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And Reggie is doing great. Here is a pic of him sunbathing. 

Breeder Comment

It was good to hear from you and to see a lovely photo of Reggie.


This is Daniel Thor’s dad. I hope you and Cliff are doing very well.

Thor has grown so much and is doing so well. We were wondering if you wanted to use him as a stud because we have been getting so many comments about how pretty and good looking he is.

We are asking before we plan to fix him. But would be open to breeding him if you want to.

Breeder Comment

We agree that Thor is lovely. Thank you, Daniel, for the excellent update and asking us about using Thor as a Stud Dog. We don’t breed back to the same lineage–it is how we have done things forever. Thor is related to all our females– we weave the DNA through the OwyheeStar line. Breeding rights for anyone wondering are spelled out at the top of this page (click here) to read more.

Tarmac, Again

~Now a shower

He keeps being more delightful…we have my daughters dog here this week and the two of them just play non stop.

I have a dog washing set up outside, but Alan has insisted from day one on taking tarmac into the shower with warm water….Tarmac now runs into our shower as if to say “ ok, let’s do it”… if only he were this enthusiastic about getting his nails “ done”

Breeder Comment

Many of us wish we had an outside dog washing area–of course, we could not use it very often here. (Haha)

We also use the warm water shower unless they take a dip in the farm pond.


~Me When My Labradoodle Cousins Visit

~ Later Surrounded by the girls

Breeder Comment

If only we could read his mind. I am not sure if he likes being sandwiched on the sofa or if he prefers to have it to himself.


~Tarmac not so long ago

You should see how he races around the yard. By the way Tarmac and Serena both know “ tennis” even when my husband spells it… not actual tennis… he’ll get them chasing four tennis balls at once.

Tarmac and the sticks… he’s dragged in tree limbs and been very possessive. We have a vacant lot next door and he acts like we’re tossing his best friends over there. We get a lot of deer over there and he likes to perch on a little high spit in our yard and he just watches them eat. Right now wild plums by the ton over there… the deer love them.

Breeder Comment

This post is a little delayed in getting posted–it may be timely. We are all in need of sunshine and news of sunny weather. (Haha) Tarmac has a lot of work–cleaning up limbs and branches is exhausting. OMG


~In The Driver’s Seat

Thor got his first driver’s lesson!  How are you and Cliff doing?  Thor has been doing very well. He goes on runs every morning and evening.  Gets lots of exercise and loves it!  I took him on a good few miles hike yesterday fishing and he was in heaven!   He’s very well behaved and trained.  He can heal, come, stay, sit and listens very well.  He’s got his aloof moments when he wants to play.  But he’s been an amazing family member.  

He now even walks our Rottweiler mix Hannah ! Lol. He literally grabs the leash and starts pulling her on the walks.  Lol it’s so funny

We also found out that Thor is not immune to Adeno virus, but we decided to NOT give him the vaccination for this because we read it’s rare for Weimes and not life threatening.  what do you recommend?

Breeder Comment

First, this is where we say we are not Licensed Veterinarians, nor are we Licensed Veterinary Technicians. Vaccine issues are a serious matter for this breed–no one can attest to the truth of this more than someone who has had their Weimaraner succumb to serious life-threatening vaccine reaction. The puppy shot vaccinates for Adeno Virus II–which is against upper respiratory infections. Click here to read more.

We are most happy to see Thor as a central part of your life–and we love the photos. Thank you–this is a cute update. We genuinely appreciate it.

Thor and Chloe

We were at my best friends house and Thor loves to lay on a couch and near his sister Chloe.  Here he is on her lap. He’s a really good listener but has an aloof personality sometimes. (Lol) He’s always challenging us but he knows by now that I am the leader in the pack so it doesn’t last long before he corrects his attitude.  

Just wasn’t sure with his breed if it was OK to go on hikes.  The hike we are doing this weekend is only 3 miles each way so should be fine.  The one I’m doing with my brothers the following week is 11 miles and higher elevation so I will spare him that one although I would have loved to take him with me. Next year I’ll be taking him on all my hikes!

Breeder Comment

Thank you for all the hard work you are putting into Thor. This breed is not easy to raise–if it isn’t one thing, then it is another. Being involved in family life and joining in on your adventures is a huge plus. Exercise is essential; however, high-impact exercise is saved for later–one the growth plates close. Hiking is an excellent activity.


~Has Friends and Family

Thor is much loved. Here he is with our 12 year old daughter. He has fur friends and family too.

Here he is playing with neighbor Daisy (an Australian Shepherd).  

Thor playing with neighbor Daisy (an Australian Shepherd).  

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear that Thor is doing so excellent. Thanks for the video clips and the photo.


~The Journey Begins

Thor has been a blast, no crying, no accidents, really well potty trained, and showers us with kisses and loves.  He loves the grass and playing with the girls all evening. He’s going to sleep well tonight lol (I hope!). Every time we took him out for a potty break it was instant once he landed on the grass.  After eating his dinner we took him out for a 5 min walk and he picked a hidden corner and went for #2!  So far he’s a huge success and the whole neighborhood can’t wait to meet him :). 

Breeder Comment

So, the journey begins. We both know there will be ups and downs–challenges and joyful moments throughout the process of raising any Weimaraner puppy. We hope you will keep us apprised, and we truly appreciate this lovely note.

Carefree Hattee

~ Running Loose

Here are a few snapshots of Hattee who has the current litter which is featured on our Website. It is the Early Summer Litter –we are not expecting pups until Fall or Early Winter. Thanks to Hattee for the eight beautiful babies–all have been promised.