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Shelli Reports

Cookies and Rosie




What are you looking at Mom? I am not really in the kitchen…

20621844_10212893962519225_7186283693976040662_nI made cookies this evening. Rosie is not supposed to be in the kitchen. Note where she is. She is just WAITING for me to go back to binge-watching West Wing so she can sneak in and eat the entire batch. Pain in the butt.


She knows I know, too. That is why she is refusing to look at me in the second picture.      20621123_10212893962479224_6538919637964364362_n




Breeder Comment

I always say if you are looking for a perfect dog–and you define perfect as one who would never manipulate or trick you, keep looking. The Weimaraner is not for you. People who have other breeds imagine that you could just get after them and the behavior will stop. They don’t understand at all.

Weimlovers are those who enjoy the antics for the most part. Some actually encourage them a bit too much. To us it is laughable that they divert their eyes and make certain faces–it is human-like. They hook our heart in ways we could never imagine happening, and there is no explanation. Even we can laugh at ourselves and mostly at the Weimar antics. Rosie is great! Many of us can identify with the missing pan of cookies; the pot roast went missing, etc. Despite the fact that the Weimar is middle age, this situation doesn’t change. Obedience is relegated to the leash, the recall, and other primary disciplines.


We are a Loyal Lot


They are loyal to the breed. Many hook up with each to share the ups and downs of raising (and living with) the Weimaraner. You are either a Weimaraner person or not. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. There are many reasons this is true. Their dogged ways–forgive the pun might top the list. When they get an idea it can impossible to change their mind; therefore, you want to be sure they get the right ideas up front. They are prone to separation anxiety. Sprouting bouts of absurd and crazy behavior due to feeling abandoned (such as eating the sheetrock, barking incessantly, and destroying furniture) that can drive the less understanding person to distraction. They are not in many cases a leave in the yard dog. They are high maintenance and require a special kind of person to bring out their best behavior. Nonetheless, the breed is very addictive.

Speaking of Loyalty

The kids

The kids

Many of our OwyheeStar clients seem to achieve great things. For example, Jaime won the 2015 Road Race this year. Click Here to see more on his Facebook Page. We share this little snapshot that Jaime posted (on Facebook) to thank all their supporters. We are so proud of Jaime’s achievement–this is only one of many!

Mary Needs Our Vote

Mary has a beautiful heart wrapped in model-quality looks. If you read about her, you will see she works with some of the most special cancer victims–the youngest of all. Her profession and her focus show her true heart. Nonetheless, she, like us, shares the love of the Weimaraner. I am hoping you will take a moment and vote for her. She has steadily remained seventh in the competition, but it is winding down. She must reach the fifth position to go on to the next segment of the competition. Click Here to find the link to vote for her for Miss Jet Set!

Ulmo6714_oShe shares a love of the breed. She lives with two–one is an OwyheeStar.
Weimaraners are certainly a joy and challenge to raise. They are regal, fiercely loyal, majestic and can be quite stubborn when they want to be. If you want a dog who will want to be by your side every chance they get (yes, even when you want to go to the bathroom!), a Weim would be perfect. 🙂 They have quite the personalities and bring such joy to their owner’s lives and those around them.

We had our male Weim, Connor, for about 3.5 years before we decided to get a second. We were able to take home our second Weim, Ayla, in January of 2012. Shela was sure to go out of her way to answer any questions and provide lovely updates as Midge was progressing with her labor and then after she had her pups. Ayla is quite different than Connor in that she is more stubborn, calm, and more mischievous.

Weimaraners are the perfect companion for our family and we are glad we chose this breed.

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