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We Shared Our Lives

Binka and Grizelda

We purchased two Weimaraners from you many years ago. They both lived long, healthy and happy lives but ultimately died within weeks of each other last holiday season. It was a terrible blow, but we are finally ready to bring a Weimie back into our lives. 
You folks are, of course, our first choice

Binka and Grizelda lived an excellent life with us–we live in a rural area east of Cottage Grove.

We got our first Weimaraner 1994, and then the next in 1997–neither from you. Unfortunately, both passed away early in life. We moved to Oregon and found OwyheeStar and ended up with two of your dogs.

It has been a long time… the dachshund is half white now.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for the life you gave Binka and Grizelda–and for your loyalty. No one can say how long a living creature will live. We all hope for longevity as well as health. Sometimes we get it–other times not so much.

We look forward to you meeting your newest OwyheeStar–Charlee. We sincerely hope she brings delight and blesses your family.

The Whimsical Weimaraner

There are many adjectives that could be used to describe the Weimaraner. Whimsical is one. Whatever you find yourself doing with the Weimaraner, keep the an camera close. This is much easier since most cell phones have an more than adequate camera for capturing a quick snapshot.

Brianne captured these snapshots of Coco enjoying her sunroof!

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Brianne writes: I sent these photos to my mom last weekend.  I thought you’d enjoy them too!  Coco always makes me laugh out loud, though I try not to so as not to encourage heads-poking-out-of-sunroofs 🙂

Another OwyheeStar Weim was featured in front of a California Starbucks. Here is the link to another blog: click here!

Runner’s favor the Weimaraner for training

Daizy and Reggie

Jamey was featured in Brian Murphy’s last Sunday’s Idaho Statesman article on the Race to Robie Creek. Actually, Jamey won the the Race to Robie Creek, and when he was interviewed he mentioned his Weimaraners as his running partners. Check out Brian Murphy’s article and see a photo of Jaime crossing the finish line.  Catch his comments on his training partners.

Running is not the only exercise that Daizy and Reggie receive –they are also great water dogs and they dock-dive! Here is the link to a previous post on their dock-diving.

For longevity, it is important to approach raising and training the Weimaraner properly. Research indicates that the growth plates do not close until the Weim is 2 years old, and sometimes it is a bit later. During this time the growth plates on the limbs are particular susceptible to injury because they are the last to close. For this reason, we encourage the serious runner to begin water training early. It is low-impact and yet it sets them up to be in perfect condition. Long distance running should not occur until the growth plates are closed. Please refer to our previous article on this topic for more information about running with the Weimaraner–click here!

Congratulations Jaimey — great job beating out the competition in the Race to Robie  Creek!

Dock-Diving Weims

It is clear that Reggie and Daizy both like the water…..

Two Water-loving Weims!!!!

We have seen both Reggies and Daizy in the playing in the water, as well as swimming.

If you live in and around Boise, you might spot these two out and about. They have a second home in the Sandpoint, Idaho area. More recently, they have added dock-diving to their water menu.

Dock Diving…..

Initially, Reggie would watch his sister dive in, and then he would run around the end instead of diving.

We guess he could not see the point in jumping if he could get the job done from the bank!

Patience pays off!

Andrea reports: Reggie did it – he’s a dock jumper like his big sister Daizy!!

He isn’t as graceful as Daizy but he’s definitely a show off now that he figured it out!!

Reggie is still a beginner though, he  jumps from the same spot every time and slips most of the time – so he ends up landing in the water funny – but he doesn’t seem to mind. We’re pretty excited for Reggie the wonder dog!

Breeder’s Note: We thank Reggie and Daizy for sharing with us (and their parents too).  

Daizy & Reggie

 Best Friends……..

The Very Pretty Daizy with her Handsome Best Friend Reggie!

Bringing Home Reggie meant changes and challenges…

Reggie and Daizy are best friends now but it was a little rough in the beginning. You can see Reggie’s left ear in some of the photos. Daizy bit Reggie 2 times and unfortunately both times resulted in Reggie losing a piece of his ear. We couldn’t tell if she was being mean or playing so we put a stop to all rough play and separated them every time Daizy got a little irritated, even if it was just a little lip curl.  Now a days you can’t take one somewhere without the other, they really love each other but it took time and a lot of work to get to this point.

Here They Come...............

Daizy and Reggie Swim

They both love the water but Reggie seriously LOVES the water! He never misses an opportunity to get wet,  Reggie even pokes his head in the shower.

Daizy is almost 7 and she is still extremely athletic and very energetic.  

Toys, Fun, and More……..

The Flying Daizy in Action!

Daizy and Reggie keep Jamey and Andrea on their toes. Sometimes laughing too….

As you might guess this Weim-loving family has been part of our extended OwyheeStar family for quite a few years. We truly appreciate each and everyone of our faithful Weim-loving clients.  

Goofy Reggie found a ball and carried it all the way home!