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OnesieGoff's Jorga at 5

Jorja ( Georgia) in her doggie onesie, 5 years old, showing age, fatty lumps surgery.

Breeder Comment

Goff's Jorga at 5-2

I’m sleeping here!

Ah Jorga, you seem young to be having fatty tumor surgery. Of course, your Mama has firsthand experience with cancer. These pesky lumps the Weimar is prone to getting can be concerning. They are a more significant concern when they develop in particular areas–near a joint, etc.

People ask what causes them. No one can say for sure. Diet can be a factor–the right food benefits the Weimaraner’s overall health. The skin is the largest organ so to speak. Whether the growths should be removed is debatable and based on a case-to-case situation.

We are confident that Arleen and Arliss are ecstatic that Jorja and her Mama have moved from Belgium to the Pacific NW–much nearer. We heard it is beachfront property–what fun that should be for you Miss Jorga.


In Belgium

       ~ Beating The Heat


In Europe AC is not to be found, Jorja beats the heat in the morning when I open the north to south doors in the late evening and morning.

Breeder Comment

We are indeed thankful for Mr. Carrier’s invention–the air conditioner (A/C). I have to be honest; I am also grateful to live in America where we celebrate coolness in the middle of the hot summer either outside or hiding inside with the A/C going full blast.

Nonetheless, in cooler locations, people cope in the same way Jorga does–using cross-ventilation. Stay cool and be safe — the heat can be quite oppressive.


Ready for bed, can you find me?

Jorga Early 2017Toys, toys, anyone bones and frisbee to sell/ shareIMG_0010




In The Kitchen with Jazz

As you can see the corner cabinet didn’t get shut all the way. Our cat, Annabelle, made this discovery and decided to do a little exploring. She climbed in and proceeded to make enough noise that Jazz came to check it out. When the cat peeked out and saw the dog, she reached around the door and closed it. Jazz continued to be enthralled by this new “game” and she was ready to play; much to Annabelle’s displeasure.

Christmas Magic

Helping MaMa

     ~Jorga’s perfect helping mode

img_1187“Shhh, Papa doesn’t know Mommy put me in his chair while she packs Christmas boxes.  Last night it was so cluttered I had to nap in my kennel?!”


       ~and the Asian Pear

This crazy dog of ours will go crazy for an Asian Pear. She packed that pear around and protected it all morning before she finally ate it.

Breeder’s Comment

We don’t know about pear seeds. Apple seeds contain cyanide, and it builds up in the liver over time. All pits and seeds a suspect. An occasional indulgence is not going to hurt anything in all likelihood. It would be good to research the pear seed.


Kiss Anyone?

Kissing Booth_1160.JPGHere’s close up!  Fun Day.  Over 100- we don’t get many days like this.  

xoxo that girl!

She is Tail-Wagging Winner!

🎖🏅🍾 SHAPE doggie day out!  

Third place waggiest tail for Jorja.

Treasured Gift

Too Beautiful to UseStackhouse Eating.jpg

When this arrived, I thought about using it to feed Cliff. It is simply too grand to share on the floor. Nonetheless, Stackhouse was more than glad to clean up a special treat. He thought it worked perfect and said it belonged only to him. Dusty has since felt it was blue and therefore meant to be used by him–a Blue Stud Dog.

photo copyIsn’t it just grand? Jorga’s Mama sent it to us from Belgium. She picked it up when she was in Poland. We are deeply touched by her generosity. She must have known I love pottery. She also purchased a lovely butter bell. It works better than any I have ever seen. We are truly blessed. Thank you,

Did You Say?

Something was nibbling the Tomatoes

Check my lipsIt’s a rat. 🙂He picked up on it while we were in the side yard picking tomatoes. Shela Nielsen he may not get to use his hunting instincts as often as we’d intended, but he can still find a critter!

Breeder Comment


Garin's Luna the gopherDo you remember Jorga’s Mole? Then, more recently, Luna captured a gopher.


Not Alone

Feeling Good About Our Jorga

Frisbee1Loved your post today! You know, the one featuring Stackhouse, who munched the red bed stand–Weim Crime. After all your years with Weims, I was glad to see you deal with this stuff too. It made me feel like I’ve done okay.
JorgaMy friends suggest that I get rid of Jorja’s bones, but I won’t.  I feel the bones stop her from chewing on “other stuff,” even though Ken thinks she only chews when we are both home.
But she greets us/anyone by getting a bone right after the first welcome.  We call it the bone dance (she circles with it in her mouth). It also helps her not to jump up on people.
Thank you for all you and Cliff do!!  Prayers coming your way for health and stamina for the move!!

Breeder Comment

Each person has to find a way to make things work–no two Weims are identical. Every person is unique, and each of us has strengths as well as weaknesses. Our household schedule and logistics differ. These variances along with the concrete thinking, separation anxiety prone, and territorial Weimaraner can present with many challenges. Nonetheless, for many of us, nothing else will do.
People always have suggestions for other folks on how to raise their children and their pets. Much of this advice is given without request. Very often, the smart approach is to consider the point made, and to ask yourself how you feel about the journey thus far. The relationship you have with your Weimaraner matters more than some random person’s advice about what you should or should not do. Is the behavior dangerous? Is you Weimaraner jumping up on others and being annoying to them? What one person thinks is a requirement is another person’s not so necessary category. Pick your battles and be a good leader. Yes, we all get caught short on occasion. Exactly how Stackhouse found himself featured in less than the best spotlight.