What Does It Look Like?

It doesn’t require an explanation if you know what we are talking about–such a loyal friend is not one you come by every day. Maybe you are blessed indeed. We sincerely hope it is true.

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~December 8, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Hello There!

We are enveloped in the freezing temperatures–thus far it has warmed up enough to clean up the outside potty area. Winter makes it tough. And, lest we forget–frozen tootsie rolls are not something we want to see on the Weimar lips either. (OMG) Sorry for that image but it is a winter delight–for them. (Ewe)

The Top Onion sludge haulers are coming at a steady pace and unloading their leftovers on fields closer to the river. We were watching a small herd of deer in our hay field when a truck roomed by spooking them. There were about eight deer, but the photo only captured two crossing over the tracks–bummer.


We are doing the same as last week. It is the taking care of puppies and prospective Mamas. Pampering the Weims is our thing. Oh, and as Dusty points out–even an old guy needs a lot of attention. Sometimes he gets it bedding messed up. We fix it for him.

The puppies love being outside as much as possible despite the frigid temperatures. When inside, they cannot wait to escape to the yard and run around. (Haha)

This Week…

Thank you, contributors. We loved hearing from you. Each one delighted us. We hope you (our followers) found them the same. Hearing from Doc Holiday’s family after so many years, was a special treat. Nonetheless, each of these folks who took the opportunity to help us with a post is appreciated more than I can express in a few short words.

Sunday— December 2 — When In Doubt (Bella Blue)

Monday–- December 3 — Two Years Old (Smokey)

Tuesday — December 4 — Doc Holiday

Wednesday —December 5 — Mesquite

Thursday –-December 6 — Not A Weimaraner

Friday — December 7 — Questions Answered

On a very personal note

Brad is #42–the blond kid –the tallest member of the Ontario Varsity team

We have basketball on the mind, in our heart, and scheduled on the calendar. More of it today if everything aligns so we can attend games in Nyssa (for Nick) and Brad will play at Ontario High–their opponent is a very good Weiser team. Nick’s first game is a bit of a push at 10 AM this morning. I don’t know just yet if either of us can get there. We will if possible.

We are pulling together a few Christmas gifts. We do mostly the Grandparent’s cash thing. That is what the kids prefer. Our greatest efforts at finding a relevant gift in our price range would be futile. It is better this way. Of course, the driver’s would all love we purchase them a car. Wouldn’t that be lovely? If only! The other thing we try to do is to be there for them. Possibly that is the greatest gift of all. Don’t you agree?

Questions Answered

?? Have You Been Naughty or Nice??

Mesquite says, “give a minute and I will show you naughty.”
“I’ll eat this darned Santa Hat and we will be done with it.”

Lyle Writes

Mesquite is a fun dog, and we enjoy having fun with her! She is the smartest dog I have ever had. She is the only dog I have owned that doesn’t bother while your eating at the table. She lays on a rug behind my chair, when I am done eating and slide my chair back she gets up.

Breeder Comment

Honestly, this breed is the worst about surfing the counter or the table. So, you are beyond fortunate that she is not a beggar. 

The photo is fabulous even though Mesquite is not impressed that you would not let her pass on it. (Haha)

Not a Weimaraner

Sully, the dog that dutifully served President George H.W. Bush in his final months. 

Let’s have a moment of silence for the late president who left a distinguished public service legacy to the American public–and who shared his life with Sully. Sometimes you learn the most about a person when they are in need. A Service Dog, well, they keep all our secrets and love us on our worst day. Thank you, Sully.

Click Here to read the rest of the story compliments of AKC.


Heidi was banned from the White House–click here


~this girl is learning new tricks

Our beautiful girl 

I just wanted to let you and Cliff know that Mesquite is getting along just fine and that she rules the roost. We took her over to Montana to my son’s place in October to hunt Pheasants. I hunted her with my son’s Labs. She finally learned to range out a little farther from me and she started finding birds on her own. She got so excited. She has learned that Pheasants live in the tall cover. Now she goes through the cover like a small tank. Every time she gets into cover she expects something will get up. Pheasants are difficult for a dog because they run so much. She will point, but the bird has moved on. That doesn’t discourage her at all, she keeps going.

She doesn’t get car sick anymore. I don’t even give her medication. She likes to go whenever she can.

I have been trying to get a picture of her in a Santa hat, but she will nothing to do with that hat on her head. If I get her picture of her I will send it to you. Otherwise, she still enjoys her morning walks. The rabbits get moved around. They just stay ahead of her. She doesn’t chase them, just kind of stocks them. I don’t think they really fear her, because she isn’t aggressive toward them. Are you guys getting ready for Christmas? Lyle

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lyle, for updating us on Mesquite. It is so great that she is back in the field hunting after so many years. We knew she had it in her–but the opportunity was not afforded her. Unfortunately, Cliff cannot hunt as often as he would like. Yes, we are getting as ready as we can for Christmas. 

Thanks for giving Mesquite the perfect Golden Years Placement. 

Doc Holiday

It’s Been Almost Six Years

Just wanted to say Thank you. We got Doc Holiday from you almost 6years ago. He is the smartest sweetest dog. He has brought joy to our lives. Thanks again. Also, love reading your daily posts. 

What Else Can I Say?

He is very routine oriented. If my alarm goes off and I do not get up he will tap me with his paw to wake me back up. He is more than happy to sleep in on the weekend, but if the alarm goes off. It is time for his breakfast! He also will wake you up to cover him up at night. He loves his blanket.

Merry Christmas a little early.

                         ~ Dara and Doc Holiday

Breeder’s Comment

We are ever so thankful that you took time to update us on your wonderful family member–Doc Holiday. What fabulously clever name, too! 

Two Years Old


  ~2-Hours Spa Treatment

I’m spoiled

Hope this message is finding you both in good spirits. Just wanted to drop in to say, again, how much we love this sweet boy. He is definitely my husbands fluffy baby. He just got a 2-hour pampering visit with the mobile groomer and smells like blueberries (my husband bought him a blueberry facial, but I’m still waiting for him to get me a facial) 
He loves the extra attention and I think he knows he has my husband wrapped around his paw. 

Breeder Comment

Maybe you noticed Smokey’s eye–it is quite evident. If you want to read more about his condition, click here to read a former blog. We appreciate how cherished, and pampered Mr. Smokey is –and that he brings your family joy. Thank You for everything! Happy Birthday, Smokey!

When In Doubt

~ Guard The Refrigerator

Bella Blue Guarding her refrigerator

Food of the best kind goes and comes from the refrigerator. You never know what might hit the floor and need to be cleaned up. Or maybe it will get left on the kitchen counter or the table. A gal has to be on alert status always. I mean can you hear a cheese wrapper rattle. I hope so because there is no hope of finding the cheese in your food dish. The best things come from the big cold refrigerator box thing.

2018 Weekly Synopsis



    ~December 1, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Hello December!

We have not yet had snow, but it cannot be too far removed. They say it could visit the valley floor today. Our friends in the mountains are celebrating its arrival. For others the snowmobiles are being tuned up, skis are being waxed, and the gear gathered for winter fun. 


Now the Freezer needs some extra attention

We are doing the puppy thing–photos and whatnot are keeping us busy. Application replies, as well as other computer-related activities, have been our focus. Well, then there was the banana squash –we have more than a dozen gallon bags in our freezer ready to serve. Oh, there was plenty of sampling, too!

This Week ….

Did you need your glasses?

Thank you, again, to all of you who thought of us during a busy holiday week. We loved hearing from everyone–the pie incident was perfect relevant –we all can relate. Jacie dropped us a cute note, Milly’s first hunt, Berkley and Chester all made us smile. We were also glad that some of you were excited about Annie’s snowsuit. We hope you can make something you love.

Sunday— November 25 — Pie Anyone

Monday–- November 26 — From Atlanta (Jacie)

Tuesday — November 27 — Birdy Girl (Milly’s First Hunt)

Wednesday —November 28 — Photos (with Chester)

Thursday –-November 29 — Berkley 

Friday — November 23 — Think Snow (Annie’s Snowsuit)

On a very personal note

We have a little holiday decorating complete. Our year-round trees are decked with Christmas ornaments. We have the nativity up, too. It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas. I think every day should be a bit Christmas-like. 

We have the Weimaraner that Bob and Idelle sent us many years ago. I love this wonderful gift.  I think of them every year when we pull it out of the box.

Brad–#31 First Varsity Appearance
Waiting To Check In

Beyond the holiday decorating and seasonal spirit, we have been indulging in a healthy dose of basketball. We made the trip to Nampa, Idaho last night for Brad’s first Varsity Game–it was a non-conference game. Brad did well; however, the scoreboard was sad. The loss disappointing for the guys.

The Art Department’s Pottery Sale is today. I am heading over as soon as I have completed the essential morning business. (Haha) No, I don’t have anything in the sale. I don’t know if I will purchase anything, but I want to make an appearance. Cliff has been hunting again–the birds were sparse but the fellowship rich. 

Think Snow

I made Annie’s snowsuit and used Pattern Maker.  I adjusted the pattern to fit her measurements and doubled two layers of material.  One was a soft fleece and the other was a quilted rainproof material and sewed reflective strips on the outside.  I attached the pattern I used in case they would like to make one for their dog.

We got tangled up

Nicki is growing like a weed and both her and Annie are doing well.
Happy Holiday Season Shela and Cliff!

Breeder Comment

This snowsuit is old news. Someone was looking on our blog and noticed it and wrote us saying it is (exactly) what they were trying to find. I wrote Annie’s Mom to ask about the jacket. She was kind enough to share this information. If you are wondering–Annie is the Silver Gray Girl and Nicki the Blue.