Before Summer

A Spokane Family

~and their Weims–Part Two


Crane_6264Toby is a ball boy through and through! He can’t get enough. He’d fetch allllllll day if you let him. He’ll get worn out and pass out with the ball in his mouth! Lol don’t worry. We take it out and place it next to him so he can sleep at ease! The most recent news is that Toby loves to fetch in the water too!!! Yay!!! We’re so happy! He will fetch and Lucy will chase him and everyone gets exercise that is good for their joints! Thank you, Cliff for making sure to get our boy in the cold fall water early on!
And Toby is finally not scared of the mountain bike! Haha he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Not even when Jeff and Lucy would go off down the adventure trail. Toby would run back home.
Melissa had to get Toby leashed up and run behind Jeff on the bike with him around and around and around the driveway. Lucy thought this was especially silly.
Now Toby knows when the bike clothes are put on, it’s run time and he LOVES the adventure.

Mostly, as in true Weim fashion, we love the snuggle time after all the fun!
And sometimes we have to be physically removed from the truck because we just want to go on every adventure! The look on Lucy’s face here is hilarious! “NOT AGAIN, MOM!!”Crane_6350

More to come. We’re headed to the lake for the first time this year. Can’t wait to get the dogs out there!

Jeff, Melissa, Max, Lucy, and Toby


Zelda is the Greatest

   ~California Weimar Girl

Stephenson's Zelda_1476
Two years ago we received a beautiful blue female Weimaraner from you folks. We met Cliff in Burns Oregon, we are from California. Zelda is what we named her. Stackhouse was there when we picked her up. Her docked tail has a very notable flip to it. Everyone loves it, as she trots, most friendliest to everyone, except cats and raccoons.
Stephenson's Zelda_1479

Eye on the Sky

We live in a pretty normal Weimaraner home.  Zelda has been very vocal these days, I can only guess what all the bumbling is about, urban raccoons and skunks.

Dog Park Star

Star of the dog park is Ms. Zelda. As most know, when puppies run into the park the other dogs come over to check her out, sniff, she runs over to the dog’s parent who seems to bother her the most, and plants herself between their legs, they become taken by her and protects Zelda.  LOL LOL!  Zelda leans into pet parents, they think she loves them. She is very sociable there, everyone knows her by name.

She is a Standout

We have come across two other young Weimaraners.  What separates her from the other weims is temperament and physical appearance, her tail flips up as she moves around, she is outstanding.

The Beach; the Ocean and Miss Zelda

This is Zelda doing one of her favorite outings. Carmel by the Sea is where this video was taken. Her parents are Stackhouse and Livee, she was born July 12, 2016.

Love sharing

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to hear from you. The videos are fun and the photos delightful. It is good to know Zelda is doing well–that she is living a perfect Weimar life. Thank you, for thinking of us, as well as for all you do for your OwyheeStar girl.


At Home

~ Learning the Ropes


20180614_175047Maelee has been learning a lot; how to go up/down 2-3 steps on the backyard deck, still retrieving, crate training (though she did not like) and potty training (only a couple of pee accidents). Her 1st vet app. is set for tomorrow and should go smoothly; very healthy & full of energy!! Here are a few pics from this evening!

We are so thankful for what you do:)
Breeder Comment

We appreciate families like you. I noticed we started the process in February–so the wait was shorter than it might have been. Nevertheless, it is always seemingly a long time.

People ask the typical waiting time. I think somewhere close to six-months; however, it depends. As I always say, we cannot predict when and if we will get a litter. If the litter arrives, we cannot predict the sex of the pups–sometimes the coat color.  Of course, we cannot guess what the people on the list above you will do either. (Haha)

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


5-Zula Blue X Stackhouse 2018 Wk4-31

The Spring Litter Exit is complete. We are focused on the Longhairs and the future. The folks on the Wait List hope for accurate predictions. Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball? Even a guess is just that–it is not an exact science.

We are working on making a few improvements. We have a new little starter box–we have a little system whereby we need a temporary outdoor housing when the pups are in transition. We hope to replace some of the missing sod–oh those puppy feet. (Haha) Yes, it is the truth. Many pups running on the same path are surprisingly tough on a yard.

This Week on the Blog

We started with the Wild One–the whole thought of a Weimar with that handle makes me smile. Our Email often has requests for a mellow Weimaraner. (OMG) I am not saying it doesn’t happen, but we are talking about the Weimaraner are we not? (Haha) Beyond Benson, we think there was some fun reading about Rylee, Sana, Ruger, Remy and finally the Weim-addicted Spokane family. Are they not just amazing?

Sunday— June 10 — The Wild One (Benson)

Monday–- June 11 — Rylee (At Two)

Tuesday — June 12 — Meet Sana

Wednesday — June 13 — Laundry (and Ruger)

Thursday –- June 14 — Remy (at 6-Months)

Friday — June 15 — Before Summer (In Spokane)

On a very personal note

Before Summer

A Spokane Family

~and their Weims–Part One

Hello OwyheeStar family!!

We’ve been having an eventful spring…well not so much for Max. He’s just chills out.
Lucy got spayed. She had some stitches come loose because she can’t not run, but all is well now.Crane_5998
She still loves to snuggle. Especially in Dad’s chair!Crane_6069
We added to our furry and feathered friends with some baby chickens. Lucy is sooooo curious, but I think it’s because she sees them as a snack. She’s become a bit of a hunter (see below)Crane_6082
Crane_6106So far, she jumps up and grabs birds out of the air, comes home with marmots, finds rabbits on hikes and most recently, a porcupine!!! 😞 (see below) that little lesson cost $300 at the pet emergency! Silly Lucy!


             ~Jeff Melissa Max Lucy and Toby

                     (watch for part two)

Breeder Comment

“Ouch” porcupines are not fair game Miss Lucy. It is just horrid to see you suffer this indignity. Please be careful in the future. (OMG)

Dear Friends — we cannot thank you enough. The years we have shared, the stories, and your continued loyalty we do not take lightly. What else can we say?


My Sidekick

     ~ She has grown a lot since we brought her home

image-13-06-18-10-57Here is a quick update on Remy. She’s doing great and growing up so quickly. She is my little sidekick all day and we love that she is getting the family out on walks every day.

The Dog Park & More

image-13-06-18-10-53I introduced her to a local dog park last week and once she got used to, she really enjoyed being off leash.
She’s a sneaky one, always has her eye on any food on the counter and the squirrels in the backyard tease her daily. She started obedience school this week and is so quick to learn, she really does want to please and I’m sure it will bond us even more. The kids adore her, the daily greeting at the bus stop is the best part of our day. Hope you and Cliff are well!

Breeder Comment

We realize Remy is about six-months-old. It is amazing how they can still be a puppy and look adult. It is great she is getting the socialization and interaction at the classes. Yes, I am certain she is very intelligent.
Thank you, for all you are doing with Remy. We truly appreciate you remembering us!

Laundry And

Our Beloved, Ruger

     ~Celebrates Two Years

20180611_214359Our beloved pup Ruger just turned 2, and it’s been the best 2 years for our family. He adds so much joy and love to our lives! He is such a goofball too!

He loves helping with the laundry…until the squeak of the pantry door. I was folding laundry the other day and he started falling asleep. I snuck off to grab a snack, and who shows up? The kitchen supervisor,  with Jeff’s shirt dangling off his back. He makes us laugh on a daily basis and we are so grateful for him!

Thanks, Shela and Cliff for our little guy! We can’t imagine our lives without him!

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear that Mr. Ruger keeps you laughing–the shirt trick is fabulous. Thanks for sharing that with us. I know everyone who reads the blog, will identify with you and Ruger. The laundry theme is a common thread I believe.

Meet Sana

So It Begins

  ~ Let the Spoiling Commence

Sana is doing great. She is settled and happy. She loves playing in her yard and snuggling. She is an amazing retriever. She is so kind and loving. Dad is thrilled. He said she is going to be his most spoiled dog ever! Lol. Thanks again.

Breeder Comment

We are happy to know Sana is adjusting well–as that she delights everyone. We look forward to hearing about he antics and the story unfolds. Thanks ever so much!


At Two- Years Old

Kerney's Rylee_0343
We have been so blessed by Rylee. Now at 2-years old it just keeps getting better.  Thank you so much for Rylee!
She is absolutely great.  She hunts chucker, swims, enjoys the beach, enjoys other dogs keeps us in shape with walks and is the best playmate and loving dog for our kids.  She is the best Lowe’s project companion.
Just checking in and hope you are doing well!
Out of curiosity how would Rylee do with a brother or sister?
My daughter Abby who came with me to get Rylee still talks about that Blu who went to Alaska.   While she absolutely is Rylee’s big sister she keeps asking if Rylee could have a dog sibling.

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear from you folks. We love that Rylee is versatile and much-loved.

I think many OwyheeStar clients could speak to how Rylee might do with a brother or a sister. While I don’t know exactly the percentage of clients who have two or more Weimaraners, I think you would find it surprising. I am guessing more than 50% of our clients have two or more Weims. They (the Weimaraner) are kind of addicting. Some of you readers could not manage more than one, and we are perfectly fine with that scenario. Nevertheless, some manage to live with and enjoy two-plus Weimaraners. It is not for everyone, though.

Here are a few links to explore. There are quite a few more available. One word though–if you are serious, you would want to get a place locked in on the Wait List sooner, rather than later. Most of our pups are sold long before their paws hit the ground. You probably know that, but many of our returning OwyheeStar’s become concerned about the wait. In the end, we have never known someone who was unhappy once they got their new family member, but waiting is tough. The average wait is 4-6 months; however, anything can happen. Sometimes the luck of the draw (your preferences, what is born, and what other folks above you on the list do produces a quicker result. We cannot predict these things despite what some people believe. (Haha) Anyhow, it is in your best interest to get the new application completed (yes, we need a fresh application even though you are a returning client) and a small deposit to lock in your position on the list.

The Wild One


     ~ Speaks

Mom says at the kennel they call me the wild one. It’s just because when we get to the kennel I run straight into the front door of the kennel and when Mom picks me up, I run from the kennel door into Moms car.

Benson’s Mom

Benson loves playing with other dogs. He is fast, happy, loves to retrieve, and is loveable. To his delight, there are deer and lots of quail in our backyard. He will retrieve into the lake but stops when it gets deep. We will continue working on this. I thank you for Benson, he is a big joy in my life.  Marsha

Breeder Comment

It is good to hear about Benson. Keep working on the water retrieve–you will get him swimming. We love that you love him so much. Thanks for thinking of us.