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Dakota Blue

Newman's Dakota Blue_1863Hard to believe Dakota will be a year old this Wednesday. He is quite the character and at times a handful. But I enjoy every moment, even when he digs up a flower I just planted or attacks my pillow and then looks so innocent. He’s my best friend and I thank you and Cliff for bringing us together.
                                        Connie and Dakota Blue

Breeder Comment

Happy Birthday, Dakota Blue. Your brother Benson was featured on the blog yesterday.  I am glad you have an innocent look going for you. We love it too. I notice the dog bed is on the floor ready for your human.

Bring on the Candle

At Wallowa

Hall's BensonWell, Benson is a few days short of one year.  It seemed winter lasted forever.  We have deer that live in the hills behind us.  Benson would love to go after them but has to settle looking at them from the fence. Benson meets a German shorthair pal in the country here and they are so fast running and playing together. They are the same age and size and are great pals. Hope to eventually get him to swim in Wallowa Lake, he does love to retrieve and recently caught a magpie in the yard.  He is growing up and behaves better.  He is stubborn and never gives up but is also a sweetie. I am so happy to have him, thanks ..  Marsha

Breeder Comment

Marsha is hoping that others who live with one of Benson’s littermates will send an update. She is anxious to hear news of your adventure–as are we. Keep up the effort to get him to swim because you can get this! The love of the retrieve along with patience (and a dab of extra effort) is the key.

Not So Long Ago


UnknownHe arrived safe and good condition. We are doing well, thank you!


At Wallowa Lake

Hall's Benson @ Wallowa Lake_0776This afternoon (August 9th), I took Benson with me in my kayak at Lake Wallowa.  He sat still for most of the way, even fell asleep for a bit. Thanks for exposing him to water, I don’t think he was scared of the water.  

Other Notes

He sleeps in his kennel at night and walks on the lead with ease. He is lovable and wants to please; however, at certain times, he ignores me and does his own thing.  He starts puppy class next week.  Thanks for him.

Breeder Comment

You are doing great! Keep up your efforts. For sure keep him water friendly so he can join you on the lake. We look forward to hearing more in the future.