Visiting OwyheeStar

Visiting OwyheeStar

Visitation is Suspended

August 2020 –(until further notice)

We are unable to accommodate visits. We hope you can understand in light of Shela’s post-cancer treatment issues, and with Cliff’s health issues. She finished cancer treatment at the end of January 2015; however, we find ourselves working towards improved health. These efforts at times involve physical therapy, special massage, acupuncture, and various medical consultations. Monitoring and trying to prevent the recurrence are vitally important. This is the new post-cancer life–these time-consuming appointments are necessary for healing and maintenance of the post-treatment issues.

The change in Shela status also has prompted our need to change our residence. It is imperative that we move to something more manageable. The farm has a smaller farmhouse; however, it was not livable per se. We have been working on it in every spare moment for months, but progress is slow. With all things considered (Shela’s treatment issues, physical limitations, and the momentous remodel) we had to suspend visitations. Thank you for understanding…..

OwyheeStar Sign_1575Visits are by appointment only! In our setting, we are careful about foot-traffic.  There are a number of reasons for limiting foot-traffic and these include but are not limited to:
  1. Limited access helps control disease that can be tracked on the property. Limited access = Limited exposure.
  2. Pregnant females, Whelping Moms, and Nursing Moms do not need company and they often find it very upsetting to have strangers arrive.
  3. We set aside time for the family when it is possible. Although we have five grandchildren we rarely have the opportunity to see them.

Disease can be carried on shoes …

You might wander from backyard-breeder to backyard breeder with ease, but coming to OwyheeStar means entering a protected world. When we go to town we spray our shoes with sanitizer upon return. We sanitize our shoes faithfully and ask family and friends to do the same.

Parvo is our main concern.

Someone described Parvo as a “sticky virus”.  A “sticky virus” means one that attaches to shoes and clothing making it easily spread via normal activities. Even more disconcerting is that the virus is virile and has been reported to live in the ground for years. Some reports indicate 3 years or long.

There are other diseases beyond Parvo 

Parvo is the most dangerous virus that can be tracked on to the property, however, there are other diseases that can be carried on the shoes. Rotovirus might be another. Keeping our property clean of virus is very important. Besides sanitizing our shoes we use a tool that allows us to wash the property with a 10% bleach solution. We can use this on the sidewalk, grass, and concrete.

We love to showcase our OwyheeStar Weims

We regret that we cannot always accommodate every person that wants a visit. We love to showcase our Weims, but in all honesty, we don’t always have time to do a visit. Nevertheless, when possible we are going to clear our schedule and spend an hour or so with you. We sincerely hope you can understand that our concerns are very real.

Thanks for your interest in our OwyheeStar Weimaraners…

~ Shela and Cliff  

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PS: Please keep in mind we require a completed and approved application prior to considering a visit. Setting up a visit takes planning. We need lead time, to try to accommodate a person.

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