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Sending Out Secrets Again

~We’re Going Public

Yup –she’s texting something to Shela , again, Stanley

The weather is finally cooling off in south Texas! I saw someone do this for their dog on the internet and I wondered if my boyz would like it…success! It just took a few minutes of positive reinforcement and they trusted the contraption. 😹

Sending love and weim kisses! ~Melinda

Breeder Comment

This gadget is fabulous. I have a little face and ear massage that is kind of similar. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Off the Furniture

~Roxy Style

Dear Mom–you said I couldn’t be on the furniture, but this stool is made for sitting–so I am just going to use it to improve my vantage point.

Breeder Comment

In truth–furniture can mean tabletops, counters, and the like. Weims will use everything or anything available to them. Roxy is full of herself–and life. What more can we want from our beloved breed? There must be a squirrel, a bird, or critter out there–I know it, says Miss Roxy.


~Opus a saurus — one who mouths everything

Mom loves this photo of me–Haha!

Like most Weims, he is mouthy–I’ve really struggled with this habit of his. He is the reason I engaged the services of a trainer.

Not Gonna Happen

This picture is from one of the visits and from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer–remember. He’s not wanting to work on stuff. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

It’s quite alarming when he grabs you by the arm if you’re not comfortable with 85 lbs of lovin’. Then he nibbles your butt.  Always predictable. Never harmful. We’re making strides. This picture is from one of the visits from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer. He’s very mouthy, like most Weims. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

Ok that’s it for now. I just love them all. Thank you. Can’t imagine belong without these guys.  

Breeder Comment

Can I just say you are the best–thank you, Melinda, for your response to my request. BTW–I appreciate everyone who has already send something for our blog–and those who still plan to do so.

When There’s

~Whipped Cream Involved

I just wanted to share this 🤣 you can’t see Opus in the video I put on FB. I love how he backs up 😂I think he is not impressed with how this sprays out. Whipped cream in my dish please.

Two of Us

Breeder Comment

That you, Melinda–you are always good to share the cute and unique situations you encounter. With three OwyheeStar kids–I am sure you see the likeness and at the same the unique quirkiness. Love to you and Winchester, Opus, and Stanley (the Longhair).


The Much-Loved Weimar

          ~Kitty taught him this.

Schwartz's Clyde_3045I’m just writing to say how much Clyde is the love of our lives.  Everyday!

                                 Thanks for making us a beautiful boy!  ~ Amy


Breeder Comment


This note (from Amy) came in time to fuel the recent FaceBook side discussion–in reply to the ‘I Get Around Blog‘ featuring Lily the sofa back Watch Weimar Gal. Callie (Deli X Zeke) was the first girl we had who preferred this location atop the living room sectional. It might interest you to know that the various girls mentioned in regard to this trait are not related. Therefore, we must assume this sofa-sitting thing is DNA wired. Copying the kitty came naturally to Clyde.

Thank you, Amy, for sharing how much you love Clyde and this photo.

Who Is Smarter?

This is Winchester and Opus.

Rosario's Opus and Winchester Training_3700
Honestly, our neighbor’s dog has trained the Boyz to come out and play—and to run the fence. The dogs had trained ME to let them out when he barked. Who is smarter?!
It is Thursday folks, and we can see the weekend from here. ~ Melinda (and her charges)

Breeder Comment

Training happens whether you are actively engaged in the process or not. All too often, hindsight is better than foresight. It makes for comic relief in many cases. It others we find ourselves saddled with an unwanted behavior to our chagrin. (oops) There is no way to avoid every potential issue–quirks and quandaries are a thing. The vast majority of Weimlovers enjoy the process even though they may find themselves shaking their head. Despite the great effort employed, we are often pulled through life in the most amazing fashion. If you don’t laugh, then you are probably not right for this breed.
Many folks find therapy and sanity in the relationship. After a day of being taken out per say, they may come home to something other than what many would consider ideal. Regardless, the absurdity of the antics puts life into perspective. For example, there was the Weim who used to pick all the garden peppers and lay them on the back step. He didn’t eat them, but he got the idea they needed picking. There you have it.

Texan Comedy

Melinda Writes…

Pinto the Pony Went Viral

Recently in Texas, Pinto the pony went viral. We laughed so hard watching the video. But let me tell you, we live with our own “Pinto”. Opus is the most entertaining dork. Every day we are entertained.
These dogs really make us laugh. My gosh, the joy our Weimaraners give us, and the awesome breeders that know what they are are doing deserves mentioning!
I have more photos of his shenanigans. Plenty of material!
I completely blame the sophomoric activity on my husbands’s dog. MY DOG is well behaved and never does this kind of thing…
Opus Summer 2016b
So to get back, I penciled in his eyebrows a little darker. I couldn’t help it. I’m an aesthetician and sometimes we see room for improvement. (Don’t panic, it wiped off).
Opus Summer 2016b-2
He will sit at this window for a good 30 minutes just watching the birds, squirrels, etc. So pensive!
He’s a total cuddle bug. He knows three times a day: 7:00 AM BREAKFAST 6:00 PM DINNER AND 8:00 BEDTIME! Don’t think about being tardy.
Love to y’all.


The Third Weimaraner

A Monday Happens_Mousse X Stackhouse Week One
I hope you enjoy this photo of Opus. My third weim. He is so different from the other two.  Why should they all be alike? Our children are certainly individuals.

Quirks and Adjustments

I walk the boys separately, Winchester first, he’s earned his place, then Opus. I try to walk Opus at dusk. He has been frightened of the dark. And trash cans. And bikes. A very kind neighbor that is familiar with rescue dogs always stops to talk and let him “relax” a minute. Barely. Tail tucked. But, boy, in his house, he will smother you. He loves Camp Bow Wow; the “councilors” love him. We’re still fostering a black lab, and Opus and Winchester are perfect hosts. It’s still open season on geckos too. I noticed a tail poking out of his mouth the other day. It was too late, but Opus followed commands perfectly. (Drop, leave it, etc.)

That’s all for now. Have a great week- 


Breeder Comment

This family is wonderful with the Weimaraner–a two Weim home. We met them some time ago when they had their first Weimaraner–Bruno. They brought home a Blue (Winchester) when they were still living in the Seattle area. Since then, they have relocated to Texas. Melinda flew in and carried Opus home on the plane. Opus and Winchester have been featured quite a few times on the blog. Here are few if you choose to explore them.



Interloper! Danger! Alert! 

This is Opus. Opus is special on so many levels. He likes to look out the windows. He prefers to stand on platforms to enhance his view. The electrical box is his favorite perch in the backyard.
Today he warned us about the SOMETHING IN THE LOOKING-GLASS.
I should have captured the barking but I was laughing too hard.

Did I Mention he’s a CLOWN!?!

We love him. He is our third in the tail of Weimaraners. Our fur babies are all so different!
We sure enjoy the blog. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Touching Story

Snuggling and Warm Blankets

Warm Blankets_1721Warm blankets are the best. As long as they can touch me while we’re asleep, then everyone’s happy. Say Cheese
Winchester. The biggest goober. He’s my baby, so attuned to my emotions. He will be six in April. I love his personality. He can be so serious, protecting his mama or the kids or pursuing the darn squirrels.  He can be a total nut, races of to get a blanket when our friends come over in hopes of a quick game of tug. And the nooking, good grief, he is so determined until I command “enough” and then he settles like a baby. So very patient with Opus.