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“There’s a Weim in there somewhere”!

~Or, Where’s our Lu?

At Night

So – Lu doesn’t sleep on the bed with us at night but has her own crate and bed.

Daytime Naps

But during the day for naps, I bought a heavy muslin-weight couch cover that I put over the bed, and she has her own blanket. At 8 years old, she does like her creature-comforts (in fact in very cold weather she loves to nap on top of the heat vent!). Spoiled? Of course.

This morning is freezing fog in Central Oregon, and after her morning outing and breakfast, guess where she heads!
I’m titling this one: “There’s a Weim in there somewhere”!
Hope you and Cliff have a great 2019 – and thanks for all the wonderful posts.
Sharyl and Steve (McCulloch) in Sisters.

Breeder Comment

It is so good that you keep us apprised an Lu and her antics. This is a good one–where all of us might like to be on such a morning as you describe. (Haha)

For those traveling through the Sister’s Oregon area you might check out Sharyl’s handwoven creations.

Sharyl Parker McCullochTOO MUCH FUN! Unique designs in Handwoven and Knitted Art-wear
Sisters, OR

Featured Weimaraner — Emma Blue

iphone Jan-Feb 177Time has flown since Emma Blue has come into our lives and we just wanted to let you know that she is doing great! She is our pride and joy, our “furbaby/firstborn”, our everything 🙂

Challenges and Joy Wrapped in a Blue Fur Snuggle Bug

Each day is different and exciting and brings new challenges but we are taking them with stride. She fits into our family perfectly! She is stubborn at times, mischievous, she can be moody, she knows how to get exactly what she wants and she likes to talk back J She is playful and full of energy, and she loves to go on adventures.  Too skinny...She is a whole 40 lbs at 7 months old and is still growing. (The vet keeps telling us to feed her more and more, says she is too skinny…we are up to about 4.5 cups/day… Does she look too skinny to you?) We go to the vet office every once in a while just to weigh her and get loves from all the vet staff who are in love with her. She continues to be overexcited about going to the vet…we shall see if that changes after she is spayed on Friday 🙂

Breeder’s Note: Emma does not look too skinny to us. Her ribs are not showing, and her backbone is not protruding. Remember, that more often not the dog people compare them to is the Labrador (the most popular (and commonly owned purebred) dog in America). For those wondering, Emma was spayed last Friday and is home recovering. 6709_10151497056487591_899976391_n