Pepper Ann

~ At One

Heres some updated pictures of Pepper Ann. She just turned a year old and still loves adventuring with mom and dad and now her little sister we just welcomed to the family a week ago. She’s been pretty gentle and seems to understand her baby is fragile.

Thanks again for such a great pup

The Beutlers 

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It is so great to see Pepper is doing great. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your newest addition.


~Cats and Dogs

What To Do?

It’s raining and princesses don’t want to get wet even with their raincoats on!!!

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It looks like Skye and Haze are covered. What a gorgeous color on the two blue girls.

Kennel Cough

~This Time of Year

Click Here to Read our Kennel Cough Story

Just a quick note to let you know that Pushkin seems to have recovered from the kennel cough. Zula is doing better but still a work in progress. The amazing thing is that my 12 year old “mutt” had no symptoms and she and Push shared a kennel. ~Marie

From Lara–Kennel Cough

~Reaction to Kennel Cough shot when combined with other vaccine

Sage is doing better each day. I started a vaporizer Sunday night and the vet said I could give her half a Mucinex. He called back Monday, so I started that Monday night. She quit coughing up snot and foam sometime on Monday.

Boy did that snot smell bad.  I know I have a sensitive nose, but ewww! She never quit eating or drinking and was mad when we left her behind to walk the other dogs on Sunday.

Breeder Comment

One case in Salem and the other happened in Spokane. I think that speaks volumes–be careful in public places. The vaccine is not recommended for the Weimaraner, but it may be necessary. Please vaccinate separately–do not combine with other vaccinations such as rabies, or a booster. It costs more, but it is so worth the extra trip.


~and Our Friend, Michelle

When Michelle shared this video with us, I immediately wanted to share it with the OwyheeStar community. Isn’t it about the cutest thing ever?

Here is where I want to mention that Michelle did attend Jan Magnuson’s basic training. I highly recommend that class to anyone who lives close enough to take advantage of training with her–she has 45-plus years with the Weimaraner. We all know her and Willow–all they have done and shared with us over the last few years is much appreciated.

Asher has his AKC trick dog title – novice…this video is for a group called Do more with your dog….we are going to try for his next AKC one next.

Breeder Note–I could not get Michelle’s video to imbed properly so you will have to click the this video link. It is worth the view.


~November 16, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

A lot of locals are reporting they are sick with colds, flu, or some kind viral thing. (OMG) So, I got the flu shot — a thing I have not done in recent years. Cliff and I decided it might be wise this year–so I did.

I was a little ill after getting that flu shot, but nothing all that much. That was just before Cliff took sick. At first, he imagined he had caught the flu from me–but in a day or so, we ruled that possibility out. He never developed a fever–but at the same time, he was violently ill. It was as if he had been poisoned. It was then he admitted he had several reasons to believe that the gluten-free pancake he ordered was a regular pancake. It was huge he ate every bite except the nibble I tried because he raved about it. The ticket read Pancake Breakfast when he paid for it, and Cliff didn’t want to tell me that he ate gluten. So, he hoped he would be okay. He was not–and many of you know he has been dreadfully ill. If you are interested, you can read a bit more on this topic at the bottom of this blog post.


Bettee’s ten pups are doing well. We thought you might like a sampling of their week-one update photos. Over all, the litter seems to be thriving.

Meanwhile We expect traditional smooth coats, too. We are still holding our breath–it seems to be a typically OwyheeStar pastime. Meanwhile, the Longhairs are keeping us plenty busy. All but one pup has moved into the adjustable puppy collar–each pup’s collar color will be recorded on the next update.

This Week On the Blog…

It has been a tough week with Cliff being so ill. My goodness, a few of you helped me out more than you know. I didn’t have to try to work up something. I didn’t need to revamp pieces and put them together. I just used what you sent. Thank you!

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— November 10 — Willow

Monday–-November 11—Knobby

Tuesday — November 12 — Baby Faces

Wednesday — November 13 — CW

Thursday –- November 14 —  Koda and Mylo

Friday — November 15 — Freya

On a very personal note

We mentioned that Cliff has been dreadfully ill. Of course, that affects everything at OwyheeStar and for the household. Christina and I have been able to work together and get most everything done. Hopefully Cliff will have a miraculous bounce back.

From Michelle and Asher

I’ve been so blessed by our friends and the OwyheeStar community. Everyone has been supportive, loving and caring to us. We feel very appreciated and loved. We could not make it through with out you.

I finally talked about my Late Discovery Adoption (LDA) situation. At first, I was speechless in every way. I cannot explain in great detail why or what I was thinking. I am writing a blog–and as I find the words, I will post more on this unexpected journey as well as the unfolding story. I want to say that my maternal family has made me feel as if I am found treasure. Wow! I never expected that–but once I knew I had been given away, I wanted to find out where I came from as well as learn about my birth mother. Then too, I wondered if I would find brothers and sisters. I don’t feel as if I have to justify looking into this matter. I see this as a miracle. Learning I had been adopted does answer some of the questions that plagued me forever. As I find answers, more questions surface, but one thing for sure–there is something I never had before–resemblance.

This discovery is like everything in life–it is what you make of the whole thing. Your attitude is everything. I didn’t go in with expectations–in the end, I feel more than fortunate.


~Hello from WA State


My how time flies! It’s been two years since we adopted Freyja. She has been such a great addition to our little family. I wish I could share all our experiences but it would become a novel…lol I have heard that it is quite challenge having one weim but to have two?! Actually we are pretty lucky. Our older weim took Freyja in stride and is such a great big brother. They are quite close! Freyja definitely keeps us all on our toes. She loves belly rubs, looking out for birds & bunnies n the yard, and keeping an eye out for the neighbors. My nickname for her is Mrs. Kravitz…lol. nothing gets by her! I wonder what the neighbors think, she just watches them…lol.

Freyja has appointed herself the family time keeper. Somehow she knows when to wake us up before our alarm goes off in the morning, it’s too funny but she has ulterior motives- she wants breakfast!. She now gives her paw and loves snuggles with dad! She is really coming into her own and look forward to many more birthdays to celebrate!

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Thank you, we do so appreciate this update. May she live on, do well, and bring you a bushel of joy.

Koda and Mylo

~Yin/Yang Couple

I hope this finds you and Cliff doing well.  I’m behind on getting you updated on how Koda (Sadie X Stackhouse) and Mylo ( Dixie X Boone) are doing.  

Even though he just turned one on 11/2, Mylo is taller than Koda.  Koda is the more muscular of the two though.  The are both incredible boys!  Very different personalities which is great.  They are a Yin/Yang couple.  Koda is wound a bit tight, typical Weim, while Mylo is very laid back.  Definitely a puppy still but he takes life a lot more at ease. LOL!  

The pictures of them hanging out the window are on our way to go hiking.  Something about having their head out the window and lips flying is so funny!  The other pictures are of the boys just after finishing up the hiking trip.  We went with my buddy and his Rhodesian, Niko.  I’d say we went about 4 miles but I’m sure these guys were well over that!  😊  Sniffing and running around to check out all that nature had to offer.

Thank you and Cliff both so very much for helping add so much love to our family!  They are such fun, intelligent, unique boys.  We love them with all of our hearts!

The Hartung Family

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We are ever so happy to receive the news. Unique and different seems to be a good thing–but I suppose the two are co-conspirators too. Haha


~A Weim and His Boy

Hello! Our OwyheeStar Blue Boy is maturing–We loved the post featuring Loki from the same parents (Dixie X Boone).

Also, I have not forgotten our previous discussion about one day getting s long hair Veim.  They are unique and pretty.  Please keep me in mind.

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Hello, again. We are happy to learn that CW is doing well. We look forward to working with you once again, when you are ready for your first Longhair.

Baby Faces

Well, I am having trouble with the planned morning post, so in lieu of it–let’s have baby faces. I especially like them sticking out their tongue.


~ PJs with Style

Knobby got his new PJ’s, now he’s truly the Knobigator 🐊

I found an Etsy store (majStyle) that specializes in Weimaraner, Vizsla, Greyhound body types. She make pj’s, hats, shirts, and neck-warmers based on your pups measurements. Took about 4 weeks but worth the wait.
Knobby looks adorable and has received many compliments. I love dressing him up and he’s getting really good about it. Hats are still a little questionable. 

Christmas attiring coming soon…
Knobby (Flo x Boone) March 2019

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We are speechless –just kidding. Well, I think this is just what the doctored order for today.