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From SanFrancisco

     ~ Luke is Well

IMG_2090.jpgI hope you are still cancer free and you, Cliff and the family are doing well. I switched jobs after Clyde passed at 13 YO and miss receiving your blog but my flatmate Jim keeps me informed.

img_0307.jpgLuke, now  at 6 YO weathered Clyde’s passing well and has of course appropriately taken charge. He has grown up to be every bit as special as Clyde and is such a wonderful companion for us. We recently purchased a rental home in the desert and much to our surprise this hound that is not fond of the ocean doesn’t think twice about jumping into the deep end to get the ball. He is even happy to put his head under water to retrieve something on the steps of the shallow end!! HE LOVES TO SWIM….and so do I –just sayin’…


Anyway, we are all fine and I finally hit 60… winding down over the next couple of years and am interested in expanding the family in the near future so wanted to make sure to do this before you 2 retire. Will your family continue with your business? We are so impressed with the detail and care that you have exhibited in your raising and placement of your pups. I go on and on to friends about you 2 frequently.


I think we’ll likely go for the Blue male again, maybe a Blue longhair.


Thanks, Love and Light,


Breeder Comment

Thank you, for the kind words and the endorsement. We are happy to learn that Luke is doing so well. Of course, we will never forget Clyde’s run. Thank you as well for all the updates over the years. It means a lot to us.

I will send you what we need to get the process of getting another OwyheeStar started. Speaking to retirement–we have no plans to retire; however, there is no guarantee. Life is a day to day experience. We will continue to raise the Weimaraner and share them as long as it is possible. Again, thank you for your concern.


And Zoey

Makes Us A Two-Weim Family

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Day One

She has adjusted so fast to the family, letting us flip her over and loom over her, playing, and of course biting. She chases Charli all around with a smile.   Charli wants nothing to do with her yet.

Day Three



Charli is still pouting, but with each day, we see a little bit more acceptance and interest toward Zoey.  We make sure she still gets just as much attention as before our new addition.  We know she will come around in her own time.

PS.     Zoey is a little stinker, but we love it!

Breeder’s Comment

Here is a success story that took some time. Nonetheless, a Two-Weim family success–click here to read that blog. We know you will get through the pouting and whatever comes. Thank you, two times over for being a loyal OwyheeStar client.