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~ She is thriving and I adore her!

We love her so dearly and I want to thank you for letting me have her. As you can see, we introduced her to our bunny Henrey.

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear that you and Wonder are doing so well–keep up the good work. As for the bunny–well, you never know how safe a small critter might be with this breed–always proceed with caution.


~ Follows Enzo’s Paw Print Example

Scout is doing great! He’s double in size and growing like a weed!

Scout is so funny to watch on his own playing in the snow, but when big brother Enzo is around, Scout wants to do exactly what Enzo is doing, it’s so cute!!

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear the excellent news. One thing for sure, they don’t stay puppy-sized very long.


~ We are off to a Great Start

Not Long Ago She was getting a bath–preparing to meet us.

Our first week with wonder was awesome and we love her so much! She’s very smart and she’s learning quickly and she’s got quite the personality.

And things continue be amazing with Wonder. We introduced her to our bunny Henrey

Breeder Comment

Ron–we thank you for letting us know that Wonder is doing well and that you are ever so happy with her.


Introduced to Enzo–what is this?

(Not so long ago in Central Oregon) Yes we did, and spent the rest of the day introducing Enzo our 6 year Weimaraner to his new little brother.We named him Scout.We will keep you posted on his progress 

Breeder Comment

I hope you keep us posted –a lot of folks get wrapped up in the process of raising their new fur family member and soon forget us. Good intentions and even a note saying we can expect an update sometimes get delayed indefinitely. Sadly, some people update us once or possibly twice (in their pet’s lifetime) and then drop a note when their OwyheeStar family member crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

With so many posting news on social media (which is excellent)–I don’t always get shareable information from the more social media savvy folks –they do their own sharing. It is undoubtedly easier than allowing me to post a cute story–I get it. Most of what I can share is from people who are not on social media and frequent posters. Honestly, that leaves me often begging for a short story and photo. Some of you are ever so gracious to send something along regularly, though. For that–I am ever so glad. Please keep your stories coming–and include at least one photo. Thank you!

Sunday Photos

~ And a couple of video clips

As I have mentioned here and there–the Atti X Martee litter exited, so now we hope their family will stay in touch and share snippets here and there. But here are a few moments just before their departure–the little wiggle-butts.

And at the Vet Office

–not that long ago.

And now, their ever expanding world continues. Some have fur family members and a couple are the only pup in the household. So, the journey begins, and it remains to be seen what they can achieve.

Sunday Photos

We hope this little array of photos brings you joy–

The pups leave to join their family this coming Saturday–so, next, we will be looking into the archives and trying to locate puppy photos.

We hope to keep this going–puppies or other interesting Weimaraner photos for our Sunday. It seems to be appropriate given COVID and all else going on–just breathe in the joy of it all.

Sunday Photos

Tell me again why we have to do these these photos, Shela!

Sunday Photos

~ Atti X Martee Pups

Breeder Comment

Sunday Photos is now a thing–even if we don’t have current babies, we have many archived photos. We should be able to post something every Sunday for 2021. We have gotten so many comments and requests to keep this coming–we hear you.

After Christmas Cheer

~ Faces For You!

Dear Friends–we hope you more than survived Christmas and Boxing Day, Hanukkah, (or any other holiday you might be celebrating this December). Here are the faces of the week –the last Sunday of December 2020.

Positively Poised

~ Healing, Inspiration for your Sunday

Breeder Comment

Another Sunday of Puppy Photos to make you smile. I tried to choose ones that made my heart leap–as I scrolled through each pup’s photos from this week. The overall winner was from the firstborn puppy–and this photo is featured at the top. If that doesn’t make you laugh, I feel bad for you.

This litter is Martee’s first — (and it is Atti’s last litter). We have five pups, with only one gray in the group. I chose three snapshots of each pup–they are on the page in the birth order. So, in the first row, it puppy one, and then so forth–but puppy one is also featured at the top here. Cliff and I hope this brings you a smile and maybe a little joy, too.