Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ Malheur County

We saw some alfalfa had been cut already, and like our field, they had not watered it. We don’t quite know what is up with this particular field, but it is slated to become an RV park–or at least part of it is. We see them throughout the Treasure Valley, with more people living in their RV year-round for various reasons. Out pump is slated to be installed on Monday, and then Cliff will have more work to get water on everything.


Winnie continues doing well–she is getting skinny, as we might expect. We will be offering kibble to the pups in the next couple of days to help the situation. The puppies are looking fantastic. They have spent time outside and hope to increase that and add the kibble to their diet.

The Longhairs and the smooth coats are easily distinguishable now.

Recently On the Blog…

Our faithful readers realize I have been struggling to keep the blog going–fresh easy to post material can be challenging to come by 365 days a year. I had mentioned we would post (randomly) as the material is available. Thank you!

For Your Review

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On a very personal note

Cliff has stopped working on the bathroom remodel–other things have required his time and attention. I am hoping he can get back there this summer. He and Trudee are preparing for the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) Hunt Test tomorrow. It is anyone’s guess what will happen.

Christina and I have been working in the greenhouse and garden. We are behind the curve, as I keep saying. We do what time and energy allow with puppies. We made significant progress this week–zucchini, green beans, pumpkins, rhubarb, peppermint, spearmint, and cilantro are planted. Earlier, we planted a few flowers. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, various herbs, and cantaloupe waiting for their turn. I also have two blueberry bushes and rosemary waiting for Cliff to have time to move a couple of the raised beds. We hope to create a strawberry bed, too.

Our longtime friend Roger sold us some of his excellent beef–he came to bring us the hamburger yesterday. I have it all put away. We bought a half beef from him as well, and we pick that up on Monday. I have the freezer cleared out, and I hope there is enough room. I am going to need a few items from the grocery–soon, maybe today. Other than that, we are hunkering down and working on the garden, etc. There is nothing to photograph yet. (I hope soon.)

We both had doctor’s appointments on Wednesday–me with the Oncologist and Cliff with Dr. Smith (our primary care physician). Many of you know the tumor marker count is dropping significantly–which is good news. The Verzenio dosage has been increased because I am tolerating it well. Another contrast CT scan is scheduled in three weeks –that will give us a more definitive answer as to how things look. Cliff’s visit went well, his blood work was not yet posted from that visit.

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