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House Rules

~Regarding–the Furniture

We try to have strict rules so all the furniture doesn’t get taken over by the dogs since both Jim and I are allergic to big loads of dog dander.

Our compromise is this:  One ancient sofa near the front hall is all theirs.  Sucia and Patos know that they can wrestle, scratch, jump on, chew toys and rough-house all they want on “their” old couch. The rule for the rest of the furniture is off-limits.  The one exception is this gray couch, and by invitation only,  in this picture is that it is off-limits, UNLESS it is covered with one of their fleece blankets.  they can only be on it when it is covered with one of these fleece blankets, usually when one of us is on the couch and want a pup to snuggle next to us.   Clearly, this was an afternoon that Sucia and Patos discovered that the fleece blankets were left on unattended…….😊

Breeder Comment

Every household has rules–spoken or unspoken. Sometimes we humans fail to keep our end of the bargain, and it is either confusing or allows bending the rules a bit. (Haha) Weims have a way of working things to their liking. We all know that. Don’t we adore them for their shrewdness — for the challenge they present? I think we can agree, we do.

Thank you, Megan, for this fabulous update. We truly appreciate it!

Comfort First

While Waiting For Santa

Here I am–just kicking back, waiting for Xmas.  My Mommie doesn’t like it when I lay like this, she says I have no shame.  But I love sleeping like this.  All I can think about is treats for Xmas.  

I’m so looking forward to Santa’s Xmas cookies, cause I’m taking them before the fat guy gets here.  Merry Christmas to you and Cliff

Breeder Comment

We are happy that you are well –and that you and your Mama were able to escape ahead of the Paradise area fires. The fact that your home survived is a miracle; however, we are happier to know that your Mama and you two OwyheeStar Weimar kids got to safety.


     ~No Cats Allowed

Ellie loves to rest on the couch by the fire with her blanket covering her.  Unfortunately, so do the cats. The black cat likes to “knead dough” on the blanket, especially if Ellie is under it.  This really annoys Ellie.  In this picture, Ellie is pretending the cats aren’t there.

All the Best,  Bob

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Bob, for sharing Ellie’s dilemma. I am sure she is not the first to cope with unwanted attention in this manner. You’d think though, that she would relish the idea of the kitty-kneading away. What a silly girl she is–and those cats make sure they are never too far away. (Haha)


My Life



Don’t you love my  visibility coat ?


Hey you guys!  I just want to let you know how things are going on the other side of the world …
Having a best with my new family.  They have some weird rules like … “out of the kitchen Taun.”  I don’t get that one ‘cause that’s where all the good food is.
Anyway, we’ve settled into a consistent routine with lots of fun stuff mixed in.  It’s Fall now and it is really pretty.
1-Pretty walk[2]
I go out on walks every day, lots of times out in the woods. I have to wear this really LOUD coat now since it’s hunting season but that’s OK since it’s nice and warm.
2-Country road[1]
One thing we never had out West … ticks !!   lots of ticks.   Dad is always looking for them on me.
My family has cats … I didn’t grow up with cats and personally, they look a lot like squirrels to me but they are part of our family so Mom and Dad say I need to get used to them.   Speaking of squirrels, there are a lot of them out here.   Dad says I lose my mind when I see one.


I get to help do chores.

5-Tough Life I like my life out here !

Best to all out West,  Taun and Family.


At Home With Three

Crane's Three priorities.jpeg

Well…you can tell who’s a priority in this household! Lol #weimlove

Previously in Liberty Lake, WA

    ~October 28, 2017

Crane's Toby1

We made it home safely (humans exhausted, dogs ready to play). It was an uneventful trip. Toby slept most of the way in Jeff’s arms. Lucy is just beside herself that we would get her a real, live puppy! She can’t wait until Toby can play at her level. Max…he’s indifferent and glad to let the youngins do the playing and let him rest.
As usual, we’re in love with another OwyheeStar puppy!!! Thank you for all the love and hard work that went into making Toby!
Love Melissa and Jeff

Breeder Comment

It is so great that your Old Man Max (the rescue) has adjusted first to Lucy, and now to Toby. Seeing him there with the new kid on the sofa speaks volumes. It takes a bit of knack to incorporate three Weims into the household. Of course, nothing but the furniture and prime location for the celebrated family members in this house.

Thank you, for being a part of the OwyheeStar extended family. We appreciate your loyalty and ongoing friendship.


Raider Wants You to Wake Up!

When grandma babysits, and Raider loves to snuggle. All goes well until she wants her baby to wake up—at least Raider wants to show her some intense pressing love.

How We Spent Easter

Day of Rest

17992317_1301969653186338_5810763892627142803_nWe have to get our beauty rest. We share our bed with our humans. It is vitally important that we have a good bed and plenty of room to stretch out.

Later (Emma and Alice)

A little sunshine and more comfort. Sometimes it is musical chairs we play.

Breeder Comment

Clearly, the weather is beautiful in this photo too! Cheryl reports these two girls are the best of friends and sisters. What more could we ask?

Not a French Poodle

Dear Shela and Cliff


Dear Cliff and Shela– I share the bed with Rod and use it whenever I want. “Woof!”

I love hearing about other people’s Weims; it is no surprise that someone finds the challenge more than they expected–even shocking. Well, this ain’t no French poodle! Ha ha.

I certainly can’t say anything you haven’t heard before. They’re an amazing challenge.  That being said, the difficulties faced are worth the doing. Most anything in life worth doing comes with a challenge and price tag.

Letting the Weim Run Things

Sometimes I just have to shake my head when people tell me they don’t cut their dog’s nails because their dogs don’t like it. Therefore, they take them to the groomer for everything.  Sunny gets his nails trimmed, teeth brushed, bathed, and ears cleaned, and no he doesn’t like some of it. Tough luck!.  I sweet talk him like crazy, and then the games are over, and he knows that protesting won’t change the outcome.

Training is On-going

There’s been a lot of training happening in my house.  Mostly Sunny has been training me to do the things he likes, like putting the turkey breast on his kibble. He pouts and refuses to eat if I fail to comply with his wishes. Then he ends up making me the human chew toy holder.
Sunny Knows When I Mean Business
Nevertheless, Sunny knows when I’m serious, and what’s expected of him in the important situations.  There’s just a low tone of my voice that he understands.  I think it’s a matter of deciding what are going to be the non-negotiables. For example, no mouthing, or jumping on people, no pulling on the leash, no running off, and not coming when called.  They’re basic things, but if a Weim is going to be out in public enjoying life, they just have to behave responsibly.

Battles are Few; Our Bond is Tight

Our battles of will are few and far between now.  Sunny got a lot of attention in the beginning, and this made all the difference in how the process unfolded.  I’m certainly not the best dog trainer, but I put in the time.  I think the biggest mistake people make is underestimating the time it takes in the beginning.  But once the time is invested, they become quite easy companions.  Sunny helped me through some very low times in my life, and that has helped form a bond that is beyond words. ~ Rod

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Breeder’s Comment

Rod we remember all too well when you first contacted us. You wanted another Weimaraner; however, you were worried about raising one without someone else to help you. Being single certainly puts a different spin on the process. Nonetheless, in some ways it might be easier. At least, there are not mixed messages. We problems solved on the phone because your lifestyle was unique. You came and got Sunny and began the journey. We know it was no piece of cake, but we also realize the dividends were mind boggling. What these guys bring to us (when you get through the initial training and adjustment period) cannot be addressed in a few sentences. The experience is different for each of our OwyheeStar clients. In general, dogs make us better humans. The Weimaraner is life-changing on nearly every level. Above are photos from our archives reflecting your journey with Sunny. I think they speak volumes. Cliff and I thank you for everything you do for and with Sunny.
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Skeeter Valentine

Hi Shela and Cliff! It’s been way too long since I let you know how our lovely girl is doing.

IMG_20150528_214612What a great dog! She loves people, she loves other dogs she loves us and her big sis Kava. Today was quite warm so we took her to the river. It was the first time we have been able to get her in the water and she loved it. She was cautious at first but when she saw Kava swimming about she went for it . All the way in swimming! So cool. So she’s almost a year old. She was from your July 3rd litter 2014. First born. She is soooo courageous. It took her awhile to win over our GSP who is 12 1/2 yrs old but she kept trying and she has actually taught the old girl some new tricks like how to play for Pete’s sake! Really sweet to see. Anyway sorry it’s been so long but time does fly. Take care, Kaliece and Gary (May 28, 2015)