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When You Know

It is Just a Matter of Time 

         ~ 14 Years is Not Enough


I’ve been thinking of sending you a few pics of this year. She’s such a strong girl – as soon as we start to think this is it, she bounces up like a puppy and proves to be as healthy as ever.



The Beach is Out!

   ~ This is the Last Trip

This trip to the beach will probably be her last, as she could hardly move when we got home. The vet says it’s that nerve in the hip area that’s ready to give out, so we know it’s just a matter of time before she won’t be able to walk at all. Thank you for staying in touch all these years – you gave us a gift for over 14 years & we’re so grateful. 💗

Roxy's Family

Breeder Comment

Dear Friends, if you can say a little prayer for Roxy’s family, we would appreciate it. We all know that eventually, we will face something life-ending with our Weimaraner. It could come as a surprise–out of the blue in a shocking manner that doesn’t allow us to say goodbye. Or, it might require a gut-wrenching decision.



Holly and Emma

Holly Haffey who is a frequent OwyheeStar contributor (and her mother is Terri Robinson who delights us with her photography) faced a decision such as this with her first Weimaraner, Emma. Emma was a rescue Holly acquired that lead her to the breed. She was able to extend Emma’s life through great sacrifice on her part. I won’t speak to what it cost her personally, and it is most certainly not something everyone could or would do, but it is a testimony to what folks do to extend days together.


The crossroad we all reach (when our beloved lives on) takes us a place no one wants to go. It is a place we celebrate all we have shared and how our life was changed in the process. It is a painful decision that leads us through the valley of loss and grief. It is a very personal decision. If you have not been there, don’t even imagine saying to someone what they ought to do. If your travels include the valley of sorry and the rainbow bridge, then we know you can feel the agony.


Oakley and Willy

Our Saving Grace

img_20161023_141907900I purchased two puppies that were born on Halloween 2000. We wanted them; one for my brother and the other for me. It was in the wake of a terrible loss that I sought the Weimaraners. My husband had been murdered and our Father had committed suicide afterward within 3 months. These dogs were out saving grace.

My brother lost his Willow lady (Willie) a few years ago due to age, and I lost my Millennium Oakley (Oakley) just 2 years ago now. Best dog I have ever had. I am just reaching out because if I can ever get past the heartbreak of losing her someday. I would be very interested in another but only from you. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I would never have made it without her….

Shanna (Silvey-May) 

Clyde Takes an Eternal Nap

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

As you know, we said goodbye to our beloved Clyde a few days ago. I wanted you to have photos for the blog. Here are a few fun shots of Clyde, many of which you probably have already.

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Clyde was One of a Kind

He had the best of dispositions. He was always so patient and accepting of whatever he was handed, truly a trooper. He had a great and wonderfully full life and brought us so much joy and laughter. Clyde was instrumental in the rearing of several other neighborhood pets too.

Many Thanks for this Opportunity!

Thank you and Cliff for all your diligence in placing him so appropriately with us as our loyal pet.

Luke to Fill Big Paw Prints Left Behind

Luke has been a bit quiet this week but can easily be stirred up by one of us playing Clyde’s role. We have many fond memories, and the vet returned to us his Neuticles!  Now that is service!

Peace and love, Cal, Clyde and Luke (our Blue OwyheeStar Boy).

Breeder’s Comment

We value our relationship with this family. It spans more than a decade and will go into the future. We have shared something special. Our hearts are saddened by Clyde’s departure; however, we know one day we will see him again. We thank you for all you have done for and with Clyde and look forward to hearing how things unfold with Luke. We are so happy you have Luke to continue the paw-print OwyheeStar Weimaraner Story.

Well Wishes

I read wrapped in a couple of your daily posts that you are challenged with overcoming breast cancer. Our prayers go out for you I am sorry it took me so long to get to writing but you are in our thoughts.

Riding for a Cause

Last summer I  rode 550 miles from SF to LA on my bike in the Aids Life Cycle. I raised 15,000, the group on whole raised 15 M.  I know there are a lot of benefits for breast cancer, I will keep my eyes open for one here and contribute with you in mind.

Moments to Cherish

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Thanks again for all the wonderful memories you have helped us build with our beautiful family above.

Well wishes on a successful and speedy recovery.                       ~ Cal

Breeder’s Note:  Many people wonder why we would do this–the reasons they ask are varied. Some people think no one should raise puppies. Some folks believe we are crazy to put the passion, as well as the effort into doing what we do. Regardless, we meet people who share our love of the breed–they come from all walks of life-our relationship span decades. There are ups-and-downs; saying good-bye is not easy. Our lives are knit-together in ways we never would have thought possible. You look at the wonderful creatures you adore, and you remember us. Thank you for that! Thank you for all the updates, and the warm thoughts. They are greatly appreciated!

For those who would like to read more about Clyde, and Luke, here are some previous blog posts.

Luke turns 2; Clyde will be 12

Luke turns 2 – here’s a few shots of the boys!

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Clyde has miraculously sprung back from his back injury in November. We are so happy he is himself again and are trying to get him to slow down a bit. He will be 12 this year..

Who thinks I’m not smart? Look at me………


Our Clyde proves once again how smart he is–as are all Weimaraners. I came back to my room and he had promptly taken my place at the book.

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Here’s is another shot of the boys patiently waiting for me to come in from the deck; and one of them living it up on the deck. They have settled in quite nicely. We are all a bit anxious about how Luke ultimately will do when he is solo some day. I guess he will adapt. Either that or time for a long hair….

Thanks for all you’ve done to make our experience so great. ~ Cal

Breeder’s Note: We appreciate folks like you that take such good care of their Weimar family members. No one can say what will happen. We all want the ultimate. The one thing we can agree upon is that each day is a wonderful gift. 

Luke and Clyde are doing well

IMG_0583 - CopyThe boys are doing well, Clyde is doing remarkably well at a spry 11 years next month. I recently learned of a 16 year old Male Weim that is holding his (38) - Copy

photo (45) - CopyThe boys grouch at one another when it comes chow time and gulp their food so we introduced new bowls which distribute their kibble around three protrusion (pegs if you will) that come up from the bottom of the food bowl. This makes for a 12 minute meal versus the previous 4 minute inhaling of their food.IMG_1069photo Aug 2013 Luke and Clyde - Copy

Here they are with a stay-over friend Szabo

Here they are with a stay-over friend Szabo

Breeder’s Note: There are various types of dishes designed to stop your dog from gulping their food. We feel it is important to teach them to eat slower. Some Weims are nibblers, but others gulp their food. There is evidence that gulping food and water, can lead to bloat. Regardless, eating slow is better for the digestive system.

We know the Weimaraner that lives past the norm does so for many reasons. There are many dangers, and potential risk lurking about. Health issues can arise (as they do for humans). Good nutrition, age-appropriate exercise, and a healthy diet go a long way toward promoting health. No one can guarantee longevity, but beating the odds is more likely with the best of care. Thank you Cal for providing the best for these two wonderful Weimaraners. 

Featured Weimaraners — Clyde and Luke

Clyde is happy with tub; Luke prefers the shower

Luke follows Clyde

Luke follows Clyde

The boys are going strong…..  Clyde still loves swimming in the ocean (although I keep the ball in close to shore these days) but Luke isn’t so sure he likes it which probably explains why he prefers showers over baths while Clyde is happy to plop down in the tub.

Warm Baths and a Good Lesson 

I have hooked up hot water in the garage now so I just hose them down in the garage and they sit in the sun to dry while watching me wash the car on weekends, a fun event and one that reinforces their willingness to sit still while watching the various packs dogs on their way to the park.

The boys don’t share the same eating area….

As Luke get a bit more vocal and dominant, Clyde has become more protective of his turf, especially his food. =I’ve taken to feeding them in separate rooms but insist they share the same water bowl as it there is only one room in the house without  hardwood.

photo (3)

We love these guys and dread the day Clyde decides to leave Luke in charge. He will be 11 in 3 months but other than being a bit senior at times still seems to be enjoying life and love.

OwyheeStar Weimaraners Featured

Clyde and Luke

Clyde and Luke

Clyde and Luke

Cal, is a longtime OwyheeStar fan, client, and extreme Weimlover. He lives in San Francisco with Clyde and Luke–two OwyheeStar Weims. He gives his two fur family members the best of everything.

Neuticles (testicle implants)

The best of everything, includes Neuticles (testicle implants). Please read on to learn more about Neuticles and Cal’s two Weims.  There are some photos too! (Click Here)

Featured Weimaraners — Clyde and Luke

Luke and Clyde

Adding a 2nd Weimaraner to the family takes a knack.

I just wanted to let you know that Luke is doing great. He is a bit on the smaller side at 9 months now but he has engaged Clyde like no one’s business and they get along great. He loves his crate which he still sleeps in due to some infrequent pee accident by overall we give your choice a 10.

Breeder’s Note: Clyde is probably what we would consider an old-man, but he has adapted and adjusted making room for the new blue OwyheeStar — Luke. Not so long ago, they looked like this photo below. There were challenges, but patience has proven even an old dog can learn to accept a new fur-family member. Thank you Cal for the great update, and for staying in touch with us for so many years!

Another spoiled Weimaraner

Clyde a good-looking senior Weimaraner poses for photo!

Or Clyde has a brother named Luke!

~ Bringing home a second Weimaraner can pose all kinds of questions. Is it the right time? Can I handle the situation? Will my faithful companion, adjust to the idea? What can I do to help this happen? The most important two things you can do: 1. Introduce them in the right manner. 2. Keep the focus on your resident, not the new cute puppy! Once the resident Weim discovers they are still the center of your universe, things will go more smoothly, and they will readily accept the new interloper.

Two Day and counting.

We are happy to report no accidents inside!

Luke hits the mark every time . He has mastered the stairs and definitely knows where the front door is. The water and of course the food bowl.

He cries from the kennel when he needs to go and doesn’t fuss all that long when we return him to his crate to sleep.

Cal, Luke and Baker (Cal's honorary nephew)

Our Dog Walker!

Our prior dog walker has agreed to do the daily potty and door runs, we are thrilled about that. If they can handle the addition onto their route than they will be walking both boys after Luke is 4 months.

We will be baby sitting Baker along with their Vizsla Szabo.

Clyde is adjusting to our newest family member!

Clyde has finally given into the idea that our lovin is more important than his acting like a tough guy. 

Thanks again, we’re going to do just fine! We ordered our NuVet supplements and the Fastrack powder. Luke has had his first bath today. He had his ears cleaned. We took the electric toothbrush and the toenail dremel for a test run. This was all just to expose him to his future spa treatments. He is going to be spoiled silly just like Clyde!