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   ~ A few Thought

I wanted to share a bit more about our life with Jake. It has taken me awhile–I was still having a hard time when I think about him. We just went up to the USA to visit my family for the first time in 7 years. We arrived home yesterday. Such an empty feeling came over us when we walked into the house. It wasn’t like we forgot he was gone, but it still feels really odd not to have him here. He held such a special place in our lives and we are absolutely heartbroken. I could have never imagined it would be this hard not to have him around. On our holiday we had heaps of family around and ‘doggie babies’ for my kids to have time with but, the kids would tell me quietly afterward – “that dog is not as good as Jake mum”
Jake had an incredible ability to sense the energy of everyone around him and adapt his personality to suit. He was the most fun loving dog you would ever meet. He absolutely loved Christmas and would go berserk when we started to get the boxes out from the attic each year. He loved decorating the tree. He would proudly wear his antlers and the light up Christmas collar the kids put on him and join in with every activity. Especially opening presents on Christmas day.


always watching over the kids

He always had an incredible nature with the kids and was the most patient dog you ever met. He put up with sharing his rawhide bones and being poked, prodded and used as a pillow. He had the most joyful personality. He was always up for whatever you wanted to do and would let you know he was incredibly disappointed on the occasion he was not going to be included. I could never imagine what a great friend and partner he would turn out to be, especially with when I was coping with the move to New Zealand. then when the kids came along he was just as willing to love and accept them as he did me. we are all missing him so much still. but we will be eternally grateful for the friend you gave us.



he loved to be vacuumed

Breeder Comment

We did post the news of his passing–Click Here to read that and to see more photos. We feel the loss with you, as do so many readers. Thank you, for giving him such an excellent life.







Breeder Comment

It is with a sad heart we tender this note regarding Jake’s passing. No matter how many years we are afforded it will never be enough. I think we can agree on that fact. It seems like yesterday he departed OwyheeStar for Washington State. Like so many Weims, we remember a few antics and the story of how he became a dogged retriever—after he initially was not interested in playing fetch. (Pun intended!) Then the news arrived. He would be relocating with his family to New Zealand. Our son had married a New Zealander. We had a fair idea of the distance from the Pacific NW to his new home. He had to endure the trip plus quarantine. We were so relieved he arrived safely and adjusted to his new life. Over the years we have exchanged a few notes back and forth. Thank you, for staying in touch. While we most certainly are sad to learn that he has passed over the rainbow bridge, we are happy to know he was much loved as well as a cherished family member.


Thirteen Years


    Jennifer Writes: 

Hi Shela – Jake passed this evening with us at home in Tauranga, New Zealand. I believe he was one of Storm’s puppies?? He was the most awesome dog ever and I’d just like to say thanks for more than 13 wonderful years–June 26, 2018

Breeder Note

Jake (Storm X Zeke)–Stormy had litters sired by three different sires over a period of a few years–Dusty, Zee, and Zeke. I don’t have to even look up the sire because Jake was born prior to Dusty and Zee Era. We have a little information on Zeke (including a couple of photos)–click here. Stormy was infamous–especially because she was our first Blue Weimaraner–click here!



     ~ Joins Turbo and Sophie


Happier Times — Turbo, Hemi, and Sophie

I haven’t talked to you guys in quite a while and I thought I would drop you a line or two. Hope guys are doing well. We are doing pretty good here but tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since we had to put our Hemi down. She was 13.5 years and pretty lumpy and bumpy. Her arthritis was getting pretty bad and she developed a chronic cough with sometimes bloody phlegm.

Peaceful Exit

Our vet came out to the house and she went peacefully over the rainbow bridge.

Zoey and Magnum


Magnum and Zoey_0656

From the Archives — Zoey and Magnum enjoying life on the sofa

Zoey and Magnum are now settling in with the new adjustment. Who will be the boss now? They are saying. Zoey still drags Magnum around by the collar at times. Do I think she might be the boss? They are very much like siblings.


Final Thoughts

Putting Hemi down was such a hard thing to do but I knew it was time. She still ate well and did her business outside and still wanted to go on walks, short ones. She was on pain pills 3 times a day and Rimadyl twice a day. We wanted to say thank you for such beautiful blessings in our lives.

Breeder Comment

What can we say? The passing of Hemi is a huge loss, but we all knew it was only a matter of time. You gave her the best of everything. Of course, she endured the new whipper-snapper crew of Magnum and Zoey. It is good those two had each other. I am sure it gave Hemi a bit of relief.

Thank you, Monica. You folks are more than OwyheeStar clients. It is like extended family to us. We have a lot of history, and I still chuckle at the stories of Turbo’s antics. All the joy and fun and yet it has to come to this. It is how the world works. Anyhow, we sincerely hope that Zoey and Magnum live a long and healthy life. Thank you, again, for being loyal and so much more.

Going Strong

Our Family Has Grown

img_0220        ~Happy Holidays!

dsc_9628It’s been a while, so we thought we’d give you an update. Breezy is doing well! She’ll be 7 in December and she is still going strong. A couple years ago, Sara and I adopted 3 little girls (sisters) bringing our pack to 5 (6 with Breezy). We were concerned that there might be issues with Breezy when bringing the girls (ages 2,3,5 at the time) into our home, but those were short-lived. The girls LOVE Breezy and they all get along great. Setting a few boundaries (no touching Breezy when she’s on her bed) and helping the girls understand Breezy’s body language and style of play has helped keep the pack happy. Breezy is gentle and patient with the girls. Lots of fetching, playing chase, and the occasional attempt to dress-up has kept Breezy entertained these past 2 years.

img_0001I read on your blog that Storm passed. Sorry to hear. 13 years?! She was no doubt and impressive girl! I wonder all the ways Breezy may be similar.

All the best to you and Cliff as the holidays approach. We’re grateful for all the careful attention and hard work you put into your profession.  


Breeder Comment

storm-2014-cleveland-3We are thrilled to hear news of Breezy. Thank you, for thinking of us. Yes, we said goodbye to Storm. We had many adventures. She had her fair share of quirks, but she brought us a lot of joy. She made a lot of dreams possible.

We have offspring that will carry her DNA into the future. Of course, none will replace her. Each time I think of her it is a bitter-sweet thought. You cannot love the Weimaraner without eventually suffering the loss.

Breezy at 4

Healthy and Well

I took Breezy to the vet today (Friday, December 20, 2013)  for her 4-year check-up. She is healthy and doing well! Reflecting on the past 4 years, I thought I’d pass along a “thank you” to you both for blessing us with this beauty.

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 More Room for Breezy

We moved in February to a house on a half acre in Tigard, OR. Breezy, obviously, has adjusted quite well to the 1/2 acre lot. She loves exploring the forest-like lot, full of giant Douglas Firs and fern underbrush. I’ll toss the ball into the brush and she’ll hunt it down in a matter of seconds. Speaking of hunting, I took her upland bird hunting for the first time back in November in Fossil, OR. Though the Chukar and Quail were few, she did immediately fetch and return the one chukar I did shoot. It was amazing! She’s had no training (except for previous exposure to gun fire to ensure she wouldn’t scare) yet she performed like a true bird dog. Honesty, I think I was more excited about her performance than me shooting my first wild bird!


Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Breezy is doing well and she continues to make us more and more grateful for your work in breeding quality weims! I’ve included photos; they were taken as a project for my students in a Photoshop class.

May the Lord pour out His blessings on you in the holiday season and into the new year, and may you know that you’ve blessed us! Merry Christmas! ~JP & Sara

Breeder’s Comment: Thank you for thinking of us. We love the photos, and the update. It is a great story about her late in life first hunt trip. We are thrilled Breezy continues to do well, and that she blesses your lives in so many ways. Merry Christmas and continued well-being for you and Breezy. 

Featured Weimaraner — Ms. Malory

Hello from Portland Oregon!

It has been way to long since we’ve checked in to tell you guys how we are doing.

Oh, I’m Ms. Malory my Mom and Dad were Storm X Zeke and I came to live with my Smith family in February of 2010.

So I think that makes me 3 years old now.  I am a super tiny girl. Everyone still thinks I’m a puppy. At last weight I was 40lbs. Now that’s pretty small for my age, :).

tucker n Malory 12-24-13malory

I’m perfectly healthy just a small girl, especially next to my brother “Tucker”. He’s 100lbs, wow!

Generally I would like to sleep like tucker does by the window but someone or something might walk by my house and I must say helllllloooooo, lol.


I’m not only small but quite the little princess as I prefer to sit on Tucker rather than the bear couch or floor. He doesn’t seem to mind much, 🙂

malory 12-24-12

I do like mugging for the camera, sometimes but this is my, “please stop flashing me with that phone, I’m really just trying to relax”, jeez….

I absolutely love to snuggle. I would say I’m obsessed with it. If you decide to have a soft blanket then you have just invited me to snuggle, right?

malory 1

malory 2malory 3Here’s my snuggling in action, :), :).

Oh, I do more than snuggle though. I ABSOLUTELY love to run, the faster the better!!!!

I also love to hunt, even though my mom and dad do not hunt. I will pretty much track anything that moves around in the ivy in my yard. I’ve caught a few things because I’m super quiet and light on my feet.

Last year I caught a MOLE, everyone was super happy so I went after a rat half my size.. ha ha. I caught it but let it go pretty quick. (Yes I have my shots, whew)

I also continue to learn from my big brother Tucker as he is super smart and very much a gentleman. I basically look at him constantly so I know what I’m supposed to do, it works out pretty well. We love to play chase. I love to chase him but when he chases me it scares me because he huge!! I usually get him started and then I run away, ha ha ha, it’s too fun! I asked Mom to include a picture of Tucker so you could see what he looks like. His head is bigger than my belly, yikes!

tucker 12-24-12

Well, that’s all for now and I hope not to wait too long before I check in again. I’m curious about one of my sisters though. Her name is Sadie May and her mom is named, Kristal Kaye. She commented on a post of mine way back in 2009 and said Sadie and I looked exactly the same. I’m curious how Sadie May is and what she looks like? Is she as small as me? Maybe she could update me. We were born of the same litter. Storm x Zeke: 2009, brought her home in Feb. 2010.

Hope all is well

Take care everyone!!


Malory “The Dickens” Smith

And Angy

Sadie & Rossi — Two Featured Weimaraners

Sadie and Rossi are much-loved OwyheeStar Weims… is a slideshow that doesn’t require words….

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 .These guys serve an important role in the family. They are a part of all that happens!

Sunday Snapshots

First Duck….

If you had any idea what this means, even being a non-hunter it is hugely significant.

We are glad you are doing better Jason!

Thank you Sadie and Rossi for helping your dad mend and recover.

Great job! Happy Hunting!!!

Breezy is a Versatile Weimaraner

Are you absolutely sure it was me?

oops was this important?

Bark Collars and Breezy

Note: If someone lives with a Weimaraner and they say their written homework or document was eaten by the Weim, give them a break!

We tried another way to stop her from barking. It’s a bark collar that sprays a lemon scent when activated by barking. The collar functions well (I was impressed), however, doesn’t pack enough punch to deter Breezy from barking. I know, you’re not surprised. Needless to say we returned the collar. Distracting her from whatever is making her bark definitely works best. And yes, I do remember you telling me specifically that weims are a vocal bread. Whatever, she’s worth it!

Fetch is her game of choice….

I'm ready....and waiting!

She LOVES fetching the ball. In our house, “ball trumps all” and there’s no way to distract her from a nearby ball… not even with treats! She’s slowly learning to bring the ball back to me if she wants to keep playing.

Breezy October 24, 2011

In a recent trip to Bend, my step-dad, brothers and I went shooting. We took the dogs to see how they’d do (my older brother has a 3-year-old black Lab named Aspen). After leaving them in the Tahoe for first bit, we let them out to see how they’d do. I was so proud of Breezy! The gun shots didn’t phase her one bit. She even wanted to chase after the clay targets! I don’t think I’ll ever take her hunting, but it’s nice to be reminded that she’s truly a hunting dog.

Breeder’s Note: When the Weimaraner is very young, you want to start the process of them learning to bring the ball, bumper, or specified toy back to you. One way to do this is to make a special time for a few throws each evening in the hallway (side doors closed). Then there is not a way to abscond with the coveted item. Later, you might need to employ a long line attached to the collar and reel them in, while lavishing them with praise. Keep-away is great fun for the Weimaraner.


Breezy my "First Mate" ~ Summer 2011

It was a fun and busy summer…..

Our summer included trips to the lake and fun in the sun. I’m back teaching as the school year has started. As you can see from the pics, Breezy is doing well.

She will be two years old this December! Crazy! In the past 6-8 months we’ve noticed a calmer Breezy… ever so slightly. She’s learned to sit still and watch us while we’re working in the kitchen or sitting at the table. Of course, this change in behavior is quite welcome. And of course, she’s still very much a high-energy Weim. I’m continuing to exercise her 45-60 minutes a day. And, on occasion when I can’t, she visits a very nice daycare facility in Southwest Portland (Tigard) we’d highly recommend.

Breezy likes the sailboat ~ Summer 2011

Above you will see a photo of Breezy with me on our ski boat. Her first boat ride was entertaining to watch. When we got up to speed, she went to put her head out the window and quickly discovered that there were windows everywhere! To say the least, the ears were flapping. We also went sailing together. She’s all about lounging in the sun, so on a sunny day you can image that went well.

JP, Sara, and Breezy

Breeder’s Note: JP and Sara have done excellent with Breezy. They knew their living situation was not perfect in every sense of the word. However, they accommodated Breezy’s needs. We will not list the extraordinary measures they went to in order to make having Breezy a reality. Let it suffice to say, they have gone to extreme measures, by their own words it was worth the effort. It was their first dog. The Weimaraner can be challenging, but even so, they managed to excel. We thank JP and Sara for all they have done for Breezy, and for staying in touch. (Watch for part two on Breezy’s summer to be posted soon!)

Also Note: The daycare is called Club K-9. They have two locations: Tigard and N Portland. Excellent customer service, super nice employees, very clean. Click Here to check them out!