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20180905_082237This sad looking “stinky” Weim learned a valid lesson this morning. If you roll in aged deer poo you get a bath. No luxury of warm water as she was not allowed in the house so bath was cold water from the hose. We shall see if she remembers the lesson😊20180905_082302

Breeder Comment

I guess your Mama doesn’t appreciate ‘Deer Pooh Perfume.’ We are so happy for you Zula Blue (now known more affectionately as ‘ZooBoo’. What a good life you have my pretty girl.


My Life



Don’t you love my  visibility coat ?


Hey you guys!  I just want to let you know how things are going on the other side of the world …
Having a best with my new family.  They have some weird rules like … “out of the kitchen Taun.”  I don’t get that one ‘cause that’s where all the good food is.
Anyway, we’ve settled into a consistent routine with lots of fun stuff mixed in.  It’s Fall now and it is really pretty.
1-Pretty walk[2]
I go out on walks every day, lots of times out in the woods. I have to wear this really LOUD coat now since it’s hunting season but that’s OK since it’s nice and warm.
2-Country road[1]
One thing we never had out West … ticks !!   lots of ticks.   Dad is always looking for them on me.
My family has cats … I didn’t grow up with cats and personally, they look a lot like squirrels to me but they are part of our family so Mom and Dad say I need to get used to them.   Speaking of squirrels, there are a lot of them out here.   Dad says I lose my mind when I see one.


I get to help do chores.

5-Tough Life I like my life out here !

Best to all out West,  Taun and Family.


At Home With Three

Crane's Three priorities.jpeg

Well…you can tell who’s a priority in this household! Lol #weimlove

Previously in Liberty Lake, WA

    ~October 28, 2017

Crane's Toby1

We made it home safely (humans exhausted, dogs ready to play). It was an uneventful trip. Toby slept most of the way in Jeff’s arms. Lucy is just beside herself that we would get her a real, live puppy! She can’t wait until Toby can play at her level. Max…he’s indifferent and glad to let the youngins do the playing and let him rest.
As usual, we’re in love with another OwyheeStar puppy!!! Thank you for all the love and hard work that went into making Toby!
Love Melissa and Jeff

Breeder Comment

It is so great that your Old Man Max (the rescue) has adjusted first to Lucy, and now to Toby. Seeing him there with the new kid on the sofa speaks volumes. It takes a bit of knack to incorporate three Weims into the household. Of course, nothing but the furniture and prime location for the celebrated family members in this house.

Thank you, for being a part of the OwyheeStar extended family. We appreciate your loyalty and ongoing friendship.


Raider Wants You to Wake Up!

When grandma babysits, and Raider loves to snuggle. All goes well until she wants her baby to wake up—at least Raider wants to show her some intense pressing love.

How We Spent Easter

Day of Rest

17992317_1301969653186338_5810763892627142803_nWe have to get our beauty rest. We share our bed with our humans. It is vitally important that we have a good bed and plenty of room to stretch out.

Later (Emma and Alice)

A little sunshine and more comfort. Sometimes it is musical chairs we play.

Breeder Comment

Clearly, the weather is beautiful in this photo too! Cheryl reports these two girls are the best of friends and sisters. What more could we ask?

Three sleeping Dogs

It kinda looks that way…20150524_143421

Thought you might enjoy this pic from Memorial Day weekend camping trip!  I took a little snooze with my pups! 🙂

Perplexing Revelations

Who Knew??

I would have NEVER thought my strict husband would have ever let an animal on the bed, much less the main part of the house. Well, he immediately started letting Ozzy, our OwyheeStar boy, onto the furniture and the bed. When Quinn was rescued, she was immediately allowed on all furniture, as well. Now, Ozzie NEVER leaves hair anywhere. He has a short velvety fur that is almost barely there.

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Quinn on the other hand, IS a shedder. A little longer than eyelash length with her, and I attribute this to her being a product of Alaskan breeding (this is where the breeder that she was purchased from was located,) She leaves her inch long hair ALL over my light colored coverlet and sheets. BUT, I could never imagine not letting her sleep on the bed, waking me up every hour as she wakes up and gets up to re-adjust her positioning by shaking her head and clanking her tags and flopping her ears vigorously, then making at least 4 turns before plopping down shaking everyone before going to sleep again. Ozzy prefers to stay in curled up in a BALL right in between my husband and me and makes sure we are both right on the edge of the bed with very little covers. I am sending you pictures, Shela, so feel free to post. 🙂

Breeder’s Note: Quinn’s coat length begs the question whether she is a smooth-coat or not. Please check out the information on the Stockhaar-click here.