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And Zoey

Makes Us A Two-Weim Family

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Day One

She has adjusted so fast to the family, letting us flip her over and loom over her, playing, and of course biting. She chases Charli all around with a smile.   Charli wants nothing to do with her yet.

Day Three



Charli is still pouting, but with each day, we see a little bit more acceptance and interest toward Zoey.  We make sure she still gets just as much attention as before our new addition.  We know she will come around in her own time.

PS.     Zoey is a little stinker, but we love it!

Breeder’s Comment

Here is a success story that took some time. Nonetheless, a Two-Weim family success–click here to read that blog. We know you will get through the pouting and whatever comes. Thank you, two times over for being a loyal OwyheeStar client.