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Edgar Celebrates One


It’s Edgar’s first birthday 🎉
Happy ONE, Ed We love you!


Doug Writes

He and the kids are so close, it’s really neat to see how he treats each of the three a little differently. Thanks, Shela and Cliff! He’s a cool dog.

Breeder Comment

This makes us happy. The impact of these relationships will change the future. Isn’t it awesome?

Laughing Again

Thanks To Lily


I had to share. Lily was extra precious today. The top picture is her watching me fold laundry. The bottom is from her day camp’s Instagram page. They always try to get pictures of her but she doesn’t usually stop long enough. Today they got three! One with two of her “dog buddies”. I can never thank you enough. My son said it best. “Now that we have Lily Mom, we finally laugh again. Really laugh. ❤️


Breeder Comment

Please, Lily is infamous in her circle of friends and family. Most of her photos find her her wrapped in her human brother’s arms. She is a busy and happy girl. We see her often on Facebook. What can we love more than seeing a family activity and there is the Weimaraner? Nothing much! There is always the question when the family is camping or doing some fun activity, where is their Weim child? We don’t know. Not every activity is Weim friendly; however, some families go to great lengths to be inclusive. We love it.

We are glad Lily has brought healing to the family. You had been through a rough patch of unfortunate circumstances. I think when we walk through catastrophe, we either become bitter and resentful or frame everything in the future as a blessing. We are glad Lily is one of the many blessings. Thank you, for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

Featured Weimaraner — Mumford

Here is our update on our blue OwyheeStar boy we call Mumford!

Mumford June 2013 gotta goWe Found a Great Vet

Mumford got neutered on Wednesday and is recovering wonderfully I found a new vet that is just awesome and has a few other Weimaraners that she treats and she seems very knowledgeable on the breed!Mumford June 2013

I have Cliff’s training program

I finally got the training package you guys recommended I’ve decided to watch it a few times before putting it into practice, but from the first week I got him he’s been awesome off leash and very trustworthy so I can tell he will be easy to train and he’s very willing!

He is trainable, and even learns tricks

He’s able to learn tricks so fast and can sit shake a paw all that good stuff! I also really wanted to let you know that you have bred a extremely good looking pup. Everywhere I go people go on and on about how he’s the most beautiful Weimaraner they have ever seen so props to you guys 🙂

Baby Mumford

Baby Mumford

I thought I would fill you in and say thank you for such a kind beautiful boy and he is still such a tail wagger 😛 have a great day! ~ Christine ( British Columbia )

Breeder’s Note: This family took Mumford when he was a bit older than the usual 8 weeks. It worked out well for them. They have a family dog grooming business with dogs going, (and coming) from their property. Mumford easily slipped into their family, and adjusted quickly. There was less risk of exposure to Parvo, etc. Having the right veterinarian (whose approach is holistic), and one that takes into consideration the special needs of the Weimaraner is important.

Featured Weimaraner — Wrangler

148600_554518221243016_1401777393_nWrangler is the best dog for our family that we could have ever asked for! He is hilarious, sweet & very smart. He learns very quickly which is helpful since Charlie has been working with him on his hunting skills. 550128_578218365539668_541851261_n

Currently, he has been perfecting “whoa” & “force fetch”. This weekend, we’re taking him to his first big Training Day with a lot of other younger versatile hunting dogs. And, next week he will be starting to follow in his dad ‘s (Stackhouse) footsteps and will be running in the Natural Ability test! Besides his love for being in his element outdoors, he also loves to be at home with his owners, whether it be cuddling, playing with his Kong, or snacking on his favorites which include banana, apples, cucumbers and ice cubes, he is just happy being with us! And, us with him.


No, I don’t always dress like this. My Mom said I must to get my birthday cake.

We can’t thank Owyheestar enough for taking such amazing pride in their Weims! We absolutely love Wrangler with all our hearts and can’t even begin to imagine life without him!

Breeder’s Note: We are pleased to hear Wrangler is doing well. Happy Birthday Wrangler! It is great he is going to participate in the NAVHDA Natural Ability. That is not as easy as many folks imagine. We wish Wrangler and Charlie the best of days at their first event. Anything can happen, and we hope that things unfold is the best possible scenario.

Cliff says that he has only force-fetch trained one Weimaraner. It is a common practice in many versatile hunting breeders, but not so with the Weimaraner. If you are an OwyheeStar client, you may feel free to write him (or request a phone call from Cliff, to discuss varied hunt training topics.