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4th of July

~With Lu–ears flapping

I’m not always on the waterI love every season

In the video below our grand-daughter is tubing on July 4 and Lu is playing “spotter” – wondering why in the world she’s not in there too!

Lu loves to ride and alternates between going to the front of the boat and sitting on the cushioned bench (gets major scents up there) and sitting or standing right by dad, the pilot. 

Lu with her Ears –spotting that Granddaughter

First couple of times she was uncertain about the noise and vibration, but quickly became accustomed to riding on water and loves watching the scenery, birds, and just getting to “be with” (you know how that is!). 

Fireworks — No Problem

BTW, she has never reacted at all one way or another to the loud firecrackers on the 4th, or thunder, or anything else that we as humans might consider as disturbing. Not sure if you pre-conditioned them to loud noises, but we also have a gun range that we walk by regularly on our way to running on the dunes. same thing, no reaction. But let someone walk or ride a bike past the front gate she’s on full protection mode!


Breeder Comment

This video not only entertained us–it was so much fun to watch Lu with her ears flapping. Thank you, Sharyl, for thinking of us. I am sure all our readers will enjoy this, too.

We do condition the pups to sound–all bets are off when they leave here. (Haha) They have to adjust to a new family, the new environment, and their humans may unwittingly do things that ingrain a fear. It happens. Kudos to you for keeping Lu well-balanced.

Bath Time Woes

Tell Me, Againbath-time-woes-2

          Why We Are Doing This?

bath-time-woesHe was pretty good but there is a limit. Shampoo, Ears, and Nails. Are we done yet? That is what this look shouts to those that have bathed a puppy. 

For once, I didn’t take a bath too. Typically, I am soaked and wetter than the puppy even though I try to avoid that scenario.

The shampoo is a mild puppy shampoo. It was followed by a rinse and towel dry. Then there is the good smelling conditioner that is antibacterial. Of course, none of this lasts all that long. How often should you bathe a puppy? That is an excellent question. Our reply is to say that you should bathe your puppy no oftener than necessary. A good brushing with the Furminator once a month can go a long way towards eliminating hair–even the eyelash length coats shed.

Ears on the flop-eared Weimaraner can be an issue. Some need frequent cleaning and preemptive treatment. After a bath, we use a powder to ensure the ear canals are dry. Moisture and warmth make a fertile environment for bacteria, viruses, and yeast infections.

Can You Sing Along?

The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the Wind12076527_1170217196325578_282088048_o

Not a New Concept

Bob Dylan wrote and sang of finding answers in the blowing of the wind. Several artists have done a remake of this popular 60’s top tune. There have been many remakes of that song; some might be better than the original listed here. Nonetheless, it is etched in our memories–at least for those growing up in the 60’s.

Ears–The Weimaraner ear situation can be challenging. Like any flop-eared dog, a person needs to keep tabs on the condition of the ear. Clean them on a regular basis. Zymox makes some good products. Some ear issues are yeast-based and affected by diet. Moisture can contribute to bacterial growth–sometimes a powder ear product can help a lot.Vetericyn makes an excellent ear product; regular Vetricyn by all appearances will work. The ingredients are the same. In a pinch, a 50% cider vinegar and pure water mix can certainly be used. Never probe the ear canal. Clean the outer ear only, being sure not to push wax and debris deeper. After a swim or a bath, the powder can help the ear canal dry.