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Pilikia in the Snow

~ With Kula Bleu

They dogs are loving their Carhartt jackets and they are getting used to their boots, although Kula will still only let me put them in his back paws!

Pilikia Wears All Four

Mahalo, Brent

Breeder Comment

Brent–thanks for thinking of us; it means so much. We know everyone will love these photos of the two, and how Kula Bleu doesn’t wear all four boots.

Pilikia and Kula

~ Hot Tub Anyone?

Pilikia and Kula loving the hot tub.

Imagine if the cover was off

Breeder Comment

Well, it looks like the perfect perch, too!

Water Anyone

Kula Bleu,

    “says Oh Yeah!”

Here is Kula doing what he loves, swimming after sticks in the river, even when the water gets cold, he is keen for a swim! He is super good at navigating the currents and rapids and knows the commands right or left when he loses track of a stick and I can direct him from the shore!

Many thanks,

Breeder Comment

It is excellent that Kula is an extraordinarily good swimmer. Maybe it is extra special that you share the love of the water so much. (Haha) Your two OwyheeStar’s have such an excellent life. Thanks ever so much for everything you do with and for them–as well as sending along the Emailed updates. For those that might not have caught the connection Kula Blue and his sister, Pilikia, were recently featured tucked under the covers enjoying the master’s bed. If you missed that blog–click hereIMG_1410


Our Turn

     ~Pilikia and Kula Bleu

The photo you posted yesterday made me send you this when April and I get up, they get in bed and take our place!

Breeder Comment

How many OwyheeStar Weims like to crawl under the covers. We all know that this is a thing. Some share the bed with their owners. Others might not be able to take it over until their ‘hoomans’ get up. Either way, they take full advantage when given the opportunity. Isn’t this about the cutest thing ever?

Have Wheels

Going Places!


We figured Kula must be old enough to drive now, so we got him and Pilikia a van to drive around….. Brent

Breeder Comment


This is not the first Weim Crime pair at the wheel. You might remember Ilsa and Indi the two Blue sisters who borrowed the camper while Mom and Dad went on vacation. Pilikia and Kula Bleu’s ride is pretty upscale, but the idea has not changed. Thanks for the fabulous share!

Kula Bleu

Cannot Get Enough

Kula can not get enough of the river and fetching sticks! when we go for a walk he practically drags me to the river to go for a swim, although when we are at the ocean, he hates the water because I think of the waves…..

Pilikia Has a Different Agenda

Rhune's Pilikia_8919Pilikia will swim, but only if we are going to the other side of the river and she will follow. She has no interest in fetching sticks, unless her brother has it in his mouth, then she will try to steal it!

Breeder Comment

They both swim. One does it when she ( Pilikia ) deems it necessary. Otherwise, Kula can do the work. (funny) The Weimaraner is the type when they get an idea it is often an obsession. For those wanting an avid swimmer, it is important to get the idea ingrained early. Below from an uncommon casual Sunday morning–when winter was our blog topic.

Rhune's Two

One Sunday Morning of the Unusual Late Kind 


Neighbors and Playmates

New Neighbors

~ new playmate for our Izzy


Izzy has a new friend Hank. Our new neighbors have brought him over to play with Izzy. 

I have included a poem written by Hanks 11-year-old co-owner, Avery. She has granted me permission to share it with you–and you can put it on the blog if you choose. 


    ~an original continuation poem by Avery.

Silver dog with eyes of blue

I cannot start to describe

You, but for starters that I can’t start

Your eyes, they seem alive!

Yes, little sapphires, or copper

Or gold, your eyes have plenty to behold

In the dark your eyes shine bright

Though it seems like daytime, it is night

And your fur, this poem’s name,

Hides you when you’re hunting game

BUT GLEAMS when in open, like the moon

And across your body; is silkily strewn.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you asking to share this poem. Thank you for as well for the photos of the two romping and playing. Of course, we love that Izzy has a new Gray Ghost neighbor playmate. She looks as spry as ever. What a girl!?! We are slightly biased.

Keeping Cool

Loving ComfortIMG_0509.JPG

Susan Writes

Izzy does like her comfort no kennel for us three Weim’s

Breeder Comments

Cliff and Shela believe in the crate; however, many people opt to live without using one. Your lifestyle can dictate what is possible. Nevertheless, for those starting out with a puppy, many problems are solved by crate-training. The person new to this breed might wonder why. So many have written us over the years telling us how they tried the crate for the first time and once they got past the idea, it was a lifesaver.

No one can say they will never have to leave their Weimaraner. It is an excellent idea; however, in theory, you don’t know what will happen next. Many a Weim would be alive or have avoided being dropped at a shelter were they crate-trained. We will forego those stories.

To balance this thought–these folks (Izzy’s family) are skilled (and long time) Weimaraner folks. They are pointing out that the Weims enjoy the comfort afforded to everyone–human and Weimaraner.

Being crate trained doesn’t mean a Weimaraner doesn’t use the bed, the sofa, or lounge around the house. This idea is tossed about by sporting dog enthusiasts who make a habit of using the outdoor kennel for their dog’s living quarters. You know–they want a dog in the yard, ready when they want to hunt or recreate together. The idea is the Weimaraner is relegated in theory to other than the house. That means they will not be on the furniture, the bed, or whatever. We (Weimlovers) know that is not a doable plan. Wherever you are to (inside or out) the Weimaraner is never happier than when they are closeby. They are not going to become an excellent family companion with this outdoor kennel approach. If this is your idea of life with the dog, then you should look at another breed. Some are more suited to it than others–especially the Ultra Velcro Weimaraner.

Three Dog Night

Izzy and Company


We discussed a family considering a third Weimaraner. Here you see what Susan called a Three Weim Night. She has one every night at her home. Izzy on the right is an OwyheeStar — the youngest of the group.

Susan First Wrote

Izzy is the one in the middle

A few minutes later Susan wrote back

Oops–Izzy is on the right; it does get confusing.

Three Gray Ghost Dogs

It is a bit like having triplets. It is easy to get mixed up. Each is unique and at the same time, they still have the Weimaraner thing happening. The various quirks and quandaries prevail, and they are never happier than when they are with you.







At Downieville

Pilikia & Kula Bleu

April, the ‘kids’ and I are up at our place in Downieville this week. Here are a few shots of them going after sticks in a creek on an afternoon hike, then the aftermath on the couch.

Pilikia ripping around the yard

Breeder’s Comment

We are so happy to hear the girls are doing well. They must love being on this adventure with the both of you! Thanks ever so much for sharing!
Kula Bleu has been on the blog many times. Pilikia has also been featured. Do a search for them and you will discover some pretty interesting posts–and achievements.