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First Snow


No Snow Here

Kaizer experienced his first snow this last week, he had to stop almost every 20 feet on walks to stop and take a bite of it.  it was very comical to watch him wipe out repeatedly when he would try to chase his ball outside.

Christmas With the Gray Ghost

Surprisingly he didn’t destroy the tree or eat any ornaments and only once did I catch him proudly walking around with one of the wrapped gifts in his mouth.  when it came time to open his little gift he attacked with such ferocity that all the camera could catch was a blur.  Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

                                                            -Pete and Kaiser — Idaho
“Looking Innocent and for the most part, I am.” “Woof!”

Breeder Comment

Isn’t it interesting he has his gift? You did well to capture a blurred photo. Thanks! There were several Facebook Posts where the Weimaraner got their present–didn’t touch the others. Then too–there were rumors of those who pilfered without preference at the tree. Some liking to unwrap the gifts more than anything. Others left the tree alone but not by choice.

We have not heard of any Weims eating Christmas Tree Limbs or goodies that sent them to the Emergency. For that, we are exceedingly glad. The fact the young Kaiser is doing so well speaks volumes about your work with him. Keep it up! We look forward to reading about his birding experience. Thanks for thinking of us!


Just Napping

     ~He’s getting along nicely.Gardner's Jaeger_233915.jpg

The above snapshot is taken with my wife’s dog Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva). She has taken to him very nicely… They play a lot.
Gardner's Ruger and JaegerHere he is with Ruger, who actually curled up there when Jaeger was already there. Ruger is progressing slower; he has never been one to play a lot with other dogs.
Jaeger is still gaining like a horse, 16.9lbs today. He doesn’t like crate training, but we are slowly making progress.

Breeder Comment

It appears you are off to a good start incorporating the new OwyheeStar Weim into your family. It is a plus that Caoimhe likes to play with him. The most significant thing where he is going to hunt is to get him following in Ruger’s paw prints in the field. We know you have this as a goal. There are so many things when you bring home the Weimaraner–the crate-training you mentioned, housebreaking, the recall, and other essential disciplines that it takes focus. You, having been down this path before understand all too well for what we speak. We look forward to hearing news from time to time of Jaeger and his exploits.


Reporting on DukeIMG_20171124_171057

Duke is 9 weeks, 3 days now and adjusting well with us. We are working on the puppy biting, potty training, fetching and walking on a leash. He loves running with the other dogs in the backyard and learning which cats he can and can’t mess with! 😉 He especially loves our cat Tiger who tolerates being tackled by Duke daily! He also loves our walks down to the bus stop to pick up his human siblings. We are really enjoying him, he’s got so much personality and sass already!


Breeder Comment

Thanks for staying in touch and giving us this update on Duke. We know how much it is to manage the household, a small business, and everything else associated with the family. You are doing great!

If you are reading this and live in the Treasure Valley Sandy has a cake business. You can connect with her on Facebook–Cake Creations by Sandy! You’ll be glad you looked her up.



Happy Together


Dash had his 12-Week Vet Visit and the Parvo Shot today. He is 24 pounds and has the best disposition. He is just a gorgeous boy!

Breeder Comment

Dave, we are happy to learn you and Dasher are off to a great start. It is also a blessing to know that you are delighted with your new family addition. We know how important that is and never more so when someone has had a less than ideal experience before coming to OwyheeStar.

The importance of looks–while often a top consideration, pales in comparison to temperament and health. A beautiful unhealthy Weimaraner is heartbreaking. We realize that living creatures have issues–some more than others. Regardless, getting off to a fantastic start with a thriving pup is something we wish for every OwyheeStar client. Of course, we give tips that can help maintain these goals–follow the OwyheeStar Weimaraner Vaccine protocol, keep guard against parasites (they are everywhere), and get the basics done. Each of these things is foundational. There may be hiccups and rabbit trails along the journey, but nothing is more imperative than getting off to a good start.

Parasites are something not discussed much on the blog. Nonetheless, a goodly percentage of pups become infected–OwyheeStar and other than OwyheeStar. Possibly the biggest culprits are Giardia and Coccidia–one-celled parasites that are found in the environment. To some degree cleaning practices can help avoid these issues; however, puddle-drinkers and paw-lickers can ingest these opportunistic predators. When they do, they can take off like a wildfire in the gut. This scenario is best avoided–it can undo housebreaking at its best. A simple fecal check can help prevent this unraveling adventure no one wants to visit. Of course, keeping the young pup wormed is essential too.

Loose stools can be caused by stress but should you see them it is best to keep an eye on things. The cost of the fecal exam can put your mind at ease. Many times these issues resolve without medication–that is optimal. Pumpkin or squash are helpful. Bloody or mucous filled stools (a bigger concern) should be checked. If you see them, don’t think the worst–so far, no OwyheeStar pup has been lost to the Parvovirus. (I hold my breath as I type that statement, but following our recommendations helps keep your new family member safe). There are a number of things that can bring on such an event (terrible diarrhea)–the parasite infestation, and irritated gut, etc. Some Weims have a very sensitive stomach. The same ones may not leave the woodpile alone or stay out of the trashcan. (oops) It is imperative that you are proactive and find a solution–not only can ingesting these garbage-can-finds be upsetting, but it can also be life-threatening.








Gray Ghost

In Southern Oregon

Jones's Ramsey_0007

Ramsey is 23 lbs. He is house broke and cage broke. He’s already learned how to sit, stay and lay down. We just love him!

Breeder Comment

When the new Weim family does well it makes us extremely happy. It is a win for all concerned–the breeder, the pup as well as the family. Getting the first things mastered is of key importance. The underpinning is your relationship–skills without respect do not carry over to adulthood.

Saying Goodbye

It’s Never Ever Long Enough


A sad day…. this loving brave boy is crossing over the Rainbow bridge… he was my sweet baby boy. Always there for me, forever my protector.. he never left his mama’s side and even in the end he was the bravest boy. I love you so much Luke, be well my sweet Poochie, go find your Daddy, he is waiting, so is Garth man. We were so lucky to have you with us the almost 13 years you were here… Mama loves you

He brought me more joy than you can even imagine. My life has been better Because he was part of it. He was a mama’s boy.

Breeder Comment

I remember when you first contacted us. I remember when you took him home. It doesn’t seem all that long ago; it seems far away, though. Time flies by, and we try to grasp each moment and cherish it. Nonetheless, they are fleeting and escape our grasp.

Thank you, for being so great over the years. It is tough to post the losses. Lucy had been sitting there for awhile because it was the holiday season. It is hard enough to lose loved ones at other times, but at the holiday, it is an extra burden I think. Mama’s boy is running free and touching noses with people he loved and other Weims.

Neighbors and Playmates

New Neighbors

~ new playmate for our Izzy


Izzy has a new friend Hank. Our new neighbors have brought him over to play with Izzy. 

I have included a poem written by Hanks 11-year-old co-owner, Avery. She has granted me permission to share it with you–and you can put it on the blog if you choose. 


    ~an original continuation poem by Avery.

Silver dog with eyes of blue

I cannot start to describe

You, but for starters that I can’t start

Your eyes, they seem alive!

Yes, little sapphires, or copper

Or gold, your eyes have plenty to behold

In the dark your eyes shine bright

Though it seems like daytime, it is night

And your fur, this poem’s name,

Hides you when you’re hunting game

BUT GLEAMS when in open, like the moon

And across your body; is silkily strewn.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you asking to share this poem. Thank you for as well for the photos of the two romping and playing. Of course, we love that Izzy has a new Gray Ghost neighbor playmate. She looks as spry as ever. What a girl!?! We are slightly biased.

Featured Weimaraner — Tobryn

12/10/2012 Ron Writes -Tobryn got his 8 week vaccine this morning…….no pain on injection (I’m really good at those)… reaction.  At the moment he is playing with his toy and pigs ear and when I’m not looking, a puppy bite to my feet.  Ouch.  Doing very well with outside potty breaks, but he has had a couple misses….probably because I wasn’t watching him closely enough.  I know he really won’t begin to understand everything for at least another month.  But I have tons of patience and time so onward we go.

Ron and Tobryn Dec 5 2012_154112/20/2012 Ron Writes -Almost 4000 miles under our belt.  Tobryn is about one week away from fitting in the carrier.  He still loves to crawl in there when we are on the road.  His curiosity is exploding.  Just about everyone wants to pet and hold him.  I let them because of socialization.  He is doing great with the slip leash.  Only getting up once a night for potty break.  He wakes me and out we go.  He really is so exceptional on all levels.  Will send you pics next week.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA12/28/2012 Ron Writes -Could he be any more handsome?  I think not!  Toby is thriving.  Potty training is doing very very well.  He is the new light of my life.

Breeder’s Note: Ron is experienced with the Weimaraner. His critters are very important to him, (and he has a special relationship with each one that passes through his life). We first spoke in 2007. Ron has been wanting to begin a new journey with a pair of Weimaraners for a number of years. There have been some obstacles along the route. Now, he and Toby have begun a journey, that includes a plan to add another male Weimaraner sometime in the next twelve months. The timing depends upon a lot of factors.