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From The East Coast

     ~Taun and Bacchus

Just wanted to give you an update on the two East Coast pups:
Taun is doing very well; we spend a lot of time hiking in the woods (and removing ticks). The other day we were walking down a back road and Taus suddenly froze and pointed toward the woods.  I figured he was letting me know that there were squirrels out in the woods and urged him on.  He refused to break point and turned to me and gave me this look that said,  “well … ? “   Then he turned back and gave a sudden short lunge towards the woods and up flew a grouse that had been sitting in the roadside leaf litter not more than 4 feet from me ….  He seems a much more accomplished hunter than I am.


Bacchus continues to incorporate himself into every aspect of our lives and Taun has really come around in the last week or so.  They play together a lot now.  I think Taun is trying to instill respect in him now in case he ends up bigger than him.

Killroy Bacchus
Bacchus is quite adapted to time in his crate.   We have one in our bedroom for night time and downstairs for the daytime so he doesn’t feel isolated.
Challenges at this time are really working on the Piranha syndrome; he always needs to be biting or mouthing something.
Laura is working on fetch and recall and he is doing really well unless something in the compost pile catches his eye.
He will still pee in the house at times despite us getting him outside very frequently but he’s pretty well got it.
He excels at untying my shoes from double knots.
All in all, Bacchus has been pretty easy.   He is quite smart and has a very loving demeanor.
Killroy Tug_of_war
Killroy DetenteLaura and I hope you are all doing well and we are looking forward to submitting our next application and deposit in the near future.
Best,  Jon and Laura Kilroy


Our Two Weim Family

     ~in New Hamshire

Kilroy's Bacchus3
Kilroy's Bacchus1We wanted to send you a quick update on Bacchus. He is doing great, and is a total Love! Crate training is going very well. He asks to go out by sitting at door and giving a little whimper to go potty. The recall is pretty excellent–, about 80% coming when called, maybe actually a little better than that.  Taun went into a pretty severe depression first week of bringing Bacchus home. He is slowly coming around and beginning to play.  He’s not thrilled but is realizing he’s here to stay.
I do have one question for you though, Bacchus is a total chow hound, frantic when being fed is pretty much inhaling his food.  I got a slow feeder for him which has done just that, slowed him down.  I feed him 3 times a day with little snackie servings in between.  I guess My question is…..will he outgrow this, or just a wait and see?  Assuming maybe because he was one of the smaller pups he had to try a little harder to get his share.  Just wondering your thoughts…..
Kilroy's Bacchus and Taun2
We couldn’t be happier with this little guy, thank you! ~ Laura and Jon

Breeder Comment

In case you don’t remember there is a story behind Taun and this family. Click here to see his beginning. Since then, through a series of events, he became part of this family–moving across the country to make his new home a long way from his Pacific NW beginning. Here are two more links to bring you up to date, before we talk about the latest chapter which means a becoming a Two Weim family.

Laura made the trip out west to visit family and to pick up Bacchus. She flew into Boise and back to Seattle. Then she boarded a flight to take them home where Bacchus would meet his brother and Jon who anxiously awaited their arrival. By the way, she flew with him on Jet Blue–and gave an excellent recommendation for the airline’s pet-friendly nature.

Finally, we are happy the journey went well, and that Bacchus is settling into his new life. Too bad about Taun’s depression. Nonetheless, soon they will be the best of friends sharing everything–well maybe not dinner.

The Gulping of the food is an issue in this breed. Many cite it as a problem that could lead to bloat. Of course, you want to do everything possible to break Bacchus of eating fast–or inhaling the food. It is a hard thing to change. Who can guess why one does it, and another always picks at the food?  The special bowl (designed to make them eat slower) is a great idea. I would stay vigilant and try to find ways to keep him from being determined to eat quickly. He may also be growing (and hungry). It is hard to know how much to feed a growing pup. Too much can cause gastric issues. Not enough leaves them famished and searching for anything to ingest–even rocks. (Eke) There is no simple solution. Let us know how it goes. We sincerely hope it gets better as he gets through the initial growth spurt. By the time he is four months old, he will look adult-like and yet still be very much a puppy. (Haha) Thank you for taking the time to write and to let us know all is well.


My Life



Don’t you love my  visibility coat ?


Hey you guys!  I just want to let you know how things are going on the other side of the world …
Having a best with my new family.  They have some weird rules like … “out of the kitchen Taun.”  I don’t get that one ‘cause that’s where all the good food is.
Anyway, we’ve settled into a consistent routine with lots of fun stuff mixed in.  It’s Fall now and it is really pretty.
1-Pretty walk[2]
I go out on walks every day, lots of times out in the woods. I have to wear this really LOUD coat now since it’s hunting season but that’s OK since it’s nice and warm.
2-Country road[1]
One thing we never had out West … ticks !!   lots of ticks.   Dad is always looking for them on me.
My family has cats … I didn’t grow up with cats and personally, they look a lot like squirrels to me but they are part of our family so Mom and Dad say I need to get used to them.   Speaking of squirrels, there are a lot of them out here.   Dad says I lose my mind when I see one.


I get to help do chores.

5-Tough Life I like my life out here !

Best to all out West,  Taun and Family.

Gone Right

The More Invested Family

          ~A Move Worth Making

Breeder CommentTaun’s new family is OwyheeStar Vetted, and they await the next (OwyheeStar) fur family members arrival sometime early 2018
Kilroy's Taun_0987

Laura and Taun

Jon Writes-

We now have Taun, a 5-year-old (Topper x Blue) Weimaraner pup. Having him with us floods our life with all the wonderful memories from our beloved Nadja (a former Weimaraner girl whose life was cut way short). Our family returns to life with the Weimaraner at the arrival of Taun. This breed has very distinct personality traits that no other breed we’ve owned or met duplicates. They are not for everyone, but that’s OK.

This joyous happening of Taun joining our family occurred by chance. My wife who is related to Chris was in Oregon visiting her Dad when she met Taun. It turns out, Chris and Freddy are moving, and it was not going to be the best situation for an energetic dog like Taun.

For the joy and the fun of it, Laura took him on a few walks and spent a fair bit of time with him while she was out there. When she was asked if we would be open to bringing Taun home, it didn’t take but a second to decide. We are delighted to have him in our household.

Laura shares (Jon’s significant other) as well as the loving new mom of Taun.

I wanted to introduce myself and say how incredibly wonderful fate sometimes works, i.e., Taking Taun was the bestest decision ever. It feels now as though he’s always been a part of our family.  He settled in nicely–we have added a fair amount of structure from the start, so he knew what to expect from day to day after the big transition.  I love your blog from Taun’s perspective and seems pretty right on.

What I love about Taun:  He’s a family dog, he’s happiest when he can be with any one of us, but he’s ok when no one is home (for short periods of time). He doesn’t appear to have been anxious, seems to nap on any one of his many dog beds. Nevertheless, upon our arrival, he is quick to greet us with his sleepy face. He often sleeps in our daughter’s room, but every so often he sleeps in our room.  He just likes to be near one of us when we’re home.  He may never be an off-leash dog, but when we move to the bigger farm we will work on that, as for now, he walks every morning and evening (round trip 2.2 miles twice daily) to the barn to take care of horses.  He’s an awesome communicator as far as needing to go out and when we’re behind schedule with breakfast/dinner.  He has an abundance of enduring expressions, as Weim’s do!

Kilroy's Taun_2585

Barn dog riding shotgun in the golf cart on way to feed lunch hay to horses

On the walk to the barn this morning Jon and I discussed the new puppy, and although it’s hard not to jump right in, we want to be settled into the new property and to have more time to devote to the needs of a new brother……Hence, Jon’s and I discussed when/who that happens.  Jon filled in application male or female but I think we’d prefer another male, boys will be boys, and I’m also opting for another Blue.  I had never seen a Blue till I met Taun and I/we do love his coloring, so if that’s

I understand that Tauns parents have been retired, but something akin to those personality traits is what we are looking for.

Kilroy's Taun Helping Dad Work1

Taun keeping Jon company while he works at the computer.

Thank you for what you do, bringing wonderful Weim’s into the world and look forward to working with you toward expanding our family.


A Few comments about our Nadja

We had a Weim a few years back that broke our heart. Nadja had the extreme misfortune to develop severe degenerative disc disease at an early age. By the age of 5, she had deteriorated to the point that she was in severe pain and essentially paralyzed in her back end. I made the decision to put her down, and it was one of the bleakest days of my life. I had raised her from a poop-covered pup, and she was a very special dog. She never needed a leash except for her own safety. We could be anywhere, and all I had to say was, “Nadja, come.” and she would race to my left side and sit waiting for me to say, “OK,” before bounding off again. The loss was heartbreaking, but we could not continue on without a Weimaraner or two forever. We will never forget our Nadja.

Breeder Comment

It has been a while since we received these emailed tidbits about Taun. He continues to settle into his new life and family. He has an ever-expanding role. Here are two more photos of him that speak volumes.


Kilroy's Taun Tractor1

Taun is now ‘The Tractor Operator’


Kilroy's Taun Study Budy

 Taun is such a part of our family now and so settled in.  
Grace’s study buddy



Moved to North Carolina



What an amazing companion. He was a trooper during the cross country trip. He spent more time in my lap than in the back seat. Always sweet, attentive, and loving. He is my teacher.

Not So Long Ago


We were living in Western Oregon. I was picking a stick to take with me to North Carolina. As you can see, we made the trip. We have bought a beautiful home –peaceful and all Mom hoped.

We are settled in, and we are awaiting the arrival of dad and the human kids. Mom has been busy making this ready for their arrival and I think she has us covered.

I am adjusted and ready for the next chapter. Life with this family is one adventure after another. I have a good job here. There is the exercise –Mom and I hike, run, and play. Then there is hugs and sweet sharing we do.

Waiting is nearly Over


The school year comes to an end and that signals they will be coming soon. “Woof!”

Pampered Life

I’ll Pack this Oregon Stick MamaBeorn25561_n-2

Our Amazing Beorn

I know it’s been a while since I wrote you about Beorn and his pampered life 🙂  He is such an angel and so very dear to our hearts.  He has developed into such an amazing part of our family!

 Relocation and Change

We are getting ready to move across the country, to North Carolina. I am venturing back to my roots in the South and attempting to develop a more simple way of life for the family.  We will be purchasing some land in the county there with the hopes of starting a small homestead. I will be working at a therapeutic boarding school in the DuPont Forest with the opportunity to bring Beorn to work.  I’m sure he will love the wilderness environment. Beorn and I will be moving first to be the scouts for the rest of the family.  I am so grateful that he will be my companion; I couldn’t imagine not having my best friend with me on this adventure.  The kids and Alex will come along this summer, following the school year.


It’s been in the front of my mind how sensitive Beorn is to big changes.  I’ve worked with my family in Tennessee to be available to help us during the transition.  What a blessing they are going to be so much closer!


Thank you for everything, especially Beorn.  I am grateful for the hard work and dedication that y’all put into the Weim–an amazing gift to the world.

Best wishes and good luck in all you do!

The Summer of 2014

Greetings from Beorn’s Family!

I hope the summer has been a fun and fulfilling time for everyone at Owyheestar! It’s been a busy and eventful summer for us.

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We celebrated Beorn’s 2nd birthday this past weekend. He has really loved being on the water this summer, so we took him out for a kayak trip for his party. Beorn’s favorite place on the boat is on the front so he  an see everything that’s going on. Other passers-by are usually shocked, thrilled, and elated at this regal post. We’ve stopped our paddling a few times to pose for photo ops!Beorn Summer 2014-8

Being on the water has been an important task for Beorn in exercising patience. There are times when he just gets too excited about bubbles, ducks, or getting into Alex’s boat, that he’ll jump off into the water with no fear. He is always wearing life jacket, but his swimming is much improved this year. His instincts to track and point at birds, otters, and other wildlife are very sharp, even though we’ve never fostered this or actually do any hunting.

Mostly, Beorn loves being with his family. When Alex and I are on seperate boats Beorn can get a little anxious about who’s boat to be on. As long as he can see everyone he’s ok.

He is a wonderful greeter when I get home from work after a long 12 hour day. I will be transfering to a clinic closer to home soon, so my days will be getting shorter! Beorn is like a timekeeper for us. He will sit at the window and wait when he knows it’s time for me ro be there. He does the same for the kids when they are on their school schedule!  One smart cookie 🙂

We are still running, but we took a break for about two months due to an injury I sustained. Beorn still needed his running time so he became an expert at fetch and playing tag with the kids at the neighborhood park. We are back to running about three days a week, 7-10 miles total. Beorn is at his happiest when running. He enjoys nature and stopping to smell all the smells. He is way faster than I’ll ever be. This is one of our activities that has helped us bond tremendously.  Running off leash can be tricky depending who else in in the woods. Beorn does great most of the time, but I’ve learned that I have to be more worried about other dogs and protecting him.

As always Beorn is a big snuggler and lover. We have enjoyed watching his personality develop over the last two years! He’s quirky, silly, sneaky, smart, and sometimes even serious. Here’s to many more years together!

Best wishes for you and your family, and every Weimlover out there…….

Life with Beorn

Hi Shela and Cliff,

I’ve been meaning to write, actually for some time now, to give you a big howdy and update on Beorn! 

20140329_182211First, all of us here at the Maines house would like to say that we love reading the blog everyday.  It is such a useful tool, a source of humor, helpful hints, and most of all reminders.  It has really helped us through having Beorn in our lives.  Sometimes we ask ourselves, are we crazy? Then, we read up on the blog and re-read some older topics and we realize that no, we are not crazy, we are Weim Crazy!  So, sincerely, thank you for all the work that y’all put into the blog.  It’s great.

Growing into paws and ears

Beorn is still growing into his paws and ears.  He’s a big boy, at least for us.  It’s hard to believe that he will be 2 years old this summer.  He has developed some interesting habits over our time together.  We realize, and often remind ourselves, that they are a collaborative effort.  We have ‘spoiled’ Beorn, some would say.  He sleeps in our bed, we cook half of all his food every day, he gets his teeth brushed, nails clipped, and baths regularly (which are his favorite!).  We take him most places with us and he likes to ride shotgun.  If a place is not dog friendly, it’s likely you would never see us there.  For us, these seem like small tokens of love and gratitude for him since he has brought so much love to our lives.  He is a handful and at times we can become frustrated with him.  It’s honestly not unlike raising our other two children.  We have learned that we have to take a step back and look at these frustrating situations critically to find solutions.

We are back on track

Leash training got off to a great start and then we got lazy about it.  It was a great reminder that having a loose lead with a flat collar is the goal.  We have been working on this again.  Beorn just cuts those eyes at us and lets us know what he thinks about that! LOL.  He has tons of personality and is highly intelligent.  He outsmarts us all the time!  He will ask to go outside only to get us off the couch so he can steal his favorite seat.  We love to travel and Beorn does too.  It’s been important for him to learn to be comfortable in unfamiliar situations.  He is very attached to me and does experience some mild anxiety (mostly whining and waiting for me to return or trying to sniff me out in the neighborhood).  Thankfully, Alex is home with him everyday while I’m at work.  I’ll be traveling back east next month and will be gone for about a week.  It will be a big test for us all!  We have noticed that he has a different relationship with each of us, even our cats. One thing that has remained consistent about Beorn is that he is such a little lover, eager to please.

Can I get under your skin?

Things Beorn loves- He loves to snuggle and be close to us.  He loves getting under blankets and sleeping.  Toys, toys, and more toys!  He is the happiest when he is stimulated and playing, learning, or solving problems.  JW has been a go-to for us for toys.  They last and they are interactive.  Chuck-it products are also great.  Beorn loves to retrieve and can usually outlast my arm with this game.He has a variety of antlers and buffalo horns that keep him busy.  But, there’s nothing like his snuggle toys. He has a sheep wool that is his absolute favorite.  He even thinks that the cat toys are for him and he’s tried to recently climb in our cat tree!  He loves boiled chicken and fresh chopped veggies/fruit.  We spend a lot of time preparing his food each day and don’t mind doing it since it brings him delight.  He is also still digging his usual kibble.  Squirrel tracking is a new game he plays outside.  He can usually sniff them out and will bark and jump on the tree they are in. He also digs up their treasures they bury, like peanuts.  Beorn loves water and is starting to be more comfortable with swimming.  Our plan is to get a tandem kayak this spring and have a seat for him so he can travel on the water.  We have found Sandy Delta Park, just outside Portland, to be a new weekend favorite place to visit. It’s a huge off leash ‘dog park.’  It is more like a off leash wilderness with several different hiking trails.  His best friend is a neighbor’s dog, a St. Bernard.  They love to romp and play until they both collapse.  They have regular play dates.  When they are together they pay no attention to other dogs, it is a true BFF situation 🙂

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The future..

We talk a lot about our next Weim and when would be the best time to add another to our family.  This, it seems, can be tricky.  When the time is right I guess is the answer.  One thing is for sure, we are truly enjoying Beorn in our life.  Challenges and struggles help us grow and make the sweet moments even sweeter.

Thanks for all the support and work that y’all do!  

Beorn’s Family


Beorn the Wonder Dog

Happy Autumn to you and all there at Owyheestar!

20130919_192803I want to give you an update on Beorn, the wonder dog.  I would’ve written sooner, but it’s been a busy start to the season for us all.

Remember he got Giardia

20130819_163209Beorn is thankfully giardia free!  We recently got his six week check back all clean.  We started giving him the fast track microbial powder daily and have noticed a significant difference.  He has had no digestion issues since we started this regimen.  I’m glad we tried this before switching his food.  Beorn still likes to eat grass occasionally, but nothing like before.

Breeder’s Note: Giardia is common in the Pacific Northwest, and some Weimaraners seem to be more prone to getting it than others. It has other names, including Beaver Fever. Like all parasites, it is opportunistic. Even a bird can track this one-celled protozoa in a puddle of water, and under the right conditions it can multiply quickly. We all know that any self-respecting Weimaraner prefers puddle water to filtered or fresh water. A cyst can be picked up on a foot and ingested, and take off like a wildfire in the Weim’s gut. The havoc of this parasite’s visit is soon evident–loose stools are the first. Not every loose elimination is a cause for concern. Blood, mucous, and (or) extremely watery stools, are indicators that you should take a fecal sample to be checked.

Beorn Celebrated his first birthday!

We recently celebrated his first birthday in August.  He is still growing, almost up to 75 lbs now! We noticed a lot reflecting on how he has changed our family over the last year.  Our house is cleaner (mostly to avoid any incidents with Beorn ingesting /eating things he shouldn’t).  We are all buying more socks and underwear and learning to pick them up and put them where he can’t reach them.  They’re his favorite.  We have learned to be better communicators and coordinators.  As a family, we are healthier.  We take more walks and do more active things than last year.20130821_142742

He is so many things to us…

He’s a great companion, nurse, friend, and co-pilot.  He is quirky, goofy, and clumsy.  Most of our friends think he’s a spaz because he is excitable in new situations or with new people, but he’s getting better at this with time.  He would be a great hunter, if we did that.  He is keen on squirrels, chipmunks, and neighborhood cats.  He will tree a squirrel and wag his body, all proud 🙂

Anyway, we love our Beorn.  Glad we found each other.  We are hopeful for many years to come with great health.

Best wishes to you and yours there at Owyheestar.

Featured Weimaraner — Beorn

20130524_160256We just wanted to send this lovely picture of our Beorn. He is getting so big! A “show stopper” we say. People even stop their cars in the street to ask about him.
We love all the joy he had brought to our family. Many thanks to you and Owyeestar!

~The Maines Family