Down Stay

Cliff has been working with Patti on a few basic skills. The Down Stay is considered essential.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

May 23, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

Malheur County is opening up–but not open. In Ontario, the grocery stores, Home Depot, the dispensaries, and other places seemed to keep going–very little change. The lines outside the dispensaries are always ever-present–and typically lengthy. The parking lots are full. Momentarily supplies seemed disrupted–shelves emptying. But, it never got terrible for us.

We not only ate dinner out and bought some groceries, but we went to Staples looking for printer ink. Apparently, our printer is popular. The ink for that model was pretty much cleared off the shelf, and the clerk told us there would be a delay getting it shipped. (OMG) They had the black and blue cartridges–it got us printing again. Nevertheless, the other colors are dreadfully low, so our printing might be short-lived. The ink might be out of stock, but it appears we can print a bit. Impressively, I bought a 20 pack of the toilet paper we use, and the end cap featured various hand sanitizers. So, if you live in Ontario, you might check Staples for these items.


We have a very few puppies –all are spoken for, but not old enough to leave just yet. Inquiries continue to come– it is avalanche-mode. Of course, the desperation expressed means many of these are going to move along. They have decided to add the fur family member while sheltering. We get it. But we don’t have puppies tucked away. When we share that we cannot predict the future (who we will mate and what we expect to be born), it adds to their stress. Even the shelter in Caldwell, Idaho, is empty. That speaks volumes.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. This week we began the series featuring Sherlock–there are several segments left. We appreciate the fabulous update. Thank you!

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— May 17 — Carefree Hattee

Monday–- May 18 — Bisbee

Tuesday – May 19— Behaviors

Wednesday — May 20  OwyheeStar

Thursday –- May 21 — Sherlock –part one

Friday — May 22 — Sherlock–part two

On a very personal note

This morning’s Facebook greeting talked about our life in far Eastern Oregon–which does not resemble life in much of Oregon. I am positive many would call us redneck, conservative, and you fill in the blank. I have never been happier than to live in this area. We are not unaffected, but most certainly less affected and influenced by COVID-19.

Cliff and I have been doing what we do–right here on the farm south of Ontario with our Weimaraners. Cliff had been in a battle with our old irrigation system–but he is brilliant, so of course, he keeps it going. I am finishing up with the business of puppies. At the same time, thinking we need to get the garden planted–soon.

We have no plans –nothing on the horizon to mention. I guess I hope to see the Great Grandkids soon. They light up our life and fill our souls with everything good in this world.

Sherlock (Part Two)

He is Beau’s first Weim

We have had Sherlock now for 3 ½ years. He is Beau’s first Weim and my second.  As a puppy Sherlock was nearly perfect – he was happy, social, adventurous and learned an amazing heel early on.  Our one mighty struggle was crate training.  He just wasn’t having it, and wrecked a couple of crates in the process,  At six months we shifted directions, and Sherlock had free roam of the house.  We feared for our furniture, but he couldn’t have been happier or better behaved.  We learned that each Weim is individual and we just needed to adapt to him.  This was clearly part of his master plan all along…

Our family is an active family, and Sherlock’s love of the outdoors drives almost everything we do.  He’s travelled with us on all of our family vacations, and so far has visited eight states and British Columbia.  He has his own Instagram account (@thewileyweim) so we can share his adventures with our friends and family.  There isn’t a body of water he doesn’t love, from the smallest puddle to the Pacific Ocean.  He is obsessed with chasing a ball and is the fastest dog we’ve ever seen.  He likes to control the pace of the throwing by holding on to the ball when he starts getting a little tired, but when we start throwing a second ball he can’t help himself and just chases the second with the first in his mouth.  He also does some hysterical preening by running around us in a circle when he brings a ball back – it’s always just a lot of fun and laughs.

Bambi and Beau

Breeder Comment

Yesterday your firsts segment rocked the world, Sherlock. Let’s see what happens today. Again, thank you!

Sherlock (Part One)

~Greetings from Northern California!

We are long, long overdue to send you an update on Sherlock, so we are making up for it by sending you a lot!  Beau and I have included about 15 pics from his pup days until now.  Beau’s three kids each wrote their own update and we will send each of them along separately with a couple of pics of each kid with Sherlock.  We know you love to have material on your pups and this way you have some you can send out as/when you see fit.  Sherlock is wonderful and is a happy, healthy and active boy who brings so much joy to our lives – thank you so much and we hope you are both safe and healthy during these difficult times.

Bambi and Beau

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to share several segments in the coming week that feature Sherlock (Zula Blue X Blue). We appreciate all the effort you and the kids put into sending this update. We know our readers will feel the same.


“Where Beautiful Friendships Begin.”

Dear friends

We want to stop and post a thank you to the OwyheeStar Community, Family, or whatever we want to call it. You are the best! We saw all the posts to break the COVID-19 news, and to brighten our days. Focusing on anything other than the constant news and the need for social distancing is welcome.

The OwyheeStar Group is a Weimaraner group exclusive to those who have the OwyheeStar Weimaraner. We appreciate you staying engaged, liking our posts, and sticking to all things OwyheeStar and Weimaraner. That was our goal when we created this group. We didn’t make it private, because others viewing our posts is welcome; however, only those of you who have the OwyheeStar are welcome to join. The two-different Facebook locations might seem a bit confusing–we regret any confusion. Some Weimar-fanatics are used to belonging to everything Weimaraner–we get it. This is different. Most everything (and even a few additional posts) can be found on the OwyheeStar Weimaraners Page–which is open to the public on every level–in this group we are OwyheeStar exclusive.

We hope you enjoy our information and the stories our OwyheeStar community so graciously provides.


~Habits Good and Bad Take Hold Quickly

Innocence –but there is one in the Group (Haha)

Habits form quickly–once a behavior (good or bad) starts it can soon become habitual. For example, the Weim can become an incessant barking machine. I swear they can bark at a cloud. Maybe it looks like a bird. Incessant by definition means unceasing or Continuing without interruption. Maybe that is an overstatement, but if you have that behavior ingrained, it will not seem an exaggeration.

Barking, digging, territorial behaviors, chewing on everything, and the list goes on–if you allow it in a small dose, it can become a thing. Us humans, often get duped and our efforts undermined.

To prevent that and other unwanted behaviors a person must be vigilant early on. It is not one and done thing either.  The childlike tendencies often last past their third birthday with the occasional teenage behavior surfacing from time to time. I laugh at people who want this breed and expect them to be easy to manage. A lot can and should be accomplished in the first three months; however, you are not home free so to speak. At the same time—getting the basics done right up front will save you a lot of trouble. 

Also consider that the Weimaraner who wants to rule their world can employ growling and snarling. They can withdraw and sulk. They have all kind of ways to get what they want–some are acceptable, others are not. One thing for sure–do not reward or excuse bad behavior.


I haven’t sent an update for a few weeks so thought I would send you these photos from today’s excursion.  He was somewhat scared of the sound of the Razor so sat on my lap the whole way out and back.   We had a great time in the mountains.  The last photo shows you just how tired out he got.  He put himself in the crate when we got home!

Breeder Comment

The one photo of him smiling reminds me of Bernie–who wags her tail and smiles a lot. She is a sweet girl–the only problem we have with her is she likes to take off to go hunting in the neighborhood. We have to stay vigilant.

Bisbee looks to be growing and possibly will need a larger kennel before too long. Thanks for the lovely update.

Carefree Hattee

~ Running Loose

Here are a few snapshots of Hattee who has the current litter which is featured on our Website. It is the Early Summer Litter –we are not expecting pups until Fall or Early Winter. Thanks to Hattee for the eight beautiful babies–all have been promised.

Hello From OwyheeStar

~Cliff, Shela, and the Weimaraners

May 16, 2020

Sunrise October 21 2017

I don’t think anyone is unaware of the current atmosphere and the stress COVID-19 has put on our American lifestyle. I, for one, miss casual gatherings, and the freedom to do whatever I choose–even getting my hair cut.

The reopening of certain areas is not a return to what we have known. I am ever so amazed at how quickly society has changed–and the intolerance of one another–panic, paranoia, and sometimes outright disrespect has become too commonplace. I do so hope for our freedoms to return soon–I long to meet my relatives that I recently discovered. Life is on hold.


All Wrapped in Love and a Blanket

We are inundated with folks looking for a puppy–sooner, rather than later. We understand the reasoning, but there is only so much we can do. With COVID-19 work at home thing, and the added stress a puppy has never been more appealing. It is our sincere hope that folks remember their fur family member when the time comes that they must return to the office or work away from home.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. We have more than usual, but we will get them all used. Thank you!

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— May 10 — Happy Mother’s Day

Monday–- May 11 — Bart’s Life

Tuesday – May 12— Dependable Porsche

Wednesday — May 13  My Birthday

Thursday –- May 14 — Enso Boone

Friday — May 15 — Protector of her Universe

On a very personal note

Everyone is doing pretty well. We miss seeing our grandkids, and especially those great-grandkids. Hopefully, that can change soon.

Cliff has got the irrigation system working–yes, he did. But then the pipeline broke, and he got that fixed, and then there was another snafu–beyond my pay grade and understanding. He has been in a battle to keep our outdated system working.

I picked up some fabulous strawberries from my favorite nursery–Malheur Nursery, which is located only a couple of miles away as a crow would fly. I also picked up a few other plants to fill in what I didn’t get started earlier this year. Today, we will survey the garden and see where that takes us.

Protector of her Universe

~Traumatized by Bugs

One would think that this 72 pound, 8-year old Weimaraner is totally fearless!  She protects us from the mailman, from anyone who rings our doorbell, UPS Trucks, squirrels, cats, people walking down our street pushing strollers or dogs, and from the bellows from an anxious bloodhound who’s owners walk him regularly near our street!  She has a very loud bark that may cause concern to anyone who does not know her.  Big dog + loud bark = perhaps a dog to be feared!!  

Maizie has one fear in life though….flying insects!  She knows the word “BUG.”  When someone says that word, she instantly looks UP!  She has learned bugs usually fly high—ceiling height.  She is afraid of bugs!  She will quickly exit the room to “hide” in her crate!  Here is a photo snapped two years ago of Maizie “hiding in her crate” after being traumatized by seeing a fly!  (ears back, look of concern!)  This morning there was a fly in our bedroom.  She shivered for an hour while I petted her to console her to assure her everything will be alright.  She still took refuge in her crate.  Jerry eventually got rid of the pesky fly that traumatized our sweet almost fearless Maizie!

Breeder Commentary

Too funny — and I am sure her fear of bugs was accidentally ingrained. Our most natural responses are (typically) what we need to avoid. She is a sweet precious paper-shredding girl.