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Saying Goodbye

It’s Never Ever Long Enough


A sad day…. this loving brave boy is crossing over the Rainbow bridge… he was my sweet baby boy. Always there for me, forever my protector.. he never left his mama’s side and even in the end he was the bravest boy. I love you so much Luke, be well my sweet Poochie, go find your Daddy, he is waiting, so is Garth man. We were so lucky to have you with us the almost 13 years you were here… Mama loves you

He brought me more joy than you can even imagine. My life has been better Because he was part of it. He was a mama’s boy.

Breeder Comment

I remember when you first contacted us. I remember when you took him home. It doesn’t seem all that long ago; it seems far away, though. Time flies by, and we try to grasp each moment and cherish it. Nonetheless, they are fleeting and escape our grasp.

Thank you, for being so great over the years. It is tough to post the losses. Lucy had been sitting there for awhile because it was the holiday season. It is hard enough to lose loved ones at other times, but at the holiday, it is an extra burden I think. Mama’s boy is running free and touching noses with people he loved and other Weims.