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Spooky Spoiled

     ~Nonetheless, Much-Loved

Scartozzi's Alli-2Thought you might enjoy to see how my girl Alli is doing! She is a love bug, but boy is she afraid of everything! As a pup I exposed her to everything and she is still afraid of every loud sound, the lawn mower, and gun shots (which we have a lot of) just to name a couple. She is terrified of getting her nails clipped even though that is also something I worked on with her as a pup. She is just a dog with her very own ways. She loves me to no end and her whole butt wages when I am near. She shares my pillow with me and we cuddle when she is scared. She loves my kids and gives them lots of kisses.
She has been a huge part of our family and I am so blessed you’ve allowed us to have this sweet girl!

Breeder Comment

There are many ways to end up with issues–especially loud noise sensitivity. We humans and I am not saying Ashley did or didn’t do this, tend to do the very thing that ingrains the fear rather than alleviates it. It is the most natural response in most cases. Well, nuff said. (Yes, I know it is more correctly enough said). Maybe it will be a topic of discussion one day soon. We have spoken about it before.

Thank you, Ashley, for loving this sweet girl and sharing with us.

Our Winnie

Shela and Cliff,

I can’t remember what life was like before Winnie. Today marks her 2nd birthday and it feels like she has been with me longer than 2 years.

Some of Winnie’s favorite things to do are: sleeping (she will sleep all night with Brendan and then sleep all day with me, when I come home from working night shift), she’s a great copilot while going for rides wherever that may be (she is not fond of staying at home), she loves to hunt and gets better each time we take her out, and playing with her friends.

Some of Winnie’s quirky habits are: running to the fridge whenever she hears anyone getting ice (just so she can have some too), spinning like a tornado when it’s time to eat or get treats (one of her nicknames is spinnie Winnie), rolling on her back in the middle of the floor to get belly rubs, and people watching in the front yard.
Thank you for such an amazing companion.


Not What You Think


The Weimar might bring an occasion rodent, bird, or the found object to the door. Nevertheless, for most of us, there is a limit to our excitement for these gifts.

I am reminded of an adventure Leon, and I had when I about four years old. We came back from the woodsy neighborhood trek with a stick wrapped with a rattlesnake. We thought it was great. We didn’t understand the dangers. We had found this great snake, and it was dead. We just wanted to share our delight which was met with shrieks and a stern warning never to touch another snake. Today, I have no love for snakes even though I am acutely aware of the benefits they provide.

This story ended better than it began. Jessica writes:

Timber brought this snake out of the trees today while we were on our walk. Freaked me out until I realized it was a rubber snake.

It is the truth that this turned out well; however, for most of it, there would have been a certain amount of alarm. We say, rightly so. How on earth would you get then to leave a dangerous snake without getting hurt? There is a scary thought.

Willow Says


Magnuson's Willow-2107322_oWhat the Weim finds is theirs. Right? Sometimes this is true. If they snatch something from another dog or a child, it might not be a good thing to encourage the behavior.

Willow found this ball on her walk. Of course, her Mama has bought her a lot of balls and other toys, but this find is amazing. Don’t you love her expression?

Jagger’s Duck

Pilfered Duck_1110525824_nJagger was hoping for a similar outcome when he pilfered another dog’s duck. Jagger helped himself to the duck, but Warren insisted they return it. It was not such a popular decision.

We believe that the Weimaraner loves finding things. Sticks, rocks, and toys are all good finds. They might also net a dead fish, frog, or mouse. This list is not always welcome in the house. Remember toads are toxic, so if your Weimaraner has one in their mouth it could be a concern. Any toad might cause foaming at the mouth which is scary in and of itself; however, most of the time a rinse with the hose eliminates the worst of the toxins. Keep in mind some toads are deadly–these are not the typical Pacific Northwest toad–click here to learn more.

Another popular find is the shed. Antlers are left for the picking each year, and these magnificent creatures grow a new set. Isn’t that amazing? You can train your Weimaraner to help you shed hunt too! Keith and Kash found a few excellent ones.


Birthday Boy


Ruger's Birthday Feb.2015.jpg

Birthday’s Happen!


We’re happy to be celebrating Ruger’s 1st birthday today.  The day started our day with a walk to his favorite places!  Here is a picture of him on the trail, he loves to go here so much!  Then we circled around and made our way home through the avocado groves.  There were a lot of rabbits & dove to chase!  We’ve been working really hard on his off leash training and he does amazing!  We’ll give him some leftover chicken on his kibble tonight as a special treat too!



Somewhat Obedient

Just wanted to share a few recent Ruger photos.

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He is doing great so far. He has just finished his intermediate obedience class & did pretty good. He still doesn’t like to down stay, so more work is needed! He is a real snuggler, especially with Shannon & my son’s dog, Blitz.

Wishing you Happy Holidays! ~Laura


 The Much Loved Weimaraner Companion

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I just wanted to send a quick note about how much I am in love with, amused by and engaged with Jaeger. His is the joy of my life and simply goes everywhere with me. He knows 26 commands and is doing Scent Training/Nose Work like a pro. He is so sharp and engaged with a sweet demeanor and sense of humor; he is the most popular dog at the dog park! He also just finished his first photo shoot. He has his own Instagram page, @jaegersdiscoworld if you want to follow his shenanigans. Here are some recent pics to see how he is doing – he still has his baby blues. We traveled a lot this summer, and he loves the beach.

Best, ~Shannon

Breeder’s Comment — We don’t have the Instagram account, but other folks may already have one. Thank you for this great update. We truly appreciate it!

Weimaraner Markings


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The official status of Weim markings is not applicable. Nonetheless, there are many coat variations in the breed. This marking; however, is quite possibly one of the most adorable. Check out the other kinds of coat variation by clicking here!


She Changed Our World

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Lazy dog days of summer coming to an end. We’ve always wondered what Winnie does with her days when we are not home. We know that her and Max (our 6-year-old Chocolate Lab), play, but seeing her sunbathing was a site to see. I was excited to be able to capture it and, of course, I shared it on Facebook for everyone to see.

Winnie and Max love to go for rides

Many times we take them separately. In this way, we can have invaluable one on one time with them.

Field Work

Winnie is also learning how to bird hunt and perfect her pointing skills. I love capturing her different puppy stages as she gets older (she’s eight months old). I can’t wait to see what she has I store for us in the adventure of our lifetime together. Winnie has changed our world, and we love her to the moon and back.

~Brendan and Sherena

Swimming OwyheeStars

Luna’s First Swim 

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In honor of the 4th of July Luna swam with style. What a happy day!

Skeeter Swims Too!

Cliff”s Comment: Getting your Weimaraner to swim requires a little knack; however it is more than doable. It doesn’t matter if they hate the bath water, the sprinkler, or rain. They can swim–their toes are webbed. Achieving the water retrieve is based in ingraining the love of the retrieve into the young pup. I cannot emphasize how important this is to achieve. The Weimaraner that will not retrieve is missing out, and you probably do not have good compliance. 

Swimming is an excellent way to burn off excess energy. It is better on the hips and at the same builds their cardiovascular. The younger dog with open growth plates is served well by gaining a big portion of their exercise in the water rather than by hitting the pavement. Beyond the health benefits, this fun activity. 

Believe it is possible. Be patient and persistent. Use the right kind fo water setting. The ocean is not a good location, nor is a fast moving stream. A better choice, is a reservoir, lake, or pond. A sloping bank also works to your advantage. Try not to rush the process, or to get discouraged. With patience, you and your Weimaraner can achieve the swim. 

PS: The above Luna is not the same pup, nor is she related to Luna (Diamond Lake on the 4th) featured yesterday