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Soaking Up Sunshine

~Ava Blue

Ava Blue enjoying the sunshine in the bedroom with our cat. I think she likes being an indoor dog 💞

Breeder Comment

Well, sunshine makes me happy, right?!? Other Weims without a floor hotspot flop on the heat register, crawl under the covers or find warm clothing –fresh out of the clothes dryer.

Son Goddess Lu

~Sunshine Before Comfort

So, as with most Weims I know, to Lu sun is more important than comfort…if she’s inside and there’s a spot of sun ANYWHERE, she will find it, scrunching herself up into the smallest bundle if it’s a small spot. tho’ she prefers laying out like a sun goddess! 

But it always amazes me that she – who loves her soft cuddly bed – can be at all comfortable on pavement. But she probably knows the days of sunshine are going to be limited for a bit with another series of storms coming….She is also a chameleon – she can look very dark blue sometimes, or light gray, depending on environment. 

What a character!!! Thought you might enjoy this for post, or just a smile!
Sharyl and Steve

Breeder Comment

Well, Lu understands what every Weimaraner knows–they do what they want. It doesn’t have to make sense–humans don’t often understand. Thanks for this cute post!

Soaking up the Sunshine

892946_308841222591713_411198687_o[1]Sunshine and Fresh Air are important!

We could learn a thing or two from our beloved Weimaraners. Above Wilson soaks in the blessed sunshine and enjoys one of the best things in life–fresh air. 🙂1383282_10202145733266365_440080010_n[1]

Not going out –the furniture is not an option (Are you serious?), then you must have a good bed!

If you cannot be out, then a good bed is a must. You also need to make a striking pose like Skye–and you can scratch your back a little in the process.

Going in the Car

A car trip would be fun!

For a lucky few this might be a day to travel somewhere fun–the beach, work with Mom, or for a fun run in the country. Thunder awaits his Mom’s arrival so they can take a little trip together.  🙂

Whatever you find yourself doing, have a wonderful day!