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Gobble Gobble

For Thanksgiving

          ~What We Don’t Want

Where's the Turkey

OK–I see you, now where is the good stuff?

The emergency Vet Vist probably tops our list. It is the quickest way to spoil our celebration. Nonetheless, is there a time when our attention is more divided? The snatch and grab Weimaraner could abscond with some spectacular finds. They are everywhere–the counter, the dining table, the plates, and possibly on the floor. One thing you might overlook–the rising bread dough or rolls. Bread Dough Toxicosis can prove life-threatening. Maybe a toddler is waving a turkey leg. Is that an invite? The opportunist Weimaraner will make the most of this food-driven holiday gathering.

The humans at your table–they are a significant threat to the Weimaraner. Who doesn’t want to sneak the pup a treat? But too many sneaks and the gut can become overloaded even with acceptable food. The sensitive Weim might have a bout of pancreatitis from too much fatty food. Then there are the cooked poultry bones–be sure if you throw them out it is where the Weimaraner cannot steal them.

You Might Consider

What if you made a plate for the Weimaraner that everyone could help share? This plating idea might work. Here are some excellent choices.

  • Turkey — no bones
  • Green beans (plain)
  • Squash or Pumpkin (plain)
  • Apple slices (without the seeds)

Avoid These

      ~ to mention a few

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Stuffing
  • Gravy
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Nuts (pecans and Macadamia)
  • Grapes and Raisins

You can bake a Weim cookie or a Weim pie that forgoes the seasonings. Eggs and pumpkin and a tiny bit of milk will bake up nicely. You could make the crust using treats. Possibly make them in a silicone cupcake pan or cupcake papers. We are not saying it cannot be a lot of fun for the Weimar too. However, no one wants the unthinkable to spoil all the fun.

Don’t Eat the Tulips

Not A Salad!

18119379_10154241739531612_8739486530847479049_nWe all know all too well our beloved Weims can eat almost anything. These photos tell a story. Can we all see the wheels turning? Why would I want my chew stick when there are the beautiful tulips waiting to be picked? 17990739_10154241739566612_1832225702496365279_n

Not every lovely plant is safe for the Weimaraner. Tulips are #6 on the list and follow the daffodil–click here for Web MD’s List. Their list is short if you search you find the number of dangerous plants to your dog is lengthy.

Thanksgiving 2016


       ~ Please Keep In Mind

10703995_10203865392493285_2238146014813983610_n (1)We send you the warmest of greetings. Thank you for your faithful friendship. We value our relationship. It is the season to give thanks and to remember all we have to celebrate.

  1. We are thankful for our family.
  2. We are thankful for the life we can lead–thank you to those who made this possible. (veterans, and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice–including their families).
  3. We are thankful to our God for his provision
  4. We are thankful for our friends, and clients–many times they are one in the same.

Today–it will find many of you traveling, or scurrying to make-ready. We, likewise, have things associated with the Thanksgiving holiday to prepare for as well as our usual daily hoopla. We cannot omit the fact that we are thankful for the Weimaraner. This fact goes without saying. It speaks to the heart of our life; these wonderful fur family members are those who bring a smile to so many people every day.

 Preventing the Unthinkable

The last thing any of us want is a trip to the emergency room (albeit for a human, or the Weimaraner). This scenario is never truer than in the midst of a holiday. Unfortunately, this is a time when we can become distracted for a moment, or miss what is happening. It is hard to keep an eye on all the well-meaning guests who want to sneak a tidbit to the Weim, or the plates left unattended. Here are some things to keep forefront in your mind during our celebration.

  1. Counter-surfing — it takes a moment, and they have snatched it.
  2. Trash-raiding — make sure it is Weimaraner safe. Ingested cooked turkey bones, foil, string, and a myriad of other items can lead to emergency surgery.
  3. Skip the bones entirely — you might want to treat them, but things can go awry.
  4. Table scraps need to be carefully monitored. With guests sneaking them a bit here and there, it can easily get out of control. These rich additions can upset their tummy, or trigger a more severe condition. For example, the turkey skin might seem harmless, but the fatty morsel (or too much human food in general) could trigger a pancreatic attack. Weims tend to have a sensitive tummy; however, the important thing is to remember a dog cannot handle all this fatty and calorie-laden holiday food (or the trimmings). The best approach would be to set a dish of allowed scraps and tell people they must not have any more than what is on the plate. This strategy may not prevent the well-meaning guest from giving them the forbidden.
  5. Ingested rising bread or roll dough stories abound on the Internet. Yes, it does pose a danger. Cake, and yeasty bread batter when ingested, expands rapidly in the dog’s gut.
  6. The dangers are not limited to what we plan to eat. Remember the risk includes candles, cut flowers, alcohol, potpourri, etc.
  7. Finally, do not forget about things like sugarless gum, candy, etc. The Weimaraner is opportunistic, and they can find a jelly bean at the bottom of someone’s handbag.

Manners and Your Guests

Respect is a two-way street. Some Weimaraners will jump up, and they do it playfully. They may like to nibble or corn-bite as some call it, or even nip when they get excited. Their toenails could catch grandma’s skin, and cause an unintentional dangerous scratch–looking like an encounter with a knife. They could knock a child or unstable person to the ground. Even the well-mannered dog could be playing, and someone could catch a tooth. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious problems–a trip to the emergency room, reports filed, and people making accusations about your Weimaraner. Another side of the issue is you don’t know what someone is doing to the Weimaraner when you are not looking. Things can go awry in fast order if the family pet becomes challenged, afraid, or territorial. Make every effort to avoid these situations. It is not unthinkable to use a crate–when you cannot be in control of the situation. The saying– it is better safe than sorry is true.

We cannot say what is the best situation for you, and your gathering. We suggest you proceed with caution. The crate-trained Weimaraner might be safer in their den. Putting them out in the yard, while everyone is inside can also cause issues. The Weimaraner is like a child who never grows up. The high energy filled Weimaraner doesn’t stand down. The aroma stimulates and fuels their excitement. Ultimately, we all want them to be a huge part of everything we do. They require supervision. 

The Weimaraner is part of your family. You must plan for them like everyone else. Thank you for remembering that during this holiday season.


Berry Picking

~With Maizie

LaBash's Maizie at the Rose GardenWhile the folks picked huckleberries and filled their buckets, I filled my tummy!

Linda writes

Maizie, the Huckleberry picking queen! We didn’t do bad either. 

I have been picking huckleberries at Lost Lake since the 70’s–and this is the best I have ever seen it! We came home with 3 gallons!

Breeder Comment

13501579_562233180628277_6417558351075309623_nMaize is an amazing girl. She goes on many adventures other than berry picking. Here are a few of those adventures; however, life is a daily run. Those feet keep her going. Maybe she needs some Musher’s Secret–a year-round foot conditioner that protects the paws. Give it a try!

The Carrot

Goldee Likes them Garden FreshGoldee carrot

A good leader knows how to use a carrot to get the desired result. They are healthy treats too! The carrot (as an imaginary enticement or a snack) is a way of encouraging a positive attitude. You want to foster the idea of the Weimaraner wanting to please you. Oppositional behavior never leads to anything positive.

Fun is another component that works toward building success. Being upbeat and making your training fun is going to yield benefits of the right kind. Maverick and Goldee are two Longhairs who live and play in the Western Oregon area. Thanks to Terri Jacobsen (grandma extraordinaire) who is a well-known pet photographer. She captures moments like this for all to enjoy.

Blue Fluffy Female-10Holly is rather addicted to the Weimaraner and quite possibly more addicted to the Longhair than she ever thought possible. Eventually, she will get another fluffy angel to teach to snuggle. Goldee has a mind of her own I guess. All she needs is her very own halo don’t you agree?

Only One

Fast Food For Winchester

Fast Food 4 Winchester

Yay!!! Whataburger!!!

While we don’t recommend a steady diet of fast food or even dog treats; however, we cannot speak for the secrets the Weimar holds tight. This one was captured and reported. The occasional indulgence is important–as long as it is not the forbidden and toxic type such as chocolate.

I think if Opus smells your breath there might be trouble. He probably has his own secrets don’t you think?

Opus Has His Way

Opus hug


Evangeline & Her Puppy

What is more fun that a sweet girl and a Weimaraner? Not much for Grannie and Grandpa. Cliff was getting a haircut and I was getting to spend some time with our first born great granddaughter. We read a book or two together and watched her movie, but Bingo was right in the middle of it all.

Things were great until Bingo ate the small corner of her sandwich she had saved for herself. She had already given him the larger portion and carefully placed her piece in front of the TV. I guess the temptation was too great. Here is the movie I captured and with  mom’s permission, I am sharing it with you. 

Weimar Whit.1


Whit 4 Web-28The Weimar Tale for the week–Plus Cliff Comments. 

You know how they say everything tastes like chicken? I know you do. Well, I met a couple of chicks at the vet office this week. Sweet and hot just the way I like my chicken.

Speaking of eating, should I be eating puppy chow? Cliff says regular puppy chow is not a good choice for the Weimaraner puppy. Can you believe it? He also squashes the idea of those Twinkie-type Dog Foods that some pets eat. The kind we find mouth-watering.

Whit's Beginning-24Cliff on Dog Food

Dog food and puppy chow is a book-worthy topic according to Shela. Cliff and Shela have a lot of ideas. Oh yeah. According to Cliff regular dog food would be better than puppy chow. He also recommends that you give your Weimaraner a high-quality grain-free large breed puppy chow for the first year of their life. Some people continue this for two years.

  1. Large Breed Puppy Chow — because you want to grow us slow. It is better for your bones, joints, etc. Regular puppy chow is meant to cause rapid growth, and while that is fine for a pint-sized pup, it is not so good for the Weimaraner.
  2. Grain free food seems to cause fewer problems–fewer yeast issues, fewer allergies, and a reduced number of stomach problems.
  3. High quality–this is sometimes hard to define. Cliff likes the Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Chow. There are other choices; however, not every one of those expensive highly-touted puppy foods is going to get the promised result.

OwyheeStar prefers to stick with a basic food and add in the NuVet high-quality supplement. Remember that added supplements added to the food are not necessarily fresh and they may not be as high quality as you hoped. Not every bottle of supplements is quality. NuVet is human grade, and quality control is a priority.

Whit’s Take

~Dog food apparently is different than people food.

So, Cliff is with the boring facts. I am about the fun stuff. I like to throw my food around and see if someone comes to play with me. I am a picky eater–which means I don’t eat a meal. I snack throughout the day. This way I can contemplate the next action I take–like Mom’s tennis shoe for a snack. I like chicken dinner too!

Naughty Boy?

Caught In The Act

Trigger Comments

I cannot believe those potatoes were not for me. You left them where I could get them so I assumed they were a snack. “Woof!” I guess I am a bit of a Heckle and Jeckle personality type. Maybe there are two of us, and the other one sneaks in when I am not watching. Anything is possible. “Woof!”

Here I am at My Best!12118694_10207854403023060_2111145103347060670_n