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It Begins


graphics-fireworks-769931Yes, folks, we are at the juncture of the two-week nerve-racking celebration of our Independence. All too many Weimaraners shake and hide during the hoopla. Most Weim parents do the exact opposite of what will help prevent this horrid situation. It is good to keep in mind that the most natural response is typically the wrong one. Here are some suggestions for survival and if your Weimaraner is not afraid of noise–to prevent ingraining a fear of loud sounds.


Rupert Requires the Thundershirt


Fireworks are a Thing

  • Even if you hate them, stay calm and unfazed by the fireworks. Your Weimaraner takes their cue from you, and they are a reader of their human’s deepest thoughts.
  • Work on desensitizing them to the noise. You might even try some small explosions –staged with you doing something fun. Possibly, you sit on the sofa, and you have a neighbor light off a smaller explosion. Hopefully, your Weim will not take notice. As with preparing the Weimaraner to accept gunfire, a gradual increase is the best approach.
  • If they are staying in you might consider very thunderous music and putting them in a small inner location (crated). For example, move a crate to the laundry and set up a radio that blasts music (rather than calming music consider something like Rock with ups and downs to cover the outdoor blasts.)
  • Some of you might want to plan a trip to the mountains (or the beach) away from the city.
  • Others might opt for a daycare situation that has this covered. That would not be something we would suggest unless your pet uses the daycare on a regular basis.
  • The Thundershirt, worn by Rupert (Topper X Dusty) is always a good option. Many folks, report it helps a lot. You still have time to get one shipped if you act today. Chewy is amazingly fast–click here to order one!
  • Make sure your pet’s microchip is registered with AKC Reunite. Every 4th of July Holiday, the shelters see an influx of lost pets. Should the unthinkable happen, be sure you will receive the phone call that retrieves them quickly back to you.
  • Finally, you may want to consider anti-anxiety medication for this particular situation. Discuss this with your Veterinarian.

There are countless posts that address helping your pet cope with this holiday–for a good reason. It is a tough one. Even some gundogs do not like the fireworks, while they are unfazed by working in the field. No matter how you feel about any of this, one thing you can do is to remain calm. You may want to escape with your pet or pets. Try to find a place that fireworks are not allowed. Be safe and enjoy the festivities. Thank you, for thinking of your Weimaraner’s best interest.

Looking Good

Happy Easter!

Wischeman's Miles--1212_n   ~No Matter How You Dress

We wish you a special blessing on this celebrated Sunday!

Breeder Comments

The photos were taken of Greta (OwyheeStar’s No Regrets) the week of Easter Sunday 2012. The lovely Gray Ghost wearing the bow tie is an OwyheeStar. His name is Miles (Livee X Blue).

Smoke Stack


15025523_10207746673048127_4673714632523623857_oDuties include the neverending list of things such as lap warming. My latest achievement is making sure I spread Christmas Cheer.

Just What We Need

Costume Required

Rupert’ favorite time of the year 🎃🎃 he takes one for the team😂😳🏡🐶 he’s been a ghost, skunk, angel, cowboy AND this year he’s going political ..

Brace yourself it’s cute ….14718741_10154241374138025_7340836497657250150_n

Breeder Comment

No Matter your party affiliation you should consider Rupert’s bid for President. He most certainly would bring more style, is more sincere, and adds class to the position.

On the Lake

Then This

Gatsby is a well-behaved boat dog, settling down and sleeping when we speed along. He and his dog buddy, Humphrey, enjoy hanging at the campsite at Lake Powell.


Cheers!  ~Adria

Breeder Comment

Whatever you are doing we love to see the Weimaraner along with…


Comes in Various Packages


Luna’s costume is a laugh. She is dressed as a Gray Ghost Weimar. How cute is that?

Sometimes it is more a BooHoo

st-deniss-bella-halloween-2016Not every cutie loves the idea of wearing a costume. This girl wasn’t thrilled but just say it–Oh my Gosh! We are so glad her Mama insisted she sport this costume.

Hope your Halloween is fun!

Water Ways

About Porsche

          ~ Swimming the MacKenzie River


With the novelty of sprinklers wearing off, Porsche decided to take on

the MacKenzie River.  It took 3 or 4 lessons before she would swim

across.  The river is low, so for 40 feet of width only about 10 feet

required swimming, and I could walk all the way across to an island.  

Please note life jacket found at St. Vincent de Paul for $2.00 is a

great teaching aid and confidence builder for swimming.  Of course,

everyone should wear one on the river. When I slipped and fell into the

water, I was glad to have my life jacket, and Porsche immediately came

to my rescue.  She steadies me when I go up and down the river bank.  I

think she is figuring out her role in my life.

The New Cooling Pad


Here is Porsche’s new cooling pad.  My daughter gave it to

her.  Porsche seeks it out when it is hot.  For us, 90 degrees is hot,

and it’s been a bit hotter than that.

I hope you enjoy this news of Porsche and her life

Best regards,


Click Here to read about Porsche and the sprinklers!

Graydon and Eeyore

Not Every Family Is The Same


Scott's Graydon and the Flop-eared Bunny

Graydon asks the question, “Will this grow into a Weimaraner?”

The makeup of a family is something that is entirely unique. There are many factors involved. Personalities, environment, as well as the structure, contributes–even the home’s atmosphere. For some, the critters they surround themselves with are what makes their life special. Here is one family’s new addition. Please read the entire post before commenting. Thank You! Dan writes-


Talk about temptation! Here is Graydon learning how to treat a new “family” member. He’s doing really well! Our bunny is a gray lop-eared one–we call him “Eeyore”. First, let me say this sitting on the rug together didn’t happen overnight.

We have taken our time introducing Graydon and “Eeyore” to each other. It’s been a slow process as we started with allowing him in the garage with the bunny cage supervised, of course. Then we’ve had the rabbit sitting on our laps with Graydon in the same room, but now participating. Yesterday was the first time we let the rabbit run around the house and Graydon did a great job. He sniffed noses with the rabbit several time over a few hours and would just lie down near it and go to sleep.

When it comes to the Birds

The same can be said of our chickens. We’ve had them with Graydon for over 1.5 years now. Even when they cluck and get agitated he just watches them with slight interest now versus wanting to snap at them as in the beginning. He watches them, for sure, but knows they are part of his “pack” now. Only thing we don’t care for that much is how he likes to “snack” on their droppings.

However, with wildbirds he is all there!

Fire Ember Leave a Mark

Oh. The little groove looking thing on Graydon’s head is from the goof snapping at fire embers and getting one on his head. It just singed the hair a bit and it’ll grow back. No harm done 🙂

Speaking of Bunnies

Spring brings thoughts of new birth and the Easter Bunny. Many of our clients keep bunnies, chickens, and even exotics. We are not aware of any who discard these critters once they are brought into the family. To us, this is unthinkable.

Scott's Graydon and the Flop-eared Bunny-2There are countless warnings about giving your child a bunny for Easter. We consider the commitment to the bunny the same as to the Weimaraner. Unless you are in it for the long-haul, then you should stick to the chocolate bunny.

You might remember that Graydon is being field trained. This scenario means he has to learn when to retrieve and when the critter is to be respected as part of the family. Many multi-pet families manage to integrate their critters. There are farm and ranch families as well are city-dwellers who are crazy for their critters. All that aside, this is no small undertaking and it requires absolute follow through and commitment to the end. Yes, a bunny and a Weimaraner can be friends; however, this is not a choice for everyone. You are equally obligated to ensure the bunny’s safety.


Kula & Pilikia

Santa Cruz, CA

(Dec 26, 2015)–As you can see the booties worked out to be pretty funny. I took them for a walk and not even halfway around the block they were walking normally. We are heading up to the snow on Wednesday, so we will have the real test then! They love the snow! I need to do some work on their booties to get them not to fill with snow…..
(January 6, 2016)–Kula is at the vet today having a few masses removed, one under his front leg ‘armpit’  was the main reason, the vet suggested removing it before it started to affect his walking. So we are having his teeth cleaned while he is under anesthetic! Pilikia is with me and is a much different dog when her big brother is not around; she is way more subdued and not quite sure what to do! Anyway, I pick up Kula at 6:00 tonight.Snow Loving Weims

Breeder’s Note

Pilikia joined your family as a young girl. Kula was already an integral part of the household as well as the family lifestyle. She has never known being the solo Weimaraner; therefore, it must have seemed very odd to her. She might feel like a fish out of the water. As you understand, these guys are creatures of habit. They like routine and companionship. Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is a very fun post.


Speak For Yourself!Kerr's Rebel Reindeer

Rebel sports a large set of antlers. Soon after this indignant pose, he got over it. Maybe you have felt the same sometime this holiday. We hope not. Exhaustion is one thing. Bah Humbug! Well, that is quite another thing. One to be avoided in our way of thinking. No Weimaraner wants to be where Christmas is not a thing. In fact, they like to think there will be a bit of Christmas spirit every day of their life.

10703653_10205517541518875_337316099000681211_nSearles Gunner at ChristmasSometimes we comply with things we don’t wish to do to make it special for someone else. The Weimaraner does this too! Do you wonder if they have an ulterior motive? Of course, they do! Not only do they love us unconditionally, but they also comply with some pretty absurd requests. How how they delight us. The bring laughter. Joy surrounds us more often than not. Mischief and shenanigans of every sort envelope us from time to time. Some we could not have imagined. Did we ever mention this breed is not for everyone? Truthfully, there is a big of puppy in the adult Weim.

Thank You To Our Weimaraners!

Merry Christmas Too!

Here is one more look at Charlie Mae’s Annual hairdo. Who won’t smile seeing this sweet Christmas Tree Look? Maybe Miss Charlie Mae, who appears to be saying, “Are we done yet?”

Spight's Charlie Mae Christmas Tree3904_o