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Ghost Ghost Pup


We Had 13 Fabulous Years

Hi Cliff & Shela-

I hope you are doing well. It’s been a long time since I’ve emailed & updated you on Kimber.

After 13 yrs we had to say good bye to her. It was a very hard decision, but the last few days she went down hill really fast. I wanted to thank you for putting your heart into your dogs and picking out the perfect dog for us. She was amazing from the day we picked her up til her last. She stood by our side through it all and we were so lucky to have her. 

Rachel & Colton Cooley

Breeder Comment

We are sad to read of Kimbers passing, but thankful for all the years you shared. We appreciate your updates –those stories always meant a lot.


Mama wanted you to see how lovely I am and my beautiful tail. She loves my tail.

Henri X Manfred Litter

Sunday Faces

Because we can use a smile

Tomato Thief

~ Who Knew?

Here is my tomato plant fencing…SOMEBODY snitches my cherry tomatoes once they begin ripening if I don’t put up a barrier! 😄

Gray Ghost Pups

~ From the Archive

When people say they don’t want a Gray puppy — no words.


~ What’s For Dinner?

One of my assistants is picking up a Weim tomorrow.   She is so excited.  Tish and Jeff.  I try to send you pictures all the time, but I can’t find one that shows how amazing Schatzi is and how much we love her. 

She is such a blessing.  Thank you for giving us this gift.  Why can a Weim not sit like a dog?  Probably because they are mostly human.  It must be amazing to provide so much love to so many people.   She did sit down and have dinner with us tonight.  Anyway thanks again.  

Jeff and Marisa

Breeder Comment

Thanks for referring Jeff and Trish–we sincerely hope their puppy brings them years of joy. And most of all, thank you for telling us how much you love Schatzi–this Weim is living the life.

Sunday Photos

~ From the Archives (Atti X Boone 2017)

Breeder Comment

Sunday photos = Sunday smiles. Have a beautiful day!


~from the Henri X Manfred 2020 Litter

At 10+ months, Goose is nearly 90lbs.  He is a big sweet boy.  We are so happy we got him.  He gets along well with our other small dogs and he loves the cat.

Visiting the farm is one of his favorite things, although he doesn’t like to ride in the vehicle.  But once he’s there, he runs until he’s exhausted.


Breeder Comment

Cindy, we appreciate the update. The news is more than welcome and the photos are excellent. Thanks!

Watching Our Back

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner is always watching our back, our front, and our side. No matter what we are doing, they have a pose to go with the event.event.