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Mama wanted you to see how lovely I am and my beautiful tail. She loves my tail.

Henri X Manfred Litter


~from the Henri X Manfred 2020 Litter

At 10+ months, Goose is nearly 90lbs.  He is a big sweet boy.  We are so happy we got him.  He gets along well with our other small dogs and he loves the cat.

Visiting the farm is one of his favorite things, although he doesn’t like to ride in the vehicle.  But once he’s there, he runs until he’s exhausted.


Breeder Comment

Cindy, we appreciate the update. The news is more than welcome and the photos are excellent. Thanks!


I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to send you a little update on Enzo. Now that the weather is getting better we have started going out on the boat and he loves it. He doesn’t like his life jacket that much but he will get used to it.

We have also been doing a lot of hiking and hope to do our first overnight in the next couple of weeks. He enjoys his daily walks and chasing the bunnies in the yard. We are so in love with him and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter boy!

We have started talking about adding another weim as we lost our Sophie earlier this year. So I’m sure we will be reaching out later this year. Enjoy your day and thank you again for all that you do!

Alex, Jessi, Noah,  Jonah,  Mateo and  Enzo 🐾

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear that you and Enzo are doing well — the boating sounds like fun. We look forward to working with you again.


~Not too Long Ago we brought him home!

–Now This!

(Late December 2020) Puppy Rogan won over Old Blind Steve as a cuddle buddy 🥰

You might know our family — we are extreme dog lovers, to say the least. Click here to see when Rogan came home. Blind Steve seemed to want to accept Rogan early on–but they are cuddle buddies now. How precious is that?

Breeder Comment

Anyone who knows your family, is aware of your love and heart towards all critters. You are forever rescuing some poor creature–doctoring their wounds, etc. Rogan seems to fit into you family and the lifestyle you lead. For this, we are ever so grateful.

Rogan at the center of the dog universe–pictured to the right speaks volumes. Not everyone could do this–but it works for you. As you said, you have a number limit (which is way above the typical family). Thanks for all you do. May Rogan live long and continue to thrive.


I just wanted to drop a quick note to once again thank for raising such amazing pups.  Auggie is just about 4mo old and is incredibly smart and sassy.  He has learned to sit, wait, ring the bell to go out and spins insane circles when it’s chow time.  He loves cuddles, socks, and hiding under the Christmas tree.  He recently sampled his first “puppichino” and as you can see in the pic he loved it! 

I’ve included several pics of him. One of the pics has his sister Willow (5mo old, from a different breeder). They are truly two peas in a pod.  Wishing you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday season. 🎄⛄️

Beth Martinez and Auggie (Henrietta x Manfred) 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Beth, for the update along with the adorable photos. We truly appreciate everything.


~ Work Can Wait

It’s hard to get any work done at the office with this guy around. He is such a lover!

Every once in awhile between all of the training, early morning potty barks, chewing and wrestling and chasing down stolen slippers and socks, we  get to snuggle a tired worn out puppy. Cuddles are the best!

Breeder Comment

River’s Mom let me know she has left Facebook–many folks are doing the same. That being said, we are seeing more people subscribing to the blog–which is nice. We are happy that River is enjoying Mama’s arms–getting to go to work is every Weim’s dream. Well–keeping Mama home also works.


~ Our First Week

I wanted to give you a quick update on how Enzo’s first week went. The drive back to Seattle went well and he slept almost the entire time. I can’t express how smart he is ( typical weim)!

His older fur sister Sophie ( 11yr old weim) is getting used to him, but it is a slow process. Today he went for his 9-week shot and weighs in at 13.3 lbs. Everyone their fell in love with him, I even got a text from the vet tech giving him lots of love. We want to thank you so much for what you and Cliff do, you truly are amazing! Have a great afternoon. Jessi and family 

Breeder Comment

Have I ever told you that we meet some of the best people in the universe through the Weimaraners? If not, then I should. Thank you, Jessi–you have been so lovely and patient through the process. It is much appreciated. We genuinely appreciate this update on Enzo’s first week.

Rogan’s Here

~The Journey Begins (part one)

I can’t stop! I can’t stop chasing this sweet puppy boy Rogan around with a camera! He’s so photogenic, he’s so portable, and he’s the new best friend & cuddling buddy to his 5 month old Dane Weim cross bro Utah!

He is very popular and received by all including (our Weimaraner) Blind Steve who is 12 who snuggled in with Rogan (8 weeks) -getting a quick nap in.

Thank you for trusting us with this sweet guy we are all already crazy about him. Let the adventures begin 😍!

Breeder Comment

Thanks for all the photos and news about Rogan’s new beginning in Western Oregon–he will rock his world. He is most certainly living the dream–thank you for that, too.

Faces, Again

Breeder Comment

Please breathe in the innocent moment–and their beauty. Have a lovely Sunday–my friend.

Sunday Faces

Breeder Comment

I hope you have enjoyed watching the changes in the litter over the last few weeks. Each Sunday, I grabbed three random photos of each pup to share. Who cannot use a dose of cuteness?