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Lu Enjoys Winter

~ Most Everyone is Ready for Spring

Searching for the ball

She adores racing around before the retrieving starts – making endless circles, just enjoying herself.

BTW, it looks almost looks like she’s pooping! – but no, that’s her tail!

But then it gets serious – she actually drives into the snow banks, finds the ball, comes out snorting snow – which of course makes her drop the ball and the whole process starts again.

March 6, 2019 –Here is the video Steve took this morning (snowing again!) of Lu searching for her ball in the snow. The snow has melted some, but you get the idea….

Reward at the end is napping on the heat vent. She’s perfected it!
personal note – snow has been lovely, but thanks, am done with winter right now!

Breeder Comment

Well, Lu is making the most of her snow experience. There is no lack of it in Sisters, Oregon this winter. You are not alone–many Pacific Northwest Locations have more snow than typical, and many folks are beyond ready for Spring’s arrival. Thank you, Sharyl, for this lovely post.

Thank you Rachel

Note: Rachel posted this on 4/21/2014 in response to The Unthinkable. I added one of my favorite all-time photos to top of her great comments. Thank you Rachel. We are all too aware that any number of things can go awry. Initially, you have to get them raised. They could have minor problems–developing immune systems makes them prone to potential parasites, as well as bacterial infections. The puppy-biting is the bane of most Weimlovers facing the puppy scenario. Nevertheless, the journey, and the joy of the relationship made it worth the efforts. Thank you Rachel for the endorsement. It means the world to us.

Kimber was named for a favored gun.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hi!! When Kimber was a pup we always got the questions or comments like “is she super hyper, I just love these dogs but their soooo hyper”. We always responded no 🙂 Kimber was & still is the most calm weim inside the house. We literally have to pry her off the couch sometimes! I didn’t realize how lucky we were to get her from such an amazing breeder that truly cares about their pups and their future homes.

About 6 months ago we saw a weim pup in Portland, of course I was immediately drawn in, but this pup was nothing like Kimber was. SUPER hyper, no attention span and didn’t even care I wanted to pet her. I asked where they got her from and it was a same breeder I had heard about from other sources. They all said their puppies were hyper and they just hoped they grew out of it. Those are families and pups that probably won’t last and it makes me feel sorry for both. Thank you for being so AWESOME & caring. I can’t wait tell we decide to get another, but for now Kimber is (& definitely thinks she is) our #1