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Mama’s Girl


We are coming up on a year with our girl and she has finally decided she likes my husband…sort of. More of a love don’t love cause mama is here, ok love again , type of thing. Attached is a clip of her talking to Seth in hopes of getting some attention.

Hope you are well,

Breeder Comment

Francee is one of our OwyheeStar retired females that found a Golden Years placement. And what a placement it is too! She has gone to work with her Mama and done all kind of wonderful things with the family. Nonetheless, she has been slow to warm up to Daddy.

We cannot thank this family enough for all they have done for and with Francee!


And Her New Family

francee_1235    ~ Serious Limbo Skills

Just a quick update that Francee is doing great! Here she is either practicing her limbo skills or keeping the critters away 🙂

At work, she has also become a great dog in the costume shop and gives love to all the students who visit. We enjoy our breakfast and lunch walks around the college .

Hope you and cliff are well and thank you again for such a beautiful, smart and loving dog.


Breeder Comment

Thank you for giving an Outstanding Francee a Golden Year Home. It seems she has adjusted and thrived. We heard you made the Weim gathering in Salem. Everyone was thrilled to meet Francee.

Luke and Cador

Progress and Improvement

We have both Luke and Cador in training these days. Luke is back to a healthy weight and his coat and ears have totally cleared up. He’s no longer in his crate and has been great with Lilly and Cador. He barks a lot, but we have been working on that and have seen some improvement.

The Young Longhair

Cador is getting big! His coat is beautiful and he’s been a pretty good boy (other than annoying Luke whenever he can). He will reliably sit, lie down, and come. His retrieve is great. Working on his leash skills now.

We took both to the Applegate River last month and are taking them to the coast next week.

Breeder Comment

These angels not only recently brought home Cador (a Blue Longhair) but they adopted Luke. He has been here for quite some time. His family got into a situation that left them no choice but to return him to us. Thankfully that doesn’t happen often. This return scenario was not an ordinary case–this senior couple was saddened beyond words not to be able to get him back. So, he has found a family and home. Everyone is happy for Luke.


The ApplicationOtis 2.jpg

Do you wonder why we ask for an application?

There is a myriad of reasons. None is insignificant. Here is a partial list of reasons we need you to complete the application process.

  1. To find out more about you.
  2. To get all your contact information; details about how to communicate with you.
  3. To learn about your experience with the breed.
  4. To learn about your expectations, preferences, and plans.
  5. To look for a red flag–something that would give us a clue that you might not be right for the Weimaraner. You might not be right for OwyheeStar.
  6. To learn about your timeline and in turn, evaluate if we can potentially meet it.
  7. To discover if we are the right breeder, that the Weimaraner is the right choice, and see if we both agree we want to move forward.

Who Gets the Invite

To be honest, there is a limit to the number of applications we can answer. We spend at least an hour on every application. We take this process seriously. We get more requests than it would be possible to process. Somehow, we must sort through these very quickly and decide who gets the offer to complete the application.
Some of this will sort itself out. People who are in a hurry and hoping we have a puppy on the shelf needing a home are for the most part disappointed. On rare occasions, a pup doesn’t fit anyone’s criteria (timeline or preferences on sex, coat color, etc.) on the Waiting List. Two times this has occurred recently are 1. We have unpromised Longhair pups. 2. Someone has an unexpected crisis and at the eleventh hour, they cannot get their puppy. Therefore, the folks putting out feelers and checking the water everywhere are usually not willing to commit to jumping through the hoops. If they complete the application, they fail to give us a Waiting List Deposit once approved. We prefer they look elsewhere if we are going to put the effort into their request only to have them still searching for a pup everywhere else. Those in a hurry are encouraged to look elsewhere.

Why is the Application a Must

We have the online application to facilitate the process. Some folks want to write us a mini novel, and we love them. Nevertheless, that leaves us to pick and sort through the note. It is tricky; whereas, the application asks targeted questions. The prospective Weim client replies can, in turn, be pasted into our ready-made template. Each area that requires a comment gets one. We take the time to try to educate folks as to some of the pitfalls. There is a wealth of information on the Weimaraner; however, so many people equate all dogs to understanding this breed. We all know where this leads. Too many Weims end up castoff or rehomed. A few fortunate find the ultimate second chance home.

Returning Clients 

A Large percentage of our puppies are placed with returning clients. Another group comes from our fabulous referrals. Thank you for that too! Even our returning customers fill out a fresh application. This fresh application brings us up to date with their contact information as well as other changes.



 Her and Her Sisters 

(Left to Right)--Mousse, Vidalia, Giligan, Ginger, and Cindee.

(Left to Right)–Mousse, Vidalia, Gilligan, Ginger, and Cindee.

OwyheeStar fans have heard of Ginger. She didn’t produce many pups in her short OwyheeStar career, but those she did are cherished. Her litters were always sired by the noteworthy ‘OwyheeStar Once In A Blue Moon‘ (Blue). We worked many years to get a mating between Callie and Zee. When we did have a mating that produced a litter, we kept all four females she produced. It was impossible to know which one might produce pups. This is a lineage that produces small litters at best–sometimes a mating produces nothing. Vidalia, Cindee, Mousse, and Ginger were the names we chose for Callie’s four pups. Vidalia and Ginger are both already busy about their second career. A lovely Western Oregon Woman, who spends a great deal of time with her grandson, adopted Vidalia (Vi). He thought grandma was calling her Chai, and thus Vi became Chai. Isn’t that adorable? Cindee resides in Central Oregon where she has a Weim brother, but her primary duty is to be Mama’s Weim. Reports of her relationship are nothing short of heartwarming. They wrote to us saying were it possible for them to be a three-Weim family, they would take Ginger in a heartbeat. They are so happy that Ginger found a wonder life purpose. Mousse has been the best producing of the four. Vi refused to mate and never produced a puppy. Cindee has a very few pups, and Ginger a few more than Cindee. It was good (despite Shela’s objection) that Cliff had the wisdom to keep all four. What if the choice had been Vidalia? The many years of trying to get pups from a Callie X Zee mating would have been for naught.

Ginger’s New Purpose

IMG_1550.JPGGinger is a sensitive, sweet, and loving girl. Nonetheless, she is extremely tender-spirited. If you raise your voice, she squats in an automatic submissive act as if she had been abusive. All the while she is squatting she is also waging her tail. She doesn’t do the submissive pee thing, but she is anything but dominant. She is not quick to trust people she doesn’t know. The right home for Ginger was vitally important. It always is; however, this was even more imperative than the usual re-home considerations.

The Right Home for Ginger

A woman (Stacy) who has a heart for critters kept thinking Ethan needed a dog. She is always matching up people with a dog that needs a home. Many times we talked about the various Weims we have at OwyheeStar, who could benefit from finding a placement. Stacy is someone special to all of us involved. She is Becca’s close friend and Shela’s physical therapist. Ethan needed the right dog. Ginger had to have the right place to blossom and to enjoy her golden years in style. It was also a consideration that Ethan’s family had not had a dog. They liked them and grew up with them, but sometimes the timing is not right. Adding to the consideration, Ethan is not a typical young man. He has a big heart, is very engaging, and faces many challenges. He does all this with a smile. Unfortunately, he had a severe vaccine reaction that targeted his coccyx region that left him with a lifetime disability. Barring a miracle, he will always need crutches.

IMG_1540Ginger had no previous experience with crutches. We could not be sure she would not be fearful of them. Nevertheless, when introduced, she didn’t even seem to take notice of Ethan’s crutches. She was friendly but less than her usual shy self. Before Ginger’s departure, she was spayed. Therefore, there was a couple week delay. We tried working with her a bit to help her prepare; however, we all know change is difficult for the Weimaraner. At first, her new family was worried. She would not eat or drink much at all. In turn, she wasn’t going to the bathroom much which is also a concern. She stole a blanket and would hide in the bathroom using it like an oversized safe spot. We problem solved on several occasions to help them get through the transition.

Ginger More than Coping

IMG_0520.JPG.jpegTwenty-one days after Ginger and Ethan left OwyheeStar they are in the mountains of North Georgia. Her new family travels for their work. Ethan home schools and Ginger is with him 24 X 7. IMG_1559The transition was tricky, but she is much-loved and adjusting well to her new life. She has a friend and a purpose. Did you see that smile? Becka, Ethan, and Ginger enjoy a moment together in above photo. There will be a lot of travel moving from job to job, but Ginger will be riding next to Ethan as an integral part of the family life.

We are so excited for Ginger. We are thrilled for Ethan too! They have each other, and they are off on the memory-making-adventure of boyhood dreams. The kind that boys remember forever. We are thankful that Becka has kept us updated as it was possible. We look forward to hearing from them as the journey unfolds.