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2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~January 12, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Temperatures have been hovering around freezing and slightly below for our early morning temperature. By afternoon, we have been enjoying spring-like temperatures in the high 40’s and even the low 50’s. (Wow)

The Hawks (Kestrels and Red Tails) are busy hunting–we watch them quite a bit. There has been a few Snow Geese as well as the Canadians–but not in the groups we expect soon. Some days we hear the duck hunters trying their luck on the Snake River–we also have noticed some of the ditches and canals have more than what would be considered the typical number of ducks–the species a bit more varied, too.


We are busy with the puppy thing. Cliff is working on our new nursery annex area–I try to stay out of his way. Christina, Ashley, and I spend our time working with, cleaning up after, and socializing puppies. We have plenty to do without micro-managing Cliff’s projects. We have the best puppy handlers ever! Oh–you might notice Dr. Evangeline–who likes to borrow Grandpa Cliff’s stethoscope to examine the puppies. (Too Cute!)

This Week On the Blog…

We continue to marvel at your kindness –keeping us apprised on the OwyheeStar happenings in your lives. (Hurrah–we are blessed indeed!) We had the new puppy updates but also news from (Idaho) Dunkin’s family as well as Miss Lu wrapped in her blanket. Then too we saw a family incorporate a second blue male into the household–what fun.

Sunday— January 6 — That Puppy Look

Monday–- January 7 — Two Blue Boys

Tuesday — January 8 — Athena

Wednesday — January 9 — Kimber

Thursday –- January 10 —  A Weim in there somewhere

Friday — January 11 — Dunkin

On a very personal note

Cliff celebrated his birthday last Sunday–it was a nice time with the family. We shared ice cream cake (homemade low sugar chocolate ice cream and gluten-free brownie) topped with a limited number of candles. Everyone loved the ice cream, but for some of us, the brownie was entirely too sweet. Our limited sugar choices changed our sugar addiction –at least that is my theory. (haha) Nonetheless, this was about Cliff’s preference–he brought home what as left and enjoyed it for the next couple of days.

Cliff had another blood draw and check-in in with the Oncologist-Hematologist this week–on Thursday. His news is as good as we could expect without miraculous healing–the numbers are stable. We are extremely thankful.


I have signed back up at the college for the pottery class–Lynda decided she would return this term. At one point, she was sure she would not be there for the Winter Term, but she changed her mind. Christina had planned to take the class but now plans to wait another term. I snapped a photo of Lynda at the wheel–while she talked to her husband. (Haha) We sometimes get calls from the guys when we are working away.

Cliff and I attended two of Brad’s basketball games this week. Bradley (#31) is doing well–the team as a whole is improving. Here is a video clip if you are interested–and if it will upload. Sometimes they show on my screen but once I publish they disappear. (OMG)

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~January 5, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Locally winter thus far has not dropped much snow in and around Ontario. We have had a few fleeting snowstorms, but unlike in the surrounding mountains, we do not have snow cover. There is still talk that we could see snow–better snow than bitter cold.

We are all watching and waiting for Marshal’s to move in next to WareMart (by WinCo). Our Ontario shopping experience will have another option. Since Kmart left us, we have Walmart, Maurices, and the farm store for other than men’s clothing. There are a couple other options–but they serve a specialized clientele. Many of us shop online, or we travel towards Boise. The Marshals grand opening should not be too far in the future–they are remodeling the middle slice of the old Kmart building.


Kimber at home in Western Oregon

This week the last of Dixie’s babies left. Yesterday we met Grace at the airport with Bella Rae. Thursday Cliff met Roger with CW. Both of these families flew in as I alluded to here. Grace from New Jersey and Roger from Salt Lake City–Bella Rae will join her two OwyheeStar Blue brothers (Taun and Bacchus). This is Roger’s second OwyheeStar. Unfortunately, Melvin crossed over the rainbow bridge before CW could arrive home. A few days earlier most of the litter joined their families. Kimber’s parents dropped us the adorable photo and wrote, “Thank you both so much for all the time and effort you put into these pups! “Kimber” is just getting used to things around here!” Honestly, we make friends with the best people on the face of the earth.  

This Week On the Blog…

We continue to marvel at your kindness –keeping us apprised on the OwyheeStar happenings in your lives. (Hurrah–we are blessed indeed!)

Sunday— December 30 — Off to a Good Start

Monday–- December 31 — New Year Resolutions

Tuesday — January 1 — From our Home to Yours

Wednesday — January 2 — Second Christmas (Dash)

Thursday –- January 3 — Moxie and Mama (Bird Hunting)

Friday — January 4 — 7 Steps to Success (a repost)

On a very personal note

Cliff and I have found our New Year busier than the typical one. We have had a litter exit as well as a litter arrival. Then too–our delayed family Christmas finally happened Sunday. There was a lot crammed into very little space. That makes for no opportunity to be bored, right? Honestly, I can remotely remember boredom. (Haha) It is not a thing for us.

Cliff did not get the opportunity to hunt elk. The stars would not align–either there was not the time, the conditions were not cooperating, or his hunting partner was desperately ill. He plans to get in some bird hunting. Tomorrow we celebrate his birthday–and all he does for this family. Early next week he checks in with his Oncologist/Hematologist for bloodwork and such. We hope his numbers remain as they have been–Grade One.

I plan to tuck in some socialization–a few friends to catch up with soon. I also plan to enroll at Treasure Valley Community College and join Lynda in making some more pottery. We need to register this week. So, we begin the new year much like the last–making the most of the opportunities, and trying to manage our health issues. I feel as if things are going well for us. Cliff and I sincerely hope it is much the same for you.

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~December 29, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Christmas came and went and now the New Year is all the rage. Monday is, of course, New Year’s Eve, and then we will start chewing away on 2019. How quickly the year’s pass. Many a friend has commented that 2018 was not all that kind to them. Nonetheless, it was time allotted.

We had a little event in the neighborhood on the day after Christmas–one of the neighbors took out the power pole (it was an encounter with farm machinery)–our power went off just as the First Responder’s Bowl (with the Boise State Broncos) was getting started. The game had already been delayed due to the weather–lightening. Cliff called in the outage because we guess folks don’t know you should do that. Idaho Power came out and got us going in quick order, but the football game ended up being canceled. Can I say it was a bit disappointing for the team and their fans? (OMG)


This week is a busy one–we are slightly short-handed with the holiday, you understand?!? Nonetheless, between what Christina could offer, Cliff and I have managed to keep up. (Haha) We heard from a client who got a Weimaraner from us eight years ago. We had not had much contact since the first year or so. It was excellent to learn that Penny is going strong and much-loved. Her newsy update will appear on the OwyheeStar Blog this week–thank you, Dionne. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to working with you again. (BTW) So, there is the puppy stuff which is taking us more than one direction, but also the application replies as well as inquiries. I suppose we get about a hundred inquiries most quarters. Of course, many of those come to nothing.

This Week On the Blog…

We continue to marvel at your kindness to us–keeping us apprised as well as the faithful who Email us updates to help with this blog. (Hurrah–we are blessed indeed!) It was heartwarming to hear that Mesquite is doing excellent after her brush with the life-threatening incident. We learned yesterday that her stitches are out and she is getting back to her old ways.

Sunday— December 21 — Comfort First

Monday–- December 24 — Waiting for Christmas

Tuesday — December 25 — Merry Christmas

Wednesday —December 26 — Two Weim Household –First OwyheeStar

Thursday –-December 27 — Rain or Snow–ready to go

Friday — December 28 — Remember Mesquite

On a very personal note

Cliff and I had an uneventful Christmas–our Christmas Eve family event was canceled — twice. We no longer plan to try to make something work as I understand it. It is a situation where the flu-bug hit twice, and then there is the scheduling thing from here on out. We have to be out of town two days this week. There are other things as well–it was kind of sad as Christmases go, but we had each other. That is a lot more than some folks have so for that we are ever so thankful.

I am putting away the Christmas. We await the arrival of the Great Granddaughters to pick up their gifts. We don’t know exactly when that will be just yet. Ashley was feeling ill two days ago. (OMG) We did have a little visit with Christina and Jacob–it was great to have the time with Jacob. That is one of the ones we rarely get a visit from, so there is that. (Haha)

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~December 22, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Hello There!

Christmas is officially around the corner–right after the weekend. Are you excited? We sincerely hope that you are –and that you are able to share the experience with those whom you love the most.

Everywhere the stores are filled with people looking for the perfect something. Last night at Walmart, Ashley and I hit the jackpot. We went through the self-checkout to avoid the long lines. We waited only a moment for our turn. We had no sooner started to check out when Ashley noticed the long lines waiting for the self-checkout too. When we arrived at the movie house, Cliff and Nick were there sitting in the theater seats waiting for us. (Haha) The parking lot was packed–we were not the only ones there for a Friday night movie. 


This week was more of the puppy thing–as you might be aware it has been slow coming. Now that the pups are here we are ever so busy with them. It is surprising–all they require moment-to-moment.

This Week On the Blog…

Wow–thank you once again everyone–those who took the time to contribute. At one point I was starting to sweat the need for material and then I found the Emailed updates. You are beyond awesome.

Sunday— December 15 — Party Anyone

Monday–- December 16 — Looking For Birds

Tuesday — December 17 — Exploring

Wednesday —December 18 — When One

Thursday –-December 19 — Lucy & Toby

Friday — December 21 — Mesquite

On a very personal note

Cliff and I have been doing the usual sort of things–you know what I mean. Cliff gave the old pump house some love recently–the roof has been repaired and several gaps filled.

We have not gone all out with Christmas decorations–it is mostly our nativity and the two faux trees we have decorated. They met with the Great Granddaughter’s approval. They enjoy the fact that we have bells that they can ring. (Haha) They informed us that they have a fake tree this year. (OMG)

The two girls noticed that we have our small box of gifts ready for the Christmas Eve gathering. This was both troubling and delightful to them. They feel as if it has been a couple of years worth of waiting. Soon, it will be over for another year. Quite possibly the waiting is the best part of the whole thing–at least, next to the giving.

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~December 15, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Hello There!

Christmas is a mere ten days away. Our family gathers on Christmas Eve–so that is a bit less time to be prepared. We are simplified in our approach, so it is not so pressing. Nonetheless, there are things to be done. Everyone is the same. The decorations are up–and have been for some time. Honestly, we have not been into many stores other than Staples, the farm store, Home Depot, and the Grocery–oh, and BiMart. We see the crowded parking lots and cringe.

The farming check came in this week. I paid the insurance and our property taxes. For that we are happy. I think for some farmers this was a difficult year–I cannot say why. I know one farmer, in particular, was short-handed about three people. That makes everything far more difficult. Now, I am confident they make plans to play in the snow–the tractors and equipment are stowed away. Is a farmer’s work ever done? Seriously, it is not. Regardless, there is less fieldwork and the like from now until Spring.


Basket of Babies

We find ourselves engaged with the raising of puppies. We are thrilled–however, we might have opted to wait until January and February if possible. These kind of arrangements were not possible. (Haha)

A Longhair

The pictured puppy is a Gray (or a Silver Gray) Longhair Female. We got four of these in our litter of ten pups. Of course, most of our Wait List was waiting for a Blue Longhair–we had two of those in the litter. Not enough to make everyone happy. It was not that these folks waiting don’t like the Gray or the Silver Gray Longhairs–they all seem to be wanting to have a Blue Longhair because they have never had one before. It is like collecting a set over the years, you understand. 

I am a traditional Gray Ghost Baby

You might also find it interesting to see that the Longhairs pretty much resemble a traditional smooth coat at birth. Two weeks from now the difference will be evident–and those cute faces will be distinctly frames in fluff. By week five–the difference is quite dramatic.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you, contributors. How many ways can we say that? (Haha) We have some new material sitting in the wings; we burn a lot each week. Thanks for helping us make an interesting read possible.

Sunday— December 9 — Love

Monday–- December 10 — First Christmas

Tuesday — December 11 — Pretending

Wednesday —December 12 — Oh The Places We have Gone

Thursday –-December 13 — A Penchant for Paper

Friday — December 14 — Oh The Places We have Gone 2

On a very personal note

Cliff has had a few things to repair. One I broke. Oh yeah–a little hose connection snapped off yesterday. It was Cliff to rescue. He also helped Ashley with a spare dog house for Hercules–winter is here, and when he must be outside he needs to be safe and protected–Grandpa to the rescue.

You might have read a bit earlier that he is also helping with today’s basketball dilemma. A single parent cannot be two places at once. Grandpa will gladly see Nick gets to his basketball tournament after lunch today. 

 I know I put in the right password

I met up with my pottery friend this week. She had told me that she would not be going back for the winter term–but she has changed her mind. That is fabulous news. You might know that I attempted to make Cliff a mug–he likes them heavier and large. Well, mine was heavy but not large enough. Lynda had a mug that her friend Clark had made–she said she wanted Cliff to try it. You see him trying to fix a computer issue with his mug looking at him. Thank you, Lynda. 

2018 Weekly Synopsis



    ~December 1, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Hello December!

We have not yet had snow, but it cannot be too far removed. They say it could visit the valley floor today. Our friends in the mountains are celebrating its arrival. For others the snowmobiles are being tuned up, skis are being waxed, and the gear gathered for winter fun. 


Now the Freezer needs some extra attention

We are doing the puppy thing–photos and whatnot are keeping us busy. Application replies, as well as other computer-related activities, have been our focus. Well, then there was the banana squash –we have more than a dozen gallon bags in our freezer ready to serve. Oh, there was plenty of sampling, too!

This Week ….

Did you need your glasses?

Thank you, again, to all of you who thought of us during a busy holiday week. We loved hearing from everyone–the pie incident was perfect relevant –we all can relate. Jacie dropped us a cute note, Milly’s first hunt, Berkley and Chester all made us smile. We were also glad that some of you were excited about Annie’s snowsuit. We hope you can make something you love.

Sunday— November 25 — Pie Anyone

Monday–- November 26 — From Atlanta (Jacie)

Tuesday — November 27 — Birdy Girl (Milly’s First Hunt)

Wednesday —November 28 — Photos (with Chester)

Thursday –-November 29 — Berkley 

Friday — November 23 — Think Snow (Annie’s Snowsuit)

On a very personal note

We have a little holiday decorating complete. Our year-round trees are decked with Christmas ornaments. We have the nativity up, too. It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas. I think every day should be a bit Christmas-like. 

We have the Weimaraner that Bob and Idelle sent us many years ago. I love this wonderful gift.  I think of them every year when we pull it out of the box.

Brad–#31 First Varsity Appearance
Waiting To Check In

Beyond the holiday decorating and seasonal spirit, we have been indulging in a healthy dose of basketball. We made the trip to Nampa, Idaho last night for Brad’s first Varsity Game–it was a non-conference game. Brad did well; however, the scoreboard was sad. The loss disappointing for the guys.

The Art Department’s Pottery Sale is today. I am heading over as soon as I have completed the essential morning business. (Haha) No, I don’t have anything in the sale. I don’t know if I will purchase anything, but I want to make an appearance. Cliff has been hunting again–the birds were sparse but the fellowship rich. 

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~NOVEMBER 24, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Thanksgiving came and went. Some of us needed to let out our belt. (OMG) The colder than usual November temperatures seem to stick around. It did warm up a bit the last couple of days. All the while, snow is arriving in the mountains to the west and north. I don’t know if Bogus Basin is getting snow, but probably.

Mr. Sunshine on the last November Saturday

Christmas, if you subscribe to the holiday is in full swing. For all the talk about it not being politically correct, where we live it is a thing. People still say Merry Christmas. At the same time, I don’t believe most folks mean it a dose of meanness–it is more about the joy of proclaiming it. 


We are pedaling as fast as we can to keep up with the Dixie X Boone litter and the folks slated to bring a puppy home next year. Cliff patched the siding–Winnie and Gladys went to work on trying to destroy it. This chewing thing is how we know about the Weimaraner behavior issues. When given the opportunity, the Weimaraner will nibble on blankets, furniture, sheetrock, and even the house siding. (OMG)

Last Saturday we met a couple of folks near Pendleton, Oregon–the roads were dry and dusty. They were not all that friendly though. The driving in the left lane thing was a big issue. We made light of it–the silly drivers blocking traffic were everywhere. (Haha)

This Week ….

I find myself ever so thankful for folks who took the time and effort to update us. We trust that everyone got through Thanksgiving without an incident. We have not received news of anyone needing the emergency Vet services over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sunday— November 18 — Turkey Talk 

Monday–- November 19 — Taun & Bacchus

Tuesday — November 20 — Macy

Wednesday —November 21 — Pushkin

Thursday –-November 22 — Greeting (from Cliff and Shela)

Friday — November 23 — Winston

On a very personal note

Thanksgiving morning, Cliff went hunting with our grandson-in-law, and two grandsons. They came back with birds. Everyone got at least one bird. That was excellent.

I rode up to the Petersen’s Hill Top home with Cliff. It is here we gathered for Thanksgiving. While the guys chased birds around the hills, we prepared for our meal. Oh, and I danced with the two Great Granddaughters. I could not keep up with them–wow, they know how to dance Roaring Twenties Style. What a couple of gals!

Nick waiting for the rebound

We will be driving to Nyssa again today to see a couple of Nick’s Middle School Basketball games what fun it will be.

On the home front, I plan to add the ornaments to our all-season trees by the fire. The pepper swag I made is a beautiful red color–it is drying nicely. The bears guard things fireside. Oh, how we love our warm spot. Backing up to it after being outside in the cold is excellent. We know you love the feeling as well. Winter temperatures have arrived all too soon.


From Cliff and Shela

Happy Thanksgiving

Cliff, River, Evangeline, and Shela –at the Nielsen Farm Summer 2018

Wishing You All The Best

We want to take this Thanksgiving holiday to send a note of appreciation to you–our clients, our readers, our followers, our friends, and our family. The OwyheeStar community would not be possible without you. It doesn’t matter that we put our heart and soul into the process — it would be for nothing were it not for you.

We are honored to share something special. Our lives are joined by this sharing. For many, it has been a decade or two we have stayed in touch. Some of you have had several OwyheeStar Weimaraners join your family–each time having a unique idea of what we should provide in your new addition. Everyone has a preference–sometimes this is a mixture of coat colors, sexes, and even coat lengths. We do our best to accommodate you as it is possible. 

Finally, we are each made better by the Weimaraners who come through our heart and home. Some are easier than others–well, we are talking about the Weimaraner, right? This isn’t about them being easy. This is about something that is difficult to explain in a few words. Some folks who can be found looking in will never get the whole Weimar-thing. That is okay. We don’t care. For us, and those who are like-minded, we share this addiction. Yes, we share the craziness. Sometimes we encourage it–when possibly we should not. They make us feel alive. They accept us and seem to understand us in a way many of our humans cannot. They make us better in some many ways, too. 

This relationship thing is what I am talking about. Cliff and I are thankful and honored to share something beyond words with more than a few of you. Thank you, for being a part of our lives. 

2018 Weekly Synopsis

This Week on the Blog

IMG_3688Once again, I find myself ever so thankful for folks who took the time and effort to update us. Kudos to Julia and Shiny for their Nosework Title.

I have used up all but one of the updates. Each time this happens, I receive another one just in time. I hope it remains true during the holiday season. Haha

Sunday— November 11 — Arrivals (Dixie X Boone 2018)

Monday–- November 12 — The Time Change

Tuesday — November 13 — Titles Earned (Shiny—Nosework)

Wednesday —November 14 — Ducky

Thursday –-November 15 — What Can We Say? (Freyja is 1 Year Old)

Friday — November 16 — Spokane Area News (Sage and Roxie)

On a very personal note

Cliff has been working on the gray water system–our pipeline needed a little revamping. I am not sure of the status, but the little problem seems to be less of an issue. We can hope, right?!? I won’t add a photo of the big hole that is right in front of the dining area view.

Of course, you realize we follow Boise State Football. You might be weary of us mentioning the team, but alas it is a thing at our home. But we are equally crazy for any basketball game that features a grandchild. You can understand the obsession–right? Well, today we have to miss Nick’s first two games. (Boohoo) We schemed to try to find a way to get back in time to view the game. Well, it is not a reasonable expectation. We have the Weimaraners that need our attention upon our return.

Soon, we will be running to and fro to take in as many games as possible–because apparently, our Sophomore Grandson will be playing on the high school varsity. Nick attends middle school, but he is getting the coaches nod as well–playing at a high level. IMG_2807

IMG_2808I am pretty much done with the TVCC Art Department Ceramics until next term. I will drop by on Tuesday to check and see if there is an opportunity to glaze some of the recently bisque-fired pieces. If so, I will take care of it so when Vicki does a high-fire, they get in the mix.

Getting back in the mud has been fun. (Haha) My partner in grime (sorry about the play on words), Lynda, says she will not be back–at least next term. She doesn’t know if or when she might join us again. Charlotte does a lot of hand-building. I want to work with her to improve my skills. She makes a lot of fun things–hearts, buttons, mosaic tiles, etc. I have to say a special thanks to the instructor as well as the two beautiful ladies that have helped me. I am blessed.

Next Christmas I hope to have a tray like this to share with my friends and family. I think they would also be cute gift tags.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

This Week on the Blogweimaraner sign

zeus pup 1

Once again, I find myself ever so thankful for folks who took the time and effort to update us–especially with a story as well as a photo. Did you notice Jeanne’s creations? If not, check out the Zeus and More link below. She can make any breed or put words, names, or whatever sentiment you are looking to get on a sign for you. Her price is very reasonable. Check it out! We want to support our Weimaraner folks, right?

Cliff and Stackhouse got out to hunt and collect a couple of birds along with all too many cockleburrs. (OMG) It had been a while since I had the joy of picking them out of a Weim. Bella made her first trip to Brookings–I am so envious. I love the Oregon Coast–the beach experience. Loki and Moxie delighted us with their fun news. It was all such a blessing to share. Thanks again!

Sunday— November 4 — Pheasant Finally (Stackhouse reporting)

Monday–- November 5 — More From (Bella and Levi)

Tuesday — November 6 — Training Update (Loki)

Wednesday —November 7 — Zeus and More

Thursday –-November 8 — Finds and Whatnot (Bella at Brookings)

Friday — November 9 — Sealed with a Kiss (Moxie)

On a very personal note

Cliff has been busy keeping the Weims tended as well as making a few small repairs. I suppose the big news of the week was that we both had had our annual wellness with our Primary Physician. We have received a phone call about the blood work results. Overall they were good–Cliff’s white cell count is up, but it has been. Nonetheless, it is nowhere near where treatment would be required. We are very thankful for that news. I anxiously await the full results so I can compare numbers. I am like that. (Haha)

You might have read the Facebook comments on the Boise State -Fresno game that took place late last night. If not, I will make a quick comment here. It was a spectacular win for the Broncos–despite being down their long-distance threat and three excellent defenders. If this game is any indication, I see some of these current players will be making it to the NFL. It was an outstanding effort for the younger players to step up and bring home the win. Stackhouse did his usual Boise State Mojo-thing. It was a late night, but a lot of fun.