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2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


Manfred Adventure at the Nielsen Farm-9Manfred arrived –the future OwyheeStar Longhair Stud Dog. It remains to be seen how this saga unfolds. We intend to have him come alongside, and eventually fill Stackhouse’s position. He is adjusting nicely. We are working on socialization.

This Week on the Blog

We were blessed with some fabulous update– even though summer is in full bloom. There was news of Mesquite (who continues to do well). Her Golden Year Placement has more than worked well, I think. We heard about the early transition for three–Indi, Bacchus, and Maelee. That is always fun to read. Of course, we had Berkley who celebrated one year. How fast they grow–time doesn’t stand still either.

Sunday— July 15 — Living the Life (Mesquite)

Monday–- July 16 — Home (with Indi)

Tuesday — July 17 — Birthday (Berkley at One)

Wednesday — July 18 — Letter (From Asher)

Thursday –- July 19 — Reporting (Taun & Bacchus)

Friday — July 20 — The Early Stage (Maelee)

On a very personal note


From Asher

    ~ guess we found our niche

Hey Shela and Cliff, Asher here.  It has been awhile but I wanted to update you with a Paw-Awesome report.  My days are filled with many adventures from joy rides to the coffee shop, Farmers Markets, and any store that allow dogs.  Funny thing about coffee shops is a friendly hello bark gets me treats.  Seriously, that is all I have to do to get a treat.  Love it!  (Psst, if any other Weim’s are reading this—heads up Chick-fil-A does it too.)

Sniff, sniff, sniff…there is a game that my mom and I play it is called Nose Work.  She hides treats and I find them.  I know right—more treats—love this game!  However, my mom tells me that she created a nose detective monster.  Asher_ORTAs I built my confidence in sniffing it came time for the Odor Recognition Tests (ORT’S).   My mom questioned, if she was ready and if she should enter all three or just the one.   I told her, “Mom—we got this!”

Paw-Awesome isn’t it?!?  My mom and I make such a great team.  We passed all three odors birch, anise and clove.  She was so happy—I thought, “stop-it mom you’re embarrassing me” but don’t tell her. I was really jumping up and down inside!

And that is how it all began, mom and I trained for the next event our very first trial.  She was nervous because it was the first time she has done anything like this.  She said, “Okay God calm my butterflies and let Asher do what you created him to do!”  She whispered in my little ear, “Okay, handsome—you got this!  Let’s go have some fun!”

We had some fun all right.  My mom was so excited; I think I even saw tears in her eyes—Gesh, woman!  I tell ya!  Well, here it is, nine months of preparation of training and confidence building.  We received our first title in Detection Dog Class Novice.Asher_1st_Trial

Asher_whoMENow that is my superstar moment but let me tell ya—the game of Rally-Obedience not so much.  My trainer told me, ”My focus has been upgraded from a gnat to a small fly.”  I know right, “Are you talking about me?”

Well that is a quick Paw-Awesome report, we have some more trials coming up later in the year and working towards our first competition in Rally-Obedience.  A small fly—I’ll show them!  Keeping my eye on the prize!!Asher_focus

But first, I am going back to bed!Asher_Sleep



Asher Von Owyheestar, DDCN

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


IMG_0787The week found our schedule was a bit more demanding than usual. We had the last Zula Blue litter depart. She found a Golden Year Placement. We could not be happier. The mostly Longhair Litter joined their respective families. Some of these folks had waited a very long time to get the Longhair. We hope to raise a few more in the future. Despite a few Weimlovers aversion to the longer coat, these are catching on. Yes, there is more grooming–and if they are a mud baby, then there is more mess. In town, with a grass yard, the additional care is not all that much. It is not anything like the Labrador. I cannot lie, though–they do take grooming. A furminator-type of brush used monthly makes a huge difference. Well, despite the extra care, people often repeat the Longhair experience once they have embraced it. Or, should I say that of the five longhair pups, three were repeating the longhair option. I think that speaks volumes.

This Week on the Blog

We had the heartbreaking news of Jake’s passing. He has lived through many experiences–including relocating from the Pacific NW to Zealand. We appreciate this family staying in touch for more than a decade. The week began with Henry posing with his ribbons–Congratulations to Henry! We had two new beginning reports–Luna and Winchester. Let’s not forget the two water work updates–Tikka on the SUP and Freya water retrieving. Keep up that water work. You are doing fabulous!

Sunday— July 1 — Henry

Monday–- July 2 — Winchester

Tuesday — July 3 — Tikka

Wednesday — July 4 — News (Re: Jake in New Zealand )

Thursday –- July 5 — Freya

Friday — July 6 — Luna

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2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


The early summer litter exit begins today. By Tuesday all the pups will be with their forever families. It is a good feeling to know they have excellent homes. The great-granddaughters will not be happy to see them gone. (Haha)

Otherwise, Cliff is busy trying to fix this and that. We need some waterlines run–not sure when he can get working on those. He had to fix another water issue to get our lawn sprinklers going. With the oppressive heat looming large it is no time to have the water delayed. (Haha) When the pups depart, I am hoping to purchase a few bits of sod to repair a few bare patches in the yard. (OMG) Have I ever said the pups are hard on the yard? Only about a gazillion times.

This Week on the Blog

Meeder's Cooper_1733We had some fun on the blog. Of course, starting with Dunkin was a treat. We moved on to look at the Longhairs which was followed by the parcel from Fellig. Not to confuse you; however, we then have two blogs in a row, both featuring a Weimaraner named Willow. Jan’s Willow was back the Show Ring winning titles and ribbons. Tony and Renee’s California Willow was testing out the kiddie pool. Speaking of pools, we ended yesterday with Cooper swimming at three months. He is an extraordinarily good swimmer. Isn’t this photo the best ever?

Sunday— July 1 — Dunkin (Ready for Bed)

Monday–- July 2 — Longhairs

Tuesday — July 3 — Surprise (Parcel from Fellig)

Wednesday — July 4 — Happy Fourth (Willow)

Thursday –- July 5 — Another (Willow in the Water)

Friday — July 6 — Running Circles (Cooper joins Luke in the pool)

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2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


The Longhair litter’s Discovery and Placement Test is completed, and that means we have moved on to other bits of business. The exit plan and getting everything prepared for the big event is our focus. There are other bits of business to tend to as well. In reality, there is always something. (Haha)

We have our eyes on the future–hoping for a late summer or fall litter. That would be super great. In the meantime, we have the inquiries, the applications, and those waiting for a pup that keeps us actively engaged.

This Week on the Blog

IMG_2443We began with a swing and a miss (so to speak). We had planned the Pushkin blog for Sunday–prepared it and somehow failed to push the publish button. I guess we were interrupted –and then totally forgot to finish. So, we were one day short this week. Anyhow, what we had was a delightful mix of stories and updates.

I suppose Benson opening the gates at the Day Care Facility to let everyone get out to play the most popular post of the week. Nonetheless, hearing from Bayou certainly was special to our heart. It had been a long time.

Sunday— June 24 — We missed publishing (oops)

Monday–- June 25 — Wondering (Pushkin)

Tuesday — June 26 — Dasher

Wednesday — June 27 — News (Bacchus and Taun)

Thursday –- June 28 — Well Now (Benson-Day Care Social Planner)

Friday — June 29 — A Bit Delayed (Bayou)

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon



Zula Blue X Stackhouse Big Adventure-176The Longhair litter (which includes a couple of smooth coats) is approaching the Discovery and Placement Test. That means we are focused on the process and looking toward the exit plan. Again, on Thursday, we went for a big adventure and what fun it was. The pups loved their play time at the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary.Zula Blue X Stackhouse Big Adventure-13

The Internet and the Web have not been as much fun. Our Longhair Website went down (again), and Cliff had to contact GoDaddy to get the problem resolved. It is kind of crazy. He paid for our domain name, and then it quit forwarding. (Well, crumb!) There is no reasonable explanation other than we can be happy because the resolution was faster than promised. Of course, then there is the ongoing Facebook Page issue. Our OwyheeStar Weimaraners Page is under review, and every indication is they are going to lock us out. Therefore, we have a closed group for our OwyheeStar Clients Only. So far, it is working out well. I think people like it a lot.

This Week on the Blog


Mr. Tilman

We began with news from Maelee’s family and ended with Mr. Tilman–who is a bit older. In between, we caught up with Arliss who is getting older yet but doing well. He is a favorite of many. We had not heard about Zelda since she left. The news of her was delightful. Seeing her swim (or water retrieve) in the Pacific Ocean was outstanding. Mid-week we had the second part of our story from the Spokane family who update us frequently. It was great to hear about their spring with three Weims.

Sunday— June 16 — Maelee

Monday–- June 17 — Friendliest (Zelda)

Tuesday — June 18 — Before Summer (part two)

Wednesday — June 19 — Cooper (Joins Luke)

Thursday –- June 20 — At Eleven (Arliss)

Friday — June 21 — At the Vet (Mr. Tilman)

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2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


5-Zula Blue X Stackhouse 2018 Wk4-31

The Spring Litter Exit is complete. We are focused on the Longhairs and the future. The folks on the Wait List hope for accurate predictions. Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball? Even a guess is just that–it is not an exact science.

We are working on making a few improvements. We have a new little starter box–we have a little system whereby we need a temporary outdoor housing when the pups are in transition. We hope to replace some of the missing sod–oh those puppy feet. (Haha) Yes, it is the truth. Many pups running on the same path are surprisingly tough on a yard.

This Week on the Blog

We started with the Wild One–the whole thought of a Weimar with that handle makes me smile. Our Email often has requests for a mellow Weimaraner. (OMG) I am not saying it doesn’t happen, but we are talking about the Weimaraner are we not? (Haha) Beyond Benson, we think there was some fun reading about Rylee, Sana, Ruger, Remy and finally the Weim-addicted Spokane family. Are they not just amazing?

Sunday— June 10 — The Wild One (Benson)

Monday–- June 11 — Rylee (At Two)

Tuesday — June 12 — Meet Sana

Wednesday — June 13 — Laundry (and Ruger)

Thursday –- June 14 — Remy (at 6-Months)

Friday — June 15 — Before Summer (In Spokane)

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

Hello Weim-loving friends! The weather is summer-like. It is no wonder, for summer officially begins (Thursday, June 21, 2018) in less than two weeks. Graduations have marked our calendars and summer vacation is a thing. Nevertheless, summer vacation is a shadow of what we celebrated as kids. What great times I remember running the streets, swimming at the pool, and sunbathing.

Hay_1872Our Hay Guy Arrived this week–the alfalfa was cut, raked, baled, and stacked. I love watching their equipment poop out the bales. As you can see, the cutting created a cloud of dust.

34392930_10155290207026126_4201390008843632640_nThe Spring Litter Exit is coming to a close. We have been reading on Facebook and via Email tidbits of newsy-reports about the pups. It is very fun to see them begin to adjust to their new family. Their personalities are showing–we see them bringing a smile to their audience. Others (who share the moment) can live vicariously through the experience.

Bath_1897Inquiries continue to roll in–that is not a bad thing. The only problem is answering the most pressing question. The one concerning availability and when they can expect a puppy. Honestly, it is not an exact science. From the time we mate a pair until the pups are old enough to go out the door, it is about four months. Isn’t that mind-boggling?

Predictions are beyond fickle. Recently a client thought she had no chance of getting a Longhair, due to the Longhair list. When I told her we could make it happen, she said, “I see what you mean.” It is a juggling act even after the pups arrive. You never know what is going to happen–people think they can guess if I tell them everything. I don’t see how when we are continually surprised. (Just saying!?!)

This Week on the Blog

IMG_3764We started with the lovely Dharma and Simian who live near Sun Valley, Idaho (if I remember correctly). Other updates followed –they were varied. Shiny (the Blue Longhair) who is doing so well with the obedience completed the week. Sandwiched in between we heard from Zoe, Loki, Maizie, and Macey. Some were beginning, and others continue to entertain as the years add up.

Sunday— June 3 — Life With (Dharma and Simian)

Monday–- June 4 — Zoe

Tuesday — June 5 — At Six Months (Loki)

Wednesday — June 6 — Who Understands (Maizie)

Thursday –- June 7 — What a Beginning (Macey)

Friday — June 8 — Together (Shiny)

On a very personal note


2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

Hello June–the green fields of wheat are headed out. I know it won’t be too long and we will see them start to turn gold. For now, it is beautiful. Hay in different stages surrounds us as well–ours is cut and awaiting the baling process. We see bales in a neighbor’s field and others going to the haystack. The rain has challenged the schedule most had in mind. Isn’t that the way?

Our old Russian Olive Tree has been on the place longer than Cliff. That is saying a lot. It has served the farm well. Cows used it to scratch. Pigs dug around it in search of a treasure. Much later is graced the park-like setting enjoyed by family and friends. The tire swings were a favorite –holding secrets and providing fun. There will be no more screams as someone pushes you higher–and higher. On Sunday morning we awoke to find her lying prone roots exposed. This reality wrapped us and others in an expected sadness. It seemed as though she would live forever.

We are puppy engaged. What does that entail you might ask? Well at every stage of the process there are specific steps we take. It is our goal to stick to the usual schedule. In the end, we want a puppy ready to join their new forever family. One who is prepared to housebreak, crate train, and more. It is labor intensive. All the while, there is a client side of this going on–inquiries, dialogue, and if you are getting a puppy, there are litter specific things.

Dreams–it is all about helping someone else realize a dream. It brings us great joy. We love the OwyheeStar Community. We plan to be here as long as we blessed and able to continue–ah a long time is our plan.

This Week on the Blog

IMG_20180519_093118_513We hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. We ended the week with a beautiful word-picture of what it can be like raising the young Weimaraner puppy. We sincerely hope it would always be about like it is with Mr. Tilman. There is a variety of other posts including our Chewy product review. We have used this several times on the pups, and each time we love it more. Thanks to for giving us the opportunity to be an influencer.

Sunday— May 27 — Predictions

Monday–May 28 — Remembering

Tuesday — May 29 — Product Review for

Wednesday — May 30 — On the Water

Thursday – May 31— Idaho Weimar

Friday — June 1 — Typical Weimar Puppy

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

It seems like yesterday winter was hassling our neighbors to the north and to the west. There was the snow as well the cold temperatures that called for a fire. Now, we are looking at summer weather–of course, that also means intermittent showers. Sometimes it also means a downpour along with thunder and lightning. The weather is fickle despite the season–that is no secret.

Group-Juniper X Boone D & P-7Grandpa Cliff has a diversified seasonal list of things to accomplish. With us having puppies he has the extra stuff, too! We will soon be swimming pups. He trimmed along the Nielsen Farm Pond leaving the grass (and misc. weeds) a little longer around it too. I like it that way. There are the mowing and weed cutting which is endless from now until late fall. He planted grass at the sanctuary, and it is coming up. There have been other than human visitors (which we know happens all the time) to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary. This time they left a larger than usual footprint.

Group-Juniper X Boone Wk6-2It is difficult for those who know we have puppies, and they are sitting on the Wait List to deal with all the cuteness (and the news) while they wait for their opportunity. (Haha) The Weimar Puppy Frenzy Virus is a thing. If you have ever had it, then you understand all too well. Anyhow, there is all the activity that happens–adventures, general care, socialization, swimming, and the Discovery and Placement Test process. It is all orchestrated in a way to prepare our pups for the arrival at their ‘Forever Home.’

This Week on the Blog

We hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. I think it was a diverse week. Possibly you agree. We loved the updates. They were fabulous. It is fantastic to learn about a rehomed OwyheeStar and what others are doing–sometimes their antics are hilarious. Other times not so much. Keep the updates and news coming. We appreciate it–as do others.

Sunday— May 20 — Weekend Events (engaged on Roy’s Birthday)

Monday–May 21 — The Naughtiest (Roy)

Tuesday — May 22 — Lovins

Wednesday — May 23 — Beyond the Pool (Luke)

Thursday – May 24 — Heartwarming

Friday — May 25 — Celebrated

On a very personal note