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Happy Fourth


     ~ Willow Wins Again!

Magnuson's Willow_1464She took an altered Reserve Best-In-Show today!  At 6-1/2 years of age!  ❤️❤️❤️. Jan

At 7 they are considered a “veteran”, they can certainly still show and win, however, most really top-winning dogs are under five years of age.

She was still limping (from her shoulder injury) yesterday so I pulled her, she was good this morning so we went in the ring for both shows and she did great.
I love Willow so much!
Hugs, Jan

Breeder Comment

We are ever so thankful for Willow’s continued success. Thank you, Jan! we know you have the special photos coming soon. We look forward to it.

Sunday Hugs

Bella and Mama

Bella Hugs

Cuddling, snuggling, and hugging are a thing. They make for an adorable snapshot with Sri and Bella.


Jan and Willow8461_o

Jan and Willow Earn the TDI Certification

Most Weimaraners are not Certified Therapy Dogs; however, the vast majority provide us with a type of therapy you cannot buy in a bottle at the pharmacy.


Their hugs and their antics not only keep us entertained but are proven to extend life expectancy. We need this element in our life, and while the Weimaraner might not be for everyone, for some, nothing else will do. Everyone is a bit different but has the Weimaraner quality we find magnetic. You are either infected (addicted or whatever you want to call it) or you are not. Cliff and I believe you agree with us when we say they make us better humans.

Party Animals

Monday’s Happen

St. Denis Party Animals-2Did you party this weekend?

Well, this photo is from Cinco De Mayo. Anytime could call for a beverage; however, weekends can be a time to seriously chill. After a grueling week of demanding work and landmine filled projects, you deserve a break. Who better to join you that your two favorite fur family members?

Dangers Exist

Please keep in mind that alcohol can be dangerous for your pet. Alcohol poisoning is a risk, and the amount of alcohol required to send you flying to the emergency room is always in question. Click here to learn more about this topic.

Zeka Brings Home Lucky

A Good Fit For Us!

Lucky is just what we were looking for – a companion for Zeka. One that can entertain her and wear her out since our runs don’t seem to be enough for her.  He has done exactly that for us. Now the only problem is that he wears her out, she sleeps half the day. Then he needs to be entertained 🙂  
I have attached a short video of them.  We walk around the farm a few times a day, and this is what they end up doing. I love watching them; it is funny.  Lucky is so much faster than Zeka. She often cheats by cutting corners; it’s her only chance of keeping up.  They run until Zeka gets tired and lays down.

We Are Working It Out

He is a good boy.  I took Thursday and Friday off to work with them since Avery was going to be at some training; I have gotten to know him pretty well.  The ride home was pretty uneventful, they had a few words together, but they did fine. I attached a picture of us driving home in the car.  Zeka is passed out, and he is wide awake.  They have had words since, it’s usually because of Zeka. She is way more possessive of her stuff than Lucky.  She is always jealous of whatever he has and tries to take it; he is usually ok with it. She is a bully to him.  He tolerates her picking at him most of the time, but he lets her know when he has had enough. Chow time was pretty eventful the first day as well, but I think we have it all figured out now.

Lucky is Avery’s Shadow

He really bonded with Avery, it’s comical; he is (literally) Avery’s shadow when he is here.  He sits in front of the bathroom door and waits until he is done showering or the front door when he leaves until I convince him to come hang out with Zeka and me.

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They Are Going to Be Great Together!

Zeka and Lucky wrestle and play all of the time….until Zeka lays down for a nap.  He has been napping more the last two days; he must feel a little more comfortable.  I did take him to the vet on Friday. That didn’t go well at all.  Apparently he doesn’t like people near his face or over the top of him; however, he lets Avery, and I smooch on him all of the time. So I was taken aback when he gave the vet a hard time. (He didn’t like Zeka in his face at first either but he has gotten over that) It was not a fruitful vet visit; nonetheless, he did get his rabies shot.  He has a really bad and big hot spot on his chest that I have been doctoring.  Other than that, he is perfect.  We are very happy and lucky to have him. He and Zeka are snuggling as I write this – very cute.  Thank you for our amazing kids.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will send more down the road.


Breeder’s Comment

We do not get a lot of returns; however, we usually have one or two available. We also have moved to a process of rehoming our females earlier so they can have a second career. This was a difficult decision, but we can see how beneficial it is. We are working on a post that will warm your heart. One of the former girls is excelling in her new career as a therapy specialist. We are thrilled that Lucky (who is Blu’s brother) has found such a wonderful placement. We thank Ginger and Avery for adopting him and reporting back to us. 

Lyra comes of Age

Hello from Lyra’s Family

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Best Friend

2 and a half years ago, I received my best friend from you. I named her Lyra from a book series I love. Anyway, Lyra is from Lacee X Dusty 2012. Here are some photos for you to share; and as you can see she’s grown into a lovely girl. She is so beautiful and such an amazing dog/companion.

Another Blue Please

I’m ready for my second Blue. I want a large, strong male this time. Also Blue, and with similar characteristics as Lyra. I’d like him to be playful and curious, very intelligent and confident, and strong, athletic, and agile. A while ago, there was a police officer that had a female from you. She was a canine good citizen. Square face, strong legs, etc. I would like our boy to be a runner and hiker and adventurer, like that, like me and Lyra.

The ideal timeline for us will be late February or early March if it’s possible. Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you both again.

Breeder’s Comment

Referrals and return clients are our bread and butter so to speak. We value our relationship with each of you and hope you will stay in touch with us on a regular basis. We hope you share the good as well as bad things that happen along the way. We certainly hope the OwyheeStar pup bring you joy and more positive than negative experiences. That being said, we try to set up each puppy for success. We are not raising these magnificent creatures to meet an unfortunate outcome. We realize that all our work can be undone in very short order; however, we believe when a person follows our recommendations things can go extraordinarily well. Much of what the OwyheeStar becomes depends upon your follow through and a bit of knack. Each pup is unique. We keep saying this is a journey and recommend that you let it unfold. With the unfolding, you must stay on track and grasp the breeds tendency toward separation anxiety and its concrete-thinking mentality. Understanding those two traits along with you being in a right relationship (based on respect) make all the difference. Honestly, each person has a different level of leadership skills. You have to work with your skill set too! We are so proud of Lyra’s achievements, and we are equally thrilled she delights her family.

Florian speaks of “Willow” who has been featured many times on the blog. Champion Willow and Jan Magnuson have achieved some pretty amazing things together. Yes, they earned the Canine Good Citizen Award early on. Since then, they have earned Best of Show, a Therapy Dog Certificate, and more. Click here to read about Willow’s success. Lacee (Willow and Lyra’s mother) is coming near to the end of her first career; when she retires it cannot be said what she will be doing.

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

Bellas Birthday

Let’s Party

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Our Bella turned one on July 14th.

It seems like it was yesterday we brought her home.  She is now a pure 80 lbs of love.   She has the girliest personality and likes to cuddle only when she feels like it, so it’s a treat for us when she lets us cuddle her LOL.  She is also a barker; she barks at clouds, at the wind, when she sees a school bus … Just about anything 🙂 .. Her sad puppy eyes make it possible for her have us wrapped around her paw, and she knows it too.

Balloons — Seriously Mom?

We got her balloons for her birthday, but it turned out that she is terrified of balloons. Lucky for us we were able to snap a few pictures before she walked away. She is our adorable Miss Bella, and we love her.

Breeder’s Comment

Everyone at OwyheeStar. and all our followers wish you many more years! You are a much-loved dear girl. We send a message of love to thank you to you and your family for sharing this special moment with us. 

Boating Bailey

The Maiden Voyage

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We just wanted to send you some pics of Baileys first trip on the boat!  Boating is a huge part of our lives and all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to be able to take her for her maiden voyage. To be honest I was ready for a complete gong show!  My husband is a tad obsessed with how clean and scratch free and basically how pristine the boat is and I was a bit worried about having a wet Weimaraner aboard!  BUT… It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!  And as you can see Bailey totally enjoyed herself!  She was a dream and we all LOVED having her there.  It was probably my best Mother’s Day yet!

Lingering Bunny Ear and Basket Breath

Where is the Easter Basket?

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I hope you had a great Easter. Here is Bella with her bunny ears and Easter Bonnet.

Bella is 8 months old now and doing great and spoiled rotten lol.  She was spayed few weeks ago and such a trooper, bounced back the next day and her stitches healed beautifully and quickly.

Kirby and His Easter Basket

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Bella Kisses and Loves

She (We) Did Pretty Good

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Bells is sending her love and kisses. She completed her basic obedience training. She did pretty good at class 😉 I’m a proud mama lol. She is such a sweet girl and spoiled rotten at home. Daddy still has to carry this 50 lbs of love to bed every single night.

Take care and love from all of us. ~  Sri and Kevin

We Graduated

It proves to you we are trainable. Right?

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We just wanted to share with you (Cliff and Shela) that we passed our puppy class. We had a great time. They had us perform two tricks today. So we used the stool and had Bailey get on her stool for one trick. And then we used American Sign Language for off and had her get off without any voice commands. She did great. She knows stay, off and wait in sign language. Hope you have a very merry Christmas and we are praying for you during your treatment. 😍