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To the Desert

Lucy Loved going with Us


Bob, I, and Luigi went out to the desert this past Monday. We took Lucy’s ashes with us. They have a great walking trail out there. It is a mile and a half trail. All along the trail people have placed rocks they have painted with names on them. Some have tributes on them, some people make a big saying out of lots of rocks all kinds of things. Well about halfway through the walk they have a pet memorial that people have made over the years.

Now she is Memorialized There


Bob and I have walked with the kids on that trail for years. Lucy just loved being off leash on that trail. We thought it was only right to bring her ashes there for her final resting place. I ordered a nice river stone through Amazon and we brought it with us to place along the trail. We put her rock on the edge of the trail next to a mailbox that someone must have placed there over the years. I have included two pictures. The first one is of the rock I had made. It is a beautiful rock. It weighs 10 lbs. They etched her name the paw and the years. It will last! In the background, you can see part of the love is eternal in rocks that someone made years ago. Under that you see the whitish sand looking area. That’s is Lucy’s ashes. The second picture I thought turned out beautiful! I was just trying to get all the love is eternal in the pic with Lucy’s ashes in it as well but I thought the background was so beautiful!! You can see the desert with the mountains and blue sky with clouds! I just love this picture!!!

Well, Bob, I and Luigi will now start a new chapter in our lives–Dec 2, 2016

                                                                      ~Love, Idelle

Breeder Comment

7369fcac-0ea6-4c43-8081-0383583bdc10We cannot express our gratitude for all you did with and for Lucy. We are beyond sorry for the loss. We know she left a hole in your heart and home.

The taunting birds and critters will miss her. Her toys will feel her neglect as well. Oh, how she loved her ball. Thank you again!


Hearthside HopesIMG_0504.JPG

Lucy is very content and dreaming that her favorite football team wins the Super Bowl

Breeder’s Note

Cliff and I are sure that an OwyheeStar Weim is going to beat the odds. Their team is going to win the Super Bowl. Lucy is fixated on Pittsburg. It seems they must play today, and when they do, they must get by the Denver Broncos. Do I have the correct?

For those who cannot wait for the season to end, we are about done.

Lucy’s Perfect Perch

I think that all Weims must love looking out the window!!


Repurposing the Kennel

Lucy has the perfect perch with her feet on top of her house in our bedroom. She loves looking out that window that faces the front yard. I tell her that she is nosey just like grandma!! LOL!

Lucy on the Blog

IMG_3590We loved seeing Lucy in your blog last week. I sent that out to my friends. It’s funny how it seems like everyone’s Weims just love looking out windows huh?
Breeder’s Comment
Thank you, Idelle, for the lovely addition to the theme. Weims take over our lives–this includes our household. The sofa, our favorite chair, the bed, an air vent, in front the fireplace, and anywhere else you enjoy. 
Would you have it any other way? No! Most certainly not. People are shocked at these clingy interactive critters. They are cagey, shrewd, and manipulative. Outsiders do not see the genius; however, we Weim folks know first hand what they are about–the relationship. 

Happy Birthday to You

…Dear Lucy

July 23, 2015--Today is Lucy’s 9th birthday. She and Luigi got a special treat of chicken while Bob and I sang Happy Birthday to her. I took a video that I hope turned out well enough for you to see and hear. We hope you enjoy it, although our singing is pretty bad!!! LOL!!!  The kids, of course, gobbled down the treat. Lucy was smiling which I’m glad showed up on the video.

  ~ Idelle and Bob

Breeder’s NoteThank you, Idelle and Bob, for allowing us to share this video. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

Sleeping Beauty

Sunny Spread-Eagle440B39A1-2E07-40A9-B28D-5766D9B9CE73

I snuck in our bedroom this morning to take this pic. Lucy was sound asleep in the sun spread eagle for all to see. It has been awhile since she has slept on her back. She did it a lot more when she was younger. I sure hope your having a nice Saturday. I loved the puppy pics in your blog today. Take care. ~Idelle

Goodies from Grandparents

Lucy and the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Grandma and Grandpa bought me (Lucy)  this new ball today. It is called a Wobble Wag Giggle. Gosh, don’t you just love grandparents?  I like to push it with my nose–it makes these funny giggle sounds. I know how to capitalize on these moments. All you Weim kids reading this blog, remember when your grandparents, or your parents get you something new it is important to make a huge fuss about it. I did a great job this time (in part because I love it)–I went nuts with it!

Silly Mom thought that I might not care for the Giggler because it is made of hard plastic. I showed her how great it was, and demonstrated it by pushing it all over the living room. Well when Luigi came over to investigate I put him in his place (silly brother), and I pushed him out of the way. To be sure he didn’t steal any of my thunder; I quickly grabbed the ball and ran down the hall with it!!( Ha ha Luigi)03521B5E-F3DE-4F06-BC7F-94A79E81401E

Being on my best behavior during dinner is always a plus for Mom and Dad. I went and got the ball and brought it to my bed. Mom thought it was cute, so she took this picture. I was looking at Bob (oh I mean my Dad), and saying this is my Ball Dad. I am telling you no one else can play with it but me!!! LOL!! Mom invariably says, “Lucy is always so animated.” I will tell you she is easy to entertain–this is never truer than when she is tired.

Lucy’s Football is Not Far Away

The Football Season is coming to an End

Are you one of those folks which despise the game of American Football? If so, it is a good bet, you are getting ready to celebrate–the season is drawing towards an end. Of course, the celebration for the Seahawks as well as for the Patriots is a high crescendo mode. It will soon end with one team doing cartwheels, and the other open-mouthed. In the end, you must beat the other team when the opportunity presents, and at the given venue. You must beat the officials–the call might go in your favor, or not. You must overcome the atmosphere, exhaustion, the flu-bug, or even the weather should it be a factor.

10354673_834463439921296_7895747230022446090_nIn the Pacific Northwest, there is a frenzy of activity surrounding the recent nail-biting, and tummy-tingling victory. If you were on heart medicine, this game might not be advised. Fans in some cases were discouraged, and left the game thinking their beloved team was going down. Those who left the game early to get an advantage en route home; as well as those who left the game because they were embarrassed were caught short. They all could be found outside the rocking stadium missing the first-hand experience; they had to catch in on TV like the rest of us. No one should ever say it is impossible. Don’t count the game over, because anything can happen. Those folks on the outside missed one of the best all-time playoff finishes ever. At the last second in overtime, a fingertip catch sent the Hawks to the Super Bowl. Those that dared to believe it was possible were given a special treat.

Lucy Loves Her Football!

Returning to the Super Bowl is nothing short of spectacular for the Seattle Seahawks, and the Pacific Northwest. Fans are still rolling on a high, and lighting-up Facebook. We are not anxious for hoopla to end; we know others cannot wait. Lucy will miss football game days, but her own football will never be far away.

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Baby Devo is a Joy

Dear Shela and Cliff –

We wish you the best of holidays and a brilliant 2015!IMG_1253

Devo is now 6 and a half, and still my baby.  He brings joy to our lives every single day, and we miss him every time (thankfully not a. very frequent occurrence) that we are apart!

Peace, Joy & Love,

Decorating for Christmas

College Football and the Kids

Christmas 2014LucyBob and I are sitting here watching the Boise State (vs Utah State) Game. They are looking good so far! We were watching the USC/Notre Dame game today while putting up our tree. We were getting the stuff out of the garage and bringing it in the house. I had an open big bag of cotton that I put on top of one of the boxes. When I went back out to the garage to help Bob, little miss Lucy decided she was going to help decorate. When I returned with the next box, Lucy had pulled the cotton out of the bag and had it all over the living room floor!! Mommy was not too happy about that!! Bob came in and said Lucy is just being. Weimaraner!! LOL!! Luigi did itLike you have said in many of your blogs, they never grow up no matter how old they are. They always have their child-like antics!! Here is a photo of our finished tree. It is minus the tree skirt. That is missing this year thanks to Luigi; last year, he got in a snit while we were gone one night. We came home to find it was all chewed up!!! I need to buy a new one. We just bought this tree last year at Home Depot. It is a Martha Stewart tree. I purchased a lovely skirt to go with the new tree last year. I had the old one that I had used since we first got married and of course that one was never touched.

 Football Is Important

Football Fan

Football Fan

Lucy may not care so much about this game. She loves her football. Nevertheless, this is turning out to be quite the game huh? The Oregon/Oregon St game is a blowout! There are a lot of good final games going on today!!

My team, the Cowboys,  played horrible on Thanksgiving. I hope you had a nice day. You mentioned that you were going to keep it quiet. Well, you take care and my thoughts and prayers go to you for your upcoming radiation treatments.

From Shela: Thank you Idelle and Bob. We appreciate our friendship; the years spent linked by Lucy. Thank you for all you do for her, and with her. We appreciate the update–this story is a gem.

Yes, we watched several games too! We are thrilled that Boise State continues to do well. For those who live here in the Treasure Valley, they understand what is behind their success; we see firsthand how they do so much with so little. It is amazing. Not long ago the news reported that they had fallen into irrelevance; nevertheless, here they come again. Losing Coach Pete was difficult, but then Harsen takes over. It is a special place.

This is Depressing

Tell Me Again Why We Must Go Home…

Lucy Going Home from the desertI took this pic this morning of Lucy in the back of our truck. She is looking back at the desert. She didn’t want to leave. Bob and I have been there since Tuesday. We were down there celebrating his birthday.

Lucy has her seat-belt on as you can see. We brought both the kids down this time. They had fun; everyone loved them. Most of the people there have smaller dogs.

Even more depressing--Luigi has my spot!

Even more depressing–Luigi has my spot!

Bummed-out in California

Here are the both of them (Lucy and Luigi–her Golden brother) in the back seat. They both have their seat-belt’s on. Lucy isn’t happy because Luigi is in part of her space in the back seat!! Ha Ha!! They are just like kids. Usually, Lucy hogs the back seat, and Luigi has to sit most of the trip. She is a princess!!  Ha Ha!! (November 16, 2014)

Cliff and Shela Comment…

Thank you Idelle for remembering us on your way home. These are great photos of the kids. We send a belated birthday wish to Bob.