Runner’s favor the Weimaraner for training

Daizy and Reggie

Jamey was featured in Brian Murphy’s last Sunday’s Idaho Statesman article on the Race to Robie Creek. Actually, Jamey won the the Race to Robie Creek, and when he was interviewed he mentioned his Weimaraners as his running partners. Check out Brian Murphy’s article and see a photo of Jaime crossing the finish line.  Catch his comments on his training partners.

Running is not the only exercise that Daizy and Reggie receive –they are also great water dogs and they dock-dive! Here is the link to a previous post on their dock-diving.

For longevity, it is important to approach raising and training the Weimaraner properly. Research indicates that the growth plates do not close until the Weim is 2 years old, and sometimes it is a bit later. During this time the growth plates on the limbs are particular susceptible to injury because they are the last to close. For this reason, we encourage the serious runner to begin water training early. It is low-impact and yet it sets them up to be in perfect condition. Long distance running should not occur until the growth plates are closed. Please refer to our previous article on this topic for more information about running with the Weimaraner–click here!

Congratulations Jaimey — great job beating out the competition in the Race to Robie  Creek!

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