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I Get Around

Happy To Be Dropped At Daycare


Lily’s Mom Writes…

Thank you so much to our awesome daycamp for the pic! I can’t believe how much @lily_the_weim loves day camp. Makes me so happy that even if I just have to run some errands, I can drop her off and she is so happy to play. She just loves it there. (Photocredit @petshotel2242 ) that face. ūüíöūüíö. I am such a sucker for that face.

When Lily’s Home

     ~ I am a Watchdog and a Gamer





Strategic Lookout is Lily’s Favorite¬†



Ping Pong Anyone?



Lily now wants to play ping pong every time anyone from our family does. It all leads to lots and lots of laughter from all. It has been super hot here lately and these little things keep her busy while also out of the heat.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lily, for being you! The fun, as well as healing you bring everywhere you go, is inspirational. Girl–you are a much-loved fur family member. You are the first Weim we ever heard of that plays ping pong too! I think you are full of life and it oozes on everyone around you. Cliff and I love it!

Have Wheels

Going Places!


We figured Kula must be old enough to drive now, so we got him and Pilikia a van to drive around….. Brent

Breeder Comment


This is not the first Weim Crime pair at the wheel. You might remember Ilsa and Indi the two Blue sisters who borrowed the camper while Mom and Dad went on vacation.¬†Pilikia and Kula Bleu’s ride is pretty upscale, but the idea has not changed. Thanks for the fabulous share!

Happy Boy

Ozzie’s 5th birthday was yesterday!


I can’t believe this amazing boy has been in my life for almost 5 years! I can’t imagine my life without this sweet, independent, funny boy!

He’s our cuddle bug and loves to give kisses! Ozzie loves the go to the bank cause he knows he will get cookies! Somehow he always knows when a trip to the bank is imminent. He’s such a happy boy who, when we come home from being gone, will wiggle his whole body, not just his tail. He wiggles so hard! Makes us laugh every day!

Terrie & Ken (Payette, Idaho) March 1, 2017
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Stella Blue


Stella Blue is hilarious.¬†¬†She’s was entertaining herself while I was I sorting the laundry.¬†¬†I bet she did this 15-20 times.¬†¬†Silly girl!
I’m still laughing and she’s pooped out on the rug!
ūüėāI thought you’d enjoy her silliness.

Fill In the Blank

Kirby G

hooks-kirby-g-tongueKirby G sticks his tongue out. We can fill in the blank or write our own caption. I can think of many apropos to November-December 2016. He might be ready for another Thanksgiving leftover or hoping for some fallout. This tongue extension could be a comment about the general human busyness. Maybe his world is off center. (That is never gonna happen to Kirby G!)


Comes in Various Packages


Luna’s costume is a laugh. She is dressed as a Gray Ghost Weimar. How cute is that?

Sometimes it is more a BooHoo

st-deniss-bella-halloween-2016Not every cutie¬†loves the idea of wearing a costume. This girl wasn’t thrilled but just say it–Oh my Gosh! We are so glad her Mama insisted she sport this costume.

Hope your Halloween is fun!

Featured Weimaraner — Dutch

2013-01-25 20.42.56

Dutch is a LOT of dog!

I thought I would write a quick hello and send you a couple pictures of Dutch.  He is a LOT of dog, 91 pounds at last check, but he can curl right up into a small ball when needed to fit in just the right spot on the couch!

Dutch is Fun and Friendly…

He loves all his family and greets each family member every morning with the greatest excitement. ¬†He knows the routine of the girls’ bedtime and always beats us to their bed when it time to tuck in for the night.

2013-01-25 20.43.53Dutch loves the hot-spot

Right now his favorite spot is anywhere his humans are but especially when we are in front of the fire.  The pictures I took last night were too funny not to share.

We enjoy reading about other Weims

Thank you for the daily blog updates, we always look forward to reading them.  We love our Dutch!  As I type this, I realize we are almost at his one year birthday!

Breeder’s Note: Thank you for the lovely update, and the nice comments. We are glad you like the OwyheeStar Weimaraner’s News (Blog).¬†Honestly, it is rare to see a 91 Lb OwyheeStar puppy. Having Stackhouse in the stable, we may see more very good natured, larger, and hunt-potential Weims. It depends upon the lineage we select. Dutch’s father is about 90 Lbs, but more often than not, his pups do not mimic his size. Dutch’s mother is much smaller around 55-60 Lbs.

Last year's bunny is this years 90 Lb lap dog.

Last year’s bunny is this years 90 Lb lap dog.

Dutch doesn’t appear to be fat. For those wondering, it is very important to grow the puppy slow. Slow growth is vital to proper bone and joint development–to avoid hip dysplasia and other ailments.¬†Regardless, some pups are going to grow faster. This is true even when their family uses the large breed puppy chow and is careful not to overfeed.