~Reports on his Camping Adventure

We just got home from the best camping trip ever. I remember this place from when I was little mom and dad took my last year when I was just a puppy. But now that I’m bigger it was so much more fun.

We dug in the sand for clams and I got so dirty. I jumped in the water to clean myself off I loved the water. We even ran on the beach. There was water there too. At night when mom and dad are sleeping I love to jump into their cots and hog all the bed. I can’t wait til we do it again.

Love Winchester 

Breeder’s Reply to Winchester

Dear Dude–what a fun place to go camping. At the dirt, the water, and the fun combined to make it a memorable trip. I appreciate you dropping us a note and getting someone to snap the pictures of you, too. You write really well–I should find out where you studied. (Haha)

Going On Vacation?

~Is the Weim Onboard?

Hey, Karen, are you forgetting something? –Like Me!

Separation anxiety is real and palpable –and the consequences are sometimes staggering. We have received notes from people who suffered the worst of outcomes–a loss. Others, and more frequently this is what happens, come home to destruction. The rock-solid trustworthy Weimaraner didn’t handle the absence as expected. Anyone who loves this breed has most likely seen reports outlining shocking Weimaraner behavior. We are positive that many of you have experienced this phenomenon firsthand. (Ouch)

Ideally, we need to help our Weimaraner learn how to adapt and adjust to change. For people new to this breed, this can be a foreign concept. Possibly they equate the Weimaraner separation to what they experienced with another breed–somehow, I highly doubt it. Maybe, but more than likely, this person is going to be caught short–shocked at what can happen. This separation anxiety thing is one of the reasons so many Weimaraner end up being rehomed. It is a sad reality. Nonetheless, many Weimar-addicts walk into the relationship eyes-open knowing about this trait and the other quirks and quandaries they might face.


~AT Three Years Plus

I can’t Express what a joy Ruger has been to our family. I meant to send you a pic and message on his birthday on June 7th when he turned 3! I can’t believe he is 3 already!

In March, my son Logan and I took a road trip with Ru as we call him for short…to Cannon Beach! What an awesome place, especially for dogs! We stopped in Hood River for a night and spent 4 more nights in Cannon Beach. We all had so much fun! Ruger Loves the beach. We will make this an annual trip for sure!

I was a little nervous about the 8 plus hour car ride from Middleton ID. But with stops along the way he did great!! He is such a great addition to our family! Thanks Shela and Cliff for such a great pup! We all love him so much! More updates to come!

Beth, Jeff, Logan and Maisy

Breeder Comment

All too often, I wish I were an OwyheeStar Weimaraner–all these trips to the beach and whatnot. (OMG) We are happy to read that Ruger is much-loved and included in all the fun. Thank you–we appreciate you thinking of us. Happy three years–here’s to hoping for many more.


~The Lava Ghost

Thought you might like this pic! She is the best camp and travel buddy!

Breeder Comment

Alissa and Seth, thank you for adopting Francee. This Golden-Year-Placement for her has proved excellent. We love knowing she is an integral part of your family and much-loved.

On occasion, we find the ideal placement for a retired OwyheeStar Mama. It is preferable to having them run the backlot with the gang. It makes our hearts happy to know they are being lavished with love. People contact us often asking if we have a retired female around two-years of age. Honestly, that would not be practical for us–we don’t mate them until they are about two-year-old. Before then, they are growing and developing, and they need all the nutrients for their own growth. We only mate them every year to year-and-a-half—so we don’t retire a female until they are about five-years-old or sometimes six. Nevertheless, some extraordinary folks are willing to adopt such a girl and incorporate them into their family. We thank everyone who has done this.


~August 17, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The onion harvest in full-swing a couple of noteworthy things are happening–we smell onions as we drive. We also are looking at the bare ground where they were thriving not long ago. It is both wonderful and sad to my heart–we need the harvest, but I miss the green crops.

So our hay has been cut, raked, baled and stacked–and we are happy. We expect to get one more cutting. Cliff will be getting it all watered again–now that the bales have been removed. It is going to be thirsty. (Haha)


We continue working on the Whelp Room–Cliff plans to have the floor done come Monday. That way Christina and I can work on putting the room back together.

Things look good–we expect pups to arrive before too long. We will be updating the pages, and our availability notice soon. We like to feel as if there is a high certainty that things are going to come together. Until those babies arrive, there is no guarantee. (OMG) Honestly–it is stressful to us–but we breathe and remind ourselves that we cannot control every scenario. Well–mostly we can control our attitude. (OMG)

We hope to have something like this again soon.

This Week On the Blog…

What an array of interesting posts–thanks to everyone who made this possible. I truly appreciate you sending the Emailed Updates–along with the photos, etc.

Sunday— August 11 — Duchess

Monday–-August 12— At The Beach (With Asher)

Tuesday — August 13 — Remy

Wednesday — August 14 — The Cone (For Bart)

Thursday –- August 15 —  Goose Lake (with Duchess)

Friday — August 16 — Finn

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

–Quail photos below left to right, the native California Quail we see running our farm and the local area. Then there is Bobwhite–first the male followed by a female, and another closeup of a male.

Cliff is doing well–the exhaustion overtakes him on occasion. (OMG) But after a certain age, it might be expected. He has been busy with his little side-gig. By that, I mean the raising of the Bobwhite Quail. You might remember we had the Coturnix Quail–and they were fun. We don’t have a market for them, and it was a bit too much for us to keep up with them and everything else. Since he went to raising the Bobwhite Quail, it has been a lot better. Cliff just read to me that the Bobwhite is the fourth most popular game bird in America. We certainly love them!

The coloration will vary slightly –some have more gray than others. You will notice the males are easy to identify after they develop a bit. One thing that sets them apart is their distinctive call –it sounds like a whistled bob-white! Our neighbor, Alan Brown, stopped by to talk with Cliff and told him he heard the Bobwhite calling to him on his property. He delighted (like Cliff) because they both remember them being native birds when they were young. The only native Bobwhites (according to those who watch those things) are those in the east– this area covers south to Florida and as far west as Texas. The Nielsens have more than a few escapees running loose around the OwyheeStar property and ranging over to the neighbor’s place.

~The Gardening Girls and more

The Gardening Girls took quite a lot of produce away again this week. Evangeline and River no long scream as loud over the cucumbers. (OMG) I kept the last tomato picking–canned nine pints of salsa. Yesterday I pulled the beets and canned seven half-pints of pickled beets. I wasn’t expecting to can anything, but it seems I am. Ashley has a friend with an overload of tomatoes, so I am getting a couple of bushels that I plan to work up. This time I am thinking the sugar-free ketchup and some pizza sauce.

The girls (Evangeline and River) like to do other things when they come to visit–play with the toys, read, and eat. Oh–they want to help me cook too! We made ice cream, chocolate pudding, and their favorite–soda. We have the soda stream on the counter. They don’t often get soda pop. (OMG)


~Lives in Central Oregon

Finns first time at the coast. He’s doing well.

He is definitely a handful but I think he’s doing pretty good. Him and Gunner love to tease each other with the ball. Jealous boys.

Breeder Comment

For those that don’t know, Gunner is a rescue this family acquired a few years ago. They had contacted us about a puppy then, but Gunner came up locally and in need of a placement. Many years later–they came back to get Finn from us. Now, they are a Two-Weim household. Isn’t that excellent?

Goose Lake

~Camping with Duchess & Co

We made a quick trip up to Goose Lake while our house was being shown this weekend. Duchess was a natural except she doesn’t like it when the cattle walk through our camp-that got her riled up, I wasn’t a fan either!

No fish were caught to Foster’s dismay, but all and all it was a good overnight trip despite the rain and cow pies at least they slept on the way home!

Breeder Comment

You know how we love seeing the Weims participate in family fun. Camping looks to be exhausting. (Haha) Thank you — for getting us this news that makes a lovely blog post. It is truly appreciated.

The Cone

~ For Bart

o Bart had his surgery today to fix his umbilical hernia and be altered. He does not like the cone, in fact he hates the cone. Overall he is doing tremendous. He is whining because he is not getting his way, but does not seem to be in pain. Still peeing and pooping post surgery. It’s going to be a long 10 days with a cranky Weimaraner. 

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear Bart came through the surgery–we have since read he is coping better than expected. Hurrah! When possible, we like the bite-note type of situation instead of these cones. This cone looks to better than most.


~Enjoy the Water

I wanted to share this video of Remy playing in the Columbia River. She loves the water and is a natural!

Breeder Comment

Dear Haley–We thank you for thinking of us, as well as giving this girl such a fabulous life with your family. We love seeing the Weimaraner with the family–doing whatever. We remember your early effort to make sure Remy loved the water–for those that don’t remember that post, you can click here.

At The Beach

~ With Asher

Finally made it to the beach this year…it was a sunny 70 degrees and just a beautiful day. Trying out the new 50 foot leash all was going well until Asher saw grandma in the distance.  The math didn’t add up:Asher on 50 foot leash + grandma 150 feet away…does not = a smooth stroll down the beach. Note to self—let go of the leash sooner!

However it does = a tired Weim…he didn’t want to get out of bed.

Breeder Comment

Who doesn’t follow Asher? We recently learned on Facebook that he (like Willow) has a wall dedicated to his achievements. What a fantastic duo –his Mama and he are, don’t you agree?