Breeding Rights

A Stack at NAVHDA spring 2011_0028A Casual Approach to Raising the Weimaraner won’t do!

While good breeders may differ in their approach, the underlying motive is the same. They are working to improve the breed. Therefore, we are opposed to the idea of a person breeding their pet Weimaraner. A large investment in time, money, and earning respect is required. 

Puppy Sales Policy

OwyheeStar subscribes to the Weimaraner Club of America’s puppy sale policy. (Click Here) The breeder is responsible for each pup’s future. This includes applicant screening prior to the pup being placed with a carefully selected forever family. Breeding rights are reserved for the seriously dedicated applicant, and one who is willing to jump through a series of appropriate hoops. 

Jan Willow --Best In Show 2013

Jan Willow –Best In Show 2013

Established Weimaraner Breeders of a Like Mind are Welcome

Others may earn consideration….

There are three components you must achieve in order to get us to consider signing off on the Litter Registration Change from Limited AKC to Full AKC (with breeding rights).

A.  Entry Level Achievement (one or more of these) *

1. AKC Canine Good Citizen Award

2. NAVHDA Natural Ability (Prize 3 or above)

3. VHDF Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (40 Points or more)

4. AKC Junior Hunt Title

B.  Advanced Achievement (one or more of these) *

1. VHDF Advanced Hunt Evaluation (120 Points or more)

2. NAVHDA Utility Title

3. AKC Gun Dog Title

4. AKC Senior Hunter Title

5. AKC Master Hunter Title

C.  Health Testing –Specified in the OwyheeStar contract you would have to sign.

 Questions to ask yourself……Cliff with Pup_4439

  1. Why am I wanting to raise Weimaraner puppies?
  2. Do I have the time, and the experience to invest?
  3. Can I truly place the puppies in a good home?
  4. Can I ensure the pups I raise will not end up in rescue or a shelter?

The Weimaraner Breeder must be responsible!

Finally, raising a litter of puppies for fun, or for your children’s experience is not a good reason to raise a litter. OwyheeStar receives between 30-50 requests a year for breeding rights. Most of these folks just want to have a litter of pups, either to make some money, or because they think it would be fun. If every family that asked raised a litter, and in turn gave breeding rights to every person that got a pup from them, what would come of the Weimaraner? It is the breeder’s duty to guard the breed. 




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