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~September 14, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

This week we remembered –well, it has been sixteen years since America suffered the unbelievable terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It rocked our nation and for a moment, brought us together. We forgot about the petty things that divide our unity because of what occurred on September 11. Too bad it takes such a crisis for us to come together.

Meanwhile, life rolls on–locally farmers are busy with the harvest. Several fields have already been plowed. I am ever so thankful to have the green alfalfa field to look out across.


Hello World!

Hattee’s pups continue to grow and thrive. Other than caring for the pups –it is the typical Weim care thing.

We are hoping to have other pups born between now and the end of the year. Sadly, we cannot make predictions. I think saying that as often as we are forced to repeat it is one of the more significant challenges. (Haha)

This Week On the Blog…

Thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–once again, you saved us. (Haha)

We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too.

Also, we are running short on material–probably almost always, but if you have a picture and short little tale we could share, please send it along. And–a special thank you to everyone who has helped us this summer!

Sunday— September 8 — The View (Stackhouse)

Monday–-September 9— The Two (Colorado Boys)

Tuesday — September 10 — Puppy Faces

Wednesday — September 11 — Kenai

Thursday –- September 12 —  Human Onboard ( Moxie)

Friday — September 13 — Nine Candles (Mesquite)

On a very personal note

Our week seemed busy–even though there were no major events before today. This morning we are going to Kay Becker’s Celebration of life. For many years, she and her husband, Jack, were the Pastors at a church we attend. Sadly, she lost her life to cancer–aggressive liver and pancreatic cancer. At last, she is free from the pain and suffering.

The Gardening Girls were here for a bit of work in the garden. We mostly got trimming done–and talked a little about our plan for managing the last of the season. Ashley is pulled every which way–and being pregnant would be enough. Keeping up with the two girls, plus everything else doesn’t allow for a break. Despite that, she keeps smiling and overcomes the obstacles. The Gardening Girls had lunch with us on Friday–and then went to meet Ashley’s mother to celebrate her birthday.

~At The Old Farmhouse

Cliff is still working on the master bath as possible–his back is better. The exhaustion sometimes overtakes him. He has to pace himself.

I started the BBQ sauce I have wanted to make–I think I will finish it tomorrow. It is not quite like I want, but I will adjust it until I get something tasty–at least, in my opinion. (OMG) I hope I can adjust it to something that works for us.


~September 7, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The first Saturday of September is here folks. Can you believe it? The farmers continue to harvest and do whatever it takes to finish the season. Cliff is done irrigating because our excellent hay-guy told him they would be here to cut this week. Then we are done and hoping for the price to rise a bit.

I don’t think the hay price is in the dumpster, per se–but it needs to improve a bit for us folks raising the stuff. Those buying hay, well–they want the lowest possible price. There has to be some kind of happy medium whereby we both can exist. I need to get a photo of our haystack. Maybe I can get that before the next weekly synopsis. (Haha)


Click Here to see more …

Hattee’s pups arrived–only four. Well, honestly, we had five born. The tiniest of the lot did not live despite our extraordinary effort. She was such a fighter, but in the end, it was not possible to overcome her newborn adversity.

The four seem to be thriving. Hattee is doing well –eating, nursing, and hovering over her babies. I am busy with the updates as well as the monitoring of everything puppy associated.

This Week On the Blog…

Thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–once again, you saved my life. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these newsy tidbits as much as we did, too. Also, we are running short on material–probably almost always, but if you have a picture and short little tale we could share, please send it along.

Astra sofa-comfortable with a ball between her toes–seems about right.

Sunday— September 1 — Pillow Anyone

Monday–-September 2— Bart

Tuesday — September 3 — Rat patrol Trophy

Wednesday — September 4 — Abi

Thursday –- September 5 —  Astra Update

Friday — September 6 — Hydrotherapy

On a very personal note

You might have read that this weekend Cliff’s class of ’69 are celebrating their 50th. The turnout was excellent. We attended last night’s event which was held at the 4 Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario. Several of my classmates were also in attendance–I am from the class of ’68.

There was a board listing those who have passed on into the next life contained way too many names. Several who attended were fortunate to be still top-side, but all were positive. It was great to celebrate together –to count our blessings.

~At The Old Farmhouse

Cliff has been working on the master bath floor tile–but his back started giving him fits. He has to stop until it gets a bit better. Nonetheless, it is looking promising. He had to get on the roof to eliminate a giant wasp nest–those nasty buggers like to take over, don’t they?

I have been doing much the same–clearing out, and downsizing. I also have changed a few things to make more available storage. I am focusing on the garden harvest–today we have sugar-free ketchup in the works.


~August 31, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Today is the last day of August 2019–it is hard to believe that September arrives tomorrow. Well, that is until we look around and see that harvest in full swing. There is that.

So we heard that basketball starts right after Thanksgiving. Right now, everything is all about Football. Boise State plays their first game of the year today–noonish in Florida. Due the the impending hurricane and whatnot, the game is no longer being played at a neutral site–so it will be at the home of the Florida State Seminoles. So, not only do they travel across the country–they go into enemy territory. Go Broncos!

“We’re not going there to play these teams to say that we played them and we have them on the schedule,” said Harsin, who has won 52 games in five seasons at Boise. “That’s not the mentality. These are not those money games. These are games to go out there to compete to win.


Hattee yesterday morning

We are prepared and ready for a projected whelp –just waiting to share the news. We never like to guarantee or act as if we are sure that we will have a litter arrive–any number of things could go awry. So, we have been preparing and holding our breath. There is always the anxiety–a bit like following Boise State. You don’t have control over much except what you can prepare and your attitude.

Cliff finished the Whelp room floor and put in a few other upgrades. We have cleaned our room top to bottom. We have supplies laid in–and hopefully, we will have something to report soon.

This Week On the Blog…

Thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–you save my life. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these newsy tidbits as much as we did, too.

Sunday— August 25 — Double Trouble Bubbles

Monday–-August 26— NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize One

Tuesday — August 27 — Tikka (soft-mouthed)

Wednesday — August 28 — Bob and Cody Wolff

Thursday –- August 29 —  Ashe

Friday — August 30 — Lyle (and Mesquite)

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

The tractor took a turn or two around the road that runs around our field and travels on out to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary. So–it is ready for travel should the opportunity present. Also, there was some general clean up done–weeds and spiffing things up.

Cliff has been working on our master bath–the tile floor. He has to lay it in bits and pieces. Some things require adjusting–like our temporary sliding door, so that he can lay the floor. Folks, he is doing a great job.

~The Gardening Girls and more

The girls were here a couple of times this week–picking produce. Ashley also helped me with a little project I had going. I have put up a few things–dill pickles, sugar-free ketchup, sugar-free pasta sauce, sugar-free salsa, sugar-free pickled beets, sugar-free jam, Christmas pickles, mustard, etc.

Our flowers are doing well–our favorite are the red sunflowers. The two Great Granddaughters love that they are able to pick flowers. They help keep them trimmed–cutting off the spent blossoms, too.

I wanted to plant a few fall crops. Honestly, I am not sure we can get it done. I will let you know. I am still mulling this over in my heart and my mind–to see if I can find the time and muster the strength. (Haha)

Cliff and I are doing pretty-much okay. There are good days, and at other times, we face challenges–especially Cliff. We are hoping that he can get some help when he meets with his doctor (the middle of September). We live in an amazing day and age–there are more options available.


~August 24, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The onion harvest continues. Yesterday as I drove south of our place, I met onion trucks. Later when we headed into town–there were more of the same. Even with the harvest in full-swing, several fields still host the famous Treasure Valley Onion–each field’s production awaiting their turn to head into storage with a hope of an excellent market price.

I love the cross over our property–I hope it is a good omen.

So our hay is doing well after the haircut (Haha)–it is green and growing. We noticed the local straw leaves for delivery as soon as it is cut and baled, but the hay is accumulating in stacks. We are not sure what that means exactly. I am sure we will find out soon enough.


It was another week of Whelp Room work. The floor is done–Cliff has moved onto finishing some trim. We have been doing a lot of various things. Christina took Hattee out for a spin–I meant a walk. She loved it but couldn’t get back to the house quick enough. We have been ear cleaning and that kind of thing. Things look good.

This Week On the Blog…

You who sent us an update have helped us with summer blog posts–that means a lot! I have one in the pipeline for early next week. I think I am running low, but I expect something new will come along soon. You all have been fabulous.

Sunday— August 19 — Francee

Monday–-August 20— Ruger

Tuesday — August 21 — Going on Vacation

Wednesday — August 22 — Winchester

Thursday –- August 22 —  Willow’s Wall

Friday — August 23 — Zeus

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Our emphasis has been general clean up–eliminating things we don’t need, and organizing inside and out. I think we are making a huge dent, but it seems endless. I am remembering when Cliff and were selling real estate, and we would show a farm with the abundant accumulation of whatnot. I would always think about what it would take to clean that place up. Well–working on our place, which had a moderate accumulation after about 70 years of farming, it causes me to shudder. I think you would need several trucks and a large crew to make a dent in such a situation. (OMG) So, I am sure we are a long way from being done. When we depart this world–what is left will become our kid’s problem. (OMG) Or possibly, our grandchildren’s problem. Who can guess?

Cliff has been on the tractor cleaning up the edges and keeping our road around the property travel-ready. Inside, he has been working on the whelp room–but he also has to get Suzie-stacker (our second washer and dryer) moved out. We order a new set–I am sad to see Suzie go. No joke–I loved her a lot.

~The Gardening Girls and more

Here is the youngest great-granddaughter (River Rose). These girls love their flowers. And this year–we have an entire bed of cutting flowers. It makes us all happy. Of course, we love the red sunflowers a lot. Next year I simply must have hibiscus. I could not acquire a plant this year.

The Gardening Girls were here–and for once they could be out with Ashley and I. The mosquitoes of late have been brutal–even spray wasn’t keeping them away. So, all too often, they were inside with me while Ashley picked and watered. I am embarrassed to admit our garden has been sadly neglected–but happy to report it is still producing better than expected. Ashley and I canned pickles yesterday.

The raised beds with ground cover cloth help a lot. We are in a battle with squash bugs–but so far we have not lost the battle. It is better than last year. Ashley’s gardening girlfriends have reported the loss of all their zucchini plants. I think we are fortunate.

Cliff and I are doing pretty-much okay. There are good days, and sometimes, we face challenges. Overall, we are more than hanging in there. Cliff’s seeing the Oncologist again (or his Nurse Practitioner) after they do another blood draw. You have to think they are selling this stuff for the amount they take. (OMG)


~August 17, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The onion harvest in full-swing a couple of noteworthy things are happening–we smell onions as we drive. We also are looking at the bare ground where they were thriving not long ago. It is both wonderful and sad to my heart–we need the harvest, but I miss the green crops.

So our hay has been cut, raked, baled and stacked–and we are happy. We expect to get one more cutting. Cliff will be getting it all watered again–now that the bales have been removed. It is going to be thirsty. (Haha)


We continue working on the Whelp Room–Cliff plans to have the floor done come Monday. That way Christina and I can work on putting the room back together.

Things look good–we expect pups to arrive before too long. We will be updating the pages, and our availability notice soon. We like to feel as if there is a high certainty that things are going to come together. Until those babies arrive, there is no guarantee. (OMG) Honestly–it is stressful to us–but we breathe and remind ourselves that we cannot control every scenario. Well–mostly we can control our attitude. (OMG)

We hope to have something like this again soon.

This Week On the Blog…

What an array of interesting posts–thanks to everyone who made this possible. I truly appreciate you sending the Emailed Updates–along with the photos, etc.

Sunday— August 11 — Duchess

Monday–-August 12— At The Beach (With Asher)

Tuesday — August 13 — Remy

Wednesday — August 14 — The Cone (For Bart)

Thursday –- August 15 —  Goose Lake (with Duchess)

Friday — August 16 — Finn

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

–Quail photos below left to right, the native California Quail we see running our farm and the local area. Then there is Bobwhite–first the male followed by a female, and another closeup of a male.

Cliff is doing well–the exhaustion overtakes him on occasion. (OMG) But after a certain age, it might be expected. He has been busy with his little side-gig. By that, I mean the raising of the Bobwhite Quail. You might remember we had the Coturnix Quail–and they were fun. We don’t have a market for them, and it was a bit too much for us to keep up with them and everything else. Since he went to raising the Bobwhite Quail, it has been a lot better. Cliff just read to me that the Bobwhite is the fourth most popular game bird in America. We certainly love them!

The coloration will vary slightly –some have more gray than others. You will notice the males are easy to identify after they develop a bit. One thing that sets them apart is their distinctive call –it sounds like a whistled bob-white! Our neighbor, Alan Brown, stopped by to talk with Cliff and told him he heard the Bobwhite calling to him on his property. He delighted (like Cliff) because they both remember them being native birds when they were young. The only native Bobwhites (according to those who watch those things) are those in the east– this area covers south to Florida and as far west as Texas. The Nielsens have more than a few escapees running loose around the OwyheeStar property and ranging over to the neighbor’s place.

~The Gardening Girls and more

The Gardening Girls took quite a lot of produce away again this week. Evangeline and River no long scream as loud over the cucumbers. (OMG) I kept the last tomato picking–canned nine pints of salsa. Yesterday I pulled the beets and canned seven half-pints of pickled beets. I wasn’t expecting to can anything, but it seems I am. Ashley has a friend with an overload of tomatoes, so I am getting a couple of bushels that I plan to work up. This time I am thinking the sugar-free ketchup and some pizza sauce.

The girls (Evangeline and River) like to do other things when they come to visit–play with the toys, read, and eat. Oh–they want to help me cook too! We made ice cream, chocolate pudding, and their favorite–soda. We have the soda stream on the counter. They don’t often get soda pop. (OMG)


~August 10, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Yesterday it cooled off after the brutal triple-digit temperatures–the kind we expect every August. Last evening brought a bit of a storm our direction.

So our hay has been cut and should be scooped up into bales and then added to the haystack soon. It looks like there is a fair amount–we love watching the haystack grow. Before they got to our hay field–they combined the wheat across the road. We saw them working late to take care of the straw left behind–but they have not gotten it baled yet.


We are working on the Whelp Room–new tile floor is being laid. It will be a vast improvement over the existing vinyl we inherited. Other than revamping our facility, we are working on updating our records.

These are the kind of things we can do when we don’t have a litter of pups. It will be so nice to have it and a few other things done when the next batch arrive.

This Week On the Blog…

What an array of interesting posts–thanks to everyone who made this possible. I truly appreciate you sending the Emailed Updates–along with the photos, etc.

Sunday— July 28 — OwyheeStars and Stripes

Monday–-July 29 — Berkley

Tuesday — July 30 — Bruno

Wednesday — July 31 — Bella, Bacchus and Taun

Thursday –- August 1 —  Meeting

Friday — August 2 — Exhausted Weimaraner

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Cliff is doing a lot better. He is back to working on the old farmhouse. We mentioned his work in the puppy whelping area, but it has been a far more eventful on nearly every level. Cliff’s Cousin Wanda came (flew in) for a visit–and his sister and brother-in-law stopped over to share the moment. What a treat.

~The Gardening Girls

The Gardening Girls took quite a lot of produce away this week. Evangeline and River picked the tomatoes–but there was colossal wire basket of cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans.


~August 3, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We have a beautiful hot August in the works. We have enjoyed the lushness of the crops–it is also fun to watch the harvest. They harvested the grain across the road this week.

Soon they will arrive to cut our alfalfa–this time, both fields at the same time. We expect this cutting and one more before the season is done. We love watching the haystack grow.


We are still working on cleaning and fixing things. The last summer puppy left on Thursday morning–a much-celebrated departure.

I have scheduled a couple of titer tests with Dr. Calhoun and his staff at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital in Nampa, Idaho. They were able to slip us in the coming week — so we will get that business taken managed. Otherwise, it is pretty much the daily things as well as keeping up with inquiries, etc.

This Week On the Blog…

What an array of interesting posts–thanks to everyone who made this possible. I truly appreciate you sending the Emailed Updates–along with the photos, etc.

Julia has done it again–another title with a different OwyheeStar Weimaraner–Luey. How could we not mention this achievement again? It happened not long ago in Leadville, Colorado. Congratulations–and thanks for all you do!

Sunday— July 28 — At the Dog Park

Monday–-July 29 — Nutz

Tuesday — July 30 — NACSW Nosework

Wednesday — July 31 — Emma

Thursday –- August 1 —  Brady

Friday — August 2 — Lily

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Cliff had a rough week — the iron he has needing to take for anemia made him terribly ill. He is much better as of yesterday. Despite this setback, he has worked on the master bath –things are coming along.

The garden is seeing a lot of neglect. Ashley is pregnant and doing what she can. Summer is always a busy time. She is going to home school Evangeline–she is getting what she needs together.

All-in-all things are going well. I have been sewing curtains for the kitchen. There are a few other projects in the works. It is mostly organization and elimination. I wonder if I will ever see the end of it. (Haha) I think not.


~July 27, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

It is that time of year–when the Treasure Valley is loaded with local fruit and vegetables. Gardens are overflowing with the zucchini–ours included. The OwyheeStar Weimaraners love eating it raw.

The farmers are busy–harvesting some crops and tending others. There are quite a few onion fields that look quite nice this year. It is surprising how many fields of wheat there are between here and town. We also see beans, sugar beets, corn, etc. Our neighbors, the Kamashiges who farm near us–they brought us a 50# bag of red potatoes.


Young Deja and Cliff Shopping for Supplies at D and B Supply

Cleaning has been this week’s focus–sometimes to the Weimaraners chagrin this includes ears. We have various ear products and a protocol for unique situations. There are certain products (like hydrocortisone) which are not safe for the pregnant or lactating moms. In some cases we are merely doing a preventative care thing–and like I said, we have various products we use.

I have been working on our primary Website. When we transitioned over to the new program, it was a time when I was in treatment. I am not even sure how clearly I was thinking. It is beyond time to edit, update, and clarify some of the information. I am not sure how long this process will take. I hope not too long, but realistically, I may only get one page done per day. That is sobering when you consider how many pages there are that need my touch.

This Week On the Blog…

What an array of interesting posts–thanks to everyone who made this possible. I truly appreciate you sending the Emailed Updates–along with the photos, etc.

Isn’t it fun to read about the various OwyheeStar Weimaraners? Of course, some of these are just starting their journey. Others are checking back in after an extended period of quiet–like with Raein.

Sunday— July 21 — Skye

Monday–-July 22 — Push and Zoo

Tuesday — July 23 — Raein

Wednesday — July 24 — Milly

Thursday –- July 25 —  Meet Ashe

Friday — July 26 — Ace

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Cliff is working on the master bath–it is slow going. We are happy though to be getting some of the basic things set up. He will lay tile before long in the adjacent Puppy Whelp and Care area.

The Gardening Girls are absent again this week. I am not sure exactly when they will be back. I hope soon. We have not heard from them. Cliff and I cannot eat all the produce–or keep it all picked. (OMG)

As weeks go–I think we can call this one quiet. There are the usual as well as mundane tasks keeping us engaged. Several trips were made to town for supplies, etc. That is the kind of week we have had.


~July 20, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Last week we reported out next cutting of hay found its way to the stack. It won’t be long, and there will be another cutting. Cliff and our hay guy (Chris) decided to cut both of our fields at once–so we will hold off on the one field a bit longer. That seems like a good plan for us.

The Combines pulled into the fields– farmers are engaged in the harvest of wheat. Harvest may include some of the beans, too. The beans at the corner (near the stop sign), are very green. They look lovely but are nowhere near ready for harvest.


Felix is looking for his ‘Forever-Family’

Last Saturday, most of Bernie’s pups joined their new family. The last person to meet us had car issues. They were nearly an hour late. I don’t know what that little puppy thought, but she was stressed. All these people had gathered around–her best buddies leaving, and yet, she remained. She wasn’t hot on us getting her out of the kennel. But once her human arrived–Wow, things changed. It was like she knew that this was the guy for her. She lavished him with sweet kisses, and when the girlfriend wanted to hold her, she had not a lick of interest. It was the most precious reaction–I was glad I got to witness the moment.

Felix and another boy have not found their family, yet. That is a whole other story–sometimes summers can be wonky. People can flake-out at the last minute. Regardless, he is a fabulous boy–so friendly.

He is an ultra velcro Weim though. The great-granddaughters loved playing with him.

This Week On the Blog…

Jedi with the newest family member

We put out a request for updates. Our material was running super-thin. Honestly, I was concerned if we could keep up. You came through–we genuinely appreciate everyone who responded. We caught up with a couple, Jan shared one of her proudest moment, and we meet two newcomers–Frida and Kenai.

Sunday— July 7 — Jedi

Monday–-July 8 — Opus

Tuesday — July 9 — Meet Frida

Wednesday — July 10 — Agility (Willow and Jan)

Thursday –- July 11 —  4th of July (with Lu)

Friday — July 12 — Kenai

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

We were happy to receive the report after Cliff’s most recent testing–the Nurse Practitioner left us feeling more than a little concerned. In the end–the report cleared Cliff of these particular concerns. (Whew!)

On the home front–Cliff has been busy fixing things. Our A/C started acting up—it is hot. Isn’t that when the air conditional goes sideways? Of course, but if you happened to read the ditty I wrote this morning–you know the details. Cliff discovered the issue. We are good to go with the triple-digit temperatures looming large on the horizon. Meanwhile–he is having more problems with the wheel line–that has to get fixed today.

The Gardening Girls were here–a couple of times this week. On Thursday, Ashley stayed to work on the simple curtains for the kitchen. Our cabinets are not finished (by any means) and with the open fronts–curtains seemed like a good idea. So, curtains it is. It is an old farmhouse type of thing. (Haha)

One thing that made me happy was getting some family photos up. We don’t have a lot of space, but I got a few placed this week. I have a little clothesline that will clip a few other snapshots. I may have one more location to put a couple of framed gems. It makes me feel more at home. We were already loving living here–but this was a much-needed touch.

We cannot display all the photos we have–who could? There is this old photo of an unknown family member. Ashley is going to take this to use and to keep knowing it came out of her Great Grandma’s home. We love it.

Maybe someday we will know who she was. If not, then she was family–that speaks for itself, right?!?


~July 13, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017
Cutting the hay not that long ago–

The new cutting of hay got raked and stacked near the railroad tracks. Cliff had to fix some of the corrugates–the watering has been somewhat challenging.

Harvest has begun–not sure what crop it was, but we saw some windrows were along the way into town. It might be beans. The grain is ripe and ready for the taking, too.


I got in the water

This week the puppies have been busy. They swam and played in the sprinkler–and made mud pies. This water-thing also means their nose has ingrained mud. We also have time to practice settling and crate-training. Some did better than others. (Haha)

We captured this quick snapshot of this boy with water on his nose. So adorable, right!?!

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We are thin on material clients-updates. We know it is summer, but maybe some of you have a cute photo along with a little story–special thanks for those who got me something to us this week. We had just enough–we truly appreciate you folks being so thoughtful.

Sunday— July 7 — Sky

Monday–-July 8 — Loki and Erica

Tuesday — July 9 — Dasher

Wednesday — July 10 — Toby

Thursday –- July 11 —  Paisley

Friday — July 12 — When There’s

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Stackhouse has his eye on us!

There is not a lot to report. There is the dealing with the heat and the constant work on the farm as well as the farmhouse. The gardening girls were here earlier this week–but I had to keep up on the watering etc. I wished I could do a bit better, but we are all doing what is possible. So, far neglect hasn’t taken over. (Haha)

Everyone has been posting their lovely sunflower photos. We have some too. Maybe ours are a bit different than most. (IDK) I should get a bit closer with the lens, but there is a bit of mud near the raised bed after yesterday’s watering. We have quite the crop of mosquitoes–something we would like to forego. The green beans are coming along–there are a few to pick. Our tomatoes are starting to produce a goodly number on the bushes–they need pruning. (OMG)

Cliff had his six-month Oncologist visit–he had to see a Nurse Practitioner instead of Dr. Arteta. There was the usual bloodwork –there are some concerns. So, he is not yet done –there is another round of bloodwork next week after which he will see Dr. Arteta. We will see what they discover.