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~July 20, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Last week we reported out next cutting of hay found its way to the stack. It won’t be long, and there will be another cutting. Cliff and our hay guy (Chris) decided to cut both of our fields at once–so we will hold off on the one field a bit longer. That seems like a good plan for us.

The Combines pulled into the fields– farmers are engaged in the harvest of wheat. Harvest may include some of the beans, too. The beans at the corner (near the stop sign), are very green. They look lovely but are nowhere near ready for harvest.


Felix is looking for his ‘Forever-Family’

Last Saturday, most of Bernie’s pups joined their new family. The last person to meet us had car issues. They were nearly an hour late. I don’t know what that little puppy thought, but she was stressed. All these people had gathered around–her best buddies leaving, and yet, she remained. She wasn’t hot on us getting her out of the kennel. But once her human arrived–Wow, things changed. It was like she knew that this was the guy for her. She lavished him with sweet kisses, and when the girlfriend wanted to hold her, she had not a lick of interest. It was the most precious reaction–I was glad I got to witness the moment.

Felix and another boy have not found their family, yet. That is a whole other story–sometimes summers can be wonky. People can flake-out at the last minute. Regardless, he is a fabulous boy–so friendly.

He is an ultra velcro Weim though. The great-granddaughters loved playing with him.

This Week On the Blog…

Jedi with the newest family member

We put out a request for updates. Our material was running super-thin. Honestly, I was concerned if we could keep up. You came through–we genuinely appreciate everyone who responded. We caught up with a couple, Jan shared one of her proudest moment, and we meet two newcomers–Frida and Kenai.

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Monday–-July 8 — Opus

Tuesday — July 9 — Meet Frida

Wednesday — July 10 — Agility (Willow and Jan)

Thursday –- July 11 —  4th of July (with Lu)

Friday — July 12 — Kenai

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

We were happy to receive the report after Cliff’s most recent testing–the Nurse Practitioner left us feeling more than a little concerned. In the end–the report cleared Cliff of these particular concerns. (Whew!)

On the home front–Cliff has been busy fixing things. Our A/C started acting up—it is hot. Isn’t that when the air conditional goes sideways? Of course, but if you happened to read the ditty I wrote this morning–you know the details. Cliff discovered the issue. We are good to go with the triple-digit temperatures looming large on the horizon. Meanwhile–he is having more problems with the wheel line–that has to get fixed today.

The Gardening Girls were here–a couple of times this week. On Thursday, Ashley stayed to work on the simple curtains for the kitchen. Our cabinets are not finished (by any means) and with the open fronts–curtains seemed like a good idea. So, curtains it is. It is an old farmhouse type of thing. (Haha)

One thing that made me happy was getting some family photos up. We don’t have a lot of space, but I got a few placed this week. I have a little clothesline that will clip a few other snapshots. I may have one more location to put a couple of framed gems. It makes me feel more at home. We were already loving living here–but this was a much-needed touch.

We cannot display all the photos we have–who could? There is this old photo of an unknown family member. Ashley is going to take this to use and to keep knowing it came out of her Great Grandma’s home. We love it.

Maybe someday we will know who she was. If not, then she was family–that speaks for itself, right?!?


~July 13, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017
Cutting the hay not that long ago–

The new cutting of hay got raked and stacked near the railroad tracks. Cliff had to fix some of the corrugates–the watering has been somewhat challenging.

Harvest has begun–not sure what crop it was, but we saw some windrows were along the way into town. It might be beans. The grain is ripe and ready for the taking, too.


I got in the water

This week the puppies have been busy. They swam and played in the sprinkler–and made mud pies. This water-thing also means their nose has ingrained mud. We also have time to practice settling and crate-training. Some did better than others. (Haha)

We captured this quick snapshot of this boy with water on his nose. So adorable, right!?!

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We are thin on material clients-updates. We know it is summer, but maybe some of you have a cute photo along with a little story–special thanks for those who got me something to us this week. We had just enough–we truly appreciate you folks being so thoughtful.

Sunday— July 7 — Sky

Monday–-July 8 — Loki and Erica

Tuesday — July 9 — Dasher

Wednesday — July 10 — Toby

Thursday –- July 11 —  Paisley

Friday — July 12 — When There’s

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Stackhouse has his eye on us!

There is not a lot to report. There is the dealing with the heat and the constant work on the farm as well as the farmhouse. The gardening girls were here earlier this week–but I had to keep up on the watering etc. I wished I could do a bit better, but we are all doing what is possible. So, far neglect hasn’t taken over. (Haha)

Everyone has been posting their lovely sunflower photos. We have some too. Maybe ours are a bit different than most. (IDK) I should get a bit closer with the lens, but there is a bit of mud near the raised bed after yesterday’s watering. We have quite the crop of mosquitoes–something we would like to forego. The green beans are coming along–there are a few to pick. Our tomatoes are starting to produce a goodly number on the bushes–they need pruning. (OMG)

Cliff had his six-month Oncologist visit–he had to see a Nurse Practitioner instead of Dr. Arteta. There was the usual bloodwork –there are some concerns. So, he is not yet done –there is another round of bloodwork next week after which he will see Dr. Arteta. We will see what they discover.


~July 6, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

They are back for the next cutting–it should be in the stack soon.

The new bales from the back field (a new planting this spring) didn’t hold–it toppled over. Our hay guy had to send someone to stack again. (OMG) I am waiting to see how this end up–the new hay is stacked three bales high. Will they put the next cutting on top or continue stacking three high at the end of the stack?


This week we have been working with the pups –giving them various experiences. This work includes what I sometimes call bag-time. It is practicing crate-training. Some don’t mind it and others pitch a huge fit. (Haha)

Here is Hope

Hope turned 16-weeks old. We have wanted to grab some photos of her–and I need to get her Titer Test Scheduled. She is a sweet thing.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We are thin of material from our clients. We know it is summer, but maybe some of you have a cute photo along with a little story.

Sunday— June 30 — Pet Food

Monday–-July 1 — Seattle News (Stone)

Tuesday — July 2 — Champion Willow

Wednesday — July 3 — Remember Bart?

Thursday –- July 4 —  Happy 4th of July

Friday — July 5 — Pepper

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

In our Garden 369–we see a lot. (Haha) Our cutting flowers are coming on. Ashley and the girls were able to take home an arrangement for their dining table–we used the blooming parsley like you would Baby’s breath. It worked quite well as we don’t have Baby’s breath in our garden. We picked our first cucumber. Maybe you remember from last year that cucumbers are the girl’s favorite. Of course, we are picking zucchini–the peas are gone.

Ashley pulled the peas along the fence. Right after that, I discovered a lot of worms. We looked them up–they appeared to be inch worms–but some of them could also have been cabbage loopers –the pictures look similar–both are fluorescent green. They were quite lovely, yet we don’t want them. There was also cutworms — as well as cutworm pupas. It was all fascinating. I am sure the bed with our beets and lettuce also has them. (OMG)

Cliff had been in a battle with the wheel line and other irrigational challenges around our property. With the imposing heat, he has to keep on it. There is no room for downtime. There is the ever prevalent battle with the weeds–the constant with the Weims.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 29, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017
Our Neighbor Irrigating this morning

Can you believe it is the last Saturday of June? Well, the crazy weather reports make a person wonder if we are in the thick of summer. Here in the Treasure Valley, we have been fortunate enough to avoid snow, etc. The temperatures have been up and down, but overall, it has been a delightful month.

The wheat is already coming to maturity. At least one field must have been ready to harvest. We met the combine on the back road, and later say a grain truck was going the same direction. Speaking of crops– new hay (from the back field) is in safely in the stack. It won’t be long until the cut east field again.


This week the puppies have been keeping us busy–little games, and socialization are the focus. There is plenty to be done.

We are deep cleaning certain areas not being used. I went through the Whelp blankets –dumped some, and sorted them into groups. Initially, a female who is having contractions will tear a hole or shred her blanket. (Haha) So, we have some bedding that is suitable for destruction. The other is stacked according to size and purpose.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We are thin of material from our clients. We know it is summer, but maybe some of you have a cute photo along with a little story.

Sunday— June 23 — Macy

Monday–-June 24 — Piper

Tuesday — June 25 — Who Needs Surveillance?

Wednesday — June 26 — True Story

Thursday –- June 27 —  Dyson

Friday — June 28 — Into the ball

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

We decided we needed to upgrade our primary transportation. We traded the Patriot for a Renegade. It is kind of laughable –like we went from being Patriots to become Renegades. (Haha) I assure you that we have not changed that much at all–but the wheels have. We love the new ride.

Cliff is doing the same things–repairs, irrigating and keeping up with the Weimaraners. He is over that flu-bug, but still feeling the effects. It was nasty.

Otherwise, I am trying to keep the garden going. Ashley and her two girls have not been here this week–Vacation Bible School happened. Christina added a little help to the gardening effort. Our carrots are coming on nicely. I hope when we pull the last of the peas that we can plant more carrots. Yesterday, a friend came by and picked what she could see, but this morning there are several peas we missed.

Despite our late start and the weather giving us fits, our garden is starting to grow–we have the peas as well as the zucchini we have picked. There are tomatoes and cucumbers–spaghetti squash and more forming on the vines. The carrots look good and we have a few flowers starting to bloom along the road.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 22, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Well, things warmed up and then cooled down considerably in the last few days. In the mountains, (like Mount Hood and Tollgate) snow was a thing. Meanwhile, we grabbed a light jacket in the morning–it was chilly because of the lower temperatures that were accompanied by a breeze.

The crops are coming along–we drove to Vale and back a couple of days ago and got a look at their progress. Of course, we can open our front door as well as look out our window and see the local fields, but the drive let us see how other areas are coming along. We noticed a lot of the corn is shorter than usual. The old standard was that the corn would be head-high by the 4th of July. Most of this won’t come close. Maybe it is a different variety, or possibly it is running later than usual. We don’t know for sure.


This week we had the Discovery and Placement Test for Bernie’s pups. It was pretty intense for a couple of days–the test, the compilation, and the sorting out of everything requires focus, as well as attention to detail. The latter is not my forte. It is the reason I have always leaned on assistants who have that ability. (Haha)

The Discovery and Placement Test went well–ten pups make it a bit more challenging, but everything was as good as we could ever hope. We will be swimming pups soon. They are doing well–this litter socialization is invaluable.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did. The final segment in the Remy Blue series was posted on Thursday–what a great share thanks to Sahyo. We had two OwyheeStar compete in trials–Luna (AKC Junior Hunt Test), and Asher in the Nose Work. We were thrilled to see their success.

I definitely can use material for the blog–your generous Email updates are what keep me going.

Sunday— June 16 — At The Sanctuary (Bernie’s Babies)

Monday–-June 17 — Asher Speaks

Tuesday — June 18 — Nose Work

Wednesday — June 19 — Luna

Thursday –- June 20 —  Remy Blue

Friday — June 21 — Water and Your Weimaraner

On a very personal note

~The Grandkids and More

Last Evening’s Quick Pick

We (the gardening girls and I) have been picking the peas. We should have kept track of the amount. We didn’t be it wouldn’t surprise me if we had more than a half-gallon over the last couple of weeks. I picked a few last evening–they are definitely at the end of their production. I need to pull most of the plant soon.

Cliff has been fighting the wheel line–but somehow he keeps it going. He is set to make repairs on the lawn sprinklers. A large patch of brown appeared in the middle of our park-like yard. (Bummer) Well, it is good he can fix this. It will green back up. The puppy yards are somewhat scorched too. We didn’t get the water on them early enough this year. They are greening up.

Other than a bit of exhaustion, we are doing well. We are so happy to have summer’s arrival–albeit cooler than expected. The heat will be coming on and probably all too soon will be unrelenting.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 15, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Well, things warmed up–and all the crops are growing like crazy. We expect the new alfalfa will be cut this week–it’s the first cutting. Cliff has been hurrying across the field with water, so he is ready when they arrive.

Between here and Ontario, there is a lot of grain. It is incredible how quickly it is maturing. Before long–they will harvest, and we will have a whole lot barren fields. (OMG) It seems like winter was here yesterday. Wait a minute–it kind of was, as it kept showing up on Spring’s timeline. (OMG)


The focus is on Bernie’s pups, so yesterday we made a trip to the sanctuary. That is always an experience. With ten puppies, you cannot be sure if they will stay close. Cliff got a rough mowing done for us before we went down–but only in one section. There was a lot of moisture (mud) because the water has been going. Anyhow, we were fortunate–the pups pretty much stayed in the shorter (ankle-high) area. The mosquitos were not out in force–I forgot to get some repellent.

The Discovery and Placement Test is slated for Tuesday. We want to be sure they are ready.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did. There is one final segment in the Remy Blue series. I should get that posted this coming week.

I definitely can use material for the blog–your generous Email updates are what keep me going.

Sunday— June 9 — Sitting

Monday–-June 10 — Finn

Tuesday — June 11 — Shiny

Wednesday — June 12 — Remy Blue (part two)

Thursday –- June 13 —  Jorja

Friday — June 14 — Remy Blue (part three)

On a very personal note

~The Grandkids and More

Recently basketball had overshadowed the garden–well, in truth, the gardening girls are once again absent. The summer flu bug visited their home this week. Meanwhile we were watching Brad and Nick play summer basketball. Yesterday–the two played on the Varsity squad together–#31 (Brad) #33 (Nick). Who knows if this will ever happen again, but Nick got called up to the Varsity–he is in the 8th grade.

We (the gardening girls and I) mostly need to pick and water. There are a few plants that need to be planted–three staring up at me from the greenhouse sink. (Haha) But for the most part, everything is settled in and looking promising. The peas are still producing–not sure how long they will last with the heat. We will see. I picked four small zucchini last evening, too. A lot more are on the way. Yum!

Bobwhite Quail–this weeks hatch

Cliff has a constant bag of parts he purchases here or there–wherever he can find what he needs. He got some misters going on the outdoor potty area–to keep the Weims from overheating on the very hot days. We don’t have shade, but this does the trick. Oh– and besides the farm and the Weimaraners–there is the Bobwhite Quail. He set three-hundred eggs this week.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 8, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Well, things warmed up for a moment. And then–they cooled off again. There is more rain–as well as cooler temperatures–even snow in the mountains. Our friend in Unity about a seventy miles west of here had her wood stove fired up to stay warm–temperatures dropped below 40-degrees.

Meanwhile, our hay was cut, baled, and in the stack before this current wetness arrived. I have written a few other comments on Facebook about our good fortune. Not everyone was so lucky–there is cut hay laying in the field not even a half mile from us.


We have been busy with Bernie’s pups. They are loving the yard, eating more kibble every day. Most of all, we are taken with their cuteness.

There is a lot to come –big adventures and the Discovery and Placement test preparation.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

Sunday— June 2 — In the Limelight

Monday–-June 3 — Stone

Tuesday — June 4 — In Town

Wednesday — June 5 — Summer Vacation

Thursday –- June 6 —  Remy Blue

Friday — June 7 — Astra

On a very personal note

~The Grandkids and More

The gardening continues–the girls were here to pick pea pods. Oh my gosh–there were so many. That was on Tuesday, but by Friday Christina and I picked another quart or maybe a half gallon–we didn’t measure it. It was a lot.

We (the gardening girls and I) took in a movie. It was the first movie they were old enough to remember. A few years back they went to the drive-in with their parents. We saw ‘Wonderland,’ and the girls were delighted. After the movie, we stopped into Costco for a couple of things. The girls loved the fact that the cart had two seats–they road side-by-side.

Cliff and I have also been catching as many of the summer league basketball games as possible. We went to Nyssa two evenings this week. Brad also played in Nampa, but we missed that game. The surprise is that Nick, (who is officially in the 8th grade) was drafted for the JV team this summer. He is the youngest on the team–see him above wearing #33. It is very exciting to see him holding his own with these much more skilled players.

(Speaking of Cliff) He has been busy finishing the waterline installation, mowing weeds, and making some adjustments. We got our new workstation desktop on Tuesday. That meant we moved our file cabinet into a built-in location–it required some adjustment. Some of the changes are still in the works for this project too! Above you see the RVP guys working on the install–and can get a feel for the OwyheeStar Workstation. Thanks to our grandson (Ashley’s husband), and his crew. The project turned out excellent–we love it.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 1, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We notice a lot of the local hay has not yet been cut–the prevailing rains have set us back a few weeks. (Haha) That is not new news.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Splash Pad opened this week. A lot of people are very excited about this event. I don’t suppose we will be using it, but it fabulous for the Great Granddaughters. I really don’t know much about it, but my dental tech had to get to the Grand Opening–she was stoked.

School is out–that means that summer basketball is in full swing. We will be making as many games or scrimmages as possible. (Haha) We were in Nyssa on Thursday evening for two games. Of course, we are not the only ones scrambling to make these events.


Bernie and Cliff –before the pups arrived!

We are still busy with Bernie’s current litter. She is such a hoot–and a fabulous Mama, too.

Meanwhile, Cliff has been busy working on the waterlines–as well as various upgrades for the puppy yards, etc.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

The caption for the two Weims looking out the window might be–“Shela’s look for material for her blog again, I see her coming.” Well, enjoy the updates if you missed them this week–drop us one if you can.

Sunday— May 26 — Sisters

Monday–-May 27 — Happy Memorial Day

Tuesday — May 28 — Pushkin

Wednesday — May 29 — Puppy Kindergarten

Thursday –- May 30 —  Emmy

Friday — May 31 — Legit Question Here

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening continues, and that is excellent news, too! The gardening girls are back–we worked on a few things together. The great-granddaughters picked the pea pods–their Mom said she would make a stir fry. I keep snatching the pea pods to eat as a snack–yum.

We still have another raised bed to get built–but first Cliff must finish all the back-filling from the water lines. It is so great to have faucets instead of long runs with hoses traveling here and there with levels to control things. Anyhow, we have plants that need to go into the next raised bed–hopefully, Cliff can get it put together for us soon.

Cliff saw the podiatrist about his foot issue–it was a quick fix situation. If it gets worse, it may eventually require surgery, but for now, a trim worked. I am so happy for him–feet issues are not welcome. He doesn’t see the Oncologist until July–I think I am scheduled for August.

(Speaking of Cliff) He made the girls smile–he let them get up on the tractor. Then he came back with the Gator and took them for a ride. They were all smiles.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 25, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Our May weather is a bit wet. The Malheur Experiment Station keeps a record of the rain–they say that we had received 1.83 inches of rain so far in May. I am guessing we will add to that number again today.

The rain affects the harvest when it comes to our alfalfa–again, we are glad it wasn’t cut and on the ground when the recent pours arrived. It would not have been an advantageous situation–instead, it might have meant not getting anything marketable. The rain seems to have been most beneficial for the other local crops–everything looks to be doing well.

The most significant thing I think is that school is out–teachers are wrapping up anything last minute thing and escaping for summer vacation. I remember the long summers as a kid–they were great. I always looked forward to getting back to school, though.


The Bernie X Boone 2019 Litter Outside on the Lawn
One Cute Face

We are busy with Bernie’s babies. They are growing and changing. We hope you enjoy this little video.

Meanwhile, we are working on the puppy yards–and as we have mentioned, we are installing some outdoor water lines.

This Week On the Blog…

Bart at OwyheeStar

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

For several weeks we had been looking for the perfect placement for Bart (Atti X Stackhouse) –a Gray Longhair Puppy. His first placement family opted just before the exit to wait for a future Longhair. So, then we needed a new home for him. Yesterday’s blog featured him and his family. He is doing really well.

Sunday— May 19 — Smiling Weims

Monday–-May 20 — Bluebell (Part One)

Tuesday — May 21 — Ace

Wednesday — May 22 — Bluebell (Part Two)

Thursday –- May 23 —  Avalanche Dog (Loki)

Friday — May 24 — Bart

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening continues, but the Gardening girls have not been able to come by recently. There isn’t all that much to do anyhow. We do have a few plants to get in the ground, but all-in-all we have the garden planted.

~It a Maze–holes of various sizes and sorts

Cliff is working on the waterline installation. Not all the digging is Cliff–something else looks to be making another type of hole. I believe this is an active vole tunnel–more bait needed soon–don’t want to use it but nothing else is working.

Other than running a little short on energy, we are doing well.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 11, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

It is summer-like in the Treasure Valley. The crops are growing quickly. They cut the hay field across the road from us a couple of days ago. I am not at all sure when our alfalfa is due for a cut–storms are brewing. Murphy’s Law seems to follow the cutting of hay with the washing of the same. (OMG)

Also, our hay fields are at different points–the newly planted alfalfa is not tall enough to cut. (OMG) So, we are not sure exactly how Chris will manage the first cutting on each field. I most certainly don’t have a clue–it is way above my pay grade (as the saying goes).


We are preparing for puppy exits again–this weekend. Cliff is meeting three families near Burns, OR today. I know they are so excited to meet their newest addition. This includes the lovely (and a bit older) Charlee.

The water line project looms large on the horizon. Cliff has things gathered and is trying to find the time to get to it. He says once he does, it should come together fairly quickly. I sincerely hope it works that way.

We are still seeing if Cliff and Snowy (SnowAngel) are going to be ready to participate in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test –it is in a couple of weeks.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. Every story was precious to my heart–and I am positive other folks enjoyed reading about your Weimaraner, too!

This photo of the two who passed over the rainbow bridge is a reminder on so many levels–they give us a lot. They leave a hole in our heart along with memories cherished.

Sunday— May 5 — Friendship

Monday–-May 6 — Have Weim (Will Travel)

Tuesday — May 7 — We Shared Our Lives

Wednesday — May 8 — Mauka

Thursday –- May 9 —  When You Are Home

Friday — May 10 — Dyson

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening girls are sadly absent–but Christina volunteered to help get some of these plants in the ground. We have a lot of Zucchini plants, but we like to harvest them small –and so, we may not have all that many in reality. Anyhow–we can share. I am not able to bend down and do this type of thing–I wrenched my back. I am walking and sitting gingerly. (OMG)

Meanwhile, I have been trying to keep everything wet–inside and outside the greenhouse.

Cliff is watering, mowing, and taking care of weed control. It will be a never-ending job from here until next winter. We are in no hurry to see winter again. For now, we are set to enjoy the lovely weather as well as to watch the crops grow.