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Gabriel began her life (on February 28, 2012) at OwyheeStar. She was one of seven pups born to Livee’s litter (which was sired by OwyheeStar’s Once In A Blue Moon). Some of her littermates have made an OwyheeStar Blog News appearance; none more than the amazing Maizie. There are some other pups from the same parents; however, they were born a year later. Possibly, the most famous of these lives in Idaho (Charlie Blue). Gabriel was the first blue to arrive in Russia. She traveled via courier and arrived safely. Of course, there was a huge adjustment period after the relocation. Nevertheless, she came through and shines bright. The judges like her beauty and conformation. Two participations and two positive outcomes. You can read more on Igor’s website (click here )!

We look forward to hearing more about Gabriel and her successful offspring– The Blue Girl O’Hara which netted the BJB (Best of Junior Breed).


Useful abbreviations


CW – Class Winner

CAC ( National Dog Show  Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat. Your dog will need 1-6 CAC certificates to become a National Champion. The number depends on the country of issue.

CACIB ( International Dog Show) Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beaute. Your dog will need 2-3 CACIB certificates which are highly compatible in order to become and International CH.

BOB – Best of Breed

BIS – Best in Show



Weims in a Tree

This Story is For Real!

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Ginger, Ilsa, and Indi up the Tree

Just when you thought you didn’t have anything new to worry about along comes tree climbing Weims. We suspect they got the idea from the Internet. After all, it is the Information Age. They suggested a trip to Morroco; however, the Oregon Coast provided ample opportunity to practice their skill. Check out the tree-climbing goats. They are an Internet sensation.

Ilsa and Indi 

They are a dynamic duo — sisters. One was a rescue that joined the family later, but both are cemented firmly into the Western Oregon family life. They have been featured many times on the OwyheeStar News Blog. You won’t want to check out these cute photos of the girls doing their thing.

Weimaraner Markings


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The official status of Weim markings is not applicable. Nonetheless, there are many coat variations in the breed. This marking; however, is quite possibly one of the most adorable. Check out the other kinds of coat variation by clicking here!

Luna Quirks

So Luna has some fun as well as some quirky things she does! When I leave home,  I give her a treat. She doesn’t eat her treat until I get home! I am not sure if she’s punishing me or if she is on a hunger strike!

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Luna is crazy good at figuring out how to get through and (or) around a fence. It is incredible how she knows where all the gates are located. Therefore, if she needs to get through a fence (to find me of course!), she systematically checks all the gates.
She has also learned that most good things start with the phrase “Do you …” “Do you want a treat? Do you want to play ball? Do you want to go out? Do you want to go?” Yesterday I was driving to town and was singing to a song called “What DO YOU mean” Luna stood up looked me right in the face “Yes I do!” I love this dog! ☺️
I have attached a few photos including her “do you” face

First Snow

Shiny meets Snow

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Winter adventures may include snow as well as the Weimaraner. Some of the updates have had the greatest photos captured encased in the winter wonderland. Nonetheless, the first snow experience is unique. It will only happen once. Here is Shiny (this week) in the mountains of Colorado seeing his first snow. Let the adventure begin. There is more to come Shiny!


Let’s Celebrate!12033175_10204250919027208_5166849377019633282_n

Yesterday was this crazy pup’s birthday. She finally made it to a year old (I had my doubts). I can not believe that it was a year ago we got a call from OwyheeStar Weimaraners (Shela and Cliff Nielsen), and we started the process of bringing Lexi home with us. Who knew she would become as important to us as some people’s kids are? ( lol) We could not have asked for a better pal than Lexi. We love this crazy little dog and we are excited to look forward to many more adventures together!!!
Therefore, we did what any good parents would do and threw her a birthday party, with a cake and treats for all her doggy friends!!!

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Breeder’s Comment We are happy to hear Lexi has celebrated her birthday in style. There is no way to understand just how life changing the Weimaraner experience is until you take the journey. Thank you for remembering us and for loving Miss Lexi so much. We sincerely hope she brings you years of joy. 


She Changed Our World

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Lazy dog days of summer coming to an end. We’ve always wondered what Winnie does with her days when we are not home. We know that her and Max (our 6-year-old Chocolate Lab), play, but seeing her sunbathing was a site to see. I was excited to be able to capture it and, of course, I shared it on Facebook for everyone to see.

Winnie and Max love to go for rides

Many times we take them separately. In this way, we can have invaluable one on one time with them.

Field Work

Winnie is also learning how to bird hunt and perfect her pointing skills. I love capturing her different puppy stages as she gets older (she’s eight months old). I can’t wait to see what she has I store for us in the adventure of our lifetime together. Winnie has changed our world, and we love her to the moon and back.

~Brendan and Sherena

Velcro Dog



As you know, Skye is my velcro dog. She follows me everywhere and tries to help with the chores around the property. So time to water the plants and Skye carries the empty watering can back to the spigot so I can fill it up again. Oh, I was hoping that is what she was doing, had a mental lapse-hahaha! In reality, she likes to steal the can and try to engage me in play since that is what SHE wants to do. Sky is always up for entertaining me that is for sure!!

Waiting On Mama

Other times we can be found together–her just lying here waiting to find out what we will be doing next. She goes just about everywhere with me.

Nosework is Fun

We are currently doing Nosework that is a discipline in which they learn to detect different scents. We have done a few practice trials and hope to start competing next year. It is her favorite challenge so far. We have been placed in the Advance group for training; she is very accurate and fast to find the “scent”(birch). We have done searches in boxes, interior rooms, exterior in fields and on vehicles.

We are a Loyal Lot


They are loyal to the breed. Many hook up with each to share the ups and downs of raising (and living with) the Weimaraner. You are either a Weimaraner person or not. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. There are many reasons this is true. Their dogged ways–forgive the pun might top the list. When they get an idea it can impossible to change their mind; therefore, you want to be sure they get the right ideas up front. They are prone to separation anxiety. Sprouting bouts of absurd and crazy behavior due to feeling abandoned (such as eating the sheetrock, barking incessantly, and destroying furniture) that can drive the less understanding person to distraction. They are not in many cases a leave in the yard dog. They are high maintenance and require a special kind of person to bring out their best behavior. Nonetheless, the breed is very addictive.

Speaking of Loyalty

The kids

The kids

Many of our OwyheeStar clients seem to achieve great things. For example, Jaime won the 2015 Road Race this year. Click Here to see more on his Facebook Page. We share this little snapshot that Jaime posted (on Facebook) to thank all their supporters. We are so proud of Jaime’s achievement–this is only one of many!

Mary Needs Our Vote

Mary has a beautiful heart wrapped in model-quality looks. If you read about her, you will see she works with some of the most special cancer victims–the youngest of all. Her profession and her focus show her true heart. Nonetheless, she, like us, shares the love of the Weimaraner. I am hoping you will take a moment and vote for her. She has steadily remained seventh in the competition, but it is winding down. She must reach the fifth position to go on to the next segment of the competition. Click Here to find the link to vote for her for Miss Jet Set!

Ulmo6714_oShe shares a love of the breed. She lives with two–one is an OwyheeStar.
Weimaraners are certainly a joy and challenge to raise. They are regal, fiercely loyal, majestic and can be quite stubborn when they want to be. If you want a dog who will want to be by your side every chance they get (yes, even when you want to go to the bathroom!), a Weim would be perfect. 🙂 They have quite the personalities and bring such joy to their owner’s lives and those around them.

We had our male Weim, Connor, for about 3.5 years before we decided to get a second. We were able to take home our second Weim, Ayla, in January of 2012. Shela was sure to go out of her way to answer any questions and provide lovely updates as Midge was progressing with her labor and then after she had her pups. Ayla is quite different than Connor in that she is more stubborn, calm, and more mischievous.

Weimaraners are the perfect companion for our family and we are glad we chose this breed.

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Around the Neighborhood

With Roo

      AKA Rupert

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Every walk (no kidding!) someone asks me, “What kind of dog is that?” “He is so beautiful,” they say. Next, they pet him and of course, Rupert is like an actor. He eats it all up! He is a rockstar; people (literally) know him in the neighborhood.

He’s such a genuine reflection of how much You (Cliff & Shela) love the dogs you raise/breed; I count my lucky stars I was paired up with him! ((hugs)) Roo says, “Woof woof!”