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Off to A Good Start

We love our Berkley. You chose well!!

Peck's Berkley-9374

Here’s an update on CRATE TRAINING:

She was totally content in her crate for the 4-hour ride home from Oregon. We stopped once and she went potty. Her first night home, she was not happy at all to be away from her litter mates and her mama. We put her crate in our room so she could see us, but she still howled and whined much of the night. Yesterday we put her in her crate several times, for 20-45 minutes each time, during the day while we ate our meals and ran an errand. She was a little vocal about it each time but got better as the day progressed. We hosted a lunch event and a dinner event, and she did splendid meeting and greeting all the shoe-less guests (parvo precautionary rule). She was the absolute center of attention for a good chunk of the day. When it was time for bed last night we put her in her crate and she went right to sleep. Not one howl or yelp! She stirred at 2 am and gave me a little whimper. I took her outside and she went potty right away. She went back to sleep in her crate until almost 6 am, which is my wake-up time anyway! We were so thrilled and gave her lots of praise for doing such a good job.

An update on POTTY TRAINING:

We used the bell method with our first Weim, and it worked like a champ. So we knew this was the way to go the second time around. Every time we take her outside to go potty (after she eats, wakes up, just before bed or crate time, or every 30 minutes or so), we take her little paws and ring that bell and say “outside”. Yesterday she rang the bell all on her own. We took her out and she went potty right away. Then again today, she rang the bell on her own, and the same thing happened!!! She is catching on so fast. We haven’t had to clean up after any accidents. I am shocked.


She is retrieving like a champ to our hand….stuffed toys, mostly. She isn’t into the balls yet for some reason. She is coming on command and just starting to get “sit”. I started working with her on heeling as well, but that’s a little trickier. She is starting to get it, but barely. Berkley went with us to take big sister to school for her first day of school today. And then she snuggled on the couch with us and listened in as I read a Sofia the First story to our youngest. She’s one fun pup. I attached a few pictures.

Thanks so much, Amanda

Breeder Comment

It was very sweet of you to update us on Berkley. We appreciate the follow through you are doing too! It is paying off. Yes, we try to set the pups up for success, but it takes more than a little knack to step quickly toward success.

The potty training is excellent. I love that you used the bell system. Around here that would not work, but in a traditional family setting it can get you off to a good start fast. Be sure to get a fecal exam. Giardia and coccidia are common one-celled parasites that can quickly multiply and reek havoc on the pup’s intestine. Treatment isn’t a big deal if you catch it early. Pups prefer puddle water, and they also lick their feet all the time. These are great ways to ingest something that can take off like a wildfire.

For those that have never collected a sample–you invert a baggie (Mark your name on this baggie first to ensure it is labeled). Grab a portion of a suspicious looking sample and invert and seal the baggie. Label a second baggie with your name, the pup’s name as well as the date and time the sample was collected. Keep this sample cool (not frozen). Freshness is important; therefore, get the collected sample to the Vet office ASAP. Collect it just before you leave when possible.

This one thing can save you a lot of trouble. Stress diarrhea is a thing. We might fear the worst, and it could be stress. Canned or steamed pumpkin is great for correcting a loose stool. It is not a bad idea to give your pup a couple of tablespoons twice a day and even some berry yogurt–the kind with live cultures. These are very good for their digestion, and the yogurt helps ward off yeast infections too.


Showing Promise

     ~ Much Loved

jasmines-neva-jan-2017bI wanted to send you a quick update on our pup Neva. She is doing amazingly good at her Nevada home. Her and my wife are inseparable. Our children adore her and besides her slight separation anxiety, she is doing amazing with all her training. She is showing good promise as a shed antler dog and loves our training sessions (the only time she’d rather spend time with me over my wife)!jasmines-neva-jan-2017a-1

She is showing really good promise with her shed Antler training.  At this point, it has all been in the house training as we have 2.5 feet of snow on the ground. Hopefully, she will continue the desire to retrieve antlers once we can move training outside.

Question about her Size

We would not trade Neva for the world we just want to make sure there is no health issue causing her small size. I have attached a photo of her for reference with our 13 year old Weim who is 58 pounds or so.

I do have a question for you, however. She seems very small. I know you had mentioned that this breeding was intended to have small pups but we are just curious if we should be concerned with her size and weight? She is currently about 20 inches at the shoulder and 32 pounds. Do you have any info on her litermates to see if they are similar size or if she is smaller than expected. Overall she seems healthy and happy and everything checks out at the vet. 

We love her just like she is, just wanted to make sure there was no need to look into her size from a health standpoint.

Cheers, ~Chris 

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the update on your Neva. We are thrilled that she is an integral part of your family and much-loved. In answer to your question about her size–we have a littermate (Dahlia). This mating was done with OwyheeStar’s future in mind. It takes two years to grow a female and then you have to access them etc. Neva’s sister is smaller than her. Livee was almost compact. The compact lineage produces some smaller pups. Not everyone like’s the smaller pups: however, in some circles, they are prized.

Our goal is to stay within the breed standard. We have a mix of lineages. Some are from the more compact lines, and others are longer legged. We have had superb luck mixing; however, on occasion, we get a smaller or larger than expected pup. Some matings we know will produce an inevitable outcome–such as this litter. We expected the females to be a bit smaller. Livee has a sweet disposition. Her pups tend to be light-footed, good companions, prized and fun-loving.









We’ve had Jed for a little over a month now I just wanted to send you a update from us. Here are some pictures (in addition to ones I’ve posted on Facebook). 

He is quite a character this little guy. Jed loves to play fetch in our back yard he’s also taken to playing  in the leaves that have begun to fall. Him and Emmett (the 12 year old weim) sometimes have trouble getting along but that was to be expected. Emmett wants to cuddle and sleep all day and Jed wants to always play. Every day gets a little better though. Jed has decided he is a lap dog, if you sit down on the floor with him he’ll come sit in your lap and chew on his toys or take a nap. It’s so sweet! Kennel training is coming along, there are good days and bad days, but that too was to be expected. We try to take him out a lot and let him get his energy out that seems to help when night time comes and we are all headed to bed. He loves being outside when Justin works in the garage or on the yard. My parents came up from California this past week to visit and meet Jed for the first time and boy did he LOVE them.

All in all he’s doing well, he is as big of a handle full (if not bigger) as we thought he would be. But we love our little Jedi.