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It’s Nutz

Robin Says



Nutz says, “You need some love, Mama.”

My baby girl is almost as tall as I am.   She’s growing like a weed,  but she still thinks she’s “little”.  

Here is our young pup (Nutz) along with the Old girl (Jet)

Breeder Comment

Our relationship with Mark and Robin goes back quite a few years. In fact, their parents also have an OwyheeStar Weim from us. We appreciate our loyal folks. Most of you realize we have been doing this long enough that we have a high percentage of repeat families as well as direct referrals.
Mark and Robin want to add a third Weim to the mix. Jet is up in years and doesn’t want to play with the high-energy Nutz. They want to get her a new playmate soon. That will most likely make Jet happy, too. Nutz was featured on the blog a few days ago. Click here to view that post.

A boy and his dog Kona

Who needs a lot of words?

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These photos were sent via a Facebook tag. Thank You, to everyone getting us so many great photos.

At the Dog Park…

Dr. Mark writes:

Thought u would like these from the way i train my kid AND Chase@!!!!! He has to do it by himself up the path and into the free run dog park where i run Chase. (click on the comment to read what Shela has to say)