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Contact Us

 Please try Email first

581915_10201077028348895_449730690_nOur email addresses

Shela handles the inquiries.

Email Shela (

Email Cliff (

Secondly, we thank you for your interest in our OwyheeStar Weimaraners

We have invested many years in developing the OwyheeStar Weimaraner. We take great joy in placing our hand-raised quality Weimaraner pups in pre-approved homes. To facilitate placing each pup in the best possible home, we utilize an application process. 

To Start the Process

       … Request the Application Link Invite

If you are seriously interested in adding an OwyheeStar Weimaraner to your home, the first step is to complete the Formal Application Process. You will have to email Shela ( and tell her you wish to complete the application. She will send you an invite from the primary website. Once you have located the invitation, you will create your personal password. Once you have that done, you will open the website and sign in using the password you created. There are a couple informational pages you may also view. These pages and the application are the only pages on this website that require you to sign in.  


The Mission Statement defines our goals in detail; however, in simple terms we raise a quality Weimaraner companion. Some of these Weims are hunting companions. Others are companions that hang out with you or the family. Some people share their love of running with their Weimaraner. You will see the Weimaraner engaged in water sports too!

We don’t spend hours bragging about our accomplishments. We simply try to do what we do to the best of ability and let the outcome speak for itself. If you are interested in exploring what others have to say please check out the blog, and if you like, subscribe. Thank you!

Here are some of the reasons we prefer Email:

  • Emailing helps us expedite the process.
  • Email allows us to attach email-ready information and links.
  • Email allows us to stay focused on the pups and our training.
  • We typically do not pick up the phone–we are otherwise engaged.
  • To clarify even more, Email helps us get on the same page. Although this is initially less personalized (because there is a lot of ready-to-send information) it helps us to get you a lot of information in quick order. Getting all the facts in a systematic approach makes sure we can get the less-than-fun-part done in short order. It also helps us avoid omitting some of the important details. Finally, it means we don’t have to type the same things seven times in a day. This isAs you might guess, this is important when you think about it. It gets more important every year :O) Since Shela had cancer it is vitally important to keep her off the keyboard as much as possible. 

Phoning OwyheeStar

Since 2012, Shela has had health issues, we have a new phone policy. Please email and arrange a phone call time with her. Also, we only have dialogues with our vetted OwyheeStar clients. Sorry, if you were wanting to interview us–we are not able to do that at this time. Our reputations will have to speak for itself.

We look forward to talking with you about our beloved Weimaraners ~– Shela and Cliff

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