When a pup enjoys the bath

Bathtime before departure can mean many things. Typically, it means both the pup and I are soaking wet and must dry off before leaving the farmhouse. Often it takes two people to manage the bath and water is going every which way. I do like our new utility sink. It is smaller than the old one, but for some reason, it works well with the exiting pups. The above pup helped themself to a drink and continually wagged his tail. Who doesn’t love that?

Before and After Bath Stuff


We use a very mild puppy shampoo. After we rinse the suds away, we apply the pleasant smelling antibacterial leave in conditioner. It is only a touch worked throughout their damp coat, on their tummy and the feet. Did we mention it is a good idea to check their mouth, ears, eyes and paws before the get into the water? This pup had a mouth full of grass.

Cleaning the ears is a must if there is any sign of gunk. If not, we merely puff some ear powder into the ear canal and massage them a tiny bit after the bath. This innocuous powdering ensures that any moisture acquired during the tub experience doesn’t lead to an ear issue. Flop eared fur family members are often prone to ear infection. They are best avoided, and this is one way to help do that.

Check the eyes. Pups can develop weepy eyes, and there is nothing more effective at preventing an issue than the Vetericyn Eye Gel. It is harmless and we have read that cherry eye which requires surgery (and can be environmental) in many cases can be entirely avoided by using this product. If you notice weepy eyes, it is a good thing to add to your bath or grooming protocol.

Lastly, there is always the dreaded nail trim. The nails can be tough. A small pup such as this can be managed with simple nail trimmers. You will need to decide how you will manage their nails. It is important to keep them trimmed. After the bath is a good time to snip them back to just beyond the quick. It might be a two-person job. You can introduce them to a nail drill. Whatever method you use, do so often. Letting the nail grow out can mean needing to have them professionally trimmed back to shorten the quick again. That is not pleasant and should be avoided. If the nails are sharp after the trim (and you are not using a drill), you might want to smooth them a bit with a file. It can save your clothing as well as your skin.

Not A Weim

Giving Back to Those Who Serve

~ Gus Thrives as part of the pack

Melinda sent along this note with a photo of one of her charges. You might remember she lives with Winchester, Opus, and Stanley–all OwyheeStar Weims. She and her family have also taken in a retired K9 officer. Many of you have extended your household to include a rescue Weimaraner or other needy pet. Kudos to you! It if not something that everyone can do, or even should do. Adding a rescue to the household should be approached with great caution. Not everyone has the skill to manage their needs. Not every rescue will slide into your family. People sometimes complain that rescue organizations are too particular. The second chance home needs to be one that works. It is a great responsibility to place the displaced as well as to take one’s care upon yourself. Here (below) is what Melinda has to say.

Sweet friends.

Rosario's Gus the K9 Rescue
This is Gus-he is a retired k9 officer. He was stabbed in the face by a felon. (Unfortunately his handler was killed). He still has an open wound, so he lives his days out by napping on leather couches, eating as many treats as he can beg for, strolls in the neighborhood. The vet said he has thrived being part of a pack. He’s the first lab I’ve owned and GOSH the HAIR!  But we love him and he’s a very good boy. I just have to keep an eye on playtime. ~ Melinda

2017 11th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~ where our glorious spring has arrived

Hay Field_5255
The birds are indeed happy this morning. Their serenade is louder and more consistent. I think they are celebrating all that is life as well as the beautiful sunshine. After the dreadfully difficult winter, those who live outside must appreciate it even more.

The birds are indeed happy this morning. Their serenade is louder and more consistent. I think they are celebrating all that is life as well as the beautiful sunshine. After the terrible winter, those who live outside must appreciate it even more.

The quick (phone taken to the southeast) snapshot from our front door, reveals a lot. The hay field is coming to life. If you could examine it closely, you would discover the gophers fared all too well this winter. (Eke) Cliff and the neighbors have been trapping them. If you are against ridding the property of gophers (sorry), but it is necessary. We cannot count coup or capture and relocate them. You might consider that this type of vermin carries disease beyond the havoc they raise for the farmer. Nonetheless, I know that they measure the hay protein. The high protein level alfalfa is worth more. I always wonder if they gophers get caught in the harvest–I know they don’t. They, like other extreme survivors, are clever. They can thwart the trapping efforts by tripping traps, etc. We do not use chemicals to rid our property of them. Doing that is very scary.

You know the Snake River is high when we can see if from our yard. It would be difficult to pick it out in a photo–unless we used a good telephoto lens, but we can see it with the naked eye. You can notice the fog just beyond the trees in the background. It is hanging above and along the river. There are two islands around which the waters travel, but the far bank of the Snake is the Idaho border. When we say we are close to Idaho, it is not an understatement. The funny thing is that right after I took the photos, the fog ebbed our direction, and I can only see a few feet that direction.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  This week our blog had a wide variety of subjects. Most included some advice from Cliff and Shela. We hope you found them entertaining as well as informative. Thank you, everyone who contributed, liked them, commented, and took the time to read them too!

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Friday  — March 24 — Exhausting

On a very personal note

Tile in Utility Bath-2I mentioned that Cliff had been working on the utility bath. It has been the only functional bathroom we have had thus far. We have a master bath roughed in, but not hooked up. Before we finish this project, we will have to get a second toilet going (TMI), but it is what it is, as the saying goes–necessary. The utility bath is good-sized as farmhouse baths go–with a walk-in shower, room enough to accommodate two washing machines as well as interim puppy area. We use that when we hold pups inside. Eventually, this shower will be utilized primarily for Weim washing.Tile in Utility Bath-3

The photos are tough to get. Not only is there a mess but the light shining through the window is casting a glare. I think you can see what it is, though. We are simple folks. You might remember that this tile is what we used for our entry. The farmhouse is small, and we like keeping continuity. We are considering this same tile for our master. We have not settled on it yet; however, we felt like we could do the walk-shower in a different but blending look. Otherwise, then, we would use this same tile for the floor and possibly the backsplash.

I am weary of reporting on my health issues. It is exhausting. I try not to think about them; however, they have been ever present and limiting. A person caught in such a situation must make the best out of it. Thus far today, I am better than I have been for months. I am sincerely hoping the medication I am forced to use will do the trick. Overall, I am going to say I am very encouraged. I had the best night’s sleep in months. Sleep is vital for the healing process. I was up twice during the night. The good news it was for a short period, and I returned to the snooze mode. (Hurrah!) Other nights, I found myself up and coughing for 30-40 minutes at least 2-3 times a night. It is very hard to get rested. The coughing and choking are exhausting too! Regardless, I have high hopes. I am very thankful for the recent improvement. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and encouragement. It means more than you will ever know.




A Tired Weim is a Good Weim

       ~Thank God, it’s Friday!


Garin's Luna Exhausting_1330

“Woof!” I tell you something, being good is exhausting!


Seriously, that saying is one that is commonplace. It has merit. With the high-energy young Weimaraner, you may find yourself challenged to find age appropriate exercise ideas.

Consider Caution 

Seriously, that saying (about how exhaustion is directly related to the Weim’s behavior) is one that is commonplace. It has merit. With the high-energy young Weimaraner, you may find yourself challenged to find age appropriate exercise ideas. For the long distance runner, the obvious seems to be to hit the trails. Nevertheless, caution is in order. If you are a serious athlete (who goes the distance), you want to get longevity from your Weim’s hips and joints. Therefore, you need to be careful not to overrun the pup’s development and growth–their growth plates do not close until about 15 months. That is a sobering thought.

Other Considerations

Age-appropriate exercise is up for interpretation–like all things subjective. Nevertheless, the high-impact frisbee, agility-type activity, and distances of more than 3 miles should be limited. The latter is most important if the run is on the pavement; however, even pounding the dirt trail can be damaging to those developing joints. We have always suggested you set the Weimaraner up for the longer distances once they are done growing by making better choices–swimming is a favorite. The high-energy Weimaraner can always benefit from being able to water retrieve. Long after the growth plates have closed they will have plenty of energy. If they love to fetch and swim this will be a plus in so many ways.


Insurance for your Weimaraner is a good idea–at least major medical. This is especially true for the serious athlete. A torn ACL is expensive to surgically repair. It is said if a ligament problem develops on the left side, the other side may also suffer the same fate. There are other injuries that are equally expensive to treat. Lurking in the background is the risk of bloat–thank goodness, we have only known of a couple of cases in the OwyheeStar Weims. Nevertheless, it is always a risk with this breed. It is also very costly to treat. Should it strike, it is an emergency situation–which may not end well. No one can guarantee such a fate will not visit your household, but to have it do so would (most assuredly) mean to wish you had gotten the insurance.

The Weimaraner can go the distance once they have finished growing. Your faithful running companion should be by your side for a goodly number of years. Consider that hip replacement and other repairs are an option. You might check the insurance to see what it covers and discuss this with your Veterinary office professionals. The person that does the billing will know which insurance pays best and typically have a recommendation.

Luna– does it all!

13529143_1262289560478659_3909295587421553350_nLuna, pictured above and at the top, has many favored activities on land as well as water. She does it all. She is kid friendly and the hostess with the mostest (if you know what we mean). To say she is popular would be a vast understatement. Her life is indeed exhausting. She has a myriad of responsibilities that is mind-boggling. We thank her for all she does for her family and others.






Baili Speaks


Hughes_9231“I got a new sister!”

My Dad had his education thing–he is into bees. Right after it got done, we loaded up and went on an adventure. We stayed in a place (forgot what you call it) and got up the next morning to travel further. The air was buzzing something like it does when those little flyers of dad’s get excited.

We stopped at Baker City. Mom and Day got out and talked for awhile. There was this little peanut girl out there, and then they got me out too! She and I went for a little spin around the yard, and wow can she get after me. I love other people and other critters, too! What I didn’t know was she was going to load up and come with us. Somehow I get the feeling things have changed. ~ Baili

Kim wrote

The puppy is doing really well. We wore her out yesterday and I think she would have slept through the night, I got her up and took her out and she peeped 3 times. She has been so good in the crate. So happy and pleased with her.

 Baili Gets the Last Word

“Woof!” I will write again very soon to let you know how this unfolds. We have exchanged a few kisses and Mom says I am a good girl.

Gray Ghost

In Southern Oregon

Jones's Ramsey_0007

Ramsey is 23 lbs. He is house broke and cage broke. He’s already learned how to sit, stay and lay down. We just love him!

Breeder Comment

When the new Weim family does well it makes us extremely happy. It is a win for all concerned–the breeder, the pup as well as the family. Getting the first things mastered is of key importance. The underpinning is your relationship–skills without respect do not carry over to adulthood.


Off To A Good Start

17192077_10210819050745348_7420979322273107579_oIt’s hard not to brag how good he’s doing!  Sleeping pretty much through the night ( sometimes needs out once). He’s a chewer but sticks to his toys.  He loves attention but isn’t whining at all when he goes in the crate ( I’ve been doing random times for an hour or so when I’m home so he isn’t anxious when he does have to be left). He plays a few hours and sleeps a few hours.  He goes into his crate and sleeps on his own. And also goes into the living room to sleep on his bed. Needy but not anxious to be apart.

He has the calmest yet playful personality!!
Hope all is well with you and Cliff 🐾🐾🐾

~ Cristi (Bend, Or)

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Cristi, for thinking of us in the midst of raising the Weimaraner puppy. We are thrilled it is going well–stay the course, and let it unfold bit-bit-bit. You are doing perfectly. There will be ups as well as downs–these guys tend to test the boundaries as well as your authority as things move along. Your relationship is key to the success. Getting them to want to please you now will pay life-long dividends.


Stormy “So, you want a kiss?”

Waylon’s lineage is pretty amazing. It includes maternal Grandma Deli, Grandpa Zee as well as the infamous Stormy and Dusty on the paternal side. Dusty is the only living grandparent, but all the aforementioned Weims had more than decent longevity. Hollee was a late in life offspring for Miss Deli–a single pup litter (after many attempts in the hope of getting her. Almost every OwyheeStar pup is related to one or more of these foundational Weimaraners.

We sincerely hope Waylon lives long and continues to thrive. Again, we sincerely thank you, for this update. We know others appreciate reading it too!

The Need To


~the importance of which cannot be overstated!

Stanley needs to touch me while he sleeps. 🐾🐶 ~ Melinda

Space Not Included

If you like to have your space–to not have people or your fur family member touching you, this is most likely the wrong breed for you. Weimaraners, typically are tightly connected to their humans. There are exceptions–some are a bit more independent. Nevertheless, the umbilical-type-tie with their human counterpart is prevalent. They are never happier than when they are touching you.

Distractions and Dilemmas 

Of course, they love to be running free and playing. Generally–even during a romp, the Weimaraner (young and old) will give you some eye contact. I think it is to make sure you are doing what you should do. They need to manage the situation on both ends. You need to be where you belong. On occasion, they can get distracted when they find a gopher or vole. For a moment, you are out of mind and sight. Once the treasure is secure, the question is where to place it for safe keeping, or if it should be a special gift. You might not appreciate the occasional gopher on your pillow. It begs the question as to whether the Weimaraner owns the pillow or it is a treasured share. (hmm) Good question.

Notethis is the same trait which brings on severe separation anxiety. When left behind, the Weimar often feels abandoned. They must learn how to stay alone. This scenario is vastly misunderstood by many, and one reason so many Weimaraners end up in rescue. It is a tragedy. 


You Need Puppy Love


There are those times when nothing else will do. Isn’t this precious?

Nevertheless, getting a puppy is not something to rush into without careful consideration. It is east to get caught in this trap. Passing the Walmart parking lot where you spot a puppy and it captures your heart, give the thought some consideration before you rescue them.

Parking Lot Puppies

(In our way of thinking) this is not the place to be selling puppies, nor the place to be choosing one. Some of you will react to that statement. You got one of the best dogs ever at a parking lot. That can be true; however, so many of these pups end up in a bad situation. Many die of Parvo because they were not vaccinated or if they were it was not in time or the right vaccine. All too often, the idea ends badly because the pup is more work (or more costly) that the person assumed. It doesn’t work out. The shelters have a constant supply.

The Decision

The decision to get a puppy has many considerations. They involve more than the issue of the heart–money is not the only consideration. There is time and energy. The commitment level is great at the beginning; however, this is a lifetime requirement. If you are going to take them home and burn up their puppyhood only to forget them until it is convenient, that is not fair.

Follow Through

Some who read this blog undoubtedly will have strong feelings about this topic. Others have a memory that haunts them. However you feel about today’s blog, remember if you acquire a puppy and you are not a dedicated breeder, this puppy needs to be altered in a timely manner. The parking lot phenomena is all too often followed by the unplanned litter with a neighborhood pooch. The mating can happen in a flash.

Keep In Mind

If we do our part, then there will be less to regret. Alter your family companion in a timely manner. Until this happens, remember they (female and males) can reproduce well before their first birthday. Supervision and being certain they don’t get loose are a given expectation. Nonetheless, all too many good folks have thought they were in control only to experience their pet charging off unexpectedly. Hormonal urges can do this type of thing. They might come home, but sometimes they don’t make it. One doesn’t always think clearly when the titilating scent triggers the synapses into action.

Final Thought

If each of us does their part, there will be fewer pets who fall through the cracks. Take your decision to bring home a puppy serious. Consider the timing and your circumstances. Figure out how you will pay for the unplanned puppy expenses as well as the spaying or neuter. Consider your lifestyle. Does it accommodate or include the fur family member, or is this a passing fancy?  Consider donating your time to a rescue or the local shelter before you dive into the situation. This big-hearted action may help you find your new friend. More importantly, it may help you discover the truth about whether you are ready for the commitment.

2017 10th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~ it is looking good

At The Sanctuary_ View North_1040.JPG

At The Three Cliff’s Sanctuary

Cliff said I should report that he has toured the entire farm and there is no snow left. Nevertheless, passing through town today we see piles of snow (that was removed) remains. The Middle School parking lot had substantial mounds of the dirty melting leftovers. The fields are drying and tractors and gearing up to go to work. The reservoirs are water-ready. Unlike recent history when farmers were wondering if they would get enough water.

We are looking forward to trips to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary on the southeast corner of the property. We were there this week, and clearly, it is evident that there is a lot of cleanup to be done.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  This week the most popular post was regarding our friend’s ordeal. The second most visited and shared post was the one that featured Stackhouse and the two resident cats. 

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Wednesday —March 15 — What about Cats?

Thursday  —March 16 — Not Long Ago

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On a very personal note

Cliff is laying tile in the utility bath. It is a pretty messy affair right now, but it will soon be a vast improvement. I am still battling the health crisis. I am getting better, but the six-month battle has taken its toll. I am trying acupuncture, and it seems to be providing some relief and a small spark. I am going to continue the treatment.

Spring and the improved weather is beneficial. We will have more to report come next week.