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The Incredible Goof Ball

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you and Cliff know how much I love River. As you know she is almost 8 months old. She is such an incredible goof ball, I’ve never had a dog as silly as her. She is crazy smart too, she opens doors now, even the doors that swing towards her, she opens those too.

My Name Is River

Hello there, my name is River! This is my favorite place to be in the truck.
She is 100% devoted to me and the family, she is so sweet and affectionate. I truly have never had another dog like her. We are working on her being social still, (with her being sick she didn’t get as much as she needed as a pup) but once she knows a person she is a lovable goof ball with them too. She likes to hop up onto the back of the couch and wave her paw at people so they will come over.

Room For Two

Leaving the dog park, River beat Red into the front seat. Red decided there was still room for a second dog.20881852_2108144782544292_7904834109057875078_n

Thank you, both for breeding such an amazing animal for me and my family.

Breeder Comment

Robert, we are thrilled that you love her so much. When you introduced yourself it was clear you were an extreme dog lover. That goes two ways almost always. It looks as if she is loving life with you. We truly appreciate you being such a great first-time Weim family.

Not so long ago

River Joined Our Family

     ~ So Tiny that there was room for two!


She Loves the Drive Thru

      ~ She has Grown but not outgrown Dutch Bros.

On the close up we were in the drive through for Dutch Bros, we’ve been taking her to the same location since we got her as part of her socialization and now she gets all excited and happy whenever she sees that we are pulling up into their drive through. She is one of the most popular pups there and everyone is always so glad to see her, it probably helps that she gets a nice dog treat from them every time.
Breeder Comment
Thank you, for letting us know that River is doing well. It is great to hear she is so popular too!

So Many Caption Possibilities

This Photo

19260790_10156337223419838_4727383142732298426_nI can relate to these three that are so ready for bed. There are so many captions that could fit this snapshot–maybe you can comment what came to mind. That would be great.

  • Let’s get this show on the road
  • Find a place if you can Mama–don’t disturb us.
  • Are you going to get this bed made so we can call it a day?
  • We need our beauty sleep.

There is no doubt the snapshot speaks. It is a special one. Two Weims and a Kitty–both Weimaraners are Blue. One is a Longhair and the other the traditional smooth coat. Behind the obvious, there is a magical backdrop. If you don’t remember the story, or you missed it, less than two months ago Blue (the smooth coat Blue Weimaraner) joined the family. Click here to get the scoop. Things happen for a reason seems to be the appropriate mantra. What an amazing family (fur and human) to pull all this off during a busy baseball and golf season. Many thanks to Beth and all that made this fairy tale ending possible.


Just Like That

                      We went to Two!



Things Happen For A Reason! If you would’ve asked me one month ago if I wanted another puppy, I would’ve told you-you were crazy and on drugs, but then we met blue. He had been returned to the breeder for reasons that make no sense to me how could you ever give back a baby!!! ALL puppies are work–Weimers a lot of work. But at the end of the day, they have turned into my favorite dogs! Gunner is so happy to have his new friend!! We love Blue!!! I’m so grateful to have the chance to be in the Weimer family with amazing people and great dogs!! Thank you, Nancy, for bringing this loving baby to me!! ~ Beth

Breeder Comment

OwyheeStar received word that the puppy (known as Blue) was not working out. Nancy (Weimlover extraordinaire and NW Playdate host) has experience at doing Weimaraner foster care. We contacted her for assistance in picking up Blue, and she also agreed to keep him until we found a second-chance home. Well, as good fortune would have it there was more than one OwyheeStar vetted applicant. Thanks to Nancy’s intervention and transitional work, Blue has made an excellent adjustment to his new family. Thank you, Beth, for bringing him home too! We are happy that he is a fit.

Gunner loves his new brother. If you want to read about young Gunner–click here! Yes, Gunner is a Blue Longhair.


We are FINALLY all good !!!

Liles Lotte_3899

Mike just got home from Europe an hour ago and they met for the first time. It’s funny to see how I can’t love on one Weim without the other getting right in the middle of it
Tiga and Lotte have a lot of fun together!!!

Debbie’s Bella

Quick Work

Debbie's Bella_20170427_092304779.jpg

She did this within a week of bringing her home I fixed it then last week I caught her doing it again so I figured to avoid injury to her or myself while sleeping LOL to remove the blanket and the cord for some reason it is the only cord she’s chewed on so far. There is an electrical light strip with a bunch of stuff plugged into it and she hasn’t touched it just my blankie.

A Quirk of Hers

Debbie's Bella_20170426_155738292[1]Oh and I forgot she loves to sit on my head to look out the window. This is a picture (LOL)  of her using me for her perch.

What Do You Make of This?

The other day after Bella was done peeing I noticed a mucousy string of discharge is this something I need to take her to the vet for or is there something I can do at home? Thank you for your advice.

Breeder Comment

Debbie, I think this is a yeast infection. Some people like to take them to the Vet and you may want to do that; however, you could try a couple of things to see if it clears up. Here is a list of ideas.

  1. Anytime you have a concern, it is a good idea to take their temperature. Some people are not up for this because you do it rectally; however using a flexible baby thermometer it is not difficult. It is important to have a modern one though with good batteries–fast is preferable for both you and the Weim. It is often a two-person job.
  2. Vetericyn–we use a lot of the Vetericyn Wound Spray. It is amazing stuff and we would never be without it. A little goes a long way. We would spray her private area with this a couple of times a day.
  3. Vinegar and Water–a 50% mixture of cider vinegar and water can be used to clean her privates too! This also fights yeast infections.
  4. Yogurt–a couple of tablespoons of yogurt (with the live cultures) for a snack or with her meal is another good idea.
  5. Probiotics–if you use antibiotics it is always a good idea to use some probiotics to restore healthy bacteria. It will also fight the yeast infection.

More From Debbie

      ~ Levi and Bella 

Debbie's Bella_20170426_195805223Levi and Bella are enjoying their new bed at least it’s new for now. (LOL) Other than the mucus Bella has been perfect. She hasn’t chewed anything except for the electrical cord to my electric blanket. Yes, she did so while it was plugged in, but no worries though. Bella still has straight hair. ( haha )  It is unplugged and put away now.

I am happy to report that other than the couple things I mentioned she’s been doing great. She loves being outside. Well, she dug a couple of holes and she loves playing with Levi. All in all, though she’s doing excellent love her to pieces.

Bella the Beautiful

Enjoying the Moment


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart she’s beautiful. 20170228_060908Here’s a pic of Bella and Levi. We continue to do well and my fur kids make me exceptionally happy. Thank you!

Breeder Comment

Not every update is a minor novel. Some are straightforward and heartfelt comments. I cannot fill in the blanks with a photo only, but for those that are challenged at finding the words—simple works. It is the same with the snapshots. Some of you have a knack. Your photos make you seem as if you are a hobby photographer. Nonetheless, I believe I speak for all of us. We appreciate your update and your efforts—regardless, of your talent as a writer or with the camera. You capture the essence of something we all celebrate. Thank you, Debbie, for letting us know that Bella is much-loved and doing well.