From Frank’s Family

I hope you’re doing well! Frank is his staff are doing well– we welcomed a baby girl into our family back in December. Julia loves her big brother Frank, and he’s super sweet with her.

Our GSP Penny is starting to show her age (we think she’s 13 now) and is finally really starting to bond with Frank. She took a while to mesh with our Hans before he passed too.

We’re trying to set up a playdate with the other two pups we brought back to the Bay area last year. We love the idea of the reunion.

Frank loves sleeping on his back with his legs stretched in the air. He’s passed obedience and agility classes already! He’s spent a lot of time with my parents rescue basset hound, and has adopted his bark. He still has a big weim voice, but he likes to howl like a basset. 🙂 He’ll only eat his food after he tips over the bowl and dumps the food out all over the ground. Messy eater!  We love him so much.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the update, and look forward to hearing how the meet up goes. It is great that Frank is good with the newest addition.


~Reporting from Chester Headquarters

It was so nice this weekend! The sun was shinning and it was perfect for sun bathing on the back deck. Mom and dad sat outside with me and they read books.

After mom was done reading she gave me a nice cold treat because I am a good boy. My mama says I’m spoiled but I think she could spoil me more and I wouldn’t even complain. Talk to you again soon!
Love Chester

Breeder Comment

Chester, you are so good to write us these updates. Yes, you are spoiled–too. Not a bad thing at all.

Winnie Delivers

~ Her First Born

Winnie and her babies all made it through the night and look good. We have to take their DNA this morning and get it in the mail by noon today. We hope we can also take photos–whew.

She has five silver-gray males, three blue males, three silver-gray females, and one blue female. Manfred is the sire of the litter.

Meet Winnie

She is a lovely sweet girl who is currently expecting a litter any moment. And in a blink of an eye this happened–click here!

Sunday Photos

~Deja Vu pups–late 2018

Deja produced a little of three very dinky pups–we were able to save two of the three.

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ Spring Weather a Reality

Our hay fields are starting to grow and look a lovely green color. We continue to watch the trains go by, and whatever birds or critters cross our property. Turkeys have been the thing recently.

ADRIAN — They may have been small, but the animal or animals which undermined the bank of Old Owyhee Ditch near Owyhee Junction with their burrowing caused major damage which has left several farmers without irrigation water.

Andy Peutz, a ditch company director, said the canal fracture reported to Monty Culbertson, ditch superintendent, about 3 a.m. Tuesday, was caused by gophers or muskrats. He said the break left a gap in the bank about 50 feet wide and 50 to 60 feet deep, taking out the bottom of the canal.


We are hoping for a litter of pups to be born any moment. Like everyone, we hold our breath until they arrive. We believe other litters to be on the way, but they will come late spring or early summer. Winnie is doing excellent and we cannot wait to see her babies arrive.

Recently On the Blog…

The blog has thousands of posts over a decade-plus. I cannot remember the exact date we started publishing the blog. A convergence of recent events has caused us to rethink publishing a daily blog. We received a warning that our business would suffer if we stopped the daily posts–and maybe it is true. Nonetheless, we are not sure what is possible at this point. My (Shela’s cancer) returned, and I am on some serious medication that causes extreme exhaustion. I believe I will be able to manage the cancer, but it will require adjusting the work schedule. No one knows the number of hours this requires behind the scenes.

Christina suggested that I create a blog submission format so I could control what we receive. It is the truth that sometimes, the more complicated blogs can burn up a couple of hours. I am sure it is all very straightforward to the person who sent it, but it is sometimes challenging for me. I think Christina has a point. If I create a blog submission format (criteria) and people use it, it would make the posts easier. Sometimes I receive links to a folder of photos that I enjoy immensely, but I am unsure what photos I am to use. Sometimes there is nothing written to go along with–or a brief sentence explaining. I am not always sure how to use the information. I sometimes get something with no photo, and I write the person back asking for a photo.

Add this to what happened last year where I got more than a thousand inquiries requiring at least 10-15 minutes to answer, and sometimes the initial contact required half an hour or more, and it becomes overwhelming. Time is the one thing we cannot make–and we need to use it wisely. I love posting the blog and sharing the information about our OwyheeStar offspring. Let’s see how this shakes out, but I am working on finding a workable solution. Blogs will appear randomly. I welcome submissions but keep in mind a couple of photos and a paragraph make it easier for me. And email (or, if necessary, texting is okay). I might lose a text, though–that worries me. I work hard to make sure I don’t. Facebook messaging me an update is best avoided. I have some clients who insist on this approach. I hope we can create a submission form that people are willing to use. I will look into that ASAP. My preference is to have a simple way to keep the daily blog going–but I have to cut back on time invested. Photo links are easy for you, and not so much for me–for various reasons.

For Your Review

Sunday— April 11 — Sunday Photos

Monday–- April 12 — Duke

Tuesday – April 13 — Tikka and Luna 

Wednesday — April 14 — Kihei

Thursday –- April 15 — The Blog

Friday — April 16 — no blog today

On a very personal note

I returned home on April 8th from our trip west to meet some of my newly discovered biological family. I didn’t meet everyone I hoped to meet, but we had an excellent visit with eight relatives. I loved the small gatherings where I got to interact and know people. The experience was surreal, life-changing, and the trip exhausting. Our second oldest granddaughter (Christina) made the journey with me. Without her going, it would have been impossible.

Cliff managed the home and the Weimaraners by himself while we were gone. He also finished the master bath ceiling and a few other minor things in that room. He is still working on it–when you have to do it in bits and pieces, it takes longer. He has purchased the trim boards and a pocket door for between the bath and our bedroom. We await the tile’s arrival.

The master bath is not all that Cliff has been working on–the wheel lines didn’t fare well in the recent windstorm. He has had to put them back together–well, they were like a pretzel. That was not a good thing. Somehow, he got the worst of it fixed yesterday, and now he says the second one should be easier. Let’s hope.

For me, it has been a week of catching up and trying to recuperate. I am reveling in the experience. I feel much loved by the biological family. I also feel appreciated and loved by you (our Weimaraner clients). I have received many gifts, including the handwoven scarf that Sharyl made for me, a copper Weimaraner weathervane, and a cozy Weimaraner blanket–that I love snuggling under for an afternoon nap. I am enveloped in positive vibes–thank you.

The OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog

For as long as I can remember, there has been a blog post each morning. It would not have been possible without our clients sending me photos and writing something to go with them. I am contemplating the OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog’s future–getting enough material for 365 posts is becoming an issue.

Many people post about their OwyheeStar Weim on their FaceBook Page or make a direct post here. I’m not particularly eager to cut back, but it seems I need to do precisely that. Every morning there is a very personal post (I call it a ‘ditty’) on the OwyheeStar Weimaraner Page–which is different than this group. If that interests you, you could follow me there.

I think, for the time being, I will post randomly–when I have something. And then we will see where this leads. I sincerely hope you understand that it can take a considerable amount of time to prepare the daily blog, even with client information. I love doing it, but as Cliff says, I am doing too much. I need to focus on the puppies and our clients as much as possible.

For everyone who made these posts possible, I am ever so grateful.


~Tikka and Luna host again

Nancy Garin Reports

Kihei is doing pretty good with the cats.
I made sure that I was a “strong presence” when she first meet them!

Breeder Comment

People ask about the Weimaraner and cats. Usually, when raised with cats, things work out quite well. Many of our clients have inside cats. Feral cats might not fair as well. When introducing an older Weimaraner to a cat, they need to be under your control–anything could happen. Good job, Nancy.

Tikka and Luna

~Resting Up While they Wait for Company to Arrive

~Christina and Shela got us a new ball

Luna claimed the ball–but a game of tug-o-war is looming large.

Breeder Comment

Christina and I made a trip west — and we are going to admit that the only Weim clients we planned to see were the Garin family–with Tikka and Luna. That was because they were gracious enough to offer us a bed. (Haha) We needed to keep our exposure to a minimum because some of the folks we were slated to meet, (well most of them) were very high-risk), and we needed to make sure we were not exposed to COVID. We were vaccinated but also took a rapid test. We took every possible precaution –but we did get to play with Luna and Tikka. We bought the girls this tug-o-war ball before we left.


Duke is no longer the newest member…  such a sweet heart though! He’s more like a gentle clumsy giant–but a much loved family member. Here he is with his Weimar sisters

Recently we were at Fort Bragg CA

Breeder Comment

Who doesn’t want to go to the beach? Duke is living the dream–two Weim sisters and adored by his family.