, or just cherish what I had? I really didn’t think this would hurt so bad I now know I loved him more than I knew.
                                               Best regards– Russell
Breeder’s Comment
Approximately one year ago–click here!
For those wondering and aching with this man suffering a deep loss, he had made a decision to move ahead. It was not easy, but once having something it is hard to go without such a friend. It will never replace Schultz, but the journey will take them to new places. Some of what they share will be the same or similar. Other things will be new and unique to this relationship. 
The biggest downside to having these relationships is they don’t last long enough. Even when they outlive the odds, it is far too short-lived. We ache with Russell and feel his loss. 

Smokey, Dusty, and then Stormy

From Virginia

I have something I want to share about OwyheeStar Pups and Breeders Cliff and Shela.


Are you coming Mom?

Are you coming Mom?

965473_10201188396416309_1231343651_oA little over 4 years ago, I lost my Weimy “Smokey”, it devastated me. I wanted another one and my best friend Margaret, and my son Forrest, pulled their money together and told me to find a great breeder and I would get a replacement to feel the void in my heart and soul. God works in mysterious ways, because I found Shela, told her about my Smokey and how broken hearted I was. Lo and Behold, someone just a couple of hours before, backed out of buying a Weim, and was I interested in a silver grey male. I immediately said yes and flew out to Boise, Idaho. There I met Shela and Cliff, and of course my new puppy “Dusty”, named after his dad…
Then 2 years later I go another one, a blue female “Stormy”… Down the road I will get another one from them. They are the best and well worth the wait for a pup. No breeder is better.


Cliff and Shela  thank Virginia Publicly!

Virginia, we thank you for posting these comments on our blog, as well as Facebook. People like you are why we do what we do. Thank you for all you do for these wonderful creatures. Here are a few photos — past and present.

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