~Meet Up Again

Saturday we too Andi and Alli (Dahlia X Boone) to get a Titer Test at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital in Nampa, Idaho. As it happens, Sheila and Foster were there for the same thing with Duchess.

So, the three sisters had a moment. Andi has her forever family in Nampa with Nancy and Sam–there will be an update this week. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this short video.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 25, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Our May weather is a bit wet. The Malheur Experiment Station keeps a record of the rain–they say that we had received 1.83 inches of rain so far in May. I am guessing we will add to that number again today.

The rain affects the harvest when it comes to our alfalfa–again, we are glad it wasn’t cut and on the ground when the recent pours arrived. It would not have been an advantageous situation–instead, it might have meant not getting anything marketable. The rain seems to have been most beneficial for the other local crops–everything looks to be doing well.

The most significant thing I think is that school is out–teachers are wrapping up anything last minute thing and escaping for summer vacation. I remember the long summers as a kid–they were great. I always looked forward to getting back to school, though.


The Bernie X Boone 2019 Litter Outside on the Lawn
One Cute Face

We are busy with Bernie’s babies. They are growing and changing. We hope you enjoy this little video.

Meanwhile, we are working on the puppy yards–and as we have mentioned, we are installing some outdoor water lines.

This Week On the Blog…

Bart at OwyheeStar

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

For several weeks we had been looking for the perfect placement for Bart (Atti X Stackhouse) –a Gray Longhair Puppy. His first placement family opted just before the exit to wait for a future Longhair. So, then we needed a new home for him. Yesterday’s blog featured him and his family. He is doing really well.

Sunday— May 19 — Smiling Weims

Monday–-May 20 — Bluebell (Part One)

Tuesday — May 21 — Ace

Wednesday — May 22 — Bluebell (Part Two)

Thursday –- May 23 —  Avalanche Dog (Loki)

Friday — May 24 — Bart

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening continues, but the Gardening girls have not been able to come by recently. There isn’t all that much to do anyhow. We do have a few plants to get in the ground, but all-in-all we have the garden planted.

~It a Maze–holes of various sizes and sorts

Cliff is working on the waterline installation. Not all the digging is Cliff–something else looks to be making another type of hole. I believe this is an active vole tunnel–more bait needed soon–don’t want to use it but nothing else is working.

Other than running a little short on energy, we are doing well.


~A Few Days

Today (May 23rd) Bart is fully recovered from his travels and has come out of his shell.  He has discovered every nook and cranny of his new home and has become quite confident.  Everything he does is now at a hundred miles an hour.  He can jump up on the bed, he kind of slides to get down.  He can hop on and off of the couch. Anything with corners is a “target.”  Bart needs a long play date with Charlie.  We will take him for a walk in our immediate neighborhood this afternoon to burn off some of his energy.  We’ll keep his nose out of everything and wash his feet when we get home.  Bart is going for a walk on the beach tomorrow.  Not off leash yet though.

Everyone thinks Bart is incredibly cute and very handsome.  They didn’t know about Longhair Weims until our postings on FB. 

Bart just started a new indoor game.  Our house is shaped like a U.  On one side there is a long hall.  He walks down this hall to my bathroom then turns around and runs down the hall as fast as he can.  Sometimes he makes a left turn and runs and jumps onto our bed.  Funny stuff.  He needs a walk.  Dan will be home soon so we can take that walk.

He is so smart!  Potty training has been easy because Bart knows which door he has to go through to get to the back yard, no messes into day 3. He is sweet and head strong at the same time.  Very curious about everything!  We love having him in our family & home.  We’ve gone from an old senior to a very young toddler.  We’re going to have to catch up.  We’ll keep you posted.  We all had a good nights sleep last night, no midnight play.


Breeder Comment

We could not be more delighted to hear that Bart is adjusting and getting you trained. Oh, I meant that he is getting trained. (Haha)

Avalanche Dog

~Loki and Erica

Boy did we have a busy winter! Things have finally slowed down enough to email you with an update. Loki had a fantastic ski season– we worked really hard training for avalanche rescue. Though we weren’t quite ready to test for certification at the end of the season, we were very close– and I’m happy with that for an 18 month old Weimaraner 🙂 we will work hard and hopefully be ready to test near the beginning of the next ski season. I will be happy to feel a little more solid on the obedience side– we’re working towards full compliance off the leash, and we’re getting close, but there are just so many interesting distractions sometimes!

Maybe in my next update I’ll send you some footage of our obedience work. Right now, we’re debating how to spend our summer months– I would like to cross-train him on another discipline so we have something to keep us busy during the summer. The key is to find something that won’t confuse the work we do with avalanche rescue. Some avalanche dogs do water work in the summer months, so that’s one option we’re considering. In the meantime, I’m enjoying looking through our pictures from this winter. It was hard to pick just a few… so I sent quite a few… you may have to pick and choose 😉 

Here’s a day in the life of an avalanche dog:

First thing in the morning, it’s important to check all your ropes and boundaries. Loki wants to be sure no one gets lost.

Safe travel skills are important! Here, Loki is practicing with one of the other patrollers, in case one of them ever needs to handle him.

Here, Loki rides with me on the chairlift. This is the main reason for the load-rated harness he wears while working. 

(to be continued…) –Erica

Breeder Comment

We are very happy to receive this update from you and Loki–and especially proud of the two of you. Thanks for all this hard work, you are doing great!


~ Part Two

What a fun first week we’ve all had introducing Bluebell to all the wonders of a yard complete with a ball. Once we got bells on her collar (even though a bit BIG) and could hear her moves, it all went much easier, especially since I forgot the draw of them getting behind the sofa!

Bluebell spent time retrieving and did quite well at it while old girl Bell kept watch as she remembers that ball well but at close to 14 years old seems happy to watch. I get it! Our weather’s been rainy and it doesn’t faze Bluebell one bit, she’s becoming aware of more in her new environment each day and has had her nose to the ground seeking good things…all good Weime traits my husband who grew up with them looks for, his parents took all rescues locally for years, they had Weimaraner’s 3 and 4 at a time. Can’t imagine that many! 

My worries about two dogs at once are gone, it’s all going well, Bluebell seems to of been handled more than I’d imagined or she’s simply very smart, which does happen, Bell is very smart, caring and now we know patient, she’s not got cranky about having a small leaping biting new kid wanting her attention. 

The information packet you filled with great information was truly filled with solid reminders on things I’d forgotten, I touch her toes, stretch her legs, ears, working on command for ‘open’ for her mouth, touch her while she’s chewing her Pig’s Ear, thank you ever so much for including a Pig’s Ear, it was all very helpful. I did her AKC Paperwork and the Microchip activation as you suggested separately with each company, so that should be coming with her new ID tags. Making it easy for me I’ll never forget because I needed it all to be easy, thank’s to your and Cliff’s hard work it happened, thank you both. It shows that you both have been at this a few years.  We wore her out this weekend happily frolicking to and fro, all good, thank’s again, Debbie

Breeder Comment

You might remember Bluebell from Monday’s Blog–click here! We are very fortunate to have another note from Bluebell’s Mama. I don’t know what else to say except, thank you–Debbie.


~ Update from California

Just kept thinking I needed to let you know how Ace was doing. Hopefully you were thinking no news is good news in his case! By the picture, you can see he is indeed alive and well. He still is getting both the Probiotic you recommended and the Nuvet supplements. 

He is growing and putting on a little weight thank goodness! He is currently at about 44 pounds. Still is a little prone to the looser stool towards the end of the day but I think we ALL can live with that. His adult teeth are growing in and we will be checking in with the vet in another month or so to schedule his neutering. All in all a great dog. Not too hyper. Not a barker and has only destroyed a minimal amount of things. Lol! Actually I can’t really think of anything that he actually destroyed. Maybe “diminished” a few things is more accurate.Thank goodness that he is crate trained 😊Hope all is well with you and Cliff.

Your Friends,Dee and Ace🐾

Breeder Comment

He looks to be healthy and happy. Thank you, for remembering us–it is good to hear about little ‘Ace’.


Bell and Bluebell

Thank’s for the info. We’ll get her paperwork taken care of soon.

Bluebell has had her shot, all is well so far, back on schedule, thank’s again for helping with that, I so needed it. She’s gone out on her own to potty twice today, she’s figured out our doggie screen door (long story but it works), slept all night, in her crate at 8pm and awakening at 7 this morning!

Of course she’s snoozing within sight of Bell and I go early when she does and watch movies, seems to be all working out. This morning both dogs had a lovely moment, Bell’s unwilling to warm quickly as Bluebell likes to jump up and outright bite her, but in less than a week, they already are much closer. Being 14 August 29, Bell is very sweet with all that’s going on and adjusting well.

There’s a first week update…our family is doing well with the new addition of Bluebell #8…Thank’s again for all your hard work. Debbie 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Debbie, for the beautiful update. So happy that things are going reasonably well–I mean a tiny pup and the aged girl, it is challenging. But you have this managed.

Here she is a few days before she left OwyheeStar. That face says a lot.

Smiling Weims

~Just for You!

Are you taking my photo Shela?

Not every Weimaraner smiles. Possibly we told Bart to smile pretty for the camera. I don’t remember, but somehow, we got this adorable photo.

Whether the Weim smiles at you, or you at them, it’s all good–don’t you agree?

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 18, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Our summer-like Treasure Valley weather came and went–we have a Western Oregon type of feel–wet. It says we received .37 inches rain yesterday. That is a lot of rain for far Eastern Oregon. (Haha) Today, is more promising; however, the promise soon turns back to rain looking at the ten day forecast.

We were glad that our hay was not cut and laying on the ground when this wetness arrived. It is better to wait than to have it sit wet and to end up needing to be turned so it can dry out, etc. The onions are showing some size. Not that long ago, it was hard to see them at all. Now, they are easily visible as we travel by. It is surprising how quickly the fields begin to fill with lush greenness–well, the onions are never lush. I think that we can agree.


We are busy with Bernie’s babies. They are doing exceedingly well. Bart has found his ‘Forever Home’–Cliff says these folks are getting a Gem. Did I mention that he smiles? We have the two remaining girls that are seventeen weeks old–we have scheduled a titer test on Saturday the 25th. We are anxious to learn the outcome, but we will wait patiently for the results. Possibly one or both of them has found a home here in the Treasure Valley.

The water line project is coming along. The rain isn’t helping a lot–Cliff had to give up because the wetness pouring off on him was too much. Hopefully, he can get that trencher rented on Monday and get the pipe run.

NAVHDA Natural Ability Test which Cliff has been preparing for is probably not going to happen. He feels SnowAngel is not ready. We will pick another time and probably run with a different young girl later this year–possibly Henri. She is showing excellent potential.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

Congratulations Astra –we loved seeing you in your graduation attire.

Sunday— May 12 — Addicted to (the Longhair)

Monday–-May 13 — Astra

Tuesday — May 14 — Emmy

Wednesday — May 15 — OwyheeStar’s Henri (First Swim)

Thursday –- May 16 —  Revelry

Friday — May 17 — Grace (Weimlover at Heart)

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

River is watering and Evangeline is filling the Vole holes

The gardening girls are back–we had a couple of big mornings planting. Not everything is planted–we have a bit left. We plan to do that this morning. I guess if we need something, we will buy it.

Cliff is talking about trim that needs to be finished up. He plans to work on it in between the waterline project as time permits. The list of farmhouse projects (inside and out) is longer than we would like. Nonetheless, when we consider what we have done in three years, we are amazed. We never dreamed that it would require so much, nor that we would love living here as much as we do.


~Weimlover at Heart

Breeder Comment

Dear Reader, you might remember this family–they have three OwyheeStars–Taun, Bacchus, and Bella. Grace is the daughter who flew into Boise to pick up the latest addition (Bella) not so long ago. Now, she is moving out and needs her own Weimaraner. I am hoping we can work something out. Well, read on…

I hope you’re doing well! All of our furry friends are doing fantastic here, they are quite the pack and Bella is growing like a weed! (We think she might end up being bigger than Bacchus haha). I’ve attached a couple pictures of the trio for you. 

I’m actually reaching out because I’m going to be pursuing a PhD at the University of Tennessee starting this fall and I’ll be moving to Knoxville in August. For the first time since I was maybe 8 years old I will be dog-less… I know at this point in my life I don’t have quite enough time to manage a puppy but once I have moved to TN, I would really like to provide a home for an adult dog in need. There are certainly plenty of rescues down south but there is always some uncertainty with a rescue of unknown background… because of this, I wanted to reach out to you and Cliff before making any decisions. I know you find yourselves with dogs in need of a new forever home from time to time and I would love to be considered the next time you have a dog in need. The house I’m moving to is a two-story, three bedroom home, which I am sharing with two other people, one of which has a very friendly, mixed-breed, dog named Maya. The house has a large wood fenced backyard with a dog door. It’s in a sweet little neighborhood very conducive to long walks and there are many great hiking locations in the area which I plan to take full advantage of. The landlord has already approved another dog in the house and I think it would be a great home for him or her. I look forward to hearing from you soon and if you have any questions or information I can provide, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for all you do in breeding and homing these wonderful Weims, I know our family wouldn’t be the same without them! 

All the best,