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Grace & Bella Rae

              “Shela and Cliff — I made it to New Hampshire”

After a flight recovery day(flight went smooth and easy, no issues) everyone tired but now settling into day to day….Grace and Bella Rae are totally bonded❤️

Breeder Comment

You might remember that yesterday’s blog featured Roger and CW–they flew to Salt Lake City. Yes, we get quite a few folks that fly with their Weimaraner puppy. Nonetheless, it is getting more difficult to make these kinds of flights happen. Smaller planes and different carry-on criteria are the reason it is not as easy as it once was. Nonetheless, here are two families who were able to pull it off.

Why fly, you might ask. Well–in many cases, it is the best option. A road trip is not always in the best interest of the puppy. Nor, is it in many cases the best way to start–get the routine going to ensure you are on the right track. The road trip means you have the concern of where to potty your puppy–it is essential to be extremely careful. Parvo has most likely infected every roadside potty area–read up on this dreadful situation, and you will agree. Being very careful is essential. Every year, more pups are lost to this disease than you can imagine. I hold my breath as I write we have never lost an OwyheeStar to Parvo. We want to keep this way.

Another perk with the carry-on experience might not be as evident. People who fly must get their puppy to settle in the travel bag. If you can teach a puppy to settle–you can teach them anything. It is also a great time to bond. There is something about the travel experience of this sort–it sets you up for an extraordinary transition.

Before Summer

A Spokane Family

~and their Weims–Part One

Hello OwyheeStar family!!

We’ve been having an eventful spring…well not so much for Max. He’s just chills out.
Lucy got spayed. She had some stitches come loose because she can’t not run, but all is well now.Crane_5998
She still loves to snuggle. Especially in Dad’s chair!Crane_6069
We added to our furry and feathered friends with some baby chickens. Lucy is sooooo curious, but I think it’s because she sees them as a snack. She’s become a bit of a hunter (see below)Crane_6082
Crane_6106So far, she jumps up and grabs birds out of the air, comes home with marmots, finds rabbits on hikes and most recently, a porcupine!!! 😞 (see below) that little lesson cost $300 at the pet emergency! Silly Lucy!


             ~Jeff Melissa Max Lucy and Toby

                     (watch for part two)

Breeder Comment

“Ouch” porcupines are not fair game Miss Lucy. It is just horrid to see you suffer this indignity. Please be careful in the future. (OMG)

Dear Friends — we cannot thank you enough. The years we have shared, the stories, and your continued loyalty we do not take lightly. What else can we say?

Toby Reports

IMG_4985Hi guys! Toby here!
I’m sorry it’s been a long time since I checked in, but I’ve been having so much fun, I lost track of the time!

Lucy and I get to go play in the snow most days. We love it when we can run to our heart’s content!

Don’t worry about my big ears, they never get in my way when I’m having fun!
Did you know we can smell deer tracks through the snow!!!
I get to hang out in the shop sometimes…if I’m a good boy and don’t chew on the “good wood”…whatever that means, it’s all good to me! Max just hangs out. He’s boring.
You don’t have to worry, I always have someone to snuggle with. Lucy takes good care of me. She loves to lick my ears and belly!
I’m up to 38lbs now. Mom says that means I’m a big boy!!
Not as big as Max, though. He used to be 85lb but since he’s boring now, he’s only 79lb. He still loves the snow though!
We had a great Christmas! Santa brought us toys and treats for being good pups!
Santa doesn’t know about some of the mischievous things we do, so don’t tell him!
There are lots of deer here. Lucy loves to chase them but I’d rather stay close to mom. We watch them out the window a lot.
And when we go on hikes, Lucy finds their trails and brings home good things to chew on!
I’m very easy going. I love my tummy to be rubbed or licked by Lucy. She’s always “mothering” me.
We hope you guys are well and will have good litters of pups this year.
Until next time…Love,
Toby (and Lucy, Max, Jeff , and Melissa)

Big Ears

Happy December!

IMG_4582We’ve had a busy month. Toby is doing well. He has the biggest ears! Every time he drinks, they get dipped in the water and a drippy trail is left in his wake.


He’s so very cuddly, which we love!! We get a lot of good cuddle time in around here, as you can see. Max, Lucy and Toby can often be found snuggling together and Lucy and Toby are a crazy whirlwind of play when they aren’t snuggling and Max is very happy to be left out of the chaos!

Toby has retrieved the ball naturally without instruction inside, but outside he chases and then leaves it for other more “sniffable” things.
Lucy is definitely the bossy older sister! She has issues with sharing toys and attention. We’re trying to teach her that everyone gets a turn playing fetch and getting hugs and kisses. She absolutely adores Toby and is constantly sharing all of her habits, good and bad haha. She plays a bit hard with Toby. Nevertheless, Lucy is the first to check on him, clean him up. He is hers. Always down for a game of tug-of-war, chase or property line inspection (weims are really Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. “Always testing the fence,” both literally and otherwise).

As always, thanks for providing such amazing family members!!

Breeder Comment

Our hearts are filled with news of Toby doing well. Sliding into a family with a resident female and the Old Man Max (a rescue you graciously acquired) could have been challenging. Nevertheless, you and Toby, are thriving. It is so grand to hear. We feel you did the right thing moving from the female to a male. Sometimes two females can struggle to take control of the environment. Most people work it out; however, this scenario tends to be smoother sailing.

Our relationship spans two-decades. We so appreciate your loyalty. I believe Toby is the fourth OwyheeStar. There might have been another one or two connected to you–possibly someone closely related. Over time, it becomes hard to remember all the details.

Our applicants come from nearly everywhere. Repeats or referrals from OwyheeStar loyals comprise a significant percentage. We are blessed.

The retrieving indoor and outdoor will prove vital. This skill becomes even more critical as you move forward. Some Weims who can retrieve but choose to do otherwise. They will let another dog do the work. They will just ignore the ball–or whatever. They would rather play keep-away. Absconding with the toy seems fun and most humans just laugh at the antics. We suggest that despite the fun, you make every effort to get them bringing the find to your hand. It is worth the trouble. Sometimes it requires a check cord attached to the Weim, and you reel them in and praise them for the retrieve as if they came on their own. Other times, an enticing reward or praise will do the trick. Whatever it takes, our recommendation is to ingrain the love of the retrieve. It is useful on so many levels–getting them in the water, hunting, and much more. A tool (skill) every Weim should sport.


At Home With Three

Crane's Three priorities.jpeg

Well…you can tell who’s a priority in this household! Lol #weimlove

Previously in Liberty Lake, WA

    ~October 28, 2017

Crane's Toby1

We made it home safely (humans exhausted, dogs ready to play). It was an uneventful trip. Toby slept most of the way in Jeff’s arms. Lucy is just beside herself that we would get her a real, live puppy! She can’t wait until Toby can play at her level. Max…he’s indifferent and glad to let the youngins do the playing and let him rest.
As usual, we’re in love with another OwyheeStar puppy!!! Thank you for all the love and hard work that went into making Toby!
Love Melissa and Jeff

Breeder Comment

It is so great that your Old Man Max (the rescue) has adjusted first to Lucy, and now to Toby. Seeing him there with the new kid on the sofa speaks volumes. It takes a bit of knack to incorporate three Weims into the household. Of course, nothing but the furniture and prime location for the celebrated family members in this house.

Thank you, for being a part of the OwyheeStar extended family. We appreciate your loyalty and ongoing friendship.

Not Happening

Choose Your Alternate


Pacific Northwest Friends tend to favor the Seattle Seahawks. They have been amazing. Despite obstacles they gave it a good run; however, they were not found to be Superbowl bound.

Hoping for a Miracle

Game day at Mike and Monica’s on Camino Island

before the Atlanta loss

The above photo was taken a few weeks ago before the Seahawks lost the battle. Hemi, of course, is in front. She is 13.5 and pretty lumpy but doing pretty good. Zoey is in the blue shirt and Magnum is wearing the other. Love your blog. Michael and I read it every day. Thanks again for our wonderful fur babies.


Inauguration Day

This week has been a tough one. All the talk of loss. The grief and the concern that one day our beloved Weimaraner will leave us. It is not something to dwell on. I think you can agree. Americans are spending today concerned about one of three or four things. Here are three big ones for today.

  1. The Inauguration — they are feeling one of three things. Pro, Con or they could care less.
  2. The Football season — It is coming to an end. Some of us in the Northwest have had to lick our wounds. Others are looking forward to the Super Bowl.
  3. The Weather — It is always a hot topic. No one expected so much snow to arrive in the Treasure Valley.
  4. A myriad of other choices could be listed here. A personal trial you or your loved ones are facing. A distraction–such as Basketball.

Personally, we choose to dodge the naysayers and doom spell being spewed around. Life if short. We can either make the best of what it brings, or we can be caught up in a storm. So, after a rough week on the blog, we come to Trump’s Inauguration. We sincerely wish for the best.

Something We Can Agree Upon

We have this lovely news from our friends on Camino Island. It arrived yesterday. Three positive things in their life.

img_4481Game day at the Waite’s. This was taken a few weeks ago before the Seahawks lost the battle. Hemi (of course) is in front. She is 13.5 and pretty lumpy but doing pretty good. Zoey is in the blue shirt, and Magnum is wearing the other. Love your blog. Michael and I read it every day. Thanks again for our wonderful fur babies.

~Mike and Monica


Featured Weimaraner — Magnum

Magnum Pillow

Every Weimaraner Needs a Job!

As you can see, I serve as a pillow at times. I also function as a seat warmer (in the house and the truck). Who needs a GPS when they have me in the passenger seat?

Two look-alike girls were spotted driving a rig that looked a lot like something that was parked off street at their house.

Two look-alike girls were spotted driving a rig that looked a lot like something that was parked off street at their house.








Passenger Seat Weimar

Of course, this (using of the passenger seat) is only necessary because Dad won’t let me drive.) I saw Ilsa and Indy went out for a spin, and felt a little underprivileged. 

I wear many different hats…

I have a full-time job keeping my two Weimar sisters (Hemi and Sophie) in line. Then there are the guys who hangout with dad. They are guys of a special sort. I am not supposed to eat hamburgers and hot-dogs, or even a lot of other people-food. Uhhhh, they told me why, but it completely slipped behind my left ear. Or was it my right ear. Well, it slipped out of the forefront of my thoughts.

Mike and Turbo Demonstrate why pets are safer on Camino Island

Mike and Turbo Demonstrate why pets are safer on Camino Island


When Turbo went over the rainbow bridge, Dad needed a new sidekick. I am he! Nonetheless, there are so many things that Turbo did. Some of these things I have been informed I can skip–such as eating an artificial tree limb and needing surgery. However, working as a firehouse dog, is one of my important jobs. I have to be well-behaved, friendly, and keep secrets. I have this covered!

Mike wrote (05/12/2013): Magnum is doing great…

Growing well, maybe too well–I’m thinking he is going to be our biggest Weim yet.

Breeder’s Note: Magnum’s parents are Millee (who weighs about 50 Lbs) and Stackhouse (who tops the scales at about 85 Lbs). Predicting the Weim’s final adult size is tricky.

Whatcha gonna do Cliff?

Whatcha gonna do Cliff?

We have Bernie (a longhair female from the same litter as Magnum). She seems to be smaller, which is normal for a female. However, it remains to be seen how large either of these two litter-mates will grow. It should be noted that slow growth is very important for the large breed Weimaraner puppy.

Cliff recommends a High Quality Large Breed Puppy Chow for the Weimaraner (4-5 Star)

Never feed your Weimaraner puppy regular puppy chow. This puppy chow is designed to encourage puppy-growth which is great for the small-breed pups. Like so many topics, there is a difference of opinion on whether to use large breed puppy chow, or regular adult dog food.

Wuz that a birdy??? Where'd it go Cliff????

Wuz that a birdy??? Where’d it go Cliff????

Treats count, and add up at the end of the day!

Cliff believes the grain-free large breed puppy chow is going to serve the Weimaraner better than most other choices. It is important to remember treats are counted as part of the diet, just as our snacks add up as well.