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2018 Weekly Synopsis



The Veterinary Wellness Exam happened Tuesday. All the kids passed. (Hurrah!) We made a couple of trips to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary– (it is located on the southeast corner of our property). I think it is a magical place–at least for our family, and wild critters. It is also fabulous for the puppies. That is something Cliff’s father and uncle didn’t imagine when they planted it for the birds.

The Great Granddaughters and both Granddaughters just happened to be there for the second adventure of the week. I did post some of these photos on Instagram. Isn’t this just grand for the puppies. It does our soul good too!

This Week on the Blog

20180905_082302Stackhouse was thrilled that Boise State Football is once again a thing. He loves everything associated with the process–treats, games, and our almost undivided attention.
Beyond the Stackhouse thing, we had the fun, the heartwarming, and the excellent Rocky and Mickey news. The last two blogs of the week got the most likes and garnered several comments–ZooBoo, as Marie calls her made us all smile with her bold bath after the pooh-roll. We have all been there.

Sunday—September 2— Go Broncos (Stackhouse)

Monday–-September 3— Labor Day (Mousse Nursing)

Tuesday —September 4— Celebrating (Mesquite)

Wednesday —September 5— From Jan (About Willow)

Thursday –-September 6— Smelly (ZooBoo)

Friday — September 7 — Re-Homed-Part One (Rocky and Mickey)

On a very personal note

ReHomed–Part One

Thanks to Kirsten

~And the Entire Family

Greene's Rocky and Mickey_0646

Mickey (left) and Rocky (front right) in Boise

Finding A Home

You probably have been following the rehoming of Rocky and Mickey–two Blue OwyheeStar Females who needed to relocate. Their family situation took a turn that meant there was no one left home for them. That is never a good thing–especially when the Weimaraner is used to a different scenario. We all know this situation can unfold. So, Ned contacted me for help. Of course, we were glad to be able to assist in the finding of another home, but that being said, there are two. We needed a certain kind of home to ensure a good transition.


We had a whirlwind of inquiries. Mark and Robin had desperately wanted to bring them to their Southern Oregon home. It looked like it might work; however, upon pondering the situation, it seemed a bit too much for their very senior ‘Jet.’ Barbara (from Texas) was willing to come to get them, also. There again, she and her husband are longtime Weimaraner folks with experience at rehoming the Weimaraner. In the end, Kirsten was interested, and since the other placements didn’t come together, she and her family agreed to incorporate them into their home. They have an OwyheeStar (Desi). As the others mentioned they have rescued and had the breed for a very long time–they understand the work involved as well as the implications.

Rock-solid Placement

When getting the Weimaraner (or two Weims) the second family, it is essential to find a rock-solid situation. Multiple moves never work well. We are confident that Rocky and Mickey have found a fabulous home. I know everyone rejoices with us.

Baker City_1377.jpegThe Hand Off

We met Kirsten a little over a week ago in Baker City. The two had traveled first from Boise to our home, where they spent the night. Everything went better than we could have hoped. They parked themselves with the Weim-porch group. They did as the others did acting as if this was all the norm. It was not. Nevertheless, they adapted which is impressive.

Boyd's RockyThen they must have wondered when we loaded up again. Mickey settled in the back and Rocky clung next to us kissing us and nudging our ear–taking turns between Cliff and I. So, it is not surprising that the same situation began as Kirsten loaded and headed back to the Portland area. Rocky like to kiss a lot. Mickey is equally loving but not as driven.

None of this is news to those of you following the rehoming situation. Of course, we know Kirsten has three Weims all vying for time and attention. Well, I must admit when you have a demanding job this is the best kind of therapy. I know you understand what I mean.


Note: Thanks to Ned for trusting us to do right by his beloved girls.


Watch for Part Two–Coming Soon!



2018 Weekly Synopsis



Well if you follow us, then you know that Rocky and Mickey needed a new home. Kirsten ended up being the person to adopt them. She already lives with an OwyheeStar (Desi), but now the Weim-factor has tripled. We were able to help facilitate this move. I will be posting an update this week–you probably saw the news online. We are indeed happy for all concerned.

This Week on the Blog

IMG_1387I thank everyone for once again coming through for us. (Whew) It was fabulous not to have to worry about what to write frantically.
Only on Friday, when we talked about Dusty did it require a bit more. I have wanted to feature him for a while. It seemed like an excellent time to talk about some of the recent food issues. A lot is going on with the pet food industry–please take heed, and watch the ingredient list. It can change without notice and raise havoc with the Weimaraner’s sensitive gut, and leave to other issues, too.

Sunday— August 26 — Late (Jorga and Company)

Monday–- August 27 — Excellent News (Sage)

Tuesday — August 28 — Something Fishy (Winchester)

Wednesday — August 29 — Remy

Thursday –- August 30 — Hank Updated

Friday — August 31 — Dusty

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis


We continue to be engaged with the current litter. It is; however, not the only thing we have going. Today, Cliff is at the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) hunt test. The Treasure Valley NAVHDA is the host club, and the test runs for three days (Friday-Sunday). We dropped by during the Utility Portion, and the atmosphere was thick with tension–training for this event requires a lot. Getting here and putting everything on the line is sometimes touch-and-go. Sure you prepared. Your Versatile Hunting Companion can do it all, but will the conditions be favorable. Will the dog perform to the best of their ability. Ah shucks–Cliff is taking a Weimaraner. What do we know about this breed? Anything can happen. I hope for the best–even a little miracle.

This Week on the Blog

Another week–once again, I thank everyone who helped me make this possible. We are thrilled to read about Henry’s continued success with the Nose Work. You other who are celebrating several years, thanks for remembering us. We (and the readers) love hearing about your life.

Sunday— August 19 — Rumor Has It

Monday–- August 20 — A Natural (Henry)

Tuesday — August 21 — Planning Ahead (for the next OwyheeStar)

Wednesday — August 22 — Snippets

Thursday –- August 23 — Five Years (Thunder)

Friday — August 24 — Vacation (Arliss and Jorga)

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis


We have the litter of pups–it and all the things that go with this situation are keeping us insanely busy. (Haha) It is all good, even when it requires our attention. Our little helpers were back. What a blessing! IMG_1217

This Week on the Blog

Another week–summer, when folks are extra busy. I see some of you making Facebook posts that include your OwyheeStar. Thanks for doing all you do for the Weimaraner you acquired from us. We truly appreciate it. If any of you feel as if you could drop us a paragraph and a photo, it would be a great help.

Sunday— August 12 — A Note

Monday–- August 13 — Friends

Tuesday — August 14 — Events

Wednesday — August 15 — Pushkin

Thursday –- August 16 — Puppies ( the two Great Grands)

Friday — August 17 — AKC Reunite

On a very personal note




Helpers-Mousse X Boone 2018 Wk2-3.jpg

Our helpers (Granddaughter, Ashley, and her two girls–Evangeline Grace and River Rose) have been giving us a helping hand. Of course, this is not every step in the handling process–more of an add-on thing. I think you can agree it is precious, but also that we are blessed to have these young puppy handlers to assist.

Young hands mean a different way of touching the pups. Well, there is the gentle touch and then the less than tenderness from children this age. All of it is essential in the early stage of development. Even the various human scent–it matters that both women and a man handle the pups. Cliff is involved in the process as well. On the weekends, it is the Cliff and Shela Show. (Haha)

Helpers-Mousse X Boone 2018 Wk2-5

These girls take their work very seriously–examining and commenting on the least of concerns. We have two stools so both can assist at once. Now, imagine this–they believe this the norm. On occasion (when they come here), we don’t have puppies. Then they are not too thrilled with us. Since spring, we have had pups born–the girls have been here a lot because of the garden.

It was not too upsetting, because between litters we have a couple of females we kept for the future as well as acquiring Manfred (the new Longhair Stud Dog). Now, it is excellent to have the babies because the keepers are a bit rough on these girls–SnowAngel jumps up and easily overpowers River. (Haha) She will learn as time passes, but for now—the three youngsters (Manfred, Gladys, and SnowAngerl) are a bit much.

2018 Weekly Synopsis


We are busy keeping everyone safe from the heat. Runs outside are short for the most part–except in the morning. They can be a bit longer late evening too. No one can endure these high temperatures. Everyone has to be inside once the temperatures rise close to one-hundred degrees. No one cares about spending time napping on such a day.

This Week on the Blog

Well, another week and thanks to a few fabulous OwyheeStar faithful, we had material to post. Cliff and I send you folks a heartfelt thanks! I won’t elaborate on these posts other than to say they were widely varied. I think that makes for interesting reading. I hope you agree.

Sunday— August 5 — The Boys (Luke and Coop)

Monday–- August 6 — Reunions (Jorja and Eileen)

Tuesday — August 7 — Not Peas in a Pod (Bodhi and Murray)

Wednesday — August 8 — Winchester

Thursday –- August 9 — Rey

Friday — August 10 — Tricks (Willow of California)

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis



We welcomed some tiny babies to the world this week. I am in the process of trying to connect with the folks on the Wait List. This takes a bit of time–even more when it is summer. I have some website work to fill in the gaps along with the announcement we made a few days ago.

This Week on the Blog

Well, several of you lovely folks came through with an Emailed update. I cannot thank you enough. Yes, I am already running beyond thin on material. Nonetheless, you made my life easier for a moment. (Haha) I think you readers can agree, the updates were fun and appreciated.

Sunday— July 29 — Shared Status (Manfred and Stackhouse)

Monday–- July 30 — Milly

Tuesday — July 31 — News (Tikka and Luna)

Wednesday — August 1 — About the Second Longhair (Murray)

Thursday –- August 2 — Struck Gold Again (with Quinn)

Friday — August 3 — Blueberries (with Zula Blue and Pushkin)

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis



We continue to process applications. We all wait together for the news. The question remains, when will we get a puppy–that meets the family’s specific criteria? That is always the question. So, we wait and hope for Fall or Early Winter pups to arrive. Predictions are fickle. Even when a female is mated, she may well produce nothing. (OMG) We most certainly hope to beat those odds. Nonetheless, we are in a Waiting Game and sit here breath-abated along with those on the Wait List for which we have no particulars to share.

Meanwhile, the business of raising Manfred continues. There are the walks and adventures. He is growing like a weed. (Haha)

This Week on the Blog

We began with a lovely bit of news (and equally beautiful photo) of Macey. Then, we had a little more about Jake who moved from the Pacific Northwest to New Zealand some time ago. It warms our heart to know that Jake thrived in his forever family. Of course, there is the much-celebrated news of Jorja’s return to the Pacific Northwest. Arleen and Arliss royally welcomed Eileen and Jorja. Smokey is yet another fabulous story–the much-loved longhair. It is entirely possible his primary business in life is delighting his humans. Finally, Bella Blue dropped us a cleverly written note. Her hunting ability put to good use.
Cliff and I want to thank those of you who responded to our call for a story and a photo that we can use on the blog. It is genuinely appreciated, but us and so many others.

Sunday— July 22 — In Tennesee (Our Macey)

Monday–- July 23 — Remembering (Jake of NZ)

Tuesday — July 24 — Smokey

Wednesday — July 25 — Jorja (Back in the USA)

Thursday –- July 26 — Raising (the Weimaraner litter)

Friday — July 27 — It’s Me (Bella Blue)

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


Manfred Adventure at the Nielsen Farm-9Manfred arrived –the future OwyheeStar Longhair Stud Dog. It remains to be seen how this saga unfolds. We intend to have him come alongside, and eventually fill Stackhouse’s position. He is adjusting nicely. We are working on socialization.

This Week on the Blog

We were blessed with some fabulous update– even though summer is in full bloom. There was news of Mesquite (who continues to do well). Her Golden Year Placement has more than worked well, I think. We heard about the early transition for three–Indi, Bacchus, and Maelee. That is always fun to read. Of course, we had Berkley who celebrated one year. How fast they grow–time doesn’t stand still either.

Sunday— July 15 — Living the Life (Mesquite)

Monday–- July 16 — Home (with Indi)

Tuesday — July 17 — Birthday (Berkley at One)

Wednesday — July 18 — Letter (From Asher)

Thursday –- July 19 — Reporting (Taun & Bacchus)

Friday — July 20 — The Early Stage (Maelee)

On a very personal note