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The Naughtiest

Guess who’s birthday it is!

Roy boy the Weim! I can’t believe Roy is TWO! (On 5/20) He is such a light in our lives even though he is such a hand full. Would not trade him for anything, we love our snuggly boy!
54723272525__03208A1D-8675-43EE-A9A6-714C1E26F123Roy is doing great! We recently just got over a case of the swimmers tail, we can’t keep him out of the water! And having a full tail probably contributed to that. Was so weird to see him not be able to wag his tail because he is always wagging that thing!
Still having aggression issues on a leash but I feel like he is getting better… he does wear a muzzle in congested areas. He’s stronger than I am and people coming at him that he doesn’t know makes him anxious. Better safe than sorry, I don’t want anything to happen.
Some dogs choose to fight. Others opt for flight, and unfortunately, all 75 lbs of Roy chooses to fight.   The inside guests in his space issue have gone away, he now loves guests. Off-leash and outdoors he’s totally fine.

We are heading to the beach this weekend for his birthday weekend at his favorite place! He literally goes crazy and into a frenzy at the sight of the sandy beaches.

Breeder Comment

We want to say you are awesome Weim parents. Thank you! Keep up the work, you are winning the battle. Happy birthday, Roy! Two Candles for you!
For the readers that missed the Sunday Blog–click here to see how you spent the weekend.

Weekend Events

On Roy’s Birthday

     ~ We Got Engaged!

Roy is two this weekend and Nicholas and I are ENGAGED!

Breeder’s Note

More news about Roy soon; however, we stop to celebrate this fantastic event. Congratulations to a fabulous couple. Thank you, for keeping us apprised on Roy and all his antics. We truly appreciate it. Dear Readers–watch for the update. It is coming soon!

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

Grandpa Cliff continued training for the NAVHDA event–he left early this morning with Winnie. Wish them luck. She is not wanting to point, and she went through a phase when she was fickle in nearly every discipline. (Haha) Poor Cliff. She is a lovely girl but she is making him dig deep. Of course, he is juggling everything else. He has to drive to Vale to purchase grain for the birds. They seem to think they need to eat. he is focusing on the Bob White Quail. The incubator is busy–new batches emerging every couple of weeks. He uses these for training and sells a few to help cover his expenses.

We have the business of puppies converging. It is either a drought or avalanche it seems. So, we find ourselves scrambling. It is a good thing. For those on the Longhair Wait List, the wait seems unbearable. This video reflects your hope and we intend to make it happen.

This Week on the Blog

OlliWe hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. We began and finished the week with a Longhair. We loved Olli playing with the balloon. Chloe’s is such a lovely fun-loving Longhair girl, too. We got a couple of water (swimming) related updates. That is especially fun after we had our recent discussion on the Swimming Weimaraner. Finally, on Monday, we shared Jake’s photo and a bit about his life. What fun to reconnect with his family.

Sunday— May 13 — Mother’s (Bernie)

Monday–May 14 — Laughing (Olli)

Tuesday — May 15 — Connecting Again (Jake)

Wednesday — May 16 — Talking About (Stackhouse and Luke)

Thursday – May 17 — Water Again (Jaeger)

Friday — May 18 — Our Longhair (Chloe)

On a very personal note

Our Longhair


Chloe will be 2 in September and has been doing so well lately with obedience- the key seems to be exercise and planning for variety in her routines. She definitely is prone to the concrete thinking so we make sure to mix it up.
Photos: Chloe trudges through any river, puddle or lakeshore she encounters- but does not freely swim. She can swim and will if we are also in the water but she seems to mostly prefer wading in up to her chest. And at the Oregon coast-Chloe’s happiest place on earth. She will run for hours chasing birds on the beach and especially enjoys climbing rocks.
We’d really love to add a puppy before Chloe gets too much older and too set in her ways.

Breeder Comment

We are glad you love Chloe so much. Well, I love being at home. Nevertheless, if I am able to escape for a vacation let it be the Oregon Coast. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Water, Again

Jaeger’s 1st

     ~water retrieve.

It took about 6 tosses and Ruger going in before he’d go beyond chest deep.


He’s been introduced to and been in the water all spring, just nothing swimmable until today…. Annnnnd here are a couple more just goofy Weimie pics.

Breeder Comment

Jaeger is about four months old. We feel this is exceptional. He didn’t swim at OwyheeStar before leaving–it was too cold. Jaeger was born in mid-October of 2017. Cliff is dually impressed that he is swimming and water retrieving. We appreciate the video capture of the moment as well as these great photos. Thank you!


Talking About


     ~ and the Weimaraner (photos of Stackhouse)

Recently, we have been discussing the Weimaraner and water. Many of you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Others have doubts that you will ever see such a thing happen. Comments from some naysayers include the struggles with water in any form–the bath, the sprinkler, and for heaven’s sake that stuff that falls from the sky. It is out to get your beloved family member. Nevertheless, there are some that are Okay with a bath, and not with a pond. Some wallow in every puddle they find–the muddy ones are their favorite. Swimming has nothing do with their joyful mud bath.

We have exhorted you to get the Weimaraner water-friendly. Achieving the retrieve and working them into a pond is how we at OwyheeStar approach this process. Nonetheless, Weims may swim for many reasons.

For Example, This!

     ~Cal’s Luke in the Pool

Cal writes, “he loves – loves – loves the pool – he even jumps without a

Retrieve task just to be with me”.

Connecting Again

Jake is 10

     ~and Much Loved!


Jake_7941This is Lindsay, and we purchased our wonderful dog Jake (Pepper x Blue litter)  from you in Fall of 2008. He’s almost 10 now, and we just love him to pieces. We’re considering adding another pup to the family and of course, wanted to come back to you. Our daughters are 6 and 8 this year and they absolutely adore Jake. He’s the best dog we’ve ever had!

I’ve attached a couple of Jake’s agility pictures from last summer too. He seemed to really enjoy it.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lindsay. We look forward to working with you again. We hope the experience is equally rewarding. We are thrilled Jake has been such a great family member. We especially love the agility photos, but all four photos are excellent.


Family fun

     ~With Olli!

OlliHappy Mother’s Day!! 

This is our daughter, Bridgit, who is playing with Olli on her college graduation day.

We wanted to share this really cute video of Olli that has made us all laugh.  He is such a personality and integral part of our lives.  It’s hard to believe that he is almost 3!  He has become a bit more cautious with anything “new” but is otherwise the same, happy young guy that won’t ever say no to a hand to pet him :). He brings unending joy, along with quite a stick collection :), and we would not want it any other way.

Hope all is well with you and Cliff!

Breeder Comment

Dear Mary, Thanks for remembering us. It means the world. Oh, Olli looks so happy and settled. His face and this video made us smile and laugh as well. People like you make all worth doing. We are indeed blessed!


They Cope 

    ~They Manage the Situation

Bernie's Babies Nursing_Sometimes it looks a bit odd or something like this. Maybe you will enjoy seeing Bernie’s methodology. No doubt her milk was gone in short order but the process went on and she tolerated it–imagine the sharp teeth and toenails digging in.


Happy Mother’s Day!

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

Grandpa Cliff is trying to do a myriad of things. He is stretched thin. The list includes preparing for the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) Natural Ability Hunt Test. We are blessed to have the membership opportunity for both the International NAVHDA as well as the Treasure Valley NAVHDA. It is a great group with which to train. We share the love of the Versatile Hunting Dog and the Treasure Valley lifestyle. We are blessed indeed. Beyond the hunt test preparation, there is the planting of the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary–the grass seed has been spread, and the corrogates are in place. He still has to work on the ditch–otherwise getting the water to the seeded area will be impossible. He has his birds–you know all those quail — the Bob White as well as the Coturnix. Do we dare mention the garden? Probably not, but as you read on, you will discover he has been making the gardening project possible.

Let’s not forget the pups and the Weims in general. There is a lot going on at OwyheeStar. Much of which doesn’t allow us to forget or to escape the responsibility. We are honored to serve you and share our life with you.

This Week on the Blog

3-Juniper X Boone 2018 Wk3-17We hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. We started off talking about the ins and outs of puppy availability. This week saw movement on that focus–it is quite possible that the couple of males that were potentially available have found a placement. All of the details will be worked out in the next ten days. Otherwise, on the blog, we had a message from Jacie, saw Goldee tucked in, and there was some sharing of information. We hope you found the blog informative as well as entertaining. Thank you, for sending in your updates (the photos along with a short story) and for following us, too!

Sunday— May 7 — Availability

Monday — May 8 — Tucked In (Goldee)

Tuesday — May 9 — A Note (from Jacie in Atlanta)

Thursday – May 10 — What About (worms and parasites)

Friday — May 11 — Buzzwords Aside (Holistic)

On a very personal note