~ Worming his way into the family

Duke snuck into bed with his other sister Lacy this morning.

Not too long ago it was Duke and Chula. Anyhow, with us having two Weims, things have gone really well with him joining our family.

Breeder Comment

Some of you would remember Duke as VanGogh–because he lost some of his ear. He didn’t lose his sweetness, smarts, or personality. He came into the world with a damaged ear–really weird. But then, his Mama nibbled it clean–leaving it much too short. (OMG) He is still the sweetest thing. The photo was taken at three-weeks.

No Words

~ Just Sweet Little Faces

A photo image speaks volumes–no words needed. I hope you agree.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

July 11, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

Summer in the Treasure Valley–the gardens, the crops, but wait–no rodeos, no county fair, and the Idaho State Fair has been canceled, too. Our COVID numbers are on the rise according to Oregon Health Authority Malheur County had 21 new cases yesterday. The saddest part is that a goodly number of those who have fallen victim to a positive test are living in care facilities. Our prayers go out to everyone associated.


We have Bernie babies keeping us busy. My heart melts — you would think I would tire of Weimar pups, but I don’t. Sometimes we get more than we want, and other times we are desperately waiting and hoping. For now–we have these little gems. I love this photo–the tongue sticking out. I am not sure what this means, but it speaks to my heart.

This Week On the Blog…

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Sunday— July 5 — 4th of July Weekend

Monday–- July 6 — Tilman

Tuesday – July 7— Tilman

Wednesday — July 8  Steel and Slate

Thursday –- July 9 — Meanwhile in Colorado

Friday — July 10 — Addie

On a very personal note

We are waiting for the color. I see so many of you have full flower beds. Ours–are behind, like me. We are picking some produce–cucumbers and zucchini. (Hurrah!)

With the seemingly endless social-distancing situation, our welcome sign does get much action. (Haha) We keep foot-traffic to a minimum, but even our inner-circle of friends and family rarely stop by. It is a sad commentary on 2020.


~Aka Patti and sometime Patti Cake

The trip couldn’t have gone any better. Now I am checking and rechecking every corner of the house and attempting to disembowel the toy you sent. (Oops) We’re happy campers–me and my family.

I wondered why you were fussing with me so much lately—all these changes and wanting me to do different things. I now see you planned to let me have my new Oregon family–so I am reporting we made it home. I am surveying the landscape and deciding where first to raise a little havoc. I know you would not want me to miss an opportunity.

Meanwhile In Colorado

~Family Means There Are Four Fur Kids

My brother’s family is visiting, and so we have the whole family together here in the Colorado Rockies.

Many hikes have happened to the delight of all 4 dogs.

Above is Luey and Shiny afield–and then
Shiny enjoying the cool tile.

We took all 4 dogs to the dog park.
Hope you are all staying safe and well!💕
Julia van de Ven & Shiny

Breeder Comment

What a great time being together as a family –and all four dogs were enjoying the adventure with you. Shiny seems like a happy camper. Thanks, Julia

Steel and Slate

~ Chilling with Family for the 4th

We are loving these OwyheeStar Weims, that we got from you folks.   All the extended family is here. Everyone can’t believe how well behaved and good mannered they are.  ~ Dave (Nampa, Idaho)

Breeder Comment

It makes us super happy to know you are doing so well with the two Blue Boys. Stay well, and please think of us with any story you might have that we can share on the blog.


~ Part Two

I still have plans for Tilman. I had hoped to start training for therapy dog certification in March or April and unfortunately, due to the virus, that has been put on hold. We’re using this time to learn to walk on a flat buckle collar, which is a requirement of the therapy dog. Tilman graduated from a head harness to a martingale collar with ease and I’m sure moving to a regular collar will also not phase him. He is a Weim through and through and let me know when he was done with the crate and head harness. These were two things he was started with as a pup and as he got older decided that he didn’t really like either that much. He understood that he was being given the opportunity to prove that he could be a good pup without either of these tools, and has succeeded in keeping his freedom from both.

This sweet and goofy boy is everything I wanted and we are such a good match. He is mostly calm but always ready to go if I am. Tilman is clearly an only child as he will seek my attention to play however, if I’m busy or have played enough, he will simply entertain himself. He is such a happy guy always smiling with his tail held high.

Thanks for what you do for the Weimaraner breed! Tilman is such a fine example of your experience and passion.

Breeder Comment

Tilman is gorgeous, and you have done well with him. Of course, from the moment we first spoke, I never doubted you would succeed. Thank you for the lovely update–everyone enjoyed seeing him. There were quite a few comments and likes. Have a beautiful summer.


~Part One

My sweet boy just turned two in March and he is just the best. He lives a semi-charmed life in downtown Saint Paul where we walk 2 to 3 miles every morning together and then he goes out a few times a week on pack walks with a group of other dogs that live in the neighborhood along with a good friend of mine, who is also a dog trainer. He LOVES going for walks with his friends! He is so proud and whenever a new dog is added to the pack, he wants to show them how to do it, “This is how we walk”. 

He is THE GOOFIEST dog I’ve ever met. He smiles at me when I come home and he is so affectionate, leaning into hugs and giving lots of kisses. I have only had short hairs prior to Tilman and I have to say that in the last 6 months, his fluff has really come into it’s own. He is three different colors of Weim and the hair behind his shoulders, down his back and on his entire torso has turned into this long bunny soft light colored hair. He gets complimented all the time about what a gorgeous boy he is! 

Tilman is an extraordinary example of the breed. He is curious and sometimes cautious but not fearful.He looks to me for his cues. He is friendly and loves everyone he meets. He is whip smart and will learn anything you can think to teach him so fast. He is a helper and wants see and smell and try everything. He loves to learn and show what he knows and was a breeze to train because he is so eager to please however, like any willful breed, I have needed to remain consistent with his training. TIlman also loves the water but is still hesitant to swim much. He will not hesitate to lay in a mud puddle, however.

Take care– Emily and Tilman (and little big sister Nara, the Chihuahua)

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear from you–and to see how well Tilman is doing. Stackhouse is a mud puddle flopping Weim–OMG We love that Tilman smiles –we have a Longhair girls that smiles and wags her entire body. It is adorable.

Fourth of July Weekend

~And Something like this

Breeder Comment

Yes, we received a few photos and saw others on Facebook. There were those wearing sound-proofing earmuffs to avoid the noise, and others were wrapped in blankets. But these two (Asher and Dink) just posed for Mama wearing their bow ties. It is not over until it is over, though.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

July 4, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

Happy 4th of July. I am going to be honest here–I am holding my breath. With news of protests scheduled, I am concerned about the potential for these events to turn ugly. I sincerely hope we don’t read about more damage and loss of lives.

Looking around, to us, it seems the crops are a little behind what we would expect. Overall, the day seems lovely and holds promise, but it won’t be the same for most of us.


We have Bernie’s last litter–this is it. I cannot tell you how wonderful she is on every level. She is the best ever Mama and such a happy camper to have around. From here on out, we are looking to have her spayed–Cliff is counting on hunting with her. Of course, he never takes her to the field (or even around the farm) without the GPS collar. She is a hunting fool and can take off chasing a scent–go missing. Then we look and search, and wait for her to come home. So–she must wear the collar.

If you recently got an OwyheeStar puppy, we sincerely hope that you registered your microchip with AKC Reunite–this is cheap insurance.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. This week we find our supply of material running lower than it has for some time. Who can guess what might come in our inbox?

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— June 28 — Bisbee

Monday–- June 29 — Wilson

Tuesday – June 30— Ellie

Wednesday — July 1  Sky Raisin Patrol

Thursday –- July 2 — Nixon

Friday — July 3 — Tallyn at Five

On a very personal note

We are busy keeping things weeded, wet, and the lawn mowed. Cliff has his birds plus the Weimaraners. The quail have been harder to keep alive this year. He says they are doing better.

With the COVID numbers on the rise in Malheur County, we find ourselves on the Governor’s Watch List. That could mean she would put us back on tight lockdown if the trend continues. Cliff and I are hunkering down and staying home as much as possible. We all know about the controversy surrounding masks–but my biggest concern is how this is dividing us. That is all I am going to say about the issue other than to say united we stand.

I picked a small cucumber from the garden last evening and washed it off–ate it. It was lovely. I thought about the Great Granddaughters and how they love cucumbers. It was a good memory. I miss seeing them–life and COVID have been brutal on family this year. That goes for the biological family too.