~Making her way into our heart and home

Shadow makes room for Skye

Skye is doing great.  Shadow and Skye bonded immediately.   It is amazing how much easier a puppy is when they have another dog to learn from and be a companion.   Robert loves her.  They (Shadow and Skye) started to sleep together the first night by their choice.  Fun to see.  

She will see the vet on Wednesday.  I go to the Dog and Cat Wellness Center in Weiser.  

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear that Robert was delighted–even more thrilled to hear that Shadow and Skye were quick to bond. This doesn’t always happen–it is extraordinary. I assure you that several who read our blog are envious.


~July 20, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Last week we reported out next cutting of hay found its way to the stack. It won’t be long, and there will be another cutting. Cliff and our hay guy (Chris) decided to cut both of our fields at once–so we will hold off on the one field a bit longer. That seems like a good plan for us.

The Combines pulled into the fields– farmers are engaged in the harvest of wheat. Harvest may include some of the beans, too. The beans at the corner (near the stop sign), are very green. They look lovely but are nowhere near ready for harvest.


Felix is looking for his ‘Forever-Family’

Last Saturday, most of Bernie’s pups joined their new family. The last person to meet us had car issues. They were nearly an hour late. I don’t know what that little puppy thought, but she was stressed. All these people had gathered around–her best buddies leaving, and yet, she remained. She wasn’t hot on us getting her out of the kennel. But once her human arrived–Wow, things changed. It was like she knew that this was the guy for her. She lavished him with sweet kisses, and when the girlfriend wanted to hold her, she had not a lick of interest. It was the most precious reaction–I was glad I got to witness the moment.

Felix and another boy have not found their family, yet. That is a whole other story–sometimes summers can be wonky. People can flake-out at the last minute. Regardless, he is a fabulous boy–so friendly.

He is an ultra velcro Weim though. The great-granddaughters loved playing with him.

This Week On the Blog…

Jedi with the newest family member

We put out a request for updates. Our material was running super-thin. Honestly, I was concerned if we could keep up. You came through–we genuinely appreciate everyone who responded. We caught up with a couple, Jan shared one of her proudest moment, and we meet two newcomers–Frida and Kenai.

Sunday— July 7 — Jedi

Monday–-July 8 — Opus

Tuesday — July 9 — Meet Frida

Wednesday — July 10 — Agility (Willow and Jan)

Thursday –- July 11 —  4th of July (with Lu)

Friday — July 12 — Kenai

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

We were happy to receive the report after Cliff’s most recent testing–the Nurse Practitioner left us feeling more than a little concerned. In the end–the report cleared Cliff of these particular concerns. (Whew!)

On the home front–Cliff has been busy fixing things. Our A/C started acting up—it is hot. Isn’t that when the air conditional goes sideways? Of course, but if you happened to read the ditty I wrote this morning–you know the details. Cliff discovered the issue. We are good to go with the triple-digit temperatures looming large on the horizon. Meanwhile–he is having more problems with the wheel line–that has to get fixed today.

The Gardening Girls were here–a couple of times this week. On Thursday, Ashley stayed to work on the simple curtains for the kitchen. Our cabinets are not finished (by any means) and with the open fronts–curtains seemed like a good idea. So, curtains it is. It is an old farmhouse type of thing. (Haha)

One thing that made me happy was getting some family photos up. We don’t have a lot of space, but I got a few placed this week. I have a little clothesline that will clip a few other snapshots. I may have one more location to put a couple of framed gems. It makes me feel more at home. We were already loving living here–but this was a much-needed touch.

We cannot display all the photos we have–who could? There is this old photo of an unknown family member. Ashley is going to take this to use and to keep knowing it came out of her Great Grandma’s home. We love it.

Maybe someday we will know who she was. If not, then she was family–that speaks for itself, right?!?


~Pronounced “Keen-Eye”

Just wanted to say how happy we are with the whole experience and with our little guy! He’s already showing us his spunky personality,  and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a smart little fellow. 

He immediately took to his big brother,  our lab, Kitson. He and big sister Pointer, Kass, aren’t quite sure of one another yet,  haha, but they’re already coming around. 

Kitson had already shown Kenai the art of sunbathing on the lawn. 😄
Thanks again, Kaylen and Casey

Breeder Comment

Not So Long Ago at OwyheeStar with Cliff

We appreciate the update–of course, we are pleased that you are happy with your new family member. Thanks for being so great to work with, too.

4th of July

~With Lu–ears flapping

I’m not always on the waterI love every season

In the video below our grand-daughter is tubing on July 4 and Lu is playing “spotter” – wondering why in the world she’s not in there too!

Lu loves to ride and alternates between going to the front of the boat and sitting on the cushioned bench (gets major scents up there) and sitting or standing right by dad, the pilot. 

Lu with her Ears –spotting that Granddaughter

First couple of times she was uncertain about the noise and vibration, but quickly became accustomed to riding on water and loves watching the scenery, birds, and just getting to “be with” (you know how that is!). 

Fireworks — No Problem

BTW, she has never reacted at all one way or another to the loud firecrackers on the 4th, or thunder, or anything else that we as humans might consider as disturbing. Not sure if you pre-conditioned them to loud noises, but we also have a gun range that we walk by regularly on our way to running on the dunes. same thing, no reaction. But let someone walk or ride a bike past the front gate she’s on full protection mode!


Breeder Comment

This video not only entertained us–it was so much fun to watch Lu with her ears flapping. Thank you, Sharyl, for thinking of us. I am sure all our readers will enjoy this, too.

We do condition the pups to sound–all bets are off when they leave here. (Haha) They have to adjust to a new family, the new environment, and their humans may unwittingly do things that ingrain a fear. It happens. Kudos to you for keeping Lu well-balanced.

Agility Title

~ Willow 2017

I read that you need blog articles.  This photo was from two years ago this weekend, however I wanted to send it again as it was one of my proudest moments of Willow.  

We worked SO hard to prepare for this Agility title- daily training with the equipment, lots of variables, and much off-leash distraction proofing (her temperament and biddability are exquisite!)And, on top of all that, Willow strained her shoulder (not her fault- she slipped on the dirt in the practice arena as the jumps were placed too close together), so we needed time to heal and recuperate to get her 100% healthy and ready.  On this show weekend, not only did she qualify in all three trials, she attained PERFECT scores on each run and attained her UKC Agility I title!  I was, and am, SO proud of her!!! 


Breeder Comment

It was never our intent to become that breeder who produces Show Weims–but this is not the only OwyheeStar success story. Of course, some of the others earned International Show titles because they sported a blue coat–and the Weimaraner Club of America doesn’t allow the blues to compete in Show–they can compete in every other discipline–such as Agility.

Jan has participated with both AKC and WCA (the American Kennel Club –Weimaraner Club of America), but she prefers the United Kennel Club (UKC) experience. Not that Willow could not have done equally well in the other circle of influence, but rather because the UKC is Owner-Handler only and less political. If you are not on the inside of the competition, it might be hard to understand. We get it.

Jan and Willow have earned a lot of titles–we could not be more thrilled or appreciate their efforts anymore. It is no small thing. Consider all these accomplishments–UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Novice Trick Dog, UKC Rally Obedience I, UKC Agility I, Therapy Dog International certified. What more can we say? Jan says this moment of earning the Agility Title along with the perfect scores is one of her fondest achievements. Congratulations once again for all the two of you have done together, Jan.

Keep This in Mind

Jan Magnuson

SUNSTARAll-Breed Dog Training

You can find Jan and her Dog Training on Facebook–with more than 45 years experience with the Weimaraner we recommend you check her out. By all means if possible–plan to train with her.

Meet Frida

~We Are Figuring Things Out

(July 14, 2019)–We were so excited to pick up our puppy (who we have decided to call “Frida”) that I didn’t get to really tell you how thankful we are for you guys!

Frida  initially was not a fan of the car or her crate, but after some quick cuddles on Chase’s lap, she settled right in and spent the rest of the ride in comfort.

Our first night went ok – she did great with potty training until I was too slow getting up this morning and found a sad, poopy puppy. Luckily, she loves baths!

We’re quite in love, the kids are all “taking turns” walking her around our yard and seeing which toys she favors.
We are so happy to have found you guys and are so thankful for this whole process.

I hope you are recovering from yesterday and get at least a little break!
Thank you again, Lauren, Chase, Henry, Emelia, Charlotte, and Frida

(July 14, 2019–after we responded)–Thank you for the advice! We’re open to any and all help!

Yes- and I totally agree! We need to condense her space in the kennel and one of us needs to be better about letting her out. She is in our living room, not bedroom, so she was vocal ALL night about being alone. Therefore making it sort of hard to tell the difference between sadness and needing a bathroom…We’ll keep working on it. She’s had no accidents otherwise.

We’re going to put something in the crate tonight to see if it helps. Otherwise, we’ll get something different and smaller for the time being.
I also may sleep in the room with her tonight to help. 
Finally, we were in the car most of the day yesterday. (We got home at 7:30pm) So, hopefully, after a busy day today, she is much more tired!

 (July 15, 2019)–A much better night! No accidents, quieter, and we found a blanket she loves so she’s happy staying in the crate. We also added a divider to make the crate smaller.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lauren, for graciously allowing us to post your experience. Something here could help another person who is struggling. We were so happy to learn you turned a corner–and had the much improved night. We think you are doing great–love to you and Frida.


~Opus a saurus — one who mouths everything

Mom loves this photo of me–Haha!

Like most Weims, he is mouthy–I’ve really struggled with this habit of his. He is the reason I engaged the services of a trainer.

Not Gonna Happen

This picture is from one of the visits and from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer–remember. He’s not wanting to work on stuff. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

It’s quite alarming when he grabs you by the arm if you’re not comfortable with 85 lbs of lovin’. Then he nibbles your butt.  Always predictable. Never harmful. We’re making strides. This picture is from one of the visits from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer. He’s very mouthy, like most Weims. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

Ok that’s it for now. I just love them all. Thank you. Can’t imagine belong without these guys.  

Breeder Comment

Can I just say you are the best–thank you, Melinda, for your response to my request. BTW–I appreciate everyone who has already send something for our blog–and those who still plan to do so.


Since today (7/13) is Jedi’s birthday I thought I’d share this with you. We had a baby in May, Owen. Owen and Jedi are taking to each other very well! Jedi follows me all over the house when I’m holding Owen. 🙂

Breeder Comment

There have been so many changes since you brought home Jedi. It seems like yesterday he was in your wedding photos. What a grand job you have done with him.


~July 13, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017
Cutting the hay not that long ago–

The new cutting of hay got raked and stacked near the railroad tracks. Cliff had to fix some of the corrugates–the watering has been somewhat challenging.

Harvest has begun–not sure what crop it was, but we saw some windrows were along the way into town. It might be beans. The grain is ripe and ready for the taking, too.


I got in the water

This week the puppies have been busy. They swam and played in the sprinkler–and made mud pies. This water-thing also means their nose has ingrained mud. We also have time to practice settling and crate-training. Some did better than others. (Haha)

We captured this quick snapshot of this boy with water on his nose. So adorable, right!?!

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We are thin on material clients-updates. We know it is summer, but maybe some of you have a cute photo along with a little story–special thanks for those who got me something to us this week. We had just enough–we truly appreciate you folks being so thoughtful.

Sunday— July 7 — Sky

Monday–-July 8 — Loki and Erica

Tuesday — July 9 — Dasher

Wednesday — July 10 — Toby

Thursday –- July 11 —  Paisley

Friday — July 12 — When There’s

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Stackhouse has his eye on us!

There is not a lot to report. There is the dealing with the heat and the constant work on the farm as well as the farmhouse. The gardening girls were here earlier this week–but I had to keep up on the watering etc. I wished I could do a bit better, but we are all doing what is possible. So, far neglect hasn’t taken over. (Haha)

Everyone has been posting their lovely sunflower photos. We have some too. Maybe ours are a bit different than most. (IDK) I should get a bit closer with the lens, but there is a bit of mud near the raised bed after yesterday’s watering. We have quite the crop of mosquitoes–something we would like to forego. The green beans are coming along–there are a few to pick. Our tomatoes are starting to produce a goodly number on the bushes–they need pruning. (OMG)

Cliff had his six-month Oncologist visit–he had to see a Nurse Practitioner instead of Dr. Arteta. There was the usual bloodwork –there are some concerns. So, he is not yet done –there is another round of bloodwork next week after which he will see Dr. Arteta. We will see what they discover.

When There’s

~Whipped Cream Involved

I just wanted to share this 🤣 you can’t see Opus in the video I put on FB. I love how he backs up 😂I think he is not impressed with how this sprays out. Whipped cream in my dish please.

Two of Us

Breeder Comment

That you, Melinda–you are always good to share the cute and unique situations you encounter. With three OwyheeStar kids–I am sure you see the likeness and at the same the unique quirkiness. Love to you and Winchester, Opus, and Stanley (the Longhair).