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You Might Have Heard

~ We Adopted Jack and He is Coming Home with us Soon

Meanwhile, I went into town yesterday to grab some things for Jack. Bowls for food, bed, harness and a toy. Welp…. Benson found the toy and turned it into his!!! 😂🥳🥰😳

Breeder Comment

We are excited for Jack to join his new forever family. We also understand why Benson adopted the new toy for his own. (Haha) We have a couple of those –I am thinking we ought to buy a box of them. But with all the hoarding, I feel badly wanting to make sure we have these for the future. (OMG)

They are a favorite around here.


Just Like That

                      We went to Two!



Things Happen For A Reason! If you would’ve asked me one month ago if I wanted another puppy, I would’ve told you-you were crazy and on drugs, but then we met blue. He had been returned to the breeder for reasons that make no sense to me how could you ever give back a baby!!! ALL puppies are work–Weimers a lot of work. But at the end of the day, they have turned into my favorite dogs! Gunner is so happy to have his new friend!! We love Blue!!! I’m so grateful to have the chance to be in the Weimer family with amazing people and great dogs!! Thank you, Nancy, for bringing this loving baby to me!! ~ Beth

Breeder Comment

OwyheeStar received word that the puppy (known as Blue) was not working out. Nancy (Weimlover extraordinaire and NW Playdate host) has experience at doing Weimaraner foster care. We contacted her for assistance in picking up Blue, and she also agreed to keep him until we found a second-chance home. Well, as good fortune would have it there was more than one OwyheeStar vetted applicant. Thanks to Nancy’s intervention and transitional work, Blue has made an excellent adjustment to his new family. Thank you, Beth, for bringing him home too! We are happy that he is a fit.

Gunner loves his new brother. If you want to read about young Gunner–click here! Yes, Gunner is a Blue Longhair.


Another Blue Longhair

hank_0538Here is an updated pic of Hank. He is such a sweet puppy and a good running partner. He still does not like his cage.  He’s a good boy about asking to go outside, recalling, and not running off.


We Love This Sweet Boy

img_0538Here is an updated pic of Hank. He is such a sweet puppy and a good running partner. He still does not like his cage.  He’s a good boy about asking to go outside, recalling, and not running off.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the photo as well as the news that Hank is doing so well for you. Thanks ever so much!

We Are In Love

With Our Gunner

     ~he is a Blue Longhair Weimaranerunknown

Hello from Eugene OR. 

We are just beyond in love with our pup Gunner.  At almost 6 months I’m 61 pounds and very healthy! we are completely potty trained, (with only 1 accident since we brought him home), crate trained, and we start our hunting season this week. The vet says I am one of the best puppies they have ever seen –and they think I’m Stunning too!

What is He?

unknown-2I also ride in shopping carts! I love going to Cabellas, Coastal Farm and Home Depot. EVERYONE stops to pet me and ask what I am. This summer I traveled everywhere with my family I LOVE TO GO IN THE CAR! Here are some photos from my summer! PS if anyone is ever looking for a pet-friendly vacation Sunriver and Bend Oregon are the BEST!

Things I love

  • – car rides

  • -paddle boarding

  • -sticks

  • -my ducks

  • -babies and kids

  • -playing fetch

  • -going to baseball games

  • – my favorite human snack is carrots



He is getting his feathers on his tail now pictures don’t do justice they are truly BEAUTIFUL dogs! Long hairs are the way to go!

Breeder Comment

Wow—we cannot ask for anything more. Thanks for loving Gunner so much and for sharing your lives with him. What a happy boy he is too!

There is no way to understand the Longhair without having the experience. You sharing your experience goes a long way towards helping others see them for what they are–a Weimaraner. The luxurious coat is beyond soft. The imagined hair issue is not as imagined.  People who are drawn to the Weimaraner’s eyelash length hair (because they are tired of dog hair) typically will not even consider one of these fantastic creatures. The preconceived idea that there is hair on the furniture, your clothing, and in the car is not true. All dogs shed. Nevertheless, with a once a month grooming there is little to complain about. We recommend using the furminator to strip out the loose hair and honestly we even like using one on our smooth coats.

beatrix-discovery-and-placement-20Currently, we have a few Gray Longhair pups available, and they are equally lovely. Many Weimlovers believe the Longhairs to be easier to manage–citing they are calmer than some of the pocket-rocket types. For sure–they have plenty of energy, but it does seem they are more willing to snuggle up and relax with you.

The puppy to the right is a Longhair Silver Gray Female. She is a previous puppy that joined her family this summer. As you can see, the coat color is not the primary concern. They all are lovely–many people prefer the gray or silver gray coat. I wonder if we would call these the Fluffy Gray Ghost? Or, a Fluffy Blue Ghost.



Best Dog Ever!

Hello Weimar Family!

Sorry, I haven’t had time to update you on Gunner. He is doing amazing! Best dog we have ever had! We have a great daily routine and he is loved tremendously. He sleeps through the night in his crate from about 10 till 6am then goes out to potty.he has only had 1 accident in the house and zero in his crate. He loves his life for sure!  On command he sits, shakes and lays down. He loves to retrieve his birds and can’t wait to hunt him! Here are a few pics!

We are beyond happy! We are so thankful we found you! He is out swimming in his pool now. I could send you thousands more pics everyday I take so many! 

The Schmidt Family (July 28, 2016)

At Work

Dockside Break

Dockside BensonBenson comes to work with me occasionally. Today he came to the office and we sat outside on the dock for lunch. He spent the whole time sitting and watching things go by. People, dogs, clouds…. Birds…. Anything. Here is a picture I thought I’d share with you – it captures his demeanor pretty spot on! He’s getting so big!


The Amazing Snuggle MonsterSchachter's Benson a Young Longhair

He’s been amazing thus far – has slept through the night since day 1, in his crate.

Since the day we brought Benson home he has been a total snuggle monster. His favorite place is to be right between my wife and me on the couch. Most of the time he is laying on his back with both of us petting him, or he’s sitting upright like a person watching TV with us. When I’m working at home, he likes to sit next to me with his head on my lap, or when we’re eating dinner he sits right under the table between both of our feet. Even at 10 weeks, he is very, very loyal and loving to both of us and we love him even more than we thought possible!!

Breeder Comment

Benson is off to a great start. He is this couple’s first Longhair Weimaraner, but not their first Weim. They are doing fabulous together. Benson had to slide into some big paw prints left by the former Weimaraner.

When a loss occurs, who can find the words? There are none that adequately describe the hole-in-the-heart experience of losing the Weimaraner. Some folks try to get another Weimaraner that is as similar as possible. A few opt to make a change in coat color, coat length or choose the opposite sex. No one can speak to what is right for another person. Nonetheless, having experienced this type of loss, we can agree it is heartrending. Thank you, Benson, for being awesome.