Can’t believe it’s almost 3 years since I brought Bella home and I have survived😁LOL Bella has been doing great she has not been crated for almost 2 years  no more destruction (but I still do put things away just in case LOL😉)

Levi is still hanging in there she will be 13 years old in July. every once in a while Bella does pick on her, we still kind of have the food issue however Bella will sit patiently while Levi nibbles on Bellas food and then Levi goes in the kitchen and starts on her bowl and Bella will stay in the same spot staring at her bowl until Levi’s done in the kitchen and then Levi gets on the couch and Bella will growl at both of us because we are looking at her LOL

I’ve included pictures of what I call a Bella bag a year-and-a-half ago I was tired of her dragging around a king size fuzzy blanket that she fell in love with so I folded it top to bottom cut it straight up cut notches along the sides and tied it making a bag lot cheaper than those Cove beds and she loves it and we started going back on the beach again only when other vehicles are not around and I stop and put them in the car if anybody comes around or drives down the beach not taking any chances around here sadly but that’s the way things are anymore love my snuggle bugs

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear that you are still doing well–and about your creation. Thanks for the share. It means a lot to us.!

The Task Master

Porsche is a task master.  Mornings after dogs are fed, our little terrier gets on Barry’s bed for a sleep-in.  I tried to get Porsche to let me have a few extra winks.  When I noticed she had not followed me to the bedroom, I went looking for her.  I found her sitting next to the exit door we take for our morning walks. I said, “Come on let’s go back to bed.”  She refused to budge.  As I had not used her formal recall command, technically she had not disobeyed me.  After I stopped laughing, we went walking.


Breeder Comment

We love how you describe the whole interaction. Thanks, JuneAnn. It is a great photo, and a cute story.

Oh Henry

Congratulations on your New Title CW-SIAx2

To spare you all the craziness of all the acronyms, CWAGS, Canine Work and Games has  scent detection division which Henry and I compete in.  There are multiple levels  that build upon each other. The higher the level the greater degree of difficulty  of the hides.  Henry has completed 24 successful runs in Level 3, Scent Investigator, to earn this pretty pink rosette.  Officially, his title is CW-SIAx2!!  Click Here to learn more about this organization.

I’m so lucky you snd Cliff care so much.  When I tell people that I am still in touch with you they are shocked.  You set a very high standard, which is rare, outstanding, and more than appreciated. 

Xoxo H & P

Breeder Comment

Henry and Patti — we are delighted with your great effort. Anyone who has participated in a venue understands how it costs you–time, energy, and cash. A title is not guaranteed, either. Congratulations on your scent work achievement. We know several OwyheeStar folks are considering getting involved. It is always good to share information, and a positive outcome is the icing on the post (or the cake). (Haha)

Also–we thank you for the great compliment. Yes–we try to stay connected to the folks that get a pup from us. We are quite honored that so many of you make this possible–plus, a lot of people are willing to give us an update. Where we post a blog 365 days a year, getting the updates to help, it is essential. We cannot begin to express how much it means in a few short words.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

February 22, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017


We have seen a tractor or two pulled into a field. Farmers are thinking about gearing up–but it is a bit early. Bloomberg’s disparaging remarks about farmers are big news (albeit something he spoke about in the past). Farming was once the backbone of the American economy. American’s were the envy of the world–it seems we have forgotten their importance. People removed from the farm and with fewer ties to agriculture don’t value or understand the significance. In many cases, farmers and ranchers are being vilified –let’s be clear, there is nothing simple about making a living in this manner. Many factors are contributing to farmers going bankrupt–and let’s be clear, you have to be a shrewd business person to make it in agriculture in today’s economy.


How about this sweet face?!?

We have been looking forward–Spring pups are always on the agenda. Usually, we have a lengthy Wait List for this time of year–many feel it is the ideal time to get a puppy. That being said, we have Spring pups born–these pups will be ready to go mid-April. So, it all begins for us again.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. We hope everyone noticed the post regarding vaccine. We hate to keep bringing up this topic, but it is a Weimaraner thing.

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— February 16 — Brynn

Monday–-February 17— Caught Redhanded

Tuesday – February 18 — Blue Sky

Wednesday February 19 — One Week

Thursday –- February 20 — It Was A Long Drive

Friday — February 21 — Success

On a very personal note

We were at basketball games a couple of times this week–Nick’s last two league games. They fought hard and got a one-point win against Parma. It felt good for everyone. The tournament starts this coming week–it is close, which is a huge plus for us. It is about a fifteen-minute drive to Fruitland, Idaho.

Cousin Wanda, who was aboard the quarantined Princess Cruise Ship is back on American soil (at TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.)–where she continues in quarantine. So far–she has always tested virus-free. (Hurrah!)

We have learned from our OwyheeStar clients that an Oregon woman and her husband were left behind–he doesn’t have the virus, but he refused to leave his wife behind who is infected. Her symptoms are mild, but once she tested positive, she had been taken to hospital quarantine–where she remains. They are very frustrated that they were left behind. Other Americans who were infected (14) were relocated to America. Let’s not forget to pray for these folks trapped in this situation. The Americans on American Soil are all the better for it–but it is still quarantine. We understand the necessity, but it doesn’t make it any easier for those caught in the situation.

Cliff and I are doing well–all things considered, I might even say remarkable. Cliff has been working on the master bath remodel–a little here and some there as time permits. I feel a little pulled thin–behind the curve, but that is not unusual. Things seem to come like an avalanche–everything at once–then I work from out under the situation. (Haha) Anyhow–that is my plan.


~Well, kind of . . .

Freya is slowly getting Ava to warm up to her as long as there isn’t food involved. Freya is completely submissive but big sister still has to let her know her place.  

Freya’s full name is Freya Lady of Love but she certainly does not love bath time – note the frumpy face!

The only perk is that she knows she gets treats after she endures the wet torture her crazy humans inflict on her. 

Breeder Comment

We are happy to see that things are coming together. Sometimes it takes a bit–and more than anything the humans have to breathe deep and try not to be concerned. It works its way out –and crazy humans are essential. It is all good. Thanks for apprising us!

It Was A Long Drive

~But We Made It Home

We slept great! He snuggled me all night lol!! He has been amazing!!

My kids are in love and so are we. We named him Nixon. Our other Dog’s name is Linken. And we call him Linky Lou. So we now have Linken Lou and Nixon Blu.

 I am a photographer so when I get my real camera out the poor guy will be overly photographed lol! You are welcome to use our stories and pics. When we got home we had 3 elk in our yard so had to do a good check of the fencing to be sure they didn’t ruin it lol.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you making the drive–it was fun to meet you. We look forward to hearing about your journey–and all those photos you want us to share. Everyone will wait breath abated, my friend.

One Week

~What A Difference!

It’s amazing what can happen in a week! 
To start, we were at the vet last Friday discussing vaccine options. Luna did get a distemper that day. I’m thrilled to say there wasn’t another HOD episode. You can imagine I was watching for any subtle change with her. The prednisone she’s on right now might have helped. I honestly don’t know but glad we sailed through it. We’re on the tail end of that by weening her off the meds and we’ll done in a week. 
I’m learning so much about her and her personality. Frankie is her sparring partner. Boy she really gives it to him but he’s like a concrete wall. She loves eating, balls, baths and belly rubs. She doesn’t like unfamiliar people so much and sits at my feet. She likes her people – me, Justin and Alyssa in that order. She doesn’t like her crate so much. 

All the work I’ve been doing with her suddenly clicked with her this week. All her commands, verbal and non she was on point. Although her spinning got a bit overboard and tried to be too cute and spin at any command. When she stopped focusing and started puppying, we stopped. 
She also started ringing the bell at the door to go out almost every time. I think like her learning to spin,  she was ringing the bell for treats more so than actually having to go out but it was a win/win for both of us because we’re having fewer accidents in the house.
But something even more magical happened. She went into her crate on her own. When I heard her go in, I turned around and cheered her on for going in there and giving her lots of treats. 

At first, it became a game. I’m like, “ok, I’ll play if it gets you to like it”. We went back and forth from crate to treat for about 24 hours. Then she started staying in there. I’d give her commands and treats letting her walk out at any time. We go between praising, talking and more commands. She just stayed. 
We’ll continue working on this training as well as stay, come and heel. 
She’s such an amazingly sweet girl. The morning kisses,  1:1 play time,  our howling sessions and all the little things in between. ❤

Breeder Comment

Thanks for keeping us updated on Luna and all your adventures.

Blue Sky

Good morning!  Just a little update on our beautiful Blue Sky!  

Today was her 12 week booster shots and she did great.  She weighed in at 18.3 lbs.  On her 9 week visit she was 12.4.  Shes growing leaps and bounds.

Nutz (Bernie x Boone) is taking a bit longer than we were hoping to adjust to her younger sister, but she is.  But she is coming around.  Our grand-dog took to her pretty quickly. She has the same obsession with “balls” as her big sister, but is easily distracted, as most puppies are.

She loves being outside, no matter what time of day, and follows Nutz around. When she get cold or tired she curls up on my lap for a little snuggle time. She is loved by all and everyone thinks she is beautiful … who can deny that?😁

Hope all is well with your family!  
Mark, Robin, Nutz, Sky and Rhea (grand-pup)

Breeder Comment

Sounds like your Grand-pup was excited about having the new upstart, but as expected Nutz was slower to adjust. (Haha) They will be the best of buds–snuggle time works, too.

Caught Redhanded ?!?

~Or the Paw Going for a Goodie

I had to take this picture of Olli this AM as I am not sure if his paw got stuck on the cabinet or he was just caught redhanded!!  This was going on while his dear sister, Indi, was posing in the backyard.  If she only knew what she was missing!  

All is well with Olli and Indi.  They are both healthy and are keenly aware of all rabbit movements under the snow filled deck :). It is a riot watching them go back and forth trying to ferret out the creatures.  One of these days they will be rewarded for all of their efforts 🙂

Hope all is well! Mary

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Mary, for capturing this bit of impending mischief. (Haha) We love hearing about your two Longhairs.


~With their Newest Family Member

The journey begins–and these two are already forging an excellent bond. That look–it is almost as if he is saying, “and what did you expect?”

This Blue Boy will not replace ‘Salty’ the much-loved Gray Ghost Weimaraner that made his home in their family until his recent departure. But we are positive that Salty is looking down with approving eyes, and influence to add to this situation.

We appreciate this family–like so many, they are repeat OwyheeStar folks. Their loyalty and the inclusive way with their fur family warm our heart and soul.