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4th of July

~With Lu–ears flapping

I’m not always on the waterI love every season

In the video below our grand-daughter is tubing on July 4 and Lu is playing “spotter” – wondering why in the world she’s not in there too!

Lu loves to ride and alternates between going to the front of the boat and sitting on the cushioned bench (gets major scents up there) and sitting or standing right by dad, the pilot. 

Lu with her Ears –spotting that Granddaughter

First couple of times she was uncertain about the noise and vibration, but quickly became accustomed to riding on water and loves watching the scenery, birds, and just getting to “be with” (you know how that is!). 

Fireworks — No Problem

BTW, she has never reacted at all one way or another to the loud firecrackers on the 4th, or thunder, or anything else that we as humans might consider as disturbing. Not sure if you pre-conditioned them to loud noises, but we also have a gun range that we walk by regularly on our way to running on the dunes. same thing, no reaction. But let someone walk or ride a bike past the front gate she’s on full protection mode!


Breeder Comment

This video not only entertained us–it was so much fun to watch Lu with her ears flapping. Thank you, Sharyl, for thinking of us. I am sure all our readers will enjoy this, too.

We do condition the pups to sound–all bets are off when they leave here. (Haha) They have to adjust to a new family, the new environment, and their humans may unwittingly do things that ingrain a fear. It happens. Kudos to you for keeping Lu well-balanced.

Lu’s Mama

~Has Something to Share

This has been on my mind to share with you – other things have kinda gotten in the way this winter/spring (I THINK it’s Spring…!).
Anyway, our Lu has for some years had problems with rash on her belly, periodically  licking and it’s red and scaly. Vet tried some diet things, creams, etc; she wasn’t showing any evidence of allergies, and while more evident in summer it wasn’t really a seasonal thing.

I finally thought of laundry soap – then I thought “DRYER SOFTENER SHEETS!”. So stopped using the dryer sheets on her bedding and towels about 3 months ago – NO ITCHING OR LICKING SINCE!!!
This has probably been posted somewhere on your blog – you are so thorough about sharing tips and cautions – but I guess I missed it. 
Definitely a wake-up call for me…and her.
Happy Easter, blessed lady.

Sharyl in Sisters, Oregon

Breeder Comment

Allergies can take many forms–and sometimes determining what the root cause can be tricky. One family reported they were renting and the landlord had new sod installed. Ever since the grass was changed out, their Weimaraner had a rash on their tummy. We inquired as to what type of turf it was, but they had no way of knowing. Others have reported their Weimaraner running in wild grass and having a reaction–possibly a tummy saver vest might offer protection. We understand a person cannot avoid every possible trigger, but feet and tummy irritations are common.

Thanks, Sharyl, for bringing up this topic–you are not the first person to discover dryer sheets or fabric softening (or other laundry products) to be the culprit. We don’t use fabric softener on the Weim laundry, and our laundry detergent is a less toxic one. Being as Holistic and Green as possible is always ideal.

Lu Enjoys Winter

~ Most Everyone is Ready for Spring

Searching for the ball

She adores racing around before the retrieving starts – making endless circles, just enjoying herself.

BTW, it looks almost looks like she’s pooping! – but no, that’s her tail!

But then it gets serious – she actually drives into the snow banks, finds the ball, comes out snorting snow – which of course makes her drop the ball and the whole process starts again.

March 6, 2019 –Here is the video Steve took this morning (snowing again!) of Lu searching for her ball in the snow. The snow has melted some, but you get the idea….

Reward at the end is napping on the heat vent. She’s perfected it!
personal note – snow has been lovely, but thanks, am done with winter right now!

Breeder Comment

Well, Lu is making the most of her snow experience. There is no lack of it in Sisters, Oregon this winter. You are not alone–many Pacific Northwest Locations have more snow than typical, and many folks are beyond ready for Spring’s arrival. Thank you, Sharyl, for this lovely post.

“There’s a Weim in there somewhere”!

~Or, Where’s our Lu?

At Night

So – Lu doesn’t sleep on the bed with us at night but has her own crate and bed.

Daytime Naps

But during the day for naps, I bought a heavy muslin-weight couch cover that I put over the bed, and she has her own blanket. At 8 years old, she does like her creature-comforts (in fact in very cold weather she loves to nap on top of the heat vent!). Spoiled? Of course.

This morning is freezing fog in Central Oregon, and after her morning outing and breakfast, guess where she heads!
I’m titling this one: “There’s a Weim in there somewhere”!
Hope you and Cliff have a great 2019 – and thanks for all the wonderful posts.
Sharyl and Steve (McCulloch) in Sisters.

Breeder Comment

It is so good that you keep us apprised an Lu and her antics. This is a good one–where all of us might like to be on such a morning as you describe. (Haha)

For those traveling through the Sister’s Oregon area you might check out Sharyl’s handwoven creations.

Sharyl Parker McCullochTOO MUCH FUN! Unique designs in Handwoven and Knitted Art-wear
Sisters, OR


We so enjoy the morning blog! Thank you again.

  ~ Our Lu (Yours Truly x Thunder Duster)–6 yrs. 9 months old (born 1/21/2011

LU, 6 yrs 9 mos

Taken during the late afternoon run, watching her main man for a ball toss!

Smelly Feet?

So, here is a question on behalf of LU, in Sisters Oregon. Haven’t seen this addressed on the blog – but may have missed it.

For the past few years, Lu has developed TERRIBLE smelling feet! She is mostly an indoor dog, but outside for runs about an hour in the morning and 1 1/2 in the afternoon evening – not running continuously, but lots of smelling around on the 2+ acres of our house and neighbors who use their home as a vaca home….we watch over it for them. Plus, Steve spends a lot of time outside with chores etc. As she is 7 1/2 now, she enjoys her naps in the sun wherever she can find it and moves her nap location when upstairs where the skylight’s sunspot moves!

Running surface is typical high desert – dust, gravel/rocks, sage, desert grass, and the green grass we have around our house. When/if it rains, she gets a foot-rinse and is groomed regularly. When we’re over at the coast, she swims regularly in the lake.

She just had a vet check a couple of weeks ago, no issues except cracked tooth which we’ll be attending to soon. Is this a Weim thing? Our Golden traveled the same territory (but not the same speed, of course!), rarely had that problem…

~ Thanks!! Sharyl

 Breeder Comment

Thank you, for raising this question. First, let us say thank you for giving Lu such a great life. We are truly blessed to know she is much-loved.

Honestly, on occasion, I have noticed the smelly feet (or maybe we should call them paws), but then I figure we smell more like a Weimaraner than human too! When it comes to smells, people usually talk about gas. So, this was new. I had not even thought about it. I did some research and learned it is not the only Weimaraner to have smelly feet, nor is it uncommon in dogs.

The most prominent culprit appears to yeast, but a combination of bacteria can also cause foot odor. A simple rinse will not control this issue. I have some thought on what I would consider as a preventative measure.

1. I would mix up a solution of  50% cider vinegar and water and spritz the feet with it or dunk them. I think once you use this the feet need some moisturizer at least once a week.
2. Another thought instead of cider vinegar would be to use the Vetericyn Wound Spray on their feet every few days. Again, this has a drying action so I would suggest a moisturizer.
3. Consider using paw cream or paw wax–once the feet are cleaned and moist. It might even be better to use coconut oil and a tiny bit of essential oil and make yourself some paw cream. There are many paw creams, waxes, etc. that you can purchase. I wish we could try them all and evaluate them.

Here is a link that talks about smelly dog feet–



Life with Jack

~ And the Weims

Jack and Lucee.jpg

I wanted to share this pic with you and let you know that the new member of the family, our little boy Jack is doing great. Both Weims are taking quite the liking and coming up with their own responsibilities on how to participate.

Lucee is very watchful and makes sure that she knows where he is at all times. Levi has become more of a guard dog. The other day I got home from work, and Sarah put Jack in his bouncer near me on the floor. Levi took this opportunity to step over Lucee, who is, of course, laying next to him. Levi sniffs and kisses Jack and hastily prances off checking every window in the house peering out to make sure that no strangers are among us. Lol!

Another observation of Lucee is that she has become a lot more vocal since Jacks arrival. Which in return only frustrates Sarah during nap time. Hope you enjoy the pic, and that all is well at your home are going well this Summer.

Lucee and Levi

Back in Washington

Hello!! It’s been a few years since I have checked in with you guys and wanted to give an update.

We have traveled around a little bit with work and ended up in Northern California for a few years and got the pleasure of living on 52 acres. Which was such a blessing and both dogs loved it.

We are now back in Washington, Seattle area, but living on the peninsula. Bought a house that we are now all settled in and my wife (Sarah) and I are expecting our first child ( A Boy!!) any day now.

Lucee turns 8 this August and is still running and smiling and ready for the hunt as though she was 1 years of age. We did find a malignant tumor in her back upper right leg last year and had it removed. Should be getting the latest blood work back this week to see that it is all gone.

Levi is still Levi. He turned 5 in January and weighing in at 84 lbs. So fast, agile, and sporty looking with that amazing dark blue color. I cant take either of them anywhere with out them getting flattering comments and they always eat them up with smiles:)

Its surprising how different they are. Lucee is definitely the alpha and Levi her shadow. As she is very independent Levi is very dependent. As well as the biggest lover and snuggler. I would have to say that he is a bit accident prone which has cost him a few trips to the Vet for some stitches, I don’t think he feels pain. I have watched him on 2 different occasions wounded and still want to keep running and playing.

Over all as a family we are all doing well and very blessed. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of them. I am overcome with joy and happiness every time I come home to them everyday. Which they are both always at the door peering through the window.

I hope all is well with you two back home and all the dogs are doing great. Thank  you again and cant wait to hear back from you. Sorry it has been so long since the last correspondence. Time seems to be going faster as I get older.

Breeder Comments

We are happy to reconnect. Yes, life gets hectic and time flies all too quickly. We pray for good news. It is good you caught the issue sooner, rather than later. Each moment with these magnificent creatures is a gift. We know you agree.

Thank you Rachel

Note: Rachel posted this on 4/21/2014 in response to The Unthinkable. I added one of my favorite all-time photos to top of her great comments. Thank you Rachel. We are all too aware that any number of things can go awry. Initially, you have to get them raised. They could have minor problems–developing immune systems makes them prone to potential parasites, as well as bacterial infections. The puppy-biting is the bane of most Weimlovers facing the puppy scenario. Nevertheless, the journey, and the joy of the relationship made it worth the efforts. Thank you Rachel for the endorsement. It means the world to us.

Kimber was named for a favored gun.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hi!! When Kimber was a pup we always got the questions or comments like “is she super hyper, I just love these dogs but their soooo hyper”. We always responded no 🙂 Kimber was & still is the most calm weim inside the house. We literally have to pry her off the couch sometimes! I didn’t realize how lucky we were to get her from such an amazing breeder that truly cares about their pups and their future homes.

About 6 months ago we saw a weim pup in Portland, of course I was immediately drawn in, but this pup was nothing like Kimber was. SUPER hyper, no attention span and didn’t even care I wanted to pet her. I asked where they got her from and it was a same breeder I had heard about from other sources. They all said their puppies were hyper and they just hoped they grew out of it. Those are families and pups that probably won’t last and it makes me feel sorry for both. Thank you for being so AWESOME & caring. I can’t wait tell we decide to get another, but for now Kimber is (& definitely thinks she is) our #1

Heidi & Major

At the Lake …

Claire snuggles with Major and Heidi

Can we get a larger bed???  Plus other tidbits of wisdom….

An Epiphany…

It occurs to me, that if I ever wanted to get a dog to swallow something, like a pill, all I would have to do is say “What are you eating?” 🙂

~ George

You need a better photo of me Dad!

I hope you enjoyed these three recent pictures documenting how our time is being spent.  We will call this —

‘The hard workers at the lake’.


Major eats more than the cake…

or Son like Father…….

Dusty looks innocent and pleads the 5th!

( )

George here to tell you about our latest adventure with two Weims…….

Anyway, Claire bought one of those unstuffed dog toys, the type you see advertised on TV that are already unstuffed, so there is nothing to tear out of them, at the local hardware store.  I pointed out the we had 2 dogs, so we held off giving it to Heidi, who always wanders around with something in her mouth, either a the remnant of a toy that has long since been gutted, or one of her blankets, as something to trade in exchange for attention.  After Claire came home the next day with another toy, we proceeded to give them each one.  Heidi did the expected thing, taking hers to her basket and proceeding to squeak it (one in each end!) until she could figure out how to put it out of it’s (her?) misery.  Major ran into the bedroom, presumably to do the same, and when Claire came in to check on him, he must have thought she was going to take it away (Heidi has predominate ownership of all things not immediately edible, in which case he asserts dominance if it is actual food), he swallowed it whole.  The toys are not very large, maybe 9 inches in length, with a squeaker in each end.  Claire was panicked, and I immediately thought of Dusty’s little adventure, but having watched both of them at other times swallow a whole spare rib bone and throw it up the next morning, clean as a whistle, I was a little more sanguine, but called the Vet immediately.  I took Major (and the other toy) to the Vet, where he was treated to a large dose of hydrogen peroxide, and after about ten minutes the desired effect produced a multipart toy, complete with both squeakers.  The Vet was very glad we had a whole to compare, so as to not have to wonder if we got it all.

Just thought I might pass this on, needless to say, Claire has tossed all remaining toy remnants, and Heidi now has to settle for dragging one of her throw blankets with innumerable teething holes, around with her, trying not to trip on what doesn’t fit in her mouth, but at least we don’t have to worry about anyone swallowing something they can’t digest or we can’t retrieve.

I will get you some pictures of the pair sometime this summer.  Fortunately Major has wound down some (and we moved the invisible fence back from the road, which has helped a lot), but I think I threw my back walking him (to much of a good thing too fast).

Regards from Smith Mountain Lake,

George, Claire, Heidi, & Major

Weimaraner Toys

Breeder’s Note: We actually recommend the flat toys or the unstuffed toys, however, they should be the larger ones and we suggest all soft toys be closely supervised. The same with any soft item that might chewable including bedding. Some Weims will eat anything and for those you cannot turn your back on them. Or simple–you must keep a constant watch when they have a toy such as this.

We keep our stuffed toys, bumpers, and some of the balls in a large reed basket on top of a cabinet.

We recommend watching even the durable Kong Toys and such as they can degenerate over time and need replacing. When they start to crack or bits fall off it is best to toss them. Intestinal blockages are life-threatening and can result in panic.  That doesn’t even cover the sticker shock after you get through the ordeal. We thank George for sharing their experience.

Weims will be Weims……


Spay or Neuter your Pet


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