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The First Sunday

Of October

     ~I saw reports


I saw reports of snow in certain locations. I am going to tell you that we (Cliff and Shela at OwyheeStar) are in no way ready for winter woes just yet. I ran across this photo in the archives, and it spoke volumes. A few weeks we will be talking Thanksgiving and then maybe snow along with expecting Christmas’s arrival.

It’s coming all too quickly. So, I think the only thing to do is to plan snowballs. That is a bit like laughing in Mr. Winter’s face, don’t you agree.

In the meantime, we can think pumpkin and the spooky nonsense of Halloween. Some of you may not celebrate the event. Others might say it is your favorite holiday. Then we will see your Weimar wearing their costume.

On The Snow

Training for Avalanche Rescue

Loki and I have spent much of the last few months frolicking in the snow. We’re training for avalanche rescue which means at this point that we’re spending as much time as we can on the mountain. Loki loves schmoozing the skiers and boarders around the main lodge, and yesterday he had his first ride on my shoulders while I skied.

Aamodt_2174This weekend we’ll be riding the chairlift. It’s hard to say what Loki’s favorite thing is about the ski hill, but riding down in a gondola filled with ski patrollers has got to be near the top of the list. As we say on the hill, he’s a real little powderhound.

When we’re not on the mountain, I’m working on developing his toy drive with short little breaks of fun, fun play throughout the day. We’ve also started some simple tracking drills and hide-and-go-seek games.

All the best, ~Erica

Breeder’s Comment

We are thrilled to hear the news of Loki’s progress as well as to find out he loves snow. It is interesting to get a peek into your world. Thank you, for taking the time to share with our readers and us.

Toby Reports

IMG_4985Hi guys! Toby here!
I’m sorry it’s been a long time since I checked in, but I’ve been having so much fun, I lost track of the time!

Lucy and I get to go play in the snow most days. We love it when we can run to our heart’s content!

Don’t worry about my big ears, they never get in my way when I’m having fun!
Did you know we can smell deer tracks through the snow!!!
I get to hang out in the shop sometimes…if I’m a good boy and don’t chew on the “good wood”…whatever that means, it’s all good to me! Max just hangs out. He’s boring.
You don’t have to worry, I always have someone to snuggle with. Lucy takes good care of me. She loves to lick my ears and belly!
I’m up to 38lbs now. Mom says that means I’m a big boy!!
Not as big as Max, though. He used to be 85lb but since he’s boring now, he’s only 79lb. He still loves the snow though!
We had a great Christmas! Santa brought us toys and treats for being good pups!
Santa doesn’t know about some of the mischievous things we do, so don’t tell him!
There are lots of deer here. Lucy loves to chase them but I’d rather stay close to mom. We watch them out the window a lot.
And when we go on hikes, Lucy finds their trails and brings home good things to chew on!
I’m very easy going. I love my tummy to be rubbed or licked by Lucy. She’s always “mothering” me.
We hope you guys are well and will have good litters of pups this year.
Until next time…Love,
Toby (and Lucy, Max, Jeff , and Melissa)

Weimar Games



16903455_1181464675256469_144163915201259349_oGracie made this game up as is the way with Weims. She buries the ball under the snow and then surprises herself when she digs it out – every time! She lets me throw the ball every so often so I don’t get bored. Out in the snow with Gracie and our best to you.

Nancy, Tony & Lisa

Snow Place I’d Rather Be

Snow day in Battleground WA! 

Roy is doing great! He weighs around 60 lbs and goes in tomorrow 1/12 to get his neuter. He’s such a cuddle bug, his favorite thing is running. Well, that is other than cuddling in bed. We go to the dog park pretty regularly and he loves all the friends! 

OwyheeStar Week Fifty-one 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

15442279_10209268675206630_7485618693497698931_nWinter Weather 

Winter has been pushing fall back and making its wishes known for quite some time. Honestly, snow, icy roads, and colder temperatures are not unique to Eastern Oregon. The more temperate regions have been blessed as well. Hey Winter– did you know your official arrival is slated for Wednesday, December 21st? Winter Solstice typically is either the 21st or 22nd of December. 

Near Yakima Cooper looks on as his Blue Longhair brother Levi enjoys a dip in the snow. I suppose he got snow on his toe tassels. That is probably one of the few downsides. For those that love the Longhair, they dread the fact that I mention some people have the tassels trimmed. There is something addictive about the feathering once you get into it.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  We know everyone is insanely busy, but we still have the Weim-thing don’t we?

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On a very personal note

entrance_4073Cliff has the pellet stove installed. We are very thankful to have it running with the extreme cold weather. The whole area is not complete; however, it will be finished soon I hope. We still have the upper wall, and mantel work left to complete. More importantly, it is perking along and keeping us warm. 

With that complete, he is working on the entrance. Of course, we would have liked it finished earlier, but something else is always requiring our attention.

I am still struggling with the Bronchitis. Cliff said, “I don’t think you are getting better.” I replied that they will not give me better antibiotics until these fail to work. (OMG) I have tried to whip it without anything unsuccessfully. I think it is important to avoid antibiotics when possible. I believe that it helped my immune system by not just running to the doctor. I am still hoping this will work. I am about halfway into the ten-day regime. As Cliff says, I am coughing about the same. Who can say? I am thinking positive thoughts.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are in need of a few stories to get through the December blogging. Several of you have promised; however, we understand how busy you might be–nevertheless if you can send along something we would

First Snow

Shiny meets Snow

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Winter adventures may include snow as well as the Weimaraner. Some of the updates have had the greatest photos captured encased in the winter wonderland. Nonetheless, the first snow experience is unique. It will only happen once. Here is Shiny (this week) in the mountains of Colorado seeing his first snow. Let the adventure begin. There is more to come Shiny!

Snow much fun

Making memories for a lifetime……..

It is not hard to come up stories from when we were kids. They are often indelibly etched on our psyche. These are those moments in time we visit (sometimes willingly, and sometimes unwillingly) from our childhood. We remember them when something triggers the on-button, and it can be anything; a sound, a smell, an event. We may not be able to conjure up this same emotional archived moment at-will; however, it is stored in our subconscious. Other times we can remember by choice. I will never bite into an apple without taking a journey back in time–to our front-porch. I was about four years old, and there was a basket of apples on the front stoop. I reached down and took a bite, chewed, swallowed, and then saw the half-of-a-worm crawling on into the apple. How can I remember that event? I was only three or four, and it was something my mother hardly gave notice. I vividly remember it. I opened my mouth (wide) and let out an ear-shattering scream. I watched for worms thereafter. We can have good memories, and traumatic ones. Sometimes, our perspective (as with mine) is laughable. I have other memories that I want to recreate. Some of these are pretty impossible, but they warm my heart in a special way. Many are tied to a snow-storm. This winter, you and your Weimaraner might be in the business of making special snow-related memories. Here is a video taken in Boise that could easily qualify as memory-fodder.

Snow-related Weimaraner photos……..

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Sadie’s Good Life Continues

Sadie likes to Snuggle…

Comfortable BedRed Jacket SadieSadie now thinks that at 4am she should leave her bed and join us on ours.  She remains snuggled up to one of us until about 5:30am when she and I both must relieve ourselves.  Then she races back to bed until 6am when she must have her breakfast which is Nature’s Domain with her daily dose of yogurt and vitamins.  Then it’s back to one of her many beds. 

Sadie is a Bit Spoiled. Here is the special red fleece Sandy made for her so she will stay warm outside in the winter.  She really doesn’t need it, she loves the snow. More Snow

Sadie loves the Water!

Sadie Water RetrievesCliff taught her to love the water, now anytime we are near a puddle she must get in it.  The ponds on the golf course are her latest love, she chases the fish or dives for a stick on the bottom.
Got BlanketIn the RV she loved being covered with a blanket on HER couch.

Sadie is not compact…

Sweet FaceSadie is now 90 pounds.  She is not fat.  The measurement at her shoulders is 29 inches, she is very long as well.  She has caught gophers, squirrels and quail this summer.  She wants desperately to chase the deer but I won’t let her.  We still get compliments on such a beautiful animal every time we go out.  She is very good with people now unless they come to the door and ring the door bell.  She raises quite a racket then.  She is a fantastic watch dog, something that I think a lot of people overlook with their weims.  We leave next week for our place in Mesquite, Nevada.  She hasn’t been there since she was 6 months old so it will be interesting to see if she remembers the place and area.
It’s been a rough year, Sandy has had breast cancer for the last 9 months.  We are just about done with all her treatments, chemo, radiation, two surgeries and finally she was pronounced cancer FREE!!  Two more treatments of Herceptin and she is done.

We Love the Blog, but are not fans of the Longhairs

Enjoy all your blogs except those long haired mongrels.  I really don’t like them at all.  Weims to me look like Sadie and nothing else.  Sorry.
Thanks for all your help and thank Cliff, that collar is a blessing.  Ron