Tiga and Lotte

~ International Travels and Life with their family

You and Cliff gave us the best two friends we ever could have had in Tiga and Lotte Shela – It’s amazing how different they are but how similiar they are at the same time. Cheers from Germany!

The kids made Snow angels–even the fur kids. Also, not sure if you noticed the battle scar on Lotte, but her overbearing personality didn’t match with a little dogs shy demeanor – Oops, 4 weeks and 2K later, she’s like lightning again.

Breeder Comment

Mike, you are the best to stay in touch–and to include your Weimaraners in your demanding life. We appreciate you, pray for you, and hope Tiga and Lotte give you many more years.

Sunday Photos

~ And a couple of video clips

As I have mentioned here and there–the Atti X Martee litter exited, so now we hope their family will stay in touch and share snippets here and there. But here are a few moments just before their departure–the little wiggle-butts.

And at the Vet Office

–not that long ago.

And now, their ever expanding world continues. Some have fur family members and a couple are the only pup in the household. So, the journey begins, and it remains to be seen what they can achieve.

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ Winter Beauty

The Treasure Valley is known for spectacular sunrise and sunsets. Here is one I captured on the iPhone this week. We had snow flurries, but nothing much stuck mixed in with unseasonably warm weather. That also has left muck and mud everywhere around the farm. And, right now, we are fortunate that our ground is sandy. It will dry up before some places nearby.

We see the deer nearly every day–and we enjoy them so much. What we didn’t enjoy was that Stackhouse rolled in the deer exhaust. Some of you understand this all too well.


The last of Atti’s pups leave today. We are traveling to meet folks in Burns, OR. Meanwhile, Christina is holding down the home and tending to the Weimaraners. We cannot thank her enough.

Yesterday, we bathed the pups because doing it on an early cold winter morning doesn’t make sense. All in all, they handled the whole bath thing pretty well.

We hope to have Spring pups born, but we don’t know for sure, as we always say. Please check out our information on availability to learn more about our process.

This Week On the Blog…

We had a couple of tear-jerkers for the Thursday and Friday blogs. There are no adequate words to post or say that cover such a loss. Of course, we like the more upbeat stories–but the reality is, saying goodbye is part of making the journey.

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner). 

We are always in need of OwyheeStar stories to share. 

It helps when I get an email even if you send photos via another mode. I know you enjoy reading about other OwyheeStar pups–especially those related to yours.

For Your Review

Sunday— Jan. 10 — Sunday Photos

Monday–- Jan. 11 — Berkley

Tuesday – Jan. 12 — Opal

Wednesday — Jan. 13 — Ruger

Thursday –- Jan. 14 — Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds!

Friday — Jan. 15 — Greta

On a very personal note

Cliff and I are still freeze-drying food for our pantry. It is not a prepper-thing per se. We use these foods in our everyday cooking. For example, this cabbage will make it easy for me to make an egg roll bowl–something that fits my menu. Isn’t that cyclamen so beautiful? I trimmed twice as many spent blossoms as you see here on Thursday, and more buds keep emerging. It is ever so pleasant to have such a gorgeous plant that blooms almost every day of the year.

I mentioned that our washing machine repair didn’t go well. There is another thing wrong with the washer that didn’t show up until the electronics were replaced. So, now we wait for parts somewhere between one and two months. (OMG)

Cliff is working on the Jeeps, cleaning the shop, and preparing to dive into serious dog training. I am working on the old farmhouse –the same thing as I have been doing for what seems like forever. (Haha)


~Another Goodbye

I wanted to convey a message from my mom, Sandie, about the passing of her sweet Greta (Dusty x Gracie 2009).  On Tuesday evening, Greta passed peacefully in her sleep in her favorite bed.  Over the past twelve years, Greta (and her Vizsla sister Henna) enjoyed a wonderful Weim life, including long walks, warm beds, homemade dog food, and most importantly unconditional love from their “mama.”  Greta has lived in Southern California, Idaho, and now Rosarito, Mexico and has been a wonderful foster sister to my mom’s many rescue dogs and a half sister to my own Weims, Lola (Deli x Dash 2003—passed in 2016), Byron (Dusty x Stormy 2007—passed in 2015) and Beatrix (Mouse x Stackhouse 2016).  My mom would always call Greta her shadow, since she always followed her around the house, from room to room, including the bathroom!  She would always seek out a way to be touching my mom in some way. Greta was an anomaly as far as Weims are concerned.  From the day my mom brought her home, she was rarely destructive, rarely barked, was very calm, had an even temperament, and rarely “broke the rules.” Literally one in a million!
My mom is truly thankful for the twelve years she had with Greta and says thank you for allowing her to be Greta’s mama. She will miss her dearly. Greta is pictured below on the left next to Beatrix. ~ Carlin Stein

Breeder Comment

The reality of loss looms large when we open our hearts to these beautiful creatures. We all know it is only a matter of time–we desperately hope for longevity and quality of life. Thank you, Carlin, for sharing the news of Greta’s departure and what she meant to your mother.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

We miss You Ever So Much

Today (January 17th) marks three weeks and it still feels like yesterday since we said a final goodbye to our dear Lucy … We had 10 amazing years with her and so that probably explains why I still wait for her to start barking at the wind, listen for her scratching the door to go outside and come back in, and miss the weight of her lying next to me in bed as she did every night since bringing her home Christmas Eve of 2009.

She was more than a pet, she was family. We miss you Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! PS – I forgot to thank a few special people who helped us tremendously those final days! – Our dear Brenda for snapping a few family pics for us that last week and caring so much for Lucy whenever she watched the littles at the house.- A truly special Veterinarian, Maggie Hirschfield Pearson for coming to our home to provide hospice, help us in those final moments and grieved right alongside us. You are a blessing!

We made a conscious decision that we would give ourselves a break from pets for a while to allow ourselves time to grieve and move forward. We’ve been talking quite a bit how it’s starting to feel more and more like it’s time to add to our family. We are now in Iowa, so logistically it would be quite different than hopping on a short plane ride from Colorado Springs to Boise …

We are ever so grateful for this opportunity to share life with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, thank you!

Courtney and KyleCorinne, Colleen, Kennedy, and Kallaway

Breeder Comment

We are beyond sad to hear of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds passing over the Rainbow Bridge. There are no adequate words to cover your loss–but we thank you for the life you gave her. It means the world to us.


Hello OwyheeStar!

Wanted to get you a little update on Ruger. So over the spring as many people did, we decided it was a good time to add a second pup to the mix. I always pictured our second pup to be another weim…and preferably from you!My daughter really wanted a pup that would stay small. I hesitated for a while thinking about how Ruger had been the only fur child for 4 years, and how he would react to having to share his space. We finally gave in and acquired a mini aussie. This first pic was what Rugers face looked like when I said, “you want a friend to play with?”It sounded like fun, until he realized Ollie was staying.  After a few months, Ruger finally warmed up to him, and now I think he is finally ok with having a live in playmate! Ruger always liked to get other dogs to chase him. I figured Ollie’s herding instincts would be a perfect match!
Thanks again for such a great pup! Ruger is so awesome! 
Our third pup, when the time comes…will definitely be another weim!😁

Breeder Comment

It is a sweet post–so glad this worked out for you. I know you also hunt with Ruger. We look forward to working with you again.


Ten Years –Time Flies

I continue to enjoy your Weimareiner updates – blog all of these many years! It’s been 10 years of blissful years with our dog Opal.

She is such a comfort and joy in our lives! We can’t imagine our lives without her and have begun to start discussing how to head off that eventual situation.

Towards that end I wanted to reach out to you and see what the future looks like in terms of securing another Weimaraner. I’m sure that the demand must be very high given the many people working at home during this ongoing pandemic situation. 

David Updike

(Two of the photos above are Opal with her litter mate Coco owned by Brianne Edwards)

Breeder Comment

We look forward to working with you again later this year. Thank you for getting a hold of us and for following us faithfully for ten years. It is great to also see Coco in some of these photos–knowing the two are close to each other is sweet.


I just wanted to send you a few updated pics of Berkley. She’s 3 now! 

Here are her favorite things: sneaking under the curtain when the heat is on (doggie sauna), going for a hike with her family (and the car ride there, and the swimming that takes place when we hike to a lake), and snuggles on the couch (with me, preferably).

Occasionally she still runs away with something that’s not hers, and she still thinks she can get away with hiding under the coffee table (in this picture it’s a little elf shoe she took off the Christmas tree).

Note: Berkley is very clever with her Doggie Spa–we are impressed.

Finally, the Christmas sweater was a hit this year, but perhaps not with Berkley. She wasn’t a huge fan of wearing it. However, my goal was to cheer people up in our neighborhood this year. And her sweater definitely helped the cause. We brightened all kinds of people’s faces.
Happy New year to you and Cliff! Thank you so much for our sweet girl!!Sincerely, Amanda

Breeder Comment

I love that you brought a smile and a little sunshine to other people who are in desperate need with your Christmas sweater. And more than anything else–the way she is a part of everything family activity. Thank you for keeping us apprised of how things are going and her antics–and especially the Doggie-Spa.

Sunday Photos

We hope this little array of photos brings you joy–

The pups leave to join their family this coming Saturday–so, next, we will be looking into the archives and trying to locate puppy photos.

We hope to keep this going–puppies or other interesting Weimaraner photos for our Sunday. It seems to be appropriate given COVID and all else going on–just breathe in the joy of it all.

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ Winter Warmness

In Malheur County, it is not uncommon to experience subzero temperatures in January, but this winter, we have unseasonably warm temps. There is no complaint, even though we do not appreciate the mud that prevalent around the farm. Cliff has improvised and drives the 4-wheeler to the sidewalk at the back door. I do so appreciate his efforts.

We see the deer less than we did, but the last couple of days, they have appeared again–and made their way closer to the old farmhouse. We love watching them. There are nine in all–sometimes we see them all, and others not..


The Discovery and Placement Test happened on Monday as planned. This litter–well, they did a fantastic job and impressed us at every juncture.

They are delightful, loving, and engaging. Of course, this is Martee’s first litter–making the news ever so sweet. With the Discovery and Placement Test in the rearview mirror, we gather everything together for the exit, which happens next Saturday.

This Week On the Blog…

We hope you enjoyed the various posts this week–two that we have not heard from for awhile–Jameson and Zula Blue (a client’s Zula–not ours in the Golden Year Place with Marie and Pushkin).

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner). 

We are always in need of OwyheeStar stories to share. 

It helps when I get an email even if you send photos via another mode. I know you enjoy reading about other OwyheeStar pups–especially those related to yours.

For Your Review

Sunday— Jan. 10 — Sunday Photos

Monday–- Jan. 11 — Rogan

Tuesday – Jan. 12 — We Have A New Baby

Wednesday — Jan. 13 — Mesquite

Thursday –- Jan. 14 — Jameson

Friday — Jan. 15 — Zula Blue

On a very personal note

Cliff and I continue with the purge–eliminating and rehoming things. We have acquired a lot of stuff–basically, we were handed down everything from our parents. Cliff’s sister didn’t want anything. I was raised as an only child. Then, over the years, we entertained and whatnot–I have collected quite the assortment of serving pieces. Old habits die hard, and when you consider we have only moved once in the last 50 years (and that was next door), you can see how we were not forced to get rid of things.

I am thinking about the garden. Cliff has so many plans in the works for this spring–meanwhile, we continue the purge. That is the focus–and doing the usual stuff we do.