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2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 18, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Our summer-like Treasure Valley weather came and went–we have a Western Oregon type of feel–wet. It says we received .37 inches rain yesterday. That is a lot of rain for far Eastern Oregon. (Haha) Today, is more promising; however, the promise soon turns back to rain looking at the ten day forecast.

We were glad that our hay was not cut and laying on the ground when this wetness arrived. It is better to wait than to have it sit wet and to end up needing to be turned so it can dry out, etc. The onions are showing some size. Not that long ago, it was hard to see them at all. Now, they are easily visible as we travel by. It is surprising how quickly the fields begin to fill with lush greenness–well, the onions are never lush. I think that we can agree.


We are busy with Bernie’s babies. They are doing exceedingly well. Bart has found his ‘Forever Home’–Cliff says these folks are getting a Gem. Did I mention that he smiles? We have the two remaining girls that are seventeen weeks old–we have scheduled a titer test on Saturday the 25th. We are anxious to learn the outcome, but we will wait patiently for the results. Possibly one or both of them has found a home here in the Treasure Valley.

The water line project is coming along. The rain isn’t helping a lot–Cliff had to give up because the wetness pouring off on him was too much. Hopefully, he can get that trencher rented on Monday and get the pipe run.

NAVHDA Natural Ability Test which Cliff has been preparing for is probably not going to happen. He feels SnowAngel is not ready. We will pick another time and probably run with a different young girl later this year–possibly Henri. She is showing excellent potential.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

Congratulations Astra –we loved seeing you in your graduation attire.

Sunday— May 12 — Addicted to (the Longhair)

Monday–-May 13 — Astra

Tuesday — May 14 — Emmy

Wednesday — May 15 — OwyheeStar’s Henri (First Swim)

Thursday –- May 16 —  Revelry

Friday — May 17 — Grace (Weimlover at Heart)

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

River is watering and Evangeline is filling the Vole holes

The gardening girls are back–we had a couple of big mornings planting. Not everything is planted–we have a bit left. We plan to do that this morning. I guess if we need something, we will buy it.

Cliff is talking about trim that needs to be finished up. He plans to work on it in between the waterline project as time permits. The list of farmhouse projects (inside and out) is longer than we would like. Nonetheless, when we consider what we have done in three years, we are amazed. We never dreamed that it would require so much, nor that we would love living here as much as we do.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 11, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

It is summer-like in the Treasure Valley. The crops are growing quickly. They cut the hay field across the road from us a couple of days ago. I am not at all sure when our alfalfa is due for a cut–storms are brewing. Murphy’s Law seems to follow the cutting of hay with the washing of the same. (OMG)

Also, our hay fields are at different points–the newly planted alfalfa is not tall enough to cut. (OMG) So, we are not sure exactly how Chris will manage the first cutting on each field. I most certainly don’t have a clue–it is way above my pay grade (as the saying goes).


We are preparing for puppy exits again–this weekend. Cliff is meeting three families near Burns, OR today. I know they are so excited to meet their newest addition. This includes the lovely (and a bit older) Charlee.

The water line project looms large on the horizon. Cliff has things gathered and is trying to find the time to get to it. He says once he does, it should come together fairly quickly. I sincerely hope it works that way.

We are still seeing if Cliff and Snowy (SnowAngel) are going to be ready to participate in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test –it is in a couple of weeks.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. Every story was precious to my heart–and I am positive other folks enjoyed reading about your Weimaraner, too!

This photo of the two who passed over the rainbow bridge is a reminder on so many levels–they give us a lot. They leave a hole in our heart along with memories cherished.

Sunday— May 5 — Friendship

Monday–-May 6 — Have Weim (Will Travel)

Tuesday — May 7 — We Shared Our Lives

Wednesday — May 8 — Mauka

Thursday –- May 9 —  When You Are Home

Friday — May 10 — Dyson

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening girls are sadly absent–but Christina volunteered to help get some of these plants in the ground. We have a lot of Zucchini plants, but we like to harvest them small –and so, we may not have all that many in reality. Anyhow–we can share. I am not able to bend down and do this type of thing–I wrenched my back. I am walking and sitting gingerly. (OMG)

Meanwhile, I have been trying to keep everything wet–inside and outside the greenhouse.

Cliff is watering, mowing, and taking care of weed control. It will be a never-ending job from here until next winter. We are in no hurry to see winter again. For now, we are set to enjoy the lovely weather as well as to watch the crops grow.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~May 4, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

It is a glorious beginning for May 2019. Bees, birds, flowers, and all the gardening stores are bursting with the news–Spring is in full bloom. The water is in the ditch between her and town. Our oldest grandson is back to work for the Owyhee Ditch Company.

Irrigation–we use siphon tubes and old wheel lines. It is a miracle that Cliff can keep them going. (Hurrah) But irrigating our crops is essential. I am so happy for the water and that we have a way to get the water to the hay fields.


We are preparing for puppy exits again–this weekend and next. I have the packets together, lists made, and things together. Tomorrow I need to clean on the Jeep a bit. We are not talking about detailing it, but a bit of spiffing is in order.

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into raising the pups and having them ready to join their ‘Forever Families.’ What a joy it is to read about them over the years. Of course, nothing is sadder than hearing of their departure to the next world. They leave a dreadfully large hole in a person’s heart. At the same time–they deposit so many memories of the best kind–the kind that makes us a better human. It is amazing. I know you would agree.

It is hard to believe that no one has snatched up Bart the adorable Gray Longhair Male. We have had quite a bit of interest, but are yet to find him the perfect placement.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. It was fun to catch up with you and to hear the news about your OwyheeStar. Jorja not so long ago was living in Belgium–now, she resides in the Pacific NW. Meanwhile, Winston who was living in the Pacific NW has relocated to Ireland. We also heard about Enzo who traveled from California to the Portland area where he met with another OwyheeStar. Speaking of gathering–Chester updated us on the monthly Weimar Play Date in Salem. Finally, Clover is finding acceptance from her fur brother–Caleb. It is all excellent news of the best sort.

Sunday— April 28 — Jorja

Monday–-April 29 — Enzo in Portland

Tuesday — April 30 — From Ireland (Winston)

Wednesday — May 1 — Shed Hunting (with Toby)

Thursday –- May 2 —  Clover

Friday — May 3 — When Weimaraner Friends Gather

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening girls are sadly absent. Their Mama is on an adventure, and they are with Grandma. Oh Yeah–at the ranch. So, I don’t know exactly when they will return. I hope sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to keep everything wet. It was in the seventies–76 was the recorded high. I am sure inside the greenhouse it was well above 80 degrees. Outdoors our peas are blooming–the meadow voles took a few of those plants that had the lovely blossoms. (Bummer!)

Cliff is watering, mowing, and taking care of weed control. It will be a never-ending job from here until next winter. We are in no hurry to see winter again. For now, we are set to enjoy the lovely weather as well as to watch the crops grow.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 27, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

It is impressive to watch the alfalfa grow–the only thing growing quicker are the weeds. I know we just trimmed them, but they are screaming for attention again.

Everywhere you see farmers working–Ted Davis and his old Blue Ford Tractor were working off Sunset–planting corn. The ditch company is cleaning ditches preparing for water that should arrive anytime.


We are preparing for the last of the Spring pups to depart. There is a chance we can swim the puppies before they leave–I hope. Otherwise, there are a lot of little details to pull together before next weekend. We have a couple of older pups ready for placement to an approved home–females.

We also have the one male available — a Gray Longhair –I think he is going to be a gem. He doesn’t appear to be a pocket-rocket type. He was promised, but the folks wanted something more driven. It is hard to say what this guy will be like as an adult–personally, I think he is ideal–and will have plenty of get-up-and-go, but possibly be a bit easier in some ways.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. We all appreciate you doing that. I know our readers also like to follow your news–thank you, again for making the OwyheeStar Blog possible!

Sunday— April 21 — What Easter Looks Like to Some

Monday–-April 22 — Lu’s Mama

Tuesday — April 23 — Ace

Wednesday — April 24 — Maelee

Thursday –- April 25 —  Gunner

Friday — April 26 — Stone

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening girls have made a couple of trips over to help us get our starts replanted. Ashley came to water one day when I was pressed for time and needed to be elsewhere. I do so appreciate her doing that. Plants are like babies–they require attention as well as pampering.

I picked up a few strawberries plants to plant in our strawberry planter. Ours didn’t winter over–bummer. The ones in the ground wintered fine. I should have put the planter inside the greenhouse for the winter with a cover–and watered them a bit earlier this spring. Maybe that would have saved them. I am not sure. The rhubarb came through though. Otherwise our plants are doing well–the zucchini have buds. Others are leafing out with the promise of growth–the tender starts (such as herbs) have been thriving. They are still dinky for the most part–but overall look to be putting down a good root system. Isn’t that what you want?

I made it over the Art Department on Thursday and Friday. I cannot say I had a lot of production, but there was something. The shelf is filling for a high fire–so before long, I should have some items to bring home. I want to get back to hand building. I love it. It is more time consuming–but there are so many possibilities. I need to finish up a few items I made late last year–a wind chime, bells, etc.

Cliff has been trapping gophers, doing tractor work, cleaning out the ditch, putting things together for his waterline project. I anxiously await that to be done. I am sure the process will be challenging–but nonetheless, it will be so excellent to have hydrants where we need them. (OMG) I am so blessed that he is skilled and knowledgeable.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 20, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Easter Sunday is something most everyone celebrates in one way or the other. Some of you might not be a part of an organized church, and not care about the message of the Cross. Maybe your focus is bunnies, and the egg hunt, etc. I cannot guess. We embrace the message of Resurrection Sunday, but the fun of egg hunting and whatnot also is included. Family is important.

We don’t know much about the specific Easter plans–our Granddaughter (Ashley) has it under control. We are meeting at her house on the hill between Ontario and Nyssa. We look forward to being with the family.

This week’s weather brought us summer-like temperatures (yesterday)–80-degrees. Everything is growing with the rain and warm temperatures–including our alfalfa. Cliff says the field that was just planted it already about an inch high. (Hurrah!)


The puppy yards required mowing–the first this year. The sanctuary is a bit overgrown, too. I suppose Cliff will be pulling through there with the mower also.

We are still busy with puppies, people, and whatnot. One of the Longhairs (who was a bit older than usual) left to join her new family. They live in Boise–several people who to meet the new are Longhair. I am not sure what they will call this girl–we called her Brooke. That wasn’t set in stone–it is whatever Julie and Quinn decide.

This Week On the Blog…

I ran a little short on material this week, so as you noticed there were some informational posts. I, and just about everyone, loves seeing the updates. I believe I already have a couple of posts for the coming week.

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. We all appreciate you doing that.

Sunday— April 14 — Update on Astra

Monday–-April 15 — Nosework

Tuesday — April 16 — Columbia’s Family Reports

Wednesday — April 17 — Did You Ever Wonder?

Thursday –- April 18 —  Get Compliance

Friday — April 19 — Natural Ability

On a very personal note

~Gardening Makes You Hungary

The gardening girls were here–all three one day, and just Ashley another day. We got a lot of things taken care of–our weeds were getting out of hand. Isn’t is amazing how quickly they grow? Thankfully the plants are also growing–here is a photo of our peas and the rhubarb we relocated.

I made it over the Art Department–got all the pots I had made glazed. We will see how they turn out. I experimented with the glaze. There was no one else there, except for the photography teacher and a couple of students. It was uncannily quiet.

Cliff has been trapping gophers, doing tractor work, and making repairs. I think he is ready to dive into the water line project. Honestly, with the promise of warmer temperatures, we (the granddaughters and I) cannot wait to have the convenience this year.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 13, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Palm Sunday looms large with the promise of Easter on the horizon, too. Eggs, bunnies, and baby chicks are everywhere. A sign along 4th Avenue announces, “Baby Chicks are Here!”

Meanwhile, on every side, there is news of flooding. Rain has been relentless and plentiful. The groans can be heard throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as nearby Idaho. In some cases, road closures essentially make access impossible.

The wetness is excellent for the alfalfa –new and old. Both are coming along nicely. Although we are a stone’s throw from the Snake River, we are not in danger of flooding. We are looking forward to some weed cutting and cleanup. We have gotten a little ragged.


We had had some interest in a couple of the older Weimaraner pups. Typically, we do not have these (slightly older pups) available, but in this case, it seems it was meant to be–who doesn’t need their own bed-warming bed-hogging Weimaraner? Duchess (as she is now known), and her regal background, joined this family. Some might say it was too quick for Sheila to bring home a new companion. I suppose we should not judge another person–who is to say how long you should wait? What does grief look like? Duchess has huge paw prints to fill–left by Duke. Somehow, I believe he is looking down with his approval on the situation.

This Week On the Blog…

The departure of Dusty and Duke saddened us. They were much loved –Dusty was a legend in his own right. (Haha) Balancing the loss with a couple of new beginnings was good. I think you will agree.

Sunday— April 7 — Run, Dusty, Run

Monday–-April 8 — Remembering Dusty

Tuesday — April 9 — Before Dusty

Wednesday — April 10 — Spring (Mud and This)

Thursday –- April 11 —  Oregon News (Astra)

Friday — April 12 — New Lap Dog (for Mom)

On a very personal note

Our week was busy but for the most part typical. The gardening girls didn’t make it by–there was so much rain I am sure they were hoping for sunshine. I worked on the greenhouse planting and checked on the garden. It is time to repot some of our starts–maybe today.

I made it to the college on Thursday and Friday. I cannot say I had a lot of production–maybe five or six smaller items. It was an excellent little diversion. Christina and I went to the grocery and picked up some chicken and seasoning for her to try her hand at air-frying. I think she will do a fantastic job–we discussed the fact that she has never eaten a twice-baked potato. Maybe she will make some to tuck away in the freezer so that she has them handy. It is a thought.

Remembering Dusty

~A Few Photos

The one in the center–of course.

Of course, he sired the litter that produced Jan Magnuson’s Willow–who could forget all they have accomplished? Then too–he was the Maternal Grandfather of the first Russian Blue–Gabriel. Along with Storm–our first Longhairs arrive. What a surprise that was–we had no idea that he or Storm carried the fluffy coat recessive trait–commonly called the Longhair.

There were a lot of firsts with Dusty–including the first time we had a dog eat a rock. (OMG) Weims do ingest anything and everything. They call it Pica–eating rocks and whatnot. He got an intestinal blockage which nearly took his life, but after a piece of his intestine was removed he bounced back.

Don’t worry–we have Dusty’s lineage weaved throughout our DNA pool. Most of our current girls have him on their pedigree–which is why we had to bring in a fresh Stud Dog, not too long ago. We don’t breed back to the same lineage.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 6, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We had phone calls, a visit, and more from our Hay Guy. Thanks to Chris and Darcy’s crew our alfalfa got planted. Thanks to Mother Nature it got watered, too! Yes–we have had some rain. Not a lot but it is welcome.

Cliff has been busy on the tractor–well, on both tractors. Recently he moved quite a bit of dirt with the John Deere 730, but the little Red Massey Ferguson has been equally busy. While I enjoy the pottery diversion, it is the tractor that Cliff enjoys. Although, it is not as easy to sit on a tractor all day as it once was. (Haha) Farm equipment is busy all around us, too!


Spring walks around the farm are picking up. We were out with some young pups this week. They enjoyed the walk from the farmhouse to the sanctuary. Cliff will be getting out and around the farm (and other locations) to train for the up coming hunt tests. Today he is heading over to Notus –I am hoping for an excellent outcome.

Our outdoor puppy yards have taken a real beating with the earlier than usual Spring pups. The winter and the puppies pounding, digging, and whatnot make it clear we need to purchase some replacement sod sooner rather than later. (Oh, my goodness.) Cliff is preparing to put down some waterlines along that puppy area which will make clean up and lawn care a lot easier. It is going to be a lot nicer to have that done and a better walking path at the back of the house.

This Week On the Blog…

We are ever so thankful for each of you who sent us the updates (with photos and/or videos). We were encouraged as well as excited to read about each of these OwyheeStar Weimaraners.

Sunday— March 31 — Pilikia and Kula

Monday–-April 1 — Lexi

Tuesday — April 2 — Mauka

Wednesday — April 3 — The Head Turning (Luna)

Thursday –- April 4 —  The Solid Retrieve

Friday — April 5 — From Tennessee

On a very personal note

Our granddaughters make sure we are well taken care of on several levels. They help out as they are able. Of course, Christina works for us and helps with the Weimaraner. Ashley pitches in with the Weims when we need extra help, but she also helps Cliff with projects that require muscle. Recently she helped Cliff put down some pavers. Whatever would we do without their help? I don’t know.

The garden is showing promise. The peas we planted a couple of weeks ago are beginning to emerge. The Greenhouse plants are also sprouted and starting to produce those first leaves. We are behind the curve–the plants arriving at the local farm store are well rooted and larger sized. Somehow I believe ours will catch up and thrive. We will purchase what we need should our efforts fall short.

Overall, April is off to a good start — the garden speaks to my heart. What a blessing it is to be able to do this garden project with Ashley and the two Great Granddaughters. I can hear them squeal with delight when we pick the first cucumber.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~March 30, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We heard our hay should get planted next week. That is exciting news. One of our pastimes is to watch the alfalfa grow–and eventually, get cut and baled. I guess that speaks volumes–while most of the world is obsessed with anything associated with technology, we watch the hay field, birds, and the trains.

It has been a bit rainy, but nothing out of the norm for Spring. The temperatures are chilly early–but it seems to warm up nicely. Yesterday our high reached 60-degrees around 5 PM. We are enjoying the warmer temperatures, and it looks like sunshine and temperatures rising 60 and above for the weekend. Many of the fields are a lush green color–winter wheat is looking good.


Meet your Family Clover

Spring puppies continue to keep us busy. There are many aspects to the process–we have a few more weeks of work looking us in the face. This scenario is never truer than when we happen to have a few pups not promised.

Mostly over the last few years, pups have been promised before they are born. We have been blessed to have a healthy Wait-list. We want to thank all our repeat clients and those who send us the quality referrals.

This Week On the Blog…

We are ever so thankful for each of you who sent us the updates (with photos and/or videos). We were encouraged as well as excited to read about each of these OwyheeStar Weimaraners.

Sunday— March 24 — Shark Baby

Monday–-March 25 — Plus One (Finn)

Tuesday — March 26 — Blue is Sharing (with Stone)

Wednesday — March 27 — From the Oregon Coast

Thursday –- March 28 —  Ace (Two)

Friday — March 29 — Meanwhile (In Idaho)

On a very personal note

Our granddaughter (Ashley) got us a few blackberry starts. We planted them at the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary a couple of evenings ago. We have wanted to get berries started for some time. We will see how this works out. As you can see, we were not short on help.

The garden is getting some love–we have worked on it once this week. The plan is to get after it again today. We got a few more seeds planted, and put down some ground cloth.

Overall, Cliff and I are doing well. I think my health keeps improving (at a snail’s pace)–steadily. It is pretty amazing. Cliff seems to stay about the same. We are working hard around the farm, on this old farmhouse, and with the Weimaraners. All is good!

2019 Weekly Synopsis


 ~March 23, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Everywhere you look farmers have equipment out, and they are doing all kind of farm work. Between here and the Stop sign on Alameda, they planted onions. That seems about right–we live on Onion Avenue.

Until recently, the morning temperatures were very cold and frosty. Even at midnight last night the temperature was still above 50-degrees. We spend a lot of time watching trains. I guess we are fascinated.


Well, pups have been leaving–Jackie couriered a puppy to the Oregon Coast for us. How fabulous it was for them to snag a ride with her. Today, his sister leaves –the family cannot wait to meet Astra!

This Week On the Blog…

We put out a call for help with material for our blog, and a few of you came through big time. We do so appreciate you understanding our need. Of course, it is an ongoing need. (Haha) I will most likely continue to beg.

We celebrated the fact that Ace is off to a fabulous start, but this week was covered in Cabela’s Celebration of Life. What a fabulous life she had too! Oh, and then we heard about Bella is who equally loved and getting a new sister on Sunday.

Sunday— March 17 — Breakfast Buddies

Monday–-March 18 — Cabela (Part One)

Tuesday — March 19 — Bella

Wednesday — March 20 — Cabela (Part Two)

Thursday –- March 21 —  Cabela (Part Three)

Friday — March 22 — Ace (Part One)

On a very personal note

The Gardening Girls were here and we got our peas planted. What great help we had, too!

The garden is still calling–we have to get after it soon. What fun it is going to be again this year to garden with these girls–what a privilege. Cliff is trapping gophers–there is no shortage of them it seems.