Asher Speaks

~”Woof!” (Sniff, Sniff, too!)

I have this Paw-Awesome report. 

Mom and I have been so busy with the smell game.  At times it can be confusing because sometimes my mom calls it Nosework and other times its called Scent Work.  Got me what the differences are.  I just nose’s its all about the bacon. (HA-did you catch my humor?)  I love bacon…shhh do not tell mom that I told you this.  But ever so often, I see mom eat my dog treats.  LOL! She must like bacon too.

Last time, I updated you on our first title with United States Canine Scent Sports (USCSS).  Since then we have gained our second title with USCSS called Detection Dog Intermediate.  This trial was at a school campground where we found 8 hides and overcame a very tough search in a bunkhouse.  The judge told my mom, “Great job in being patient!”   I have no idea why the judge would say that –Weim-Zoomies are a normal every day occurrence.  Right?

We recently went for the NW2 with the National Association Canine Scent Work (NACSW).  We missed 1 hide because we were about two feet from source. So did not gain our title.  We learned a lot about that, “No, I am sorry that is not correct!”  

Scent Work or Nose Work whatever it may be called is not just about finding the smell, the alert or the bacon.  NERD ALERT:  It is about a team that works through the problem analyzing the environment and how the conditions of terrain, climate, vegetation and weather play into how the scent molecules are traveling.  

REALITY CHECK: Now try and remember all of that when the birds or the bunnies are queued– seriously NOT FAIR, Right?  No worries, we just shake it off and learn and grow.

We have since earned our first title in UKC in three of the elements (Containers, Exterior and Vehicles Searches).  This last UKC trial we were in shock when we learned we earned a High-In Trial.

This last weekend we tried our luck at our first AKC Trial.  The nice thing about AKC and UKC is your YES’s are accumulative and you must pass each element three times to gain a title in that specific element.  We learned another trial opens this coming week, so maybe by the end of July we will gain our first titles in AKC elements.

To be continued…now I lay me down to sleep!


Asher Von Owyheestar,


Breeder Comment

Everyone at OwyheeStar is very impressed, Asher. Thank you for the report and all the hard work. Tomorrow, I will write a bit more about this topic and list what these titles earn mean. I am positive that several readers would like to know more.

At The Sanctuary

~With Bernie’s Babies

We sincerely hope you have a lovely Sunday–and that you enjoy these snapshots of the current litter playing at the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 15, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Well, things warmed up–and all the crops are growing like crazy. We expect the new alfalfa will be cut this week–it’s the first cutting. Cliff has been hurrying across the field with water, so he is ready when they arrive.

Between here and Ontario, there is a lot of grain. It is incredible how quickly it is maturing. Before long–they will harvest, and we will have a whole lot barren fields. (OMG) It seems like winter was here yesterday. Wait a minute–it kind of was, as it kept showing up on Spring’s timeline. (OMG)


The focus is on Bernie’s pups, so yesterday we made a trip to the sanctuary. That is always an experience. With ten puppies, you cannot be sure if they will stay close. Cliff got a rough mowing done for us before we went down–but only in one section. There was a lot of moisture (mud) because the water has been going. Anyhow, we were fortunate–the pups pretty much stayed in the shorter (ankle-high) area. The mosquitos were not out in force–I forgot to get some repellent.

The Discovery and Placement Test is slated for Tuesday. We want to be sure they are ready.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did. There is one final segment in the Remy Blue series. I should get that posted this coming week.

I definitely can use material for the blog–your generous Email updates are what keep me going.

Sunday— June 9 — Sitting

Monday–-June 10 — Finn

Tuesday — June 11 — Shiny

Wednesday — June 12 — Remy Blue (part two)

Thursday –- June 13 —  Jorja

Friday — June 14 — Remy Blue (part three)

On a very personal note

~The Grandkids and More

Recently basketball had overshadowed the garden–well, in truth, the gardening girls are once again absent. The summer flu bug visited their home this week. Meanwhile we were watching Brad and Nick play summer basketball. Yesterday–the two played on the Varsity squad together–#31 (Brad) #33 (Nick). Who knows if this will ever happen again, but Nick got called up to the Varsity–he is in the 8th grade.

We (the gardening girls and I) mostly need to pick and water. There are a few plants that need to be planted–three staring up at me from the greenhouse sink. (Haha) But for the most part, everything is settled in and looking promising. The peas are still producing–not sure how long they will last with the heat. We will see. I picked four small zucchini last evening, too. A lot more are on the way. Yum!

Bobwhite Quail–this weeks hatch

Cliff has a constant bag of parts he purchases here or there–wherever he can find what he needs. He got some misters going on the outdoor potty area–to keep the Weims from overheating on the very hot days. We don’t have shade, but this does the trick. Oh– and besides the farm and the Weimaraners–there is the Bobwhite Quail. He set three-hundred eggs this week.

Remy Blue

~ Part Three

Remy Blue loves her various dog beds throughout the home. From her “baby puppy” bed to her grown-up bed, she’s a snuggle bunny. She’s also a big help for my daughter with homework.

Puppy bed is a bit too small, but Remy Blue thinks she can still fit.

As a puppy, Remy Blue loved to sit behind me on my office chair. Often times, she would fall asleep in the funniest positions.


As she grew older and larger, Remy Blue opted for being cradled in my lap with her full little belly facing outward.

Here is one of our first attempts at taking a selfie. Not sure if her expression is one of concern. It was never published. 

On April 10th, 2019, Remy Blue celebrated her 1st birthday. We took a photo with her in relation to a “deck of cards”. If you remember, she was very petite at birth and a survivor. I hope you still have her birth photos; unfortunately, I “lost” all the photos and videos you sent because my Outlook got corrupted. She is grown to be around 60-65 lbs. In short time, her birthday “rabbit” was promptly chewed at the ears.

Breeder Comment

Well, we looked for the photo showing the card next to you Remy Blue–could not find it. We did find this photo of you resting in Christina’s hand–you were three days old and so tiny.

We hoped you would live–you were so precious. Look at you a year later–Happy Birthday Remy Blue.

Watch for the next (and final segment) in the update Sahyo has been so kind to share. We truly appreciate it.


~At Seven

As you know, a lot has happened since we returned to the Pacific Northwest, from Belgium. Frisbee- I love it, She plays it in the house too.

I’m unpacking and finding things…Jorja will be 7 in March, the picture of her and the little lady is who she named after. 🇷🇴 Romanian spelling, Pronounce “Georgia” /Jorja. 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Eileen. We think Jorga and her name spelling is pretty cool, too!

Remy Blue

~ part two

Trips to the “holistic” vet have been fine. No issues with the titer testing, in fact, our vet was quite pleased with your protocol. Remy Blue did fine. Next big milestone is spaying sometime this summer.

Remy Blue took to initially swimming in our pool. She is much more adept at the water than Riley, our last Weim.

Car rides are fun, but Remy Blue becomes sad when my daughter, Evi exits the car for her activity. The tears of a Weim are so heartfelt. She also likes drinking my coffee; she seems to want me to stop at Starbucks for another.

Beach walks are fun for Remy Blue. She seeks out other dogs and wants to run and catch the water. I thinks she likes being a California Weim.

Breeder Comment

It is so great to see Remy Blue in her element and to hear how well she is doing at the Vet Visits, traveling, and enjoying the beach. Yes–she is a California girl.


~NACSW Nosework Trialing Level 3

I wanted to share Shiny’s recent accomplishments with you and Cliff. He is at Level 3 in NACSW Nose work trialing. A couple weekends ago we had the best trialing ever! He got 3 placements and 2 titles!! He won second overall in trial!! 

He is a wonderful worker, best friend and representative of the breed – thank you so much for my Shiny!!

Breeder Comment

–Drumroll Please!

We are thrilled to hear of Shiny and your success, Julia. That is outstanding! We have never had the opportunity to visit a Nose Work Trial, but a lot of our clients are getting interested in this venue. What great news!

For those wanting to learn more–please click the Facebook Link above or go to the NACSW Website–click here!

Click Here to learn more about NACSW Titles and Awards.

Julia and Shiny have participated in previous competitions–here are three links featuring Shiny and Julia.

Title Earned




~Inside or Out

Not so long ago we brought Finn home

So, Finn is doing really well. Here are a couple of recent videos

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for the photos and videos–as well as the newsy notes letting us know that things are going well.


~Among the Daisies

Porsche enjoys her backyard, sitting among the Daisies or catching her flying disk.


Breeder Comment

JuneAnn–it is great that she has a lovely backyard. Thanks!

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 8, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Well, things warmed up for a moment. And then–they cooled off again. There is more rain–as well as cooler temperatures–even snow in the mountains. Our friend in Unity about a seventy miles west of here had her wood stove fired up to stay warm–temperatures dropped below 40-degrees.

Meanwhile, our hay was cut, baled, and in the stack before this current wetness arrived. I have written a few other comments on Facebook about our good fortune. Not everyone was so lucky–there is cut hay laying in the field not even a half mile from us.


We have been busy with Bernie’s pups. They are loving the yard, eating more kibble every day. Most of all, we are taken with their cuteness.

There is a lot to come –big adventures and the Discovery and Placement test preparation.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

Sunday— June 2 — In the Limelight

Monday–-June 3 — Stone

Tuesday — June 4 — In Town

Wednesday — June 5 — Summer Vacation

Thursday –- June 6 —  Remy Blue

Friday — June 7 — Astra

On a very personal note

~The Grandkids and More

The gardening continues–the girls were here to pick pea pods. Oh my gosh–there were so many. That was on Tuesday, but by Friday Christina and I picked another quart or maybe a half gallon–we didn’t measure it. It was a lot.

We (the gardening girls and I) took in a movie. It was the first movie they were old enough to remember. A few years back they went to the drive-in with their parents. We saw ‘Wonderland,’ and the girls were delighted. After the movie, we stopped into Costco for a couple of things. The girls loved the fact that the cart had two seats–they road side-by-side.

Cliff and I have also been catching as many of the summer league basketball games as possible. We went to Nyssa two evenings this week. Brad also played in Nampa, but we missed that game. The surprise is that Nick, (who is officially in the 8th grade) was drafted for the JV team this summer. He is the youngest on the team–see him above wearing #33. It is very exciting to see him holding his own with these much more skilled players.

(Speaking of Cliff) He has been busy finishing the waterline installation, mowing weeds, and making some adjustments. We got our new workstation desktop on Tuesday. That meant we moved our file cabinet into a built-in location–it required some adjustment. Some of the changes are still in the works for this project too! Above you see the RVP guys working on the install–and can get a feel for the OwyheeStar Workstation. Thanks to our grandson (Ashley’s husband), and his crew. The project turned out excellent–we love it.