The Blog, Posts, and Whatnot!

Dear OwyheeStar Faithful,

The Information Age has changed everything. Getting published and putting your story out there for the public has never been easier. The truth of it is startling when you think about how it has changed our world.

Every day we post a blog. That is 365 blogs a year. (Whew) Without our OwyheeStar Weimaraner clients sending us photos and their stories to post we would be lost. In this day, when everyone has their Facebook Page and possibly a blog, many of you share their story without us being in the loop. This self-publishing thing is a reality for us.

We have out OwyheeStar Weimaraner Group–a community where those who have a puppy from us can share their photos and news. They can exchange ideas. People seem to like that–and again, we appreciate your posts. Nevertheless, we depend upon the kindness of others for our blog fodder. It is a lifeline–that makes publishing everyday doable.

From the Archives Indi and Ilsa

A lot of folks are posting their stories — I find some of them on Facebook. Thank you–it means the world to see your OwyheeStar is cherished, celebrated, and an integral part of the family activities. Honestly, I am saddened when I look at a profile that doesn’t contain the Weimaraner. It makes me wonder what has become of the beloved Weimaraner puppy.

If you happened to have a cute story you would be willing to let me share please Email it to me. I will also need a photo. Frequently people send only a few words and some photos. I love them, but filling in the storyline is difficult–essentially impossible. So, let me thank those of you who update us annually or several times a year. I cannot thank you enough. If you have promised an update and not yet sent it, now would be a good time.

How Things Unfold

~A Beautiful Blue Girl

I don’t think these photos require an explanation. That is a perfect scenario for a Sunday when I am behind the curve. (Haha)

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 16, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The pervasive muddy wetness was our biggest issue. In town, the drains failed to keep up causing minor flooding here and there. For the Western Oregon folks that see this much rain as their norm, it must seem odd to read we are challenged by it–nonetheless, we are.

Storms resulting in dangerous driving conditions caused the Interstate to be closed. There are all kind of road closures in Idaho–if you are traveling there is is a mystery how you can get to certain locations. Nonetheless, shortly these travel issues will be forgotten as Spring unfolds in all her glory.


We had some overlapping with the early Spring litters. It has kept us busy. When combined with the muck and mud have been a sizeable challenge. As someone said–there is ideal, and there is what happens. Typically, they don’t look quite the same. In the end, you can maybe only control your attitude and the choices you make in response.

We are focusing on the task at hand–it is the key to everything. Looking a bit ahead, I expect to have many hands onboard this week. Ashley has promised to be here with the two Great-granddaughters in tow. (Hurrah!) There will be squeaks, and shouts of joy–no doubt tears of disappointment in the occasion puppy nip–or if one won’t comply with their wishes. (Haha)

This Week On the Blog…

Sage and Roxy wanting back inside

We are ever so thankful to have material to share on the blog. Week in and week out, it seems someone has something to offer in support.

Sunday— February 10 — Longhair Loves

Monday–-February 11 — Lyle and Mesquite

Tuesday — February 12 — The Ocean

Wednesday — February 13 — Kimber

Thursday –- February 14 —  Parvo Paranoia

Friday — February 15 — Snow Fun

On a very personal note

The week was not kind to us–both Christina and Cliff have had an encounter with the flu bug. Cliff is still feeling weak, but over the initial ravages that came along with the nasty occurrence. So far, I have not been toppled. We are hoping my good fortune continues.

Before the flu arrived, we made it to our grandson’s basketball games–first in Payette and then in Weiser. A win and then a loss respectively for the Ontario Middle School Seventh Graders. Brad’s twice-canceled game (due to road conditions) ended is a loss as well. No surprise as MacHi is at home is a tough venue. Other than our typical work, these were our only diversions. On Valentine’s Day, Cliff went down the first thing that morning.

Snow Fun

~ Roxy Loves it –Sage is a No Go!

Roxie and Sage Waiting at the Door

Sage hates the cold wet snow.  She poops and pees 4 feet from the bottom of the steps then stands at the door and barks! At least she doesn’t pee on the deck.  We’ve had dogs do that when there is snow!

Roxy and Cooper

Cooper is our other than Weim rescue–Roxy’s playmate.

Parvo Paranoia

~ Real or Imagined

Our Client Asked —

Luna not too long before she joined her family.

Is the Parvo virus threat just until they get through their 16 week Titler test? Or is it until they reach a certain age? Just a little unclear what constitutes them being safe for public areas/dog parks etc. If you get the titer test done at 16 weeks it will show if she has immunity to Parvo and if you also have her tested for the Distemper it would also show that. Last time we just tested for the Parvo because Distemper just is not something they are seeing in our area. 

OwyheeStar’s Response

Parvo is a very real risk. Ask any Vet office and they will tell you that the risk is out there, and it is beyond sad when a puppy comes in and they are determined infected. We have never had an OwyheeStar puppy diagnosed with Parvo. Nonetheless, even though nowhere in the Pacific NW is listed as a ‘Hot Spot’ we still need to exercise caution.

I think if you take your puppy for a walk in the neighborhood you should wipe the feet (not let them lick her paws) and make sure they are not investigating a lot of areas where the ground might be infected. In all likelihood, your local neighborhood (if it is a low traffic area) may be fairly safe.

So what do I mean by low traffic? A place less traveled by those with pups. Any area where people are taking random puppies (which might be unknowingly infected). It is understandable that the owner doesn’t yet have a clue. The pups begin shedding the virus long before there is a definitive sign that they are ill. So they are leaving behind the virus everywhere. Of course, they are infecting the ground. But did you know if you viewed this virus under the microscope that one end is barbed–it sticks to clothing, shoes, etc. It is very portable which makes the spread even more commonplace.

More Information

Here are a couple of links that talk about the prevalence of Parvo and how to avoid it—and while it sounds paranoid, you want to socialize the puppy BUT avoid risk.  

Parvo In Puppies

Parvo Virus in Dogs


~We are extra careful

We always leave the pups in the car (when scheduled for the Veterinary Wellness) until the room is ready at the Vet office. It is essential to avoid exposure—to Parvo, Kennel Cough, etc. We never take a young dog that doesn’t have immunity to public places including pet stores (where well-meaning folks might share the virus) such a  Pet Store, Park, Dog Area, or even to socialize at the local Farm Store– etc.

The Vaccine Titer Test

Once the Titer test shows immunity (with a high titer count) you are good to go. We honestly believe if you follow our vaccine protocol you will attain protection. Then by getting the sixteen-week titer test (instead of the typical puppy shot) it is going to allow you to have the freedom to be anywhere. In the meantime though, visit friends homes in a fenced back yard—where pets are vaccinated, etc. Figure out ways to safely socialize your puppy–a hundred different touches in a hundred days would be a good goal. Do what you can–but be safe, my friend.


~ Smart and Playful

Hey there,

Charlie and I just wanted to give you an update on our Kimber girl!

She’s doing amazing. She is so smart and playful. We are really starting to see her personality come through! She also loves the snow. Thanks again for such a great pup.

Hope all is well!-Alix & Charlie

We are happy to hear that Kimber is doing well. It looks like you got the snow, too. (Haha) Thanks for the great pictures and the positive news.

The Ocean

~Willow Makes a Splash

We wanted a water dog & we weren’t disappointed with Willow. She’s definitely claimed Ventura Beach and isn’t afraid to jump in. She’s also an avid ball chaser. She cracks us up with her stealthy fetching skills. At 10 months, she’s grown into a gorgeous Weim, and such a love. We couldn’t be happier with our new baby. 

Breeder Comment

We are glad that Willow didn’t disappoint. We appreciate all the Facebook posts featuring Willow. So, we have known you for a very long time–our connection is through the Weimaraner. First, it was Roxy and now Willow. Thank you–for your loyalty and keeping us updated.

Lyle and Mesquite

~AKA Skeet

Breeder Comment

You might remember Mesquite–she has been on the blog quite frequently. She is a retired Mama who found the perfect Golden Year Placement. Lyle has been faithful to keep us apprised of their journey. Not long ago poor Mesquite had a serious accident–she is alive due to Lyle’s quick response. We cannot thank him enough for the love and all he does for her. Please read on what Lyle had to share with us last week.

A Blue Lady in Waiting

Mesquite waiting for something to come her way!

A beautiful dog.

We are getting snow today!

Later in the Day

Skeet had a ball this morning out in the fresh new snow. She acted like a six-month-old pup.

She has her belly full and is fast asleep.

Longhair Loves

~Someone Who Understands

All the right stuff and kisses, too!

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 9, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The February Fickle weather (as I call it) is a thing. Yesterday, snow arrived. Well, as this kind of thing goes, I hardly think we can call this snow. It is more of a skiff which is windblown to bare spots here, and there. It is hard to believe that a couple of days ago we were running around without a coat–because it seemed like Spring. Of course, we knew it wouldn’t last forever.


We were blessed with little helpers this week. I cannot say what it means, but there is no doubt it makes our process even better. We are thankful for our Granddaughter (Ashley) who takes the time and effort to help us–and this includes her bringing the little ones along–Evangeline and River. Their cute faces and personalities light up any room. The pups adore them.

Below Evangeline holds as many as it was possible.

This Week On the Blog…

Our OwyheeStar faithful know and love Dusty–even if they never met him face-to-face. His genes run through many of the well-known lineages. We started the week honoring his 14th birthday –celebrating all he has brought to our program.

Thank you, Dusty, for being a good sport!

We want to thank Whitney for making such an effort to help us with the Blog– everyone enjoyed her update featuring Winchester in the snow. It was great to hear that Ohren made a move to Florida –and adjusted well. Pepper is off to great start, too!

Sunday— February 3 — Milestone (Dusty @ 14)

Monday–-February 4 — Every Breath You Take

Tuesday — February 5 — Snuggling

Wednesday — February 6 — Pepper

Thursday –- February 7 —  Our Girl

Friday — February 8 — What’s This?

On a very personal note

My friend, Lynda, making a lid for the pet urn she is creating.

There has been little time for anything extra–we have the basketball games, my pottery, and the farm stuff. A lot of what we would like to do is not possible with the winter weather. Cliff has been cutting shop wood–a fire is still a must most days.

Basketball will run almost to the end of February. We try to make all the games possible–sometimes when there are two games we get to both. I won’t get as much pottery made this term. I have needed more time on the homefront–and once I made something, then I have to get back in time to trim. So, a couple of times so far it has meant missing. There are only four more weeks to work–and then this term is done. (OMG)